Sheehey, Ferrell make World University Games Team

Indiana’s Will Sheehey and Yogi Ferrell were among the 12 players named to Team USA’s World University Games team. The release from Team USA follows.


After five days of training camp that began with 26 players on June 24 at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colo., USA Basketball today named the official, 12-man roster for the 2013 USA Basketball Men’s World University Games Team.

Training camp will continue in Colorado Springs through June 30, and the team departs for Russia on July 1.

Representing the USA at the 2013 World University Games men’s basketball competition that will be played July 7-16 in Kazan, Russia, will be: Spencer Dinwiddie (Colorado/Woodland Hills, Calif.); Yogi Ferrell (Indiana/Indianapolis, Ind.); Treveon Graham (Virginia Commonwealth/Temple Hills, Md.); Luke Hancock (Louisville/ Roanoke, Va.); Tyler Haws (BYU/Alpine, Utah); Cory Jefferson (Baylor/ Killeen, Texas); Sean Kilpatrick (Cincinnati/Yonkers, N.Y.); Alex Kirk (New Mexico/Los Alamos, N.M.); Doug McDermott (Creighton/Ames, Iowa); Adreian Payne (Michigan State/Dayton, Ohio); Will Sheehey (Indiana/Stuart, Fla.); and Aaron White (Iowa/Strongsville, Ohio).

“Clearly versatility, we have guys that can play more than one position, that’s one of the great strengths we have,” said USA head coach Bob McKillop (Davidson College). “I think we shoot the ball particularly well from a number of positions, and we’ve got guys who want to be teammates. Those two things, to me, are the biggest advantages that we have, or the biggest strengths for our team.”

Assisting McKillop on the USA sideline are John Beilein of the University of Michigan and Frank Martin of the University of South Carolina.

McDermott is the only USA Basketball veteran on the team, and he was a member of the 2011 USA Basketball Men’s U19 World Championship Team that finished in fifth place with a 7-2 record in the 2011 FIBA U19 World Championship in Latvia.

Eleven players took home end of the year conference honors, including McDermott, who was the Missouri Valley Conference Player of the Year and an all-conference first-team selection. Additionally, Kirk listed on the Mountain West Conference All-Defensive team, Ferrell was named to the Big Ten Conference All-Freshman Team and Sheehey earned Big Ten Sixth Man of the Year.

Also taking home first-team recognition were Dinwiddie (Pac-12) and Haws (West Coast Conference). Named to all-conference second teams were: Graham (Atlantic-10 Conference), Kilpatrick (Big East), Kirk (Mountain West) and Payne (Big Ten). White earned All-Big Ten third team, and honorable mentions included Jefferson (Big 12) and Ferrell (Big Ten).

Additionally, Hancock earned 2013 Final Four Most Outstanding Player.

After departing on July 1, the USA will practice on July 3-6 in Kazan, Russia, including scrimmages on July 4 against Russian basketball club UNICS and on July 5 against the Russia World University Games Team before beginning World University Games play on July 7.

The USA has drawn preliminary round Group C for the 2013 World University Games men’s basketball competition, along with Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Sweden and United Arab Emirates. Playing in Group A are Estonia, Germany, Oman, Russia, Ukraine and South Korea. Playing in Group B are Japan, Mexico, Mongolia, Philippines, Romania and Serbia. Group D includes Brazil, Chile, China, Finland, Lithuania and Norway.

The USA will take on UAE at 6:30 p.m. (times listed are local; Kazan, Russia, is +8 hours from EDT) on July 7; followed by Czech Republic at 1 p.m. on July 8; and Sweden at 9 p.m. on July 10; Australia at 6:30 p.m. on July 11; and Canada at 1 p.m. on July 12.

Following the preliminary round, the first and second-placed teams in each of the four pools advance to the medal quarterfinals on July 14 to compete for first through eighth places; while the remaining teams will play out for ninth to 24th places. The semifinals will be played on July 15, and the finals will be contested on July 16.

The players were selected by the 2013-16 USA Basketball Men’s Junior National Team Committee. Chaired by Jim Boeheim (Syracuse University), the committee includes NCAA appointees McKillop, Matt Painter (Purdue University) and Lorenzo Romar (University of Washington), as well as athlete representative Curtis Sumpter, a member of the 2011 USA Pan American Games Team and the 2004 USA U20 National Team.

