Indiana target Jaquan Lyle picks Louisville

Evansville Bosse guard Jaquan Lyle, an Indiana target and the No. 17 player in the Class of 2014 according to, has committed to Louisville according to his Twitter account. Brian Snow of broke the story just before. If you have a subscription to Scout, you can read his piece here.

Lyle had narrowed his choices to four schools, the other three being Indiana, Florida and Tennessee. Indiana and Louisville had long been considered the front-runners.


  1. Missed again? He may be a great fit at Louisville, but not so sure on the academic side of life in the B1G.

  2. Wow… From obstruction of justice to murder in the first.

    From Welker, Gronk, Lloyd, and Hernandez… to Amendola, a couple rookies, and a Gronk on the PUP.

    He did a good job of fooling everyone in the pre-draft process. Glad we cut him as soon as he got arrested… Didn’t even wait to hear what the charges were.

    Not only a terrible human being, but a world class moron.

  3. peegs says he joins Shaqquan Aaron in Louisville’s recruiting class. i’m skeptical. i’m pretty sure there’s 3 q’s in Shaqqquan.

  4. I must say I’m a little surprised by the relative apathy of losing an in-state, highly-ranked recruit like this. I saw the headline and expected to see a lot more commentary. Thus far, the reaction seems to be a collective “meh…”

  5. Have not followed the kid, or any kid till they sign.

    Comes down to where he wants to play – where he is comfortable. Last thing you want is a unhappy player who wishes he went somewhere else.

  6. Simple to me… Lyle is going to be drafted as a PG in the NBA. yogi is the starting PG here through 2016. Lyle needs GMs to see him run a team.

  7. Now Hernandez is being linked to, and investigated for, a double-homicide in July of 2012… Thank god this guy is off the streets. The body count keeps rising around this p.o.s.

  8. Punjab, He lives in Evansville, so it isn’t like he went out of state. Louisville is as close to him as Bloomington. These kids don’t really care much about the state borders.

  9. I tend to believe Zeller had some loyalties to the state of Indiana. I also tend to believe he understood that no matter the future focus of recruiting(much of which is now the benefits Tom Crean reaped because of his signing Zeller, the Movement, and all subsequent dominoes), he was a symbolic figure of the state’s unparalleled long traditions and pride so overwhelming rooted in basketball.

    It’s very easy now o act flippant about local in state talent.

    Without Zeller the entire history of the rebuilding is a different tale. Without Zeller, Oladipo is playing on a team struggling to get out of the cellar of the Big 10. Without Zeller, there is no Ferrell. Without Zeller, there is no contract extension for Tom Crean. Without Zeller, those chrome football helmets look even more ridiculous. Without Zeller, Indiana is not part of the story an NBA draft all Hoosier eyes are focused.

    Two Sweet 16’s is enough to satisfy a fan base that understands just how much uglier it all could have been. Sure, “these kids don’t really care much about the state borders.” Easy to say now. “Just another point guard..Just another Remy Abell searching for greener pastures…Just another Mo Creek with degree in hand. We don’t need them. Good luck to ’em all. Fine young men. Borders mean nothing..I pat them all on the back….” Blah…Blah…Blah.

    But without the resurgence, the local hype, the return of Indiana receiving national publicity, the silencing of those that were advocating the best coach in Indiana was at Butler, that all rested on the shoulders of the highest caliber post player to play high school ball IN THE STATE OF INDIANA for decades, one can only imagine how carefree all would be in adjusting to stagnancy and NIT tournaments.

    We’ll see how far it all goes while Crean while cherry picks Indiana with more freedoms because of Zeller. Final Fours be my measure of greatness. I could care less what NBA GM’s think. I could care less how high a draft pick goes. They’ll never go as high as a banner lofted to the rafters of Assembly with their grit and glory embedded into the minds of Indiana fans that have grown complacent and satisfied with hamburger helper seasons absent a taste championships for almost 30 years.

