1. Not a fan of these alternatives…traditional pitchfork with the correct color scheme would be preferable.

  2. I think these are great! Look at the player reactions, this is the kind of stuff they want to see. Much better than the circle IU logo from the Randle El days. I personally like the One with the state flag torch and stars on the one side the best. The crome one is a cool idea, but wont the sun reflect off all that chrome pretty bad lol?

  3. Gawd awful. I’m embarrassed, hopefully the powers that be come to their senses before sending the team out in them.

  4. Omega Blue- that’s the idea. Now, at the huddle, they call which way to point your chrome helmet so it reflects the sun into the eyes of the opponents. Coaches are already looking at the sun angle (depending on the time) of the afternoon and a ‘night time helmet’. When you hear the QB yelling, ‘reflect left!’…. or we may see the team change helmets (though it will cost us a time out).

  5. LOVE THE CHROME Look. The only way I think it could be improved upon, is if it was TOTALLY Crimson, with the IU Logo in the Chrome!! 🙂

  6. I don’t know, People…while I understand and support the desire to instill more enthusiasm in the program, I’m reminded of “the Emporer’s new clothes” story. I’d like to see a few winning seasons racked up before we get flamboyant with our uniforms.

  7. Ohh! Ohh! Forget it! Hmmmmmmm is embarrassed. (he’s like Charlie, the Tuna…he doesn’t care if we play good, he wants a team that looks good!)

  8. It’s probably not clear, but the red helmets with the pitchfork IU are still part of the rotation. So really, there are six options, five of them being new. Carry on.

  9. Dynamic offense: Oregon (check) IU (check)
    Swagged out uniforms: Oregon (check) IU (check)
    Talented recruiting base: Oregon (check – Cali) IU (check – Georgia)

    There is absolutely no reason our program can’t take off like Oregon’s!

    Get ‘Er Done!

  10. The chrome look would be fine if we still had Gunner Keil taking snaps…

    Evil Kielnevel takes the field!!

    Love the responses on the MGOBlOG…

    Definitely a made for TV event, right up there with “Who Shot JR” and the MASH finale.

    These are obviously special edition helmets to be worn during their much anticipated Prime Time Nationally Televised game, at 9:30pm, on Thursday, at UTEP.

    Two words: Pontiac Aztec

    is living in some kind of dreamland in which new helmets translate to wins or something.

    Looks like Imperial Japan flag. Maybe IU’s symbol for their season: kamikaze.

    There are many more that are quite hilarious.

  11. Man. That has got to be expensive. Eat up the savings of purchasing airline tickets two yrs in advance.

  12. I love — absolutely love — the state flag helmet. Indiana has one of the better state flags in the country, so it’s cool to see the program incorporate it in a major way. It’s a clear home run. The block I is a great nod to the past. Another great idea.

    But there were a couple very, very big swings and misses.

    I don’t think I’ll ever be able to appreciate the awful two-tone concept, or the garish chrome abomination. Yuck. But, given how the market for these horrible things has been trending, it was probably inevitable. I’m a uniform curmudgeon, so I’m a bit difficult to please. But, hey… the kids like them flashy, right? I suppose that’s really all that’s going to matter.

    IU football is also getting some national dap in early June. That’s gotta count for something, too.

  13. When the players react to the chrome at the 29 second mark, my reaction was “Kids!”

    But that’s it. I think it is well established that kids today are not going to be satisfied with what their fathers and grandfathers were happy with.

    Personally, I do not like the chrome. But I’m not the one wearing them.

    If this gives the players a stronger sense of pride and more excitement in being on the IU football team, then I am all for it.

  14. Dustin, could you (HT) run some pics (front, back, side) of the helmets (at least those that vary the most from the present solid all-crimson w/block I look)? Thanks

  15. The one with the state seal (like the yellow/gold one on our blue state flag) would render the Hoosiers virtually unidentifiable by the occupants of the other 49 states, and undoubtedly most of the residents of Indiana. What a horrible, horrible suggestion for an IU football helmet. And the red/chrome striped helmet would be cool if we had a program that was good enough to deserve such flashiness. A turd wrapped with a bow is still a turd. Stick with the IU pitchfork, please!