World University Games
The United States has claimed 19 medals in the World University Games since beginning play in 1965, and has captured a record 13 golds, three silvers and three bronze medals in the 20 WUGs in which a USA Basketball men’s squad has competed. The USA men own a stellar 138-9 record in WUGs play, and the U.S. captured six of the first seven gold medals awarded in the WUGs basketball competition, including six consecutive gold medals from 1989 through 1999. In 2001 the USA fell to host China, which featured half of its 2000 Olympic team, including Yao Ming, Menk Bateer and Wang ZhiZhi, by a single point in the semifinal and finished with the bronze. The USA again captured the gold medal in 2005 and most recently, finished in fifth place with a 7-1 record after falling to Lithuania 76-74 in the 2011 quarterfinals.

Eighteen players who have represented the USA in the WUGs have gone on to compete in the Olympic Games, including Ray Allen (1995), Stacey Augmon (1989), Charles Barkley (1983), Larry Bird (1977), Bill Bradley (1965), Quinn Buckner (1973), Tom Burleson (1973), Ken Davis (1970), Tim Duncan (1995), Phil Hubbard (1977), Allen Iverson (1995), Mitch Kupchak (1973), Karl Malone (1983), Michael Redd (1999), Mitch Richmond (1987), Michael Silliman (1967), Steve Smith (1989) and Jo Jo White (1967).

USA Basketball
Based in Colorado Springs, Colo., USA Basketball is a nonprofit organization and the national governing body for men’s and women’s basketball in the United States. As the recognized governing body for basketball in the U.S. by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) and the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), USA Basketball is responsible for the selection, training and fielding of USA teams that compete in FIBA sponsored international competitions, as well as for some national competitions.

During the 2009-12 quadrennium, 1273 men and women players and 235 coaches participated in USA Basketball, including the USA Basketball 3×3 FIBA championships, USA Basketball trials and USA teams.

Between 2009-12, USA Basketball men’s and women’s teams compiled an impressive 264-35 win-loss record in FIBA and FIBA Americas competitions, the Pan American Games, the World University Games, the Nike Hoop Summit and in exhibition games. USA teams are the current men’s and women’s champions in the Olympics; men’s and women’s FIBA World Championships; women’s FIBA U19 World Champions; men’s and women’s FIBA U17 World Champions; and the men’s and women’s U18 and U16 FIBA Americas Championships.

USA Basketball also currently ranks No. 1 in all five of FIBA’s world ranking categories, including combined, men’s, women’s, boys and girls.
For further information about USA Basketball, go to the official Web site of USA Basketball at and connect with us on, and



  1. While it’s a nice individual accomplishment, I’d rather they be back in B’town bonding with all the new players and existing players that are changing roles this year. I can’t help but think of kentucky’s incoming freshman class and how they all skipped these type of all-star teams this summer so they can bond in Lex.

  2. For those counting, the Big Ten accounts for a third of the roster. Not too shabby.

    Aruss, I’d say the six McD’s All-Americans have had their fare share of all-star appearances this year. And there is no greater honor than representing your country. As usual, Kentucky is only playing for themselves; I’m proud to have some Hoosiers playing for something bigger.

  3. I don’t believe any UK players were invited… Who woulda even been eligible – Cauley-Stein, Pothryess, and Wiltjer? My guess is since they weren’t. Extended invitations that they mustn’t have had the qualities they were looking for.

  4. Whoa…whoa…whoa. Calipari was ripped a few years ago when a bunch of UK players were drafted and he exclaimed it the best day in UK basketball history even though they didn’t win the NCAA title that year. We’ve had our “draft year” to prove player development to future recruits but it’s time now to focus on championships.

    Championship teams are built in the off season and big part of that is team chemistry. While I love Victor and Code, seeing two of the top four picks being Hoosiers and knowing we didn’t get past the sweet sixteen and were thoroughly outplayed and outcoached by Syracuse still stings. If we want to play championship ball this year, Yogi will not be a facilitator on our team and Will won’t run the point so this seems like time wasted in the context of IU’s upcoming season.

    Bring some logic if you plan on refuting any of what I wrote.