  10. What’s your point Harvard…

    We should care more that he’s not coming? We should continually live in the past and pray to a Zeller idol every evening before bed? We should be completely myopic in our understanding of events around IU basketball and not consider outside factors?

    What is your point?

    Everyone knows Zeller started a domino chain… Did you also know that rain and sun are responsible for vegetation?

    You know what we don’t care about… “The Establishment” and Roth Conspiracies and Remy Conspiracies and Buss Conspiracies and Creek Conspriacies and NW Indiana Conspiracies and Johnny Marlin Conspiracies…

    So you’ll have to put up with us using geography and the kid’s ultimate goal in their proper context.

  11. Geoff, I think we’re both well-schooled enough on the study of Harvard now to know that in that particular diatribe, he was not making a point, but merely laying bare his inner-Cody Zeller conflict, which at the moment remains a knot in his mind that he can’t quite untie. For Zeller is simultaneously the star that stayed home to rebuild the state university and the star who left early for the NBA before he won a national championship. And the fact that one person could have done both of those things is something he is still struggling to process. The above is part of his coping mechanism. Carry on.

  12. I’ll also have to put up with how much you care about a damn burger and couple draft beers….

  13. For Zeller is simultaneously the star that stayed home to rebuild the state university

    The struggle is more than that, Dusty.

    The struggle is more how I feel the fans are manipulated by a lack of sincerity in the real goals and meaning behind wearing a college uniform anymore…Not just at Indiana. The “me world” over the “us world.” Victor and Cody both had an opportunity to spit in the face of that form of Establishment. They had a chance to make Tom Crean’s words more than just cheap slogans for billboards.

    We are told things like “Because it’s Indiana,” but in reality it was because the manufactured hype of coming to a school sold as decimated, helped pave the way for more individual spotlight, more magazine covers, than anything having to do with one iota of love for the candy-stripes and the fans that cheered their names as if they were a Messiah wearing Adidas.

  14. And why in the heck does Geoff and Aruss keep putting their screen names in constant highlighted/link fashion?

    Goeff’s name doesn’t even open a page..I just get the standard error message of a faulty link…Is it my computer?

    And forgive me for believing Scoop is the best place for Hoosier sports, but are some bloggers so incompetent that they can’t find their own way to the homepage for Peegs?

    I say we all start putting are names in the fancy red ink…We all start looking like we work for Scoop. You need a new color, Dustin. You need your tech department to put HT journalists screen names in a different font style…Candy-striped chrome fonts so the imitators can’t share the spotlight you have worked to earn…Only Dustin and Jeremy and Andy should shake us to attention with the highlighted screen name that communicates “it’s time to sit up and take notice.”

    I highlight my name on rare occasion, but to do it constantly speaks of an arrogance that doesn’t respect the distinction between HT journalist and wannabe expert that hasn’t earned the stage behind the curtain.

  15. Every time I click on Geoff’s red screen name it’s like being in a crappy restaurant you soon know you’ve made a mistake….

    Server Not Found.

    Speaking of “servers not found,” that reminds me of an old conversation…Damn my memory! Damn that junior high dance! Geoff has sure pushed me hard to have lunch. Did Chet ever drive a whopping 10 minutes to a restaurant and find the ‘server’ known as Geoff’s brother. Guess that was a server 10 minutes from Chet’s front door not found.

    I have to travel 200 miles to meet you for lunch in Chesterton. Not sure if you were aware of that fact, Geoff.

    Did Chet look up Geoff when he was vacationing in Maine? Was he 200 miles away? Did you not offer him an open invitation to visit you? Hope your not developing a complex. I’m still wondering why Dustin never put you on Scoop Talk when you were both in Happy Valley…? I guess the timing just didn’t work out.