  16. Actually, after a better look at these, there are reasons for liking these:

    We always complain about the crimson/red/block I’s being copies of others (Oklahoma, Nebraska, Wisconsin). I would even argue that the most connected uniform identifying Indiana is the idea of the ‘candy stripes’ in our basketball warm-ups which, now clearly a national signature.

    We should take advantage and pursue this identification. The chrome and red stripe helmet looks fine and is so original it would have the same recognition as the bkb warm-up pants. We may even want to extend the idea of the candy stripes to our football pants. (and, our soccer team should carry vertical stripes, not horizontal). I also agree with Mr. Miller about the State flag logo, perhaps adding the script ‘Indiana’ or ‘Hoosiers’ across the back (or front) (with the number above it). (We could still keep the block I or, even more so, the Neptune IU if we are gong to carry that many helmets on the rotation. Again, somewhere we should ‘represent’ ‘Indiana or Hoosiers’- that’s who we are! (or even the phrase ‘It’s Indiana!’.

    These call attention, but I don’t believe any of those presented are garish.

    What I like about these is that they are original and very unique. Go Hoosiers! (and if some blog does not like it, we could tell them where to put Neptune IU with the upper tip upwards’. By the way, Neptune’s original symbol is crossed at the bottom and its meaning is “Becoming and Being”).

  17. I love the players’ reaction and enthusiasm!! I love the fact the athletic dept. and coaching staff are changing things up and building excitement for current and potential players.
    I have to say my favorite is probably the helmet with the state flag seal. It’s says Indiana without the IU logo. Opponents will have to research to understand the symbol…excited to see them on the field.

  18. The torch is my favorite, but will flop with the players. I don’t know what to think about the chrome, but as someone wrote, it’s the players and not armchair QBs like us who will have to wear it. I hope IU keeps the head-to-toe white for road games.

  19. It appears the lead designer for OSU football gear(Henry Winkler’s nephew) had already prepared a counter for IU’s chrome design.

  20. Tsao,
    Waiting for some photo stuff from IU. There was no media access to the unveiling at all and weren’t even told that there was going to be one, so we don’t have anything from our actual photographers.
    I have to stop you at the candy-stripe football pants. Just… no.

  21. Aruss, while I like your attitude and optimism, there is one HUGE difference between IU and Oregon. Oregon has an alumni that is the founder and CEO of Nike, and he has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to Oregon’s Athletic Department over the last two decades or so. Aside from that, there’s no difference at all.

  22. DD- we need to be daring, distinctive, bold…why not? If we can let our AD go out there wearing sport jackets that you can see coming from three blocks away, why not the Hoosiers. And, vertical stripes are very appropriate and not uncommon in world soccer.

    Gotta have some imagination, daring, a sense of being different…of revival, happiness, humor, joie-de-vivre Dustin…you can’t live your whole life in grey and black backgrounds like in a column picture…..Put a smile on your face!…Write poetry, sing the sports headlines! Live Dustin! Live! (a 72 year old has to teach you that?…you’re a Hoosier now!)

    Thanks guest. Love the white one with the Trident on it. Great away from home, on all white! And, if we go better than 9-2, they’ll all look fantastic!

  23. Stripes, Why not. We need something to help us get going. Give the kids some pride and enthusiasm. I want to beat OSU and MU so bad I can taste it. Go ahead call me crazy.

  24. Playing it close to the vest would be, IMHO, stupid. Trying to make huge changes in the IU football program is what I’ve hoped for.

    Go for it.

  25. Several have said it correctly “look at the player reactions”. Bring it! Would it be wrong to say the unveiling correlates very well with the upcoming schedule of camps for recruiting 2014 and beyond. Every kid who visits IU will no doubt get to see personally these alternative options for their FB uniform. If IU had more positive FB tradition I doubt I would be this gung ho toward promoting the program in this way.

  26. Gotta say, I dig ’em all. I’m most excited about the players going bananas. Making it cool to play at IU is one of the most daunting tasks in the nation. When everyone got fired up at the unveiling, it was a rare glimpse of school pride about the colors, letters and designs signifying our school. Small things like this do matter.