  5. Championship teams are built in the off season and big part of that is team chemistry. While I love Victor and Code, seeing two of the top four picks being Hoosiers and knowing we didn’t get past the sweet sixteen and were thoroughly outplayed and outcoached by Syracuse still stings

    Outcoached against Syracuse? Championships, not Joyce tweets or more bucks for David Stern’s gambling house of fixed playoffs and 7-game series, is how you measure “elite” college basketball programs?

    How dare you! Drag him to the gallows!

  6. Hard to argue playing against the best in the world will not advance a players game can be logical.

  7. Congrats to Will and Yogi for making the team! That’s quite an accomplishment. This experience will enable them to grow and develop through challenge. Not only will they benefit from this experience but so too will the IU basketball team.

  8. Exactly… Besides being a growing experience, and probable once in a lifetime gig, its another feather in the cap for the university and program as well… 2 top-5 lottery picks and now 2 players on the national team!

    The IU resume keeps getting stronger for attracting the best and brightest.

  9. Got your passport ready, Dustin? I can’t wait to watch you do a Scooptalk sporting an ushanka…

  10. You forget Aruss that these are students. They are not NBA players. IU nor it’s fans own them for just our glory. This is a great thing and honor for these young men to call themselves USA players not just IU players. It would be selfish and just plain wrong to not allow them to play for the USA. I remember when all our USA players were College boys who won gold medals like Alford,Thomas and others. I am all for wanting to hang banners but this type thing is very special. Take off your IU colored glasses for a minute and think about what you are posting. Your thoughts are very selfish.

  11. Oh, and by the way, my son lives in Lexington and if you think there players are bonding your right but not on the basketball floor like our kids. It is a big summer party getting ready for the NBA draft next year. They don’t care about banners they want paychecks and from the NBA while the local car dealers let them drive SUV’s and Hummers during the summer so they can party!

  12. You are absolutely right Southport. These kids expect and should get an educational, social and athletic experience. That’s the least we owe them. In the end what us proudest is how we identify with Oladipo, Zeller and Watford as people and what we IU and Hoosiers contributed to molding them as whole. Tell me if we don’t feel proudest when we hear the terms they are discussed in when others point at them as examples of what IU and its basketball program is about.

    The only sad truth is that even we have some fans who don’t have a clue and, obviously make us appear to suffer from the competitive athletics version of illiteracy. They know very little, and the little they know isn’t worth a d_mn.

  13. there players are bonding your right but not on the basketball floor like our kids. It is a big summer party getting ready for the NBA draft next year. They don’t care about banners they want paychecks and from the NBA while the local car dealers let them drive SUV’s and Hummers during the summer so they can party!

    You’re right, Southport…The NBA corrupts the soul..It’s imperative to have a coach that balances and makes objective the reality in decision…Sure, it’s glamor and security and safety nets for families that have struggled… But these young men must also realize they can never get back their youth, innocence, receptive and open minds, memories and chances at love never allowed to blossom, of their college days.

  14. Just to clarify; the above opinion was not pointed at Harvard, Hoosier C., Chet, Geoff, Punjab, Southport, Walt D. or Bombay.

  15. This news represents two more feathers in Crean’s cap. Let’s see now, just within the last week, two of his players get drafted in the top four in the NBA draft and two of his players are selected to play for the U.S. National team.

  16. Geoff, that’s funny. I had not even read your post (#5) when I wrote #21 above. I was in a hurry and did not have time to read all the comments. I did not intend to copy your comments, but I used almost the exact same language. Great minds……….

  17. Of course, it would have been better for Crean to be selected the coach of the national team if he’s so good at what he does. But he wasn’t, was he? No. And you know why? Because he’s a clown. Also, there’s a bigger feather for Crean to carry around.

  18. Chet-

    Most likely it’s Husky Tom(a.k.a. Mainer Tom, Steve in Ottawa, Podunker?, Punjab?, Rico Chet?) ..

    I could give you numerous theories to why Husky hides behind various screen names for the last two years, but it’s all rather pointless.

    I can only tell you there are dozens upon dozens of posts from his days on Basketblog that indicate such envy. The techniques and deceptions used to get fans to rally around a coach you truly believe incompetent and will keep IU from ever lofting another banner as we watch NC and Duke surpass our place as the 3rd most elite program in history(if you’re going simply by number of banners as a definition of elite)? Do you think the you get the blood pressure up of blind supporters of a mediocre coach by beating the same drum those supporters or coming onto to Scoop as a fake detractor under multiple fake screen names that attack the coach in a very frivolous manner?