  16. Chesterton was just a suggestion old chap… I would’ve traveled a bit further to make it convenient for you.

    Chet was on a bike and ran into a nasty storm front before we could catch up. That was on the weather, not him. He has no excuses as to why he can’t give my brother a good tip. He’s good enough to serve Jordan and the other Bobcat execs in their private room when they come into town, but not good enough for Chet…

    Dustin gave me every opportunity to do the Scoop Talk, but if you recall that was the night of the BCS championship game and I would’ve had to stick around an empty BJC for 2 hours after the basketball game (a snoozer in its own right, with little to talk about) waiting for him to finish his other duties. Instead I chose to hang out with my buddy and said brother (who drove up from Asheville) on my last night in Happy Valley. Maybe next year.

    Your excuse boiled down to, “I don’t like people.” It’s a tad different.

  17. Not that Harvard cares, but I just saw the Sports Nation poll question on ESPN… Who would you rather have – McLemore or Oladipo? Dipo currently has 62% of the vote and is carrying every state except Kansas.

  18. Geoff-

    You’re right. I really don’t care about the draft. Draft? It’s more of a egotistical windstorm of irrelevance that carries young hearts away from the humble beauty the game of basketball forever starves in gallows of corporate greed.

  19. Harvard is just mad that bob Cody and Vic were picked higher than Eric Gordon (hallelujah!)

  20. EJ(minus the knee setbacks) is in a talent league Cody and Victor shall never tap. That’s why CharlaTom is putting average Gordon son in cream and crimson in order to court youngest son mirroring talents of Eric Gordon. It’s why Remy is now at Xavier. It’s the next ‘everything hinges on’ to buy another five years on an extended, extended contract for putting Indiana NBA material in a Hoosier uniform for a couple years. Yippee. Keep complacent Indiana fans content with chrome helmets and successful basketball tournament runs until we come up against an Establishment ‘Cuse team and a coach that understands more than selling snake oil.

  21. Geoff-

    You should really do lunch with Mariner Tom. He’s far more intelligent, seasoned, worldly, educated, gifted, etc, etc, than Harvard. I think you two would really hit it off. One resides in the Northwest…One resides in the Northeast. It’s meant to be. A mariner..A lobster fisherman. It would be more beautiful than a Captain and Tenille tune meets an EJ thunderous dunk.

  22. I should try to make it down to Biltmore Square and meet him. I’ll fess up to that. To be fair, it’s more like a half hour than ten minutes and I pretty much never go down to Biltmore Square (it’s in the opposite direction of…well… everything except maybe the airport). It’s nowhere near Asheville.

    It’s kinda like saying you work in Bloomington when it’s really Nashville or Spencer.

  23. I think VO may end up being the most talented player the Hoosiers have ever sent to the NBA. I’ve seen players wear the candystripes that had every bit as much talent as EJ. Zeke was far more talented.

    VO is in the middle of a steep upward curve, much as MJ was. Any true Tar Heel fan will tell you that Phil Ford was a better college guard than MJ ever dreamed of being. He was just a better fit for the pros. IMHO that may be true of VO as well.

  24. If I ever find myself in the NW I will certainly extend an invite to MT for lunch…

    Meanwhile, Eron Gordon is not currently ranked as a top 25 recruit in his class by either ESPN or 247sports… Rivals doesn’t rank the class of 2016 yet. James Blackmon is a better recruit.

  25. I’m familiar with Evansville, DocDave. I’ve got more family than I can count in the Terrer Haute-Vincennes-Evansville corridor. And I don’t begrudge Lyle’s decision. From what little i’ve seen, I think he’ll be a fine player and a good fit for Pitino. I just expected more TCDS-type comments about what a clown Crean is for letting another one go. I guess summer jobs and vacation are keeping the trolls occupied when school’s not in session.

  26. Geoff-

    Thanks for the good intent. Fact of the matter is, I haven’t lived in the Pacific NW for a decade. But if you happen to be on the Pennsylvania/Ohio border at some time, I’ll take you up on the offer. I think we have a lot in common!

  27. Geoff- Haven’t lived in NW for a decade, but appreciate your goodwill. Look me up when you are in western PA/eastern OH area! Ill be the only guy around sporting a Seahawks jersey.

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