    The white helmets went from the worst to incredible with the stripe. We used to look like WWI hospital nurses. Now they look badass.

    Can’t wait to see them all in action.

  27. After watching IU FB for 50 years most of these helmets are a welcome addition to our uniforms.

    My #2 pick: the state seal helmet.

    My(and my wife’s) #1 pick: the chromed candy stripes helmet. This pairs up with IU’s BB tradition of wearing candy striped warm-ups. Just now saw these helmets on a 55″ big screen and they were beyond awesome. Not only do the young IU football players like this helmet: but, us older people do also.

  28. Dustin, your anti-candystripe pants stance is short-sighted. I’m older, grouchier, and more resistant to change than you (I’m still waiting for that abomination, the DH, to go away). But even I can see that our recruiting would be enhanced if we give 18 year-old kids the chance to wear those striped helmets and candystriped pants. Of course, they’d all wind up looking like Danny Kaye (look it up, kids) but they would be stylin’ like Lebron and Durant.

  29. The helmets and uniforms are great. We’ve been a sharp looking team for a while now. How about a winning team?

  30. I will spare you all the details on what was running down my leg as I got a look at these new helmets. I love them all. It’s the little things like that that keep the players pumped and motivated. Can’t wait to see our guys play this year. Any news on when the Summer/Fall scrimmage will be, Dustin?

  31. Austin, when they do have scrimmages in fall camp, they rarely make those public and when they it’s sort of spur of the moment. But anything that is public I’ll let you know.

  32. I’m with Mike Miller all the way!!!! Love our state flag!!! Living in South Carolina as I do, I sometimes fly my Indiana flag and if anybody would complain I’d simply say don’t sweat it SC is on the flag:)

  33. Warming up in candy-stripes and wearing candy-stripe shorts for an entire game are two entirely different things.

    And to even get near the sacred Indiana basketball team’s candy-stripes for use on a football team(helmet or otherwise), at a Memorial field that has long been known for the ‘Bozo the Clown’ act preceding our serious high flying legit performers on the hardwood, would be completely sacrilegious to the long and storied evolution that lives within those stripes; the countless years they have played into the mind of our hoops opponents and imparted fears that have followed five banners worth of respect…Forever gone will be the beautiful irony those ‘happy’ stripes have dealt to those that envy the history and shiver at the tradition. Gone will be the intimidation found in a comical jest in the confidence our talent…The stripes that once mocked the opponent be turned against us as a form of mockery in their new impotence.

    Fred Glass is clueless. He is so into marketing for sake of marketing that he destroys the true brand identity along with the deepest and most treasured meanings a place traditions lives most sacred.

  34. I really like the chrome striped helmets. They have that flashy, new look. Our football team doesn’t have much in the way of traditions. Coach Hoeppner started some during his tenure. I think the football team needs to “rebrand” itself. We’ve just been so lousy in the past that something new shows a break with the past which is good. The basketball team is a different story. We have a tradition of being elite and we want to connect that with the present.

  35. Warming up in candy-stripes and wearing candy-stripes is an experience only for those who look at life with a sense of eternal hope for greatness and achievement. Only those of us who are not afraid to venture risk and live it, who understand that no failure is forever if they dare to win, can be truthfully called Hoosier.

    To even understand the sacred Indiana basketball team’s candy-stripes is possible for those who understand the challenges of life; who are not depressed- indeed they seek encouragement and motivation in past reversals. Each loss is experienced and accepted as an opportunity not only for triumph but as a redemption of character. Indeed, we accept and welcome the experience in these, accept the challenge, spit to the side, set our jaws and look forward to measuring our lives in terms of these opportunities rather than waste moments of defeat in our lives in depression, self-flagellation and useless bitterness.

    No place better than the entrance to our Memorial Football Stadium to remember that tradition of reversing fortunes that marks us than in the entrance to Memorial Stadium. Two guns from the unforgettable and heroic USS Indiana which took part in many of the now famous sea campaigns in the Pacific theatre during WWII; reversing the bitter disaster of the US fleet in Pearl Harbor, and survived to turn it into the victories over the Japanese in the Gilbert and Marshall Islands;… triumphantly sailing into Tokyo Bay to claim the greatness that came from the will to never give up, face the adversary and reclaim the Honors of the State of Indiana and the People it symbolizes.