    It’s my belief that this blogger using multiple names to attack you(and we all know that you have yet to find one flaw in Tom Crean’s coaching or recruiting doctrines) and attack Crean to incite the polar opposites, a fervent emotionally charged defense that prompts ridicule of any voice that seeks to closely examine and debate the direction/coaching philosophies/how a coach represents the overall institution and thus creates the highly predictable overreaction(especially from guys like Chet that always take the bait of the fake detractors of Crean) in defending far beyond balance and reason the Pollyanna support of a flawless coach?

    Come on…you’re a very deep and intuitive guy, Chet. Do you really think this is a blogger that has any real reason to believe Tom Crean is not qualified for taking IU deep into tournaments and roads to championships, or is this someone that just someone that is manipulating you into defending a coach they actually couldn’t be happier remains at the helm of IU hoops for the next decade? Think…Think of motive. Think of the envious fan that will forever fear his true love, his Huskies.., his Wildcats that recruited a star from his Washington backyard, or his East Coast Establishment teams he always gives hints of true admiration(Duke, NC, etc. that recruit from all those wonderful eastern academies that Crean now focuses too strongly), will never stack up to the Indiana Hoosiers. Would you support Tom Crean or would you do these immature frivolous attacks behind multiple screen names?

    Use your noggin, Chet…use your noggin not your Neanderthal quick trigger rooted in insecurities. I have no insecurities, Chet. I fully understand and believe that no matter who is at the helm of IU hoops, the odds our far more in our favor because of the great young men and talent pool found in our unparalleled basketball state. Wooden may have his pyramids, but Indiana is the lifeblood of the game…Indiana is the Nile. No thugs, cheats, or charlatans can truly decimate us. The detours may be by shallow definitions long, but the river flows as ever strong. This is Indiana. The mystique forever lives. Our young man our the envy of the planet..Why on earth would national publications attack a kid like Jordy Hulls? Think, Chet. Think of what the so-called experts on here truly want for Indiana….

  19. Harvard, you’re full of crap. I’ve never been a whack job Crean hater; that’s your exclusive domain.

  20. Funny how you’re always lurking…always checking for posts.

    Though you post far less frequently than your Basketblog days, it sure is evident that you passionately follow along. Just a mere coincidence, I guess..

    Much like the mere coincidence that Jeremy became the first journalist(spanning three years of blogging on Scoop)to ever call you out for using the multiple names. How many times did you attack Lynch under those multiple names…One can only wonder how many times you throw some frivolous mud at Crean to incite the quick Neanderthal responses to fervently defend anything the man does.

    One would also wonder why you would come on here under a fake screen name to compliment anything that happens at Chet’s favorite “bait and tackle” shop.

    You do remember, don’t you, Chet? You do remember that Jeremy identified Husky as the blogger that was throwing examples of how wonderfully your “bait and tackle” shop is recruiting football players…? Why wouldn’t someone just offer that compliment under their usual, “brand,” screen name? Do you also realize that Husky Tom has on many occasions called his blogging name a “brand?” So why not use your “brand” to throw loving kisses at UK? What on earth would you be afraid of? And what on earth is the poster using the name “clown crean” so afraid of? Do you think this is a first time visitor of Scoop? Are you actually afraid to say the hyped season was a bit of a disappointment or are you attempting to hide behind and insulting screen name in order to create a manufactured, overzealous, defense of an unproven coach that lacks vision and focus? Motive…Think of motive. Think of an individual with an ego so large that they believe to be a “brand.” But what is the brand of all the fake names that attempt to incite your childish emotions..? What sorta brand is that?

    1. C’mon Harvard,
      Don’t be the pot calling the kettle black. I backed you up on using multiple names, then you accuse somebody else of the same thing. I wasn’t throwing Tom under the bus (well, maybe just one wheel), and I did say that I knew the source of some of the problems — not Tom. If you want to start getting into personal spitting matches, then I’ll ban you again. That’s what certain others have been banished for. Settle down.

