Herron commits to Indiana

For some time, DeAndre Herron had been wrestling with a decision with two possible choices. On one hand was Louisville, the school he’d committed to out of Avon High School before substandard grades forced him to go to Iowa Western Community College. On the other was Indiana, his home state school and one that had been recruiting him since high school.

There was never a deciding factor, more of a premonition. On Saturday, the 6-foot-5, 325-pound offensive lineman committed to Indiana, becoming the second member of the 2014 class.

“It was a gut feeling,” Herron said. “The communication was there with the coaching staff at Indiana. That was a major part of it. But at the end of the day it was just a gut feeling.”

Communication, though, was critical, especially with the man on Indiana’s staff who will work with him closest. IU offensive line coach Greg Frey was the point man on his recruiting effort, and Herron said the relationship he developed with Frey was critical.

“He understands where I want to be and how I want to be used,” Herron said. “I feel like he can transform me into a better person, not just football wise and also in life.  He keeps it real with me, and I felt like I connected with him more than any other O-Line coach.”

As for how he will be used, Herron said that’s still up in the air. His size is such that he can play either tackle or guard.

“I prefer run blocking more than anything,” Herron said. “That’s what I’m pretty much known for. But pass blocking  makes money on Sundays, you’ve got to adjust and improve.”

Herron has adjusted and improved academically. He said he’s carrying a 3.4 grade point average at Iowa Western and that he will graduate in December, which will allow him to enroll in the spring semester at Indiana. He’ll have two years of eligibility remaining.


  1. Baseball, track and football today???

    Dustin – you do know it’s a Saturday night in Florida with a phat per diem courtesy of Pat Beane? Much respect for all the work today but when we’re in Omaha you better party it up at night.

  2. IU’s W-BB Coach Curt Miller said at his introductory news conference, recruiting is the “lifeline of a program”. Po I know he is your size for an O/DL recruit but I like him for the way he evaluated his decision. I think he is a road grader with smarts. Now it is Frey’s turn in the light but this whole staff is better than average recruiters.

  3. HC, I also like the way he turned his academics around. Iowa Western may not be regarded as the finest institute of higher learning, but a 3.4 GPA is a damn fine achievement for most any student-athlete, let alone one with academic problems in the past. Shows the man has character. We seem to be bringing in a lot of those types these days.

  4. Podunker, sounds like a 1950’s movie, “A Big Guy for Podunker”…great, I’d heard a lot about this guy and agree with you, HC and Punjab. Great job by a staff, fun to follow them. They seem so solid.

    Aruss, that characteristic separates the professional journalists from the make believe,… their professionalism. Watch DD and learn.

  5. HC, I agree. I think that in addition to signing young men with increased size, IU’s FB coaches are recruiting more young men that are likely to be good students. I think it was Tsao that opined that Wilson does not suffer fools well, if at all, and my guess is that he wants kids that have good brains and good judgement. All the better, especially when they’re 6’5″ and weight 325 pounds.

    And, beating out Louisville for a football recruit should be considered an accomplishment these days. It should not be, but it is.

  6. Podunker, HC…could not be more in agreement. I think that the pace of the commitments are testimony to how selective this staff is in bringing in what they want, athletically, skill and character wise.

    Though Podunker, I couldn’t quote this quote from Herron fast enough in regards to the on-going discussion we’ve had going. Herron said (in Peegs)that after talking with Wilson, “I will be working on dropping weight and getting more powerful and getting stronger,” .What do you think Podunker, about 253 lbs??

  7. Losing a few #’s may not be much of an issue if what I read in the last 2 days was accurate and that being he now charts at 350 lb. Wilson knows the IU training table alone will lower that 12-15.

  8. Interesting point about Louisville, Podunker. When Louisville realized that it was not going to get an NFL franchise they followed the same plan as they did in basketball; to make the university’s team their version of one. Funny enough, to distinguish and compete on an even keel with Lexington and the ‘UK franchise’

    They threw all their resources into their Freedom Hall and then built a brand new, state of the art stadium for their UofL Cardinals. A smart, smart model to use as a basis and a seed of their economic development. This was really necessary since Lexington had a dominant foothold in the ‘gentry’ that controls horse racing’s Churchill Downs and Louisville is basically a stable/race track operation for the Bluegrass that is only a significant attraction one weekend a year (its open for about four months total but it us otherwise an economic magnet). Thus, UofL as an institution became critical, and their athletics a showpiece of community pride. While it was always a basketball power (partially, because it is just across the river from southern Indiana) the importance of athletics has really taken off in the last decade. There are some heavy players like the family that started Human and the Brown tobaccom folks who now have reaching economic interest, along with the clout they bring.