    Hoosiers, true Hoosiers, know the seed of victory begins by making and accepting the challenges presented by earlier reversals, and committing themselves to the only eventual alternative we allow ourselves: total victory.

    Perhaps it is that contrast of equal challenges that is represented in the stripes- red and white- of past reversals which anchor the new football tradition they announce, our emergence from the bitterness of football defeat to the greatness of the victory achieved, over ourselves.

    No room for self-effacing, defeatist ‘Bozo the Clown’ acts here. This is a task for men and women who cherish these challenges and opportunity, look back on previous failure as the seed of triumph and the trademark that gives energy and steel- the stainless steel stripes on the helmet we now add- of our character.

    Hoosiers who now wear these uniforms now choose victory. Only those who Honor this choice can contribute and need be around when it is achieved.

    We true Hoosiers, filled with our Crimson blood running in our veins, accept the metaphor represented in the new colors we choose to wear.

    (Harvard… losers need not apply)

  36. Analogous to the grandiloquence and haughtiness of Tsao, the uniforms serve as only a rude and gaudy camouflage for nothing of genuine character and brotherhood found in the gutsy humble battles and standing alone true to a brother on the gridiron dirt of a cold soldier’s field, but of abandonment of measures in quiet honor and character where simply none existed from the start.

    The steel belongs in the proven spine; the labels of ‘losers’ not in mirrors as neediness and cowardice to slather the outside in layers of makeup and opine.

  37. Saw the photo to which Preston linked re: striped pants and have to say yeah! ESPECIALLY with the chrome domes. But jersey numbers have to be BIG a la the Detroit Lions.

  38. “Fred Glass is clueless”? New helmet introduction video has 200k hits(and accelerating fast)on YouTube, IU FB being talked about by the sports world in June, the anticipation energizes players, recruiting prospects with an eye for bling are looking at IU. Not to mention NC soccer, roundball on a steep upward trajectory, BB in the 3rd stage of lift off, T&F getting positive press coverage, vigorous recruiting by new leadership for the future of W-basketball. I am certain I’ve left something else out substantiating AD Glass is “clueless”. Locking in the belief there will never be a “Golden Age of IU Athletics” under his reign. Please stumble on.

  39. Man, some of you take this so personally. Its just helmets and the players seem to love them. Good for morale. Relax and enjoy the players reaction and don’t be such a grouch.

  40. Jon is right. Despite my earlier comments, the new lids are fine. If the players/fans feel more energized and excited about them, great. Certainly an aspect of building this program involves marketing and image and if new helmets and uniforms support that initiative, go for it. Heck, maybe the stripes will cause us to make some more third down stops!

  41. IU National champs in soccer.
    IU B1G champs in Baseball & still alive.
    IU B1G champs in Basketball. Two players in the draft.
    IU Football’s Matt Dooley Pre-Sesason All American.
    IU’s Basketball, Soccer and Golf team receive the Public Reognition Awards..

    And Fred Glass is clueless?

    Sounds like someone is talking just to hear themselves talk

  42. A photo collage hangs on the wall in the office of Indiana athletic director Fred Glass. It looks like a team picture, but it’s all of the school’s first-team All-Americans in basketball.

    Although the players are from different eras, at least one thing has remained the same: the basic uniform style.

    So when Adidas, IU’s shoe and apparel company, recently approached its bigger schools with a new uniform for the NCAA tournament, the Hoosiers declined. …(courtesy: Indy Star)

    And the significant part of that tradition, “the one thing that has remained the same,” is the national recognition with the iconic candy-stripes associated with IU basketball.

    Put whatever thick layers of makeup on football as you will..Chromify the goalposts. But please just don’t mess with painting the dignity and symbols of our basketball program onto a product we have put about as much effort into developing over the last 30 years as taking out the morning trash.