  21. Hmmm? Terrence Jones went to the “bait and tackle” shop…Hmmm? Maybe they aren’t all losers with low academic goals…And maybe if I hide behind fake names because I actually believe kids deserve the benefit of the doubt rather than unfair labels that come with attending certain institutions, making mistakes that all teenagers make, or playing for certain scummy coaches, then maybe, just maybe, I actually believe in my heart of hearts, those Sampson kids may have also been unfairly labeled and vilified….? Would I ever have the stones to come on here under my “brand” and say what’s truly in my heart….Let’s ask Steve in Ottawa..Maybe he has the answer.

  22. Harvard, if I am “lurking,” what are you doing? “Loitering?” “Festering?” “Lampooning?” A “lampooning loiterer”, perhaps?

    I’ve moved on from Sampsongate. I admit that I probably said some unfair things about the character of the kids involved (I probably said some fair things too), and I like to think that I may have evolved a little since then. I even wrote a post a few months back expressing my belief that inner city children (and other poor children) were “behind the 8-ball” in life, and without good role models and parents looking out for them, they couldn’t be expected to always make the right choices for themselves. You complemented the post. Clarion vilified it.

    The difference between you and me is that I simply don’t see any reason why feelings about the Sampson years should interfere with supporting the current program and its cast of characters. So you have reservations about the coach. Big whoopee. That’s fair. But to let it dominate your views to the point where you are calling into question every single player the guy recruits, that’s a bunch of BS. It isn’t fandom; its a creepy and demented obsession that is more of a testament to your own personal issues than to anything wrong with Crean or his players.

    As far as the Syracuse game goes, I was disappointed. I’m a Seattle sports fan; disappointment is second nature. I refuse to parlay disappointment with a sweet 16 loss, however, into an indictment of an entire culture, the way that the Sonics did when they fired George Karl after a 60-win season. That’s simply called being impetuous.

    And lastly, regarding the nicknames, as easily as Jeremy “called me out” for using multiple names, he can easily clear me of being Rico, clown crean, or any of his aliases. And I think you know it, too, Harvard, but you are dragging this on in the spirit of controversy and contentiousness, your trademark.

  23. The difference between you and me is that I simply don’t see any reason why feelings about the Sampson years should interfere with supporting the current program and its cast of characters.

    Completely…Completely…Overwhelming agree. So, why on earth does a coach chase down an ex-assistant of Sampson’s and publicly vilify him in the immediacy of a such a positive and uplifting moment for some gritty Hoosier that marched into Michigan to steal an outright Big 10 title away from the home favorite?

    Why on earth are we not “moving on?” Chet wants to always move on…You want to hide behind your screen names, right sappy stuff now about kids you used to compare to O.J. Simpson, and move on….Why on earth can’t Tom Crean move on? We all want to move on from the days of Bobby Knight..Why on earth must we put his disciples on the bench…Why on earth must we chase a foul-mouthed embarrassment to our institution at a post game press table for the one IU game he does for ESPN?

    I guess it’s just all in God’s plan.

  24. Harvard- I come to this blog expecting to have good, thought out, entertaining, even controversial thoughts centered or at least anchored on the common theme of Hoosier athletics. Even those that aren’t even remotely linked to IU sports (i.e. the many discussions about life and travels, our anecdotal historic, the recipes exchange and the platonic (yeah right!) political dialogues and confrontations all have a common core, our beloved Hoosiers and our ‘for eternity’ love affair with Indiana University athletics.

    We exchange opinions, recall the fondness for hardwood Hickories, revisit the passion of days that grow dimmer than the 60-watt light bulbs in matchbox gymnasiums as we grow older than the leather in our first basketball and even joust and argue too frequent the degrees of ignorance that cover the little logic we hang on to. That’s why names like Chet and Podunker and Hoosier Clarion and Mass Hoosier and Punjab and Geoff and Southport and Ron and Bombay and…yes Harvard and Mariner Tom are as much of our daily ceremony as a cup of good coffee or an un-needed (as opposed to needless) snack.

    But, I’ll tell you what I don’t need to see here;…the personal attacks against others who breathe the same Hoosier air; the redundant aggression we hate, even in ourselves; the walls of dismissive hostility that sends us away shaking our heads. We can get that everywhere else around us and in fact, it is what is behind our search for others who love ‘something as much as we love our Hoosiers. Whatever else went on between you and Mariner Tom it did not begin here and, frankly, to both, please don’t bring. To round it out…either under your screen name or, even worse, as the alternative ‘handle’ for whatever illness you carry. We don’t want it here.

