1. I want to be excited, but do we know whether this is a real commitment or is this going to be one of those where he signs somewhere else on signing day?

  2. Excellent pick up. Coach Wilson WILL bring Hoosier Football back to respectability that has been lost for years. Attention Fred Glass. Give this man what he wants, and throw money at him once his contract runs out!

  3. Jim, FWIW Baker was quoted in an article from Zach Osterman as saying “I’m a man of my word, and I’m committed to being a Hoosier.”

    Hopefully that holds true

  4. Getting a verbal is certainly better than not getting any commitment at all from this type of guy. Plus, after Gunner Kiel, the law of averages is tipping in our favor.

    Can’t wait to hear more.

  5. Who is this ‘Jim’ guy? Not a Hoosier fan, I hope. We need men like Baker and Latham to build the team we want and deserve; followed by fans who have the confidence we can build a great program one step at a time.

    Delroy Baker just joined a team that we will remember a long, long time- like the ’67 team or the Mallory teams. You are more than welcome Mr. Baker. You and your team mates are now a part of a great university and we are excite to see you wear the IU helmet. What is there not to congratulate him; and wish him great success about?

  6. Mariner Tom- Three questions- 1. Are you another alias for HarvardForHillbillies? 2. Would you list the alias names you’ve used in ‘Hoosier Scoop’? 3. Would you tell us why you use more than one ‘handle’ 4. Are you now telling us the truth now? 5. Do you think deceiving fellow contributors through the use of other misleading ‘screen names’ is a violation of trust with other participants that merits a ban (or temporary suspension) of a participant from the blog?

  7. HarvardForHillbillies- It may be that I owe you an apology for having accused you of being responsible for blog entries other than those you submit under the ‘handle’ HarvardforHillbillies or those that appear under some form of the ‘handle’ beginning with ‘Lord of the […]. The remaining doubt I have is if the handles HarvardforHillbillies/ Lord of the[…]/WashingtonHusky and MarinerTom share the same source and are all aliases for the same source name. I have five questions- 1. Are you the creator and another identity/alias of the Hoosier Scoop contributor MarinerTom or WashingtonHusky ? 2. Would you list the alias names you’ve used in ‘Hoosier Scoop’ in addition to those that begin with Harvard[…] and “Lord of the […]”? 3. Would you tell us why you use more than one ‘handle’ 4. Are you telling us the truth now? 5. Do you think deceiving fellow contributors through the use of other misleading ‘screen names’ is a violation of trust with other participants that merits a suspension or ban of a participant from the blog?

    Thank you. If I wrongly accused you of trying to mislead us I will apologize. ( I will not expect you to necessarily accept it but will apologize nevertheless).

  8. Tsao-

    We’ve been over this. I’m not a liar. Jeremy and Dustin are not lying.

    I may have personality disorders. I may suffer from taking too many meds..I may be manic and every other label Podunker and others choose to use…I may be a lonely soul and an cynical and unkind person. I may be all the sh*t you want to put upon my name, but I’m not being untruthful when I tell you that I have only used the Harvard for Hillbillies and Lord of..(I haven’t used it much lately and I primarily used that handle to post those sinful doctored images that I use in jest and commentary) names.

    I made a commitment to not play the games of hiding behind various names. Did I do it many years ago on Basketblog and when I first came over to Scoop(the Korman and Kellenberger years)? Yes. Have I used more than the Harvard and Lord of..names over the past two years? No.

    Believe what you want to believe.

  9. And to be completely forthright…

    I don’t think Mariner Tom should be banned for using multiple screen names. He’s been a target. He thinks it’s Harvard, but it is not. He had his blogging name stolen on many occasions. He’s been chased around Scoop for years(much like the taunter that follows Chet) by an adversary/impostor that uses the tactic of name theft of his and other poster’s unique identity.

    Husky/Mariner’s only way to combat the impostor that steals his name(or steals another blogger handle to create a false villain) is to participate on Scoop under various aliases.

    I won’t do it. I won’t change my name in combat.

    Husky Tom/Mariner Tom deserves your trust. There’s been enough persecution on here.

  10. lastly, I would like to respond to your comment(#47)on the other thread:

    You can’t blame a pig for being a pig, you’ve got to blame the one who feeds him.

    Have a nice weekend.

    Go HAWKS!

  11. Thank you, Harvard. You’ve show yourself to be the bigger man than I am on this occasion.

  12. For what it’s worth, I think that the best possible think Dustin and Jeremy could do to resolve this mess would be to shed a little light on what they know about Rico Chet and who he is/isnt, although it may not be within their legal bounds to do so.

  13. Fair enough HfH, I apologize for both stating but, more important, having thought you were using false names beyond those you had made very clear, HFH and Lord of[…] My sincere apologies. Hope you will accept them.