    A great move by Glass to stand up for the candy-stripes and the traditions found in our basketball uniforms when Adidas flexed its corporate muscles of influence. Adidas has its signature 3-stripe design that have long identified their product. IU Basketball has the candy-stripes. That brand identity tied to the quality of the product took decades to earn.

    Don’t flush it down the toilet for some YouTube hits. Give football its own identity. Go into Ohio State with more flash in our game than on a bastardized Christmas ornament candy-stripe helmet. Learn to bake up some victories before you build the flashy signage and cheesy store front for the bakery. “Win Today”…Metallic chrome the Ford Pinto later.

  43. If the striped helmet fails to gain traction this year, it will be dropped and be quickly forgotten, having no effect on the legacy of the candy stripe warmups. If it is actually liked well enough to stick around, it may actually further cement the connection of candy-striping to IU sports.

  44. Ok first time on the comments and I’m shocked! Is this the way Indiana folks should represent themselves? I hope some of you are Kentucky and Purdue fans cause you sure act like it!

  45. The comment board here is typically a unique place, Darren, but the f-bombs usually aren’t as much of a thing. Not sure where that came from exactly and they’ve been deleted.

  46. Actually, I’ve noticed quite a bit of vulgar language on here. Most other boards do not allow posters to post a cuss word and change one letter to “get it past the censors” but I’ve seen it numerous times. I agree with Darren that is is shameful.

  47. Darren, welcome to the Hoosier Scoop. You will find it hard to believe that some of the regular contributors on this blog are Hoosier fans. They often claim to be IU supporters, but their comments often suggest otherwise. That notwithstanding, it can be fun to contribute to a debate on a variety of IU sports topics.

    My only advice to you is that when you notice a discussion string being driven “off the rails,” which is unfortunately an all-too-frequent occurrence, resist the temptation to continue posting comments. The less mentally/emotionally stable contributors frequently try to use this blog as an outlet for venting their spleens on a variety of non-IU-sports related topics. Try to avoid getting drawn into that as much as possible.

  48. Darren-

    Which of the new helmets fired you up? Do you have a preference?

    Welcome aboard.

  49. Why all the crying about the helmets? It’s a brilliant idea by Wilson&Co. This football team is trying to find identity. I can understand if they was messing with the basketball team, but football is another animal. It’s coming into its on, and this is getting people talking. I like the chrome and the helmet with the state flag personally.

  50. If I just had to pick one though, I would pick the state flag helmet. Shows pride in our state, and sticks it in the ass to Purdue.

  51. H4H, here is the answer, you do not matter, it is happening before your very eyes.

  52. Glad you’re back Podunker. I was concerned by your silence and was about to ask last week.Hope all is great and you’re getting your IU bowl gear together.

  53. I was gonna say:

    Sad IU football has new helmets.

    Please keep applying Bengay onto prostethic leg.

  54. Prosthetic.

    IU Football Season Three: Wilson goes for the third win.

    Wild, wild, totally wild.


  55. I’ve abstained from this conversation until now– didn’t want to overreact since I’m generally a traditionalist when it comes to these things (and hated– repeat hated– what Cameron did with his uniform changes.) But sometimes I think a bit of re-branding is appropriate. At first I thought the chrome stripes were a crime against humanity. But they’re kind of growing on me. I suspect I’m not alone in that sentiment.

  56. I’ve read the scoop for a while now I just recently decided to start blogging. I like those football helmets! I think the state flag one is the best. Like Ben said, “Shows pride in our state, and sticks it in the ass to Purdue.”

  57. I find all “the pride in our state” comments somewhat interesting.

    Much like the recruiting scene in hoops, it’s vital that we remain connected with the homegrown fans. The best way to “stick it to the ass” of Purdue(and Butler…and OSU…and Michigan…and MSU..and Duke…and NC)is to make IU the most attractive and desirable place to stay for the plethora of b-ball talent that emanates from every corner this great basketball state. We can’t get them all, but we should never let PU or Butler get the upper hand.

    We could paint that state emblem onto the center court of McCracken, but would it burn into our hearts the same without the names that grow out of our communities and our storied high school gyms?

