Creek transfers to George Washington

By the time he decided to make his transfer decision on Friday, Maurice Creek already felt like he was a part of the team at George Washington. The Indiana transfer had been either driving or taking the Metro from his family’s home in Temple Hills, Md., to Foggy Bottom in Washington D.C. to play pick-up ball with his potential teammates.

So Friday the decision just seemed natural, and he chose George Washington over Marshall and Maryland. After four years at Indiana, including one redshirt year, Creek has one year of eligibility remaining but can play right away because of the graduate student transfer exemption.

“The coaching staff and all the players, ever since I’ve been going there, they made me feel like family,” Creek said. “It felt like home, and I needed to be close to home. All these guys stayed with me and everything, and I’m happy to be going home.”

Temple Hills is right across the D.C.-Maryland border and about 11 miles from Foggy Bottom. Depending on D.C. traffic, that’s somewhere between a 15 – and 30-minute drive. After four years at Indiana, that’s exciting for his family, especially because he and his girlfriend had a daughter in the past year.
“They’re really happy,” Creek said of his parents. “This is a blessing.”

Creek said he feels confident he will be able to help the Colonials as much as the move to George Washington could help him, even though injuries sabatoged his Indiana career. Creek averaged 16.4 points per game in the first two months of the 2009-10 season and announced his arrival to the college basketball world with 31 points against then No. 1 Kentucky before fracturing his left patella in a game against Bryant, ending his season. The following year he suffered a less severe fracture to his right patella, ending that season. His 2011-12 campaign never started because of an Achilles tendon tear suffered falling down the stairs outside his apartment.

Last season, Creek felt healthy even though he wasn’t quite as explosive as he was his freshman season, but with a loaded backcourt he saw little playing time. He averaged 7.8 minutes per game, appearing in 24 of Indiana’s 36 games. He averaged 1.8 points per game in those appearances and shot 28.8 percent from the field. Though Indiana lost several guards, he left concerned that his playing time would not increase.

Creek joins a George Washington team led by fourth-year coach Mike Lonergan that is coming off a 13-17 record and a 7-9 finish in the Atlantic-10. The Colonials lose five seniors, including leading scorer and Villanova transfer Isaiah Armwood. The lone returning guards, Joe McDonald and Kethan Savage, were freshmen last season and averaged 7.5 and 3.1 points per game respectively.

It’s a backcourt that could use an elder statesman.

“The first time I talked to Coach Lonergan, he said ‘We need you not only because of what you on the court but your character and the person you are,’” Creek said. “He said, ‘You can be influential to these young guys and help them in the long run to mature even though you’re only with them for one year.’ That’s huge for a coach to say that. I can’t wait to mentor these guys.”



  1. Well I guess now I won’t have to keep asking Dustin every Thursday “Where is Mo going?” Good luck Mo. sure wish the injuries would not have happened. You would have been a special player. As it was we discovered through all the adversity what a special man you are. Take care of your little girl and have fun this year. You deserve it.

    Anytime you get near Indiana, not just the university but the state stop on in. You will always be a “Hoosier” to us.

    Good luck and go get them!

  2. Ditto what OSD said. Mo, you’ll always be a Hoosier in our book – don’t be a stranger. Life happens; things don’t work out; but thanks for being part of the ‘resurrection’ of IU basketball. The way you started the ’09-’10 season is, in my mind, when we fans started to see the light at the end of a long, dark tunnel. Best of luck to you, your little girl, and your girlfriend.

  3. Best wishes to Mo. I hope he does well there. Just curious as to him possibly getting a 6th year of eligibility. If anyone would be a candidate for it, it seems like Mo would.

  4. Odds aren’t good for that, Marshall, because he played too much of both of his first two seasons to get a redshirt in either year. I can’t remember the threshold, but it’s either 20 or 30 percent of your team’s games and Creek was over that in both cases. Obviously, he lost all of last season, so he was good for that one. Regardless, Maurice isn’t going to want to spend a sixth year in college. He’s a young father and needs to start making money. This is his last roll of the dice to try to do it playing basketball.

