1. I have a dumb question: What is “double elimination”? I read that there are 8 teams left and that they first play “double elimination” and then “Best out of three.”

    Can someone please explain what that means? TIA

  2. Well they played a double elimination format in the Bloomington Regional, and then a best of 3 against FSU. So I’m guessing it will be just like that in Omaha… There will be a couple groups of 4 teams that play a round-robin style, double-elimination mini-tournament, with the winners of each group playing a heads-up, best-of-3 series for the title…

    Group A – team 1, team 2, team 3, team 4
    Group B – team 5, team 6, team 7, team 8

    Group A
    Game 1: team 1 vs team 2
    Game 2: team 3 vs team 4
    Game 3: winners of game 1 and game 2
    Game 4: losers of game 1 and game 2 (loser eliminated)
    Game 5: loser of game 3 vs winner of game 4 (loser eliminated)
    Game 6: winner game 3 vs winner game 5
    Game 7: if necessary

    Same thing happens in Group B

    Did I guess right Aruss?

  3. 8 teams divided into two groups of four. each set of 4 plays a double elimination series to get down to one champion. teams have to lose twice to be knocked out, just like the recent regional iu hosted. then the two champion teams play a best of three for the overall national championship.

  4. Double elimination just means you have to lose twice before you’re out. the NCAA basketball tournament is one loss and you’re out. The College World Series uses a winners bracket/losers bracket situation to make it happen.
    Basically, the way it’s set up is this. They break the four teams up into two separate four-team brackets, and from there it operates just like the regionals in the first weekend. In each bracket, there are two games the first day. The next day of competition, the winners play each other and the losers play each other in an elimination game. From there, there’s basically a winner’s bracket and a loser’s bracket and one team wins its way back to play the team that gets through the winner’s bracket.
    Eventually, one team gets through each of the two brackets and those teams then play each other in a best-of-three series for the title.

  5. Congrats to the baseball team! This is just fantastic!!

    Dustin, it is not everyone who can sit in front of a camera and intelligently fill eleven minutes. You are very good at these ScoopTalks.

    I’ve also been enjoying your written coverage of IU sports for a few years now it seems. Thanks for the great work.

  6. Double elimination for the Elite 8 of the NCAA basketball tournament? Best of three for the final two teams?


    Though my compliments were once again brushed aside, I made very similar comments about Dustin’s natural on-camera style after the last Scoop Talk session. He’s just a very bright young man.

  7. Just curious if anyone knows, maybe you Dustin. It seemed as if the FSU coach was not congratulating Smith but waving a finger in his face and talking sternly to him. Does anyone know anything about this?

  8. Being a life, long, Cubs fan I’ve kind of lost interest in baseball, but I have to say I’ve watched more games in the last few weeks than I have in years! Really enjoying the Hoosiers success! Go Hoosiers!

  9. Congrat’s to Kentland IN where Tracy Smith hailed as a youngster, my best friend is from there and coincidentally was his first Little League coach.

    All Newton County natives are celebrating a favorite son! Go IU, they actually are one of the better offensive teams that are left and therefore if they continue to get pitching they should advance pretty deep!

  10. JPat, not sure what you saw, but Martin and Smith were extremely complimentary to each other all weekend, and the first thing Martin did in the press conference was congratulate Smith, and the first thing Smith did was express his respect for Martin. If there was any ill will, I certainly didn’t see it.

  11. Thanks for making that clear, Dustin. I watched that same meeting between Coach Martin and Coach Smith and, watching their gestures and facial expressions it seemed like nothing but a classy moments between two classy guys who are both winners. Hard to understand how anyone would get the idea there was something else going on.

    Too bad…petty stuff like that becomes the kind of innuendo and rumor that ruins a great win and a great moment in IU athletics. Let’s celebrate the true value of Hoosier sports winning an important game over a great and legendary team.

  12. Dustin, thanks for that. I was watching on a dvr delay and a buddy caught it and we watched it 3 times. The FSU coach has his back to the camera and is in Smith’s face and is waving his finger in front of it. I am loving this ride…I went to the 3 games here in B town and my family is getting together for all the upcoming games. I just thought the FSU coach was upset with IU and was curious why. I was wrong I guess…GO HOOSIERS!!!

  13. Tsao, I actually had a phone call as well/text about it so I am not the only one…I want you to know that I am not looking for a negative and I assure you of that. I was wondering why he was upset or what in the world was wrong…I happen to like and respect the FSU coach…what he has done there is simply flat out impressive!!!

  14. I would suggest that Martin was telling Smith that his team is good enough to win in Omaha. Perhaps a warning to Smith to not allow any notion of “happy to make it to Omaha” because no one understands how elusive a Baseball NCAA championship can be more than Martin.

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