    Or, is it like Kentucky..? Does the pride flow back into the state flag by merely having a ‘great’ team assembled by a recruiting genius gathering 5-star, future NBA, talent nationwide?

  58. Maybe I’m just in the dark..Did anyone else know that Kory Barnett joined Alford at UCLA? Was there ever a story about this on Hoosier Scoop?

  59. Wow…What a great gig for a kid just getting out of school.

    Thanks Dustin.

  60. Tsao, thank you, but I never went away. I just did not have enough interest in any of the recent stories to comment on them. It seems that I was not the only one. The volume of comments appears to have been reduced significantly during the last couple of weeks.

    Dustin, I’m happy for Kory Barnett getting that job. And lucky for him, I hear that California is very generous with their welfare and food stamp programs. Given the cost of living in LA, he’s going to need all the help he can get. I read recently that the average cost of a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment in LA County is $1,980 per month.

  61. Po, the average purchase price of a 1 bedroom, 1 bath condo in NYC is 1.2 million dollars. LA sounds like subsidized housing compared to that.

    FWIW, while I’m not a huge fan of LA I could live there. You couldn’t pay me enough to live in NYC. I’ve always found it funny that NYC residents are under the impression that everyone wishes they could live there. My experience has been that virtually no one I’ve ever met wants to live there.

    There are tons of NYC residents that move to where I live when they get the opportunity. I doubt anyone from western North Carolina has ever moved to NYC once they’ve “made it”.

  62. Good post Davis…thanks. That’s going to bleeder of a trial. mostly the NCAA’s blood. With a p.o’d former investigative staff running around loose, there could be a bunch of empty office suites for rent in Indy at the end. Should be fun.

  63. Thanks, Tsao. An interesting aspect is that one of the plaintiffs is PSU Trustee Adam Taliaferro, a former PSU player. Any relation to IU three time All-American George Taliaferro, the first African-American to be drafted by an NFL team (Bears, 1949)?

  64. They are not related, davis, but they do know each other. It’s kind of a cool story. Basically, everything with George is an interesting story. He still lives in Bloomington and is sharp as a tack even in his 80s. I talked to him for a story last year on his induction to the Monroe County Hall of Fame and we actually talked about Adam. I’m not sure how it came to be but somehow someone was asking whether they were related and through some happenstance they got to know each other and they apparently talk with some regularity.
    Adam is a pretty amazing story. He and I actually started at Penn State at the same time. He was playing as a true freshman and suffered a spinal injury when he got hit in the head against Ohio State in 2000. There was concern that he’d never walk again but thanks to some pretty amazing surgery he actually led the team out on the field the next year when they played Miami at home. They got pounded that game (it was THAT Miami team that crushed everybody in 2001) and he never played again, but he did go out and get his law degree and I believe practices in Philadelphia.

  65. Davis, I did wonder about that when I read the list of the PSU Board and wondered, but I think I knew that George Taliaferro had a daughter (who married a former IU player named Greg Harvey, a great full back prospect from Ohio; a freshman about 1968-69 or so) and was not too sure they had a son.

    George Taliaferro is, in my opinion, the only IU grad who deserves his name spoken at the same level as Herman B Wells. I have no doubt he’s one of the 3-4 finest human beings I’ve ever known. The list of people he was instrumental in helping through IU could wind itself around the stadium and Assembly Hall twice and the campus cops would still have a tough time controlling the traffic of people on the way to get a place on that line. An incredible human being. So glad you mentioned him.

  66. Dustin, I love California! I just don’t love the cost of living out there.

    Chet, no argument from me. love New Yorkers, but only after they’ve moved out of the city.

    davis, I was responding to Dustin’s post #77. Our editor and chief started the string going in that direction and I just followed it for one post.

  67. No worries, PO! I’m just jealous of the attention that the BB program gets and patrol our FB turf here zealously!

  68. In my opinion, last seasons helmets were just fine. I like the new look, but I think if anything on the uniforms needs an upgrade, it’s the jerseys. I don’t like the solid red and white. They need some sort of stripes or something to add excitement and make the uniforms a little louder. Big fan of the new lids, however.

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