  5. Just a correction – Armwood will be coming back for his fourth year of eligibility. That being said, I’m really looking forward to what Maurice can offer us next year. Here’s to hoping his injury woes are behind him and he can give a productive season.

  6. Thanks GW student. He was listed as a senior on last year’s roster, but now that I check it out, you’re right. Much appreciated. I just managed to delete that from the paper. Big save.

  7. Our best wishes go with you to GW. I hope you have a successful basketball year, and get the playing time you want injury free. At IU, you’ve shown a lot of class and character in working through your injuries. So I hope playing at GW this year will give you a lot of joy. You deserve it.

  8. Just read about the Indiana-Kentucky Junior All-Star game… Saw that Blackmon tore them up with 27. Interesting though that Blueitt was the second leading scorer (17) and Lyles had only 6 and Lyle was held scoreless in a 108-102 OT game. The article in the Indy Star said that they both played, and didn’t mention anything about limiting their minutes.

    Dustin or anyone have any insight as to what happened with those two?

  9. Geoff!! Y0ou’re allowed to talk about your kid and describe his various arm moves for his monster dunks, his leg movement, his barking orders to you for feed time (‘uaaahhhhhh!, uaaahhhh’- that was my former Army Ranger colonel at 6 days) but, while Hoosier baseball is being played, it is not a socially, athletically, superticiously appropriate moment to speak of a basketball recruit who of the future. You can watch the Hoosiers on ESPANU right now and be appropriately obnoxious towards the Seminoles. key inning, GO HALSTEAD. Great play Travis!!

    (Please notice I don’t even bring p the upwardly mobile 2014 World Series Champion Cubs)

    How is da kid? …Just a story for you: when my wife had the baby Colonel, the doctor came up and said, “of course, you understand Tsao that delivery is a form of surgery and she’ll be sensitive to all contact; when were you thinking of renewing contact with her?”, he asked. I looked at him and answered, with my own question, “well Doc,…” I said, “…how long do you think it will take for the anesthetic to wear off?”)(I’m a sensitive man).

  10. Tsao – kid is fairly healthy… A touch of Jauntice and a little tough to keep on weight because he was born so big. He loves car rides, and being burped, and being walked or rocked. Likes to sleep during the day and stay up and fuss all night….

    The recruit question was 40 minutes prior to baseball game… Which I watched and enjoyed thoroughly.

  11. Yeahh, I saw that (time stamp), but can’t let the birth, the thrill of a baby’s burp (and burp matter on your shoulder), night cries (between 11pm-6:30 am), diaper changes, forgetting the wipes in another room downstairs etc give you an excuse to avoid Scoop abuse.

    That’s OK though Geoff. Another 17-18 years and you’ll recover your life (and your wife). (NCAA will have been bought out by Russian Mafia/Saudi interests operated out of a small office in the warehouse neighborhood of Odessa; the ‘travel’ in basketball will be limited to 5-6 steps, passing outlawed, dunks worth 5 points, defensive ‘stops’ and interceptions inside the 3pt zone will be penalized with a 3-shot penalty; Scotty Pippen will be the NCAA president and Dennis Rodman its VP for Academic Integrity (Carmen Electra will be its Chief Investigator). Any team completing a third pass will have their possession turned-over and any kid who successfully reaches their sophomore year of high school will be declared ineligible for further competition. (Focus on teaching your kid how to dunk).

    Hope he’s well and everything continues fine.

  12. Geoff, two outta my three had to be intubated due to meconium at birth. All three grew to be monsters.

    Don’t hope for them to be anything but normal and happy. You’d be surprised what a pain in the a$$ it is for them to be anything beyond that.

  13. UNC…between the gun and scheduling ‘no-show’ classes, not getting much positive press.

  14. Ron…if you haven’t, google UNC/NCAA sanctions and read a couple of the full stories. Seems innocence is the last word connected to either their FB/BkB programs or some of their more ‘rigorous’ academic programs. Really, a shame…, until this I thought they were pretty legit.

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