  14. No problem, Tsao.

    I’m more hurt by the food network dropping Paula Deen. I can’t believe it’s not butter.

  15. Mariner Tom, obviously HfH’s statement also answers one of the questions I had for you; and I equally apologize to you for having entertained that particular thought. Hope you decide to answer the other couple of questions.

    I agree with you that Dustin and Jeremy are now constrained from revealing any information on the identity on any of the more aggressive posters (I agree with that policy), though it unfortunately contributes to the chaos and hostility that sometimes seems to take over the blog. But, so far, both have opted for a near-completely ‘laissez-faire’ monitoring that has encouraged abuse from some contributors.

    What they (Dustin and Jeremy)can do,(and I believe they should do), is to drop the violator an email reminding him/her of Hoosier Scoop standards (so far unpublished)and limit some of the damage to the blog and its participants.

  16. Well this is an eye-popping headline. I’m trying to think of a better recruiting coup in recent memory and can’t come up with one. To plop a Florida guy out of the backyard of three marquee programs who all want him seems to be a quite the steal and more evidence that IU Football is trending upwards in a major way. Can anyone else think of a better example?

  17. Won’t make any difference.Iowa is back and going is going to kick your butt.Pay backs are a bitch.

  18. Tsao- I clearly explained the reasoning behind my use of multiple names in another thread. I won’t restate that; you can check it out yourself if you wish. It was the baseball thread after IU was eliminated.

    As far as listing which ones I was, the most prominent ones were Husky Tom, Washington Apple, Steve in Ottawa, Toe Jam and Earl, and the current one. I haven’t used Husky Tom in many many years; whenever you’ve seen that one in recent years,, its been an impostor, and if you see it again, it will be the same impostor.

    To the extent that trust can ever be established in an anonymous login-free chat room, you can trust that I’m not a belligerent shape shifter that is out to hurt people or deride them. Yes, I spar with Harvard, but we go way back. But I don’t taunt, mock or stalk people like a least one of not more trolls on here have been doing. You have my word.

  19. Tsao-

    So, who do you think has the advantage in the so-called sparring? The guy Jeremy and Dustin have confirmed is doing everything to stick to one pair of punching gloves(screen names) or the guy that has sixteen arms and names to strike at you in a dark room?

    Do you see how that can create a level of frustration and defensiveness? “We go way back” but I can’t be for certain I’m punching back at the right sparring partner..?

    For many months I even thought that Geoff was possibly Husky Tom. Once my good ‘ol buddy from Basketblog started hiding on Scoop, I had no ability to wholly trust anyone. Hard for me to believe any motives or positions are sincere.

  20. I’ve stated this many times, and Hoosier Clarion dont agree, but until we have a secure log in at The Scoop, their will always be trust issues here, and random people stealing names. It’s sad, but that is what it will ultimately come down too, as this blog has a responsibility to its readers. Besides, have we ever thought of the kids who may see this garbage? Just a thought…

  21. Bottom line is we will never all agree, but we can at least take a deep breath and say something like, “OK, I don’t agree, but respect your opinion”. Something like that.

    Look, we will never probably meet each other anyway. Don’t let this place eat you up to the pop t you are demeaning your brother or sister in Christ on this site.

  22. Dave, perhaps Iowa has ‘arrived’. I don’t know. I don’t follow the Hawkeyes. But ‘back’ isn’t where you want them. While they certainly have had better seasons than the Hoosiers historically Iowa has been an ‘also ran’.

    Best of luck, though.

  23. Yeah Mariner Tom, thanks for an answering and I do believe what you say. Trust is important in a blog and you’ve been straight up with me..

    I had (previously, at some point) read an exchange between you and Harvard and it did seem as if you two went back a ways. That was part of the confusion when the slinging began. All good now! Thanks…someday, a beer or a glass of Malbec.

  24. Harvard…you ‘re both good guys. Sometimes friend you have to risk it and trust. You’ve got to remember is that what makes the Establishment is that nobody in it trusts anybody else. Or as a Chicago democrat would say: “Don’t send me nobody nobody sent”.

    Go Cubs!!

  25. Thanks, Tsao, I appreciate the sentiment and I’m glad we are on the same wavelength.

    To be honest, I don’t post a lot of meaningful or thoughtful stuff on here anymore, so a lot of this discussion is water under the bridge, since I am a very minor Scoop character. I am looking forward to football season, though; I’ve always felt that Hoosier football is a sleeping giant, and I hope to partake in the glee and satisfaction when it happens.

  26. For what it’s worth, I think that the best possible thing Dustin and Jeremy could do to resolve this mess would be to shed a little light on what they know about Mariner Tom

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