    So…the growth of UofL’s athletic growth does not surprise me; nor would it surprise me to see the Cardinals become a part of the new B1G. All of which can only help IU and B1G athletics.

    See what you, HC, Chet and I have brung? (Where’s Mass Hoosier?)

  9. L’ville’s AD Tom Jurich is 1 sharp cookie. He so impressed Rick Pitino into listening about the U of L job when RP was just hours away from becoming Meatchickens new head coach. L’ville is a hell of a community to raise $ in. He has taken it to a new level by having every possible sized donor a phone call away from writing checks. His previous small market experience at No. Arizona and Colorado state honed a personality people want to like, know and please. But I think his biggest + to the Cardinals is he so understands the business side of managing something the size as a college athletic department. I also believe our own AD Glass is tailgating him very close in performance.

  10. Great, really good commentary HC. You’ve really hit it on the nose. Louisville, as a city/community has an incredible sense of itself and its role in people’s life. And, you are right that Jurich has had a huge role in this. I agree with you that is on the same lap, with the proper adjustments of a state university in the B1G.

    I would really welcome UofL’s joining our conference.

    I also admire how absolutely passionate and loyal Louisvillians are about ‘their’ university. I agree that there is some heavy hitting in its behalf, and also have seen there is also a lot of just ‘Lou’vulls’ who save and are more than willing to add their $500 to be a part of it. Obviously, we both respect them.

    Now, for what the horse droppings at Keenland say about their illegitimately conceived relatives to the East…

  11. Louisville’s academics have a long way to go before the Big Ten would consider them for admission.

  12. PO- why should it not be an accomplishment “these days” to beat UL out of a recruit? The UL football program has had a lot more success lately than the IU program (and a lot of others, too.)

  13. TSAO- I read about this suit earlier, and this antitrust suit fled in federal court is a completely different animal than the Paterno suit based on breach of contract and tortious interference with contract action filed in state court in Centre County, Penn. The Paterno suit is a long-shot too, but it will stick around a lot longer than the antitrust suit.

  14. Between the accomplishments of IU Basketball, IU Soccer,
    IU Baseball, Derek Drouin, swim team’s 9th place NCAA finish and any others I’m not mentioning – Think Coach Wilson and team will be fired up?

  15. I am sure he will if he attends any of the Tom Crean camps lined up for the rest of the summer. Which reminds me–this also serves as quick note that those who have signed up for the Family Fantasy Weekend Basketball Camp with Tom Crean this weekend and the next are kindly required to bring their own Bible to the camp.

  16. Thanks Davis… seems like the state court judge wanted to say more but good judgment and demeanor dictated better, so she just stuck to the basics. It will be fun to follow the Paterno suit and, it does seem to me there are some contradictions for the NCAA’s to deal with. That’s why folks like me depend on folks like you to explain. Thanks again. Are you going to the IU Varsity Club function when it comes to America’s greatest city?

  17. davis, simply put, Louisville football has had much greater success over the last decade or so than IU football. They are a very good football program of late, so when Wilson signs a player being recruited by Louisville, it’s an accomplishment. Forgive my Big Ten and IU bias, but Louisville should not have a better football program than IU. It has of late, but it should not.

    Tsao, my guess is that Herron weighs north of 325 pounds. But even if that number is accurate, losing 10 to 15 pounds would probably benefit him as an offensive linemen. I’m confident in predicting Herron is going to discover that IU’s conditioning program is much more intense than anything he went through at Western Community College. Wilson wants em big, but he wants them strong and in shape so that they can keep pace in his fast paced offense.

    One other thing. I like that Herron is talking about his goal to “play on Sunday.” Nothing wrong with recruiting players that have high self confidence and ambitious goals.

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