  25. Yes, you’ve all moved on…They weren’t all O.J. Simpsons playing for a serial 3-way caller. ..Maybe Terrence Jones didn’t look at the personal attachment he felt to John Calipari when he decommitted from UW any differently than Eric Gordon felt about Kelvin Sampson..or how Victor Oladipo found commonality and comfort ins a head coach he saw as a spiritual role model and possible “father figure.”

    Yet, we continue to call Meyer and Calipari scum ..infer any players that go to play in a uniform of a said institution they are employed as scum at “bait and tackle” shops. Aren’t they just all rather moved by their hearts? Must we continue to think Indiana so untouchable and perfect institution protected by exaggerations and symbols of faith? Can we move on and be better without the need to slander others?

    We must tear down Ron Patterson…We must slander Boeheim we when lose to Syracuse…We must attack their character. We must label kids as not up to our perfections and standards…Really? Are we really so lost and insecure that we can’t just say “we got our asses kicked?” We can’t be classy when we win and move quietly to the locker room with dignity and let people decide for themselves who is villain and who is saint?

  26. For someone who criticizes the selfishness and self-absorption of kids leaving early to go to the NBA, Havard, you sure are quite the elephant in the room attracting and getting attention everywhere you go. Every single thread on the front page turns into something about you. Never on subject and always waxing poetic about your pet theories and ideologies.

    I’m not naive enough to say, give it a rest, but how about you do so at least sometimes. I thought this thread was about Will Sheehey and Yogi Ferrell making team USA?

    FWIW (since this thread has turned into another soiled diaper), I’m really happy to see two of our most important players getting some love and it should be an incredible experience for them to play for our country and with some of next year’s best players. Any opportunity for Yogi to get some more real-game reps to improve that jumper has to be a good thing.

  27. Harvard, those are questions that you aren’t getting answers to any time soon. And I find myself asking, why the hell do you care so much about the Jeff Meyer episode or how Crean chooses to deal with the remnants of the Sampson scandal. Why you are unable to stop dwelling on these incidents as if it were the Israeli -Palestinian conflict.

    Have you ever rebuilt a college basketball team from scratch? Have you ever held such a high profile job where everyone is ready to second guess you and call for your head beginning on day 1 of being at the office? I doubt it. Nor you nor any of us know what these pressures are like, nor if we’d do any better if put in the same scenario.

  28. Harvard,

    You are the only one perpetuating these themes…

    No one is calling Meyer scum. I don’t even remember that many people saying bad things about him at the time. There were 2, fairly evenly split, camps – the group that thought Crean acted like a clown in that instance (include me here), and the group that said it was fine because he was backing the program. It caught everyone off guard because no one was calling for Meyer’s head. It was nothing like when Bobby called Cal a cheater…. That got cheers… People wanted that.

    No one is actively campaigning against Buss. No one is tearing him down. The only people that said anything were people like me who were forced to defend Crean (and the integrity of IU and the Academic Advisory Board) because you were on the attack. No one here has anything against Buss… If you don’t bring up conspiracy theories then we won’t bring up reality, which is he didn’t do enough academically to remain a part of the program…. Doesn’t make him a bad guy.

    There were way more people saying we got our ass kicked by Cuse than saying Boehiem is a scumbag. But even so, its a natural reaction by lots of people to want to demean the other team than admit their faults. It’s called being a sore loser. It comes with being more emotional than analytical. You consistently fall into this camp Harvard, so don’t be throwing stones. But when was the last time you heard anyone say a bad thing about Boehiem? Not for months… People still talk about our shortcomings against Cuse, and Boehiem being a scumbag never comes up anymore.

    I’m going to tell you something that is obvious to the rest of us… THESE ISSUES DON’T EXIST HARVARD… EXCEPT IN YOUR HEAD.


  29. I certainly wouldn’t rebuild it by chasing the contravention head coach that brought the three banners.. or, at regular season’s conclusion, attempting to mug the assistant that helped bring decimation with a verbal assault..

