1. Don’t know about anybody else, but to me this says that we have two returning top 29 players plus a big, top five recruiting class. Yeah, we lost a lot. But in an age where most of the top talent jumps to the NBA as soon as possible, to discount this next season as just a rebuilding year is selling us quite a bit short. We may be a little shaky at first while we figure ourselves out, but name ten teams that can boast that kind of resume. We’ll be tough come Feb/March.

  2. Question…With Vic and Cody hitting Orlando, Arizona, Philly , New York and wherever in the last month – Who pays for all the travel/food and meals..??

  3. Never thought of agents. If they were paying their own way, thought I may see them selling alumni parking passes for a couple of weeks before the big pay-day. Thanks

  4. And, it would not be difficult for either to walk over to the bank nearest them and get a credit line for pocket change of….oohhh, a million or two. The bank clerks stood and applauded Allan Iverson the first time he walked in.

  5. Punjab, I agree with much of your comment. Other than inexperience, which is not an insignificant issue, the biggest concern I have is shooting. We will have guys who can get to the rim, and we will have at least one guy capable of playing in the low post. But with no obvious way to stretch a defense at this point, I suspect we are going to see a LOT of sagging, jammed up defenses.

    Interestingly, our best bet to open up defenses with shooting may come from our interior players. Luke Fischer is known as a reliable shooter from 15-17 feet, and Vonleh is capable of both shooting and handling the ball on the perimeter. If either of those things translate to the college game, it will force other teams to send their bigs out of the lane. If that happens, Yogi, Stan, Troy, and the rest will have some room to work.

    Even if so, though, we will still be far better off if one of our perimeter players can shoot the 3. There are a number of them who would seem to have the right form and skill to do so, but at least to begin the year it will be an open question if any of them can do it reliably in games.

  6. Agreed, Weatherman, that shooting will be a big question mark going into the season. And we’ll need that deep threat to keep defenses honest. All things considered, though, I don’t see that as necessarily a bad thing. As we’ve seen throughout the years, even the best-shooting teams go cold. We didn’t always look like we had an answer when it happened to us. Fortunately we had scrappy guys like Vic to bail us out on occasion.

    I love having guys like Jordy who can torch the nets. It’s part of who we are. But relying on those shots to go down is not always the best policy. Hopefully our shooters develop– maybe guys like Hartman, AE, or even Marlin will evolve into our marksmen. Maybe Yogi or Will or one of the freshmen (or JH, or anybody) will become consistent enough with their jumper that teams have to honor it when scheming their defense. But it’s reassuring to me that it looks like we’ll have more “gamers” to score ugly baskets when the shooting touch fails us… whatever that means…

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