1. OK, enough with the football bling. It’s time to refocus on baseball because this is a big deal Where can I find a good scouting report on F$U?

  2. Sure FSU is the fav but isn’t that how you measure your team and program? If IU gets by FSU then who knows! Great season so far guys. I honestly got as much joy watching you this past weekend as I do while watching the grandsons play LL ball and that says a lot!

  3. Aruss,

    Here’s one thing I can tell you about FSU. This has possibly been Coach Mike Martin’s greatest coaching job in his 35+ years at FSU. They lost a lot from last year and were not ranked real high to begin the year. It was supposed to be a rebuilding year. From a national standpoint, they flew under the radar the majority of the year. It should be a great series. GO HOOSIERS!!

  4. Good thing they are not playing today or Friday. Saturday looking at 91 with 30% chance of rain.

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