    On the eve of the NCAA tournament, I would be putting my team in the positive mindset of chasing potential banners rather than putting myself on the pious podium of perfection and chasing bad memories of a day my players weren’t even involved.

    I’ve always believed the best form of motivation is communicated in the backdrop of calm and security…Act like you’ve been their before(in victory and defeat). When you personalize an affront it becomes filled with conceit and individualism. It conveys something removed from a “we’re in this thing together” attitude and displaces the appreciation for what kids like Jordy, Vic, Cody, VJIII, etc. gave back to Indiana in culminating to a Big 10 title. Instead of the positive vibe of concentrating on what they did to “reconstruct” the program, you’re selfishly using negative energy and piety to head back to put thoughts in rewind(in total contrast to a moment that should find you proud of your team), spotlighting your need for the cameras in personal attack to satisfy self-gratification and praise upon yourself.

  30. Geoff-

    And why must we paint every kid that doesn’t end up in a Hoosier uniform (for whatever reason) as so unworthy our standards? There is no decent basketball school in the country with higher standards than IU?

    Why must we continually paint NBA talent that wants to pass through the revolving door of UK as really any different than a kid using IU in much the same fashion? Is that why we ceased having the UK vs. IU historic rivalry series? Is the focus were giving recruits in making IU closer in appearances another NBA development school given extra highligh when we see Crean and Calipari shaking hands on the same floor and putting on exhibition their so-called very casual friendship that includes sharing private trips on private jets with their sons?

    Is there really that much difference? And if a kid likes John Calipari and believes he has the tools to help him achieve his NBA dreams does that make him anymore a bad kid than someone seeking the same from Tom Crean at IU?

  31. I know…I have a lot of questions today.

    Is it better to not sell out to the way the NBA has dipped their hands into college basketball even if it means far fewer trips to Final Fours and banners?

  32. If this was John Calipari bragging of placing a #2 and #4 pick in the NBA, what would we be saying?

    And does the mental fatigue of pushing kids the get closer to completion of their degrees in lightning speed(so to save appearances not looking two much like a typical “bait and tackle,” NBA development shop)cause a certain amount of extra overall fatigue that could effect energy/preparation for what they do on the basketball court?

    Crashing books and piling on additional classes looks admirable when they head out the draft door in sophomore or junior year with something close to a degree in hand, but is it taking the joy and absorption on the hardwood a bit out of their heart during the process of long, exhausting, and mentally demanding seasons? Are they too tired to think how to attack a zone?

  33. In re: #44… We don’t. No one said that Pinson wasn’t worthy. We wished him well. People had been saying things about Lyle for a while, but it had to do with his percieved attitude and personality, well before he ever committed to L’ville. Again you are making things up…. Or at the very best, you are taking a small minority and turning their thoughts into a pandemic.

    There is no difference between a 1-&-done at IU and one at UK. There is nothing wrong with a kid choosing UK to help achieve his dream of the NBA… The system is rigged… Kids have to choose a school.


  34. “You do remember, don’t you, Chet?”


    Harvard, whenever the discussion turns to who this fake poster, pseudo, name stealer…whatever, my eyes glaze over and I skip through the comments until it appears that the subject changed.

    Here’s how today’s read reading played in my head…

    “Most likely it’s Husky Tom…”(eyes glaze over)
    Oh look. There’s my name. “You do remember, don’t you, Chet?”
    There’s Tsao. Oh he’s just telling Harvard to go to Hell.
    Hey Geoff said something. Oh just saying Harvard’s full of $hit.
    Nope, nothing here today.

    So, no I really don’t remember anything about anybody’s screen name or anything like that.

  35. jeremy-

    Just so you’re statement is not misinterpreted…You did back me up for NOT using multiple screen names as a means to voice controversial opinions, manufacture overreaction/backlash, or hide a true identity when taking a cheap shot at another blogger.

    I appreciate you telling the Scoop blogging family the truth. I appreciate you setting Tsao straight that I was not behind the fake screen names…But did Husky Tom do anything once Tsao went into attack mode to set the record straight? Nope. He would have let the lie just fester.

    Back to the topic of early exits to the NBA and program comparison/labels..

    Are they too tired to think how to attack a zone? Are they just wanting all the demands of “push..push..push” that comes with the territory of being a ‘you can do everything Hoosier’ to finally be over?

    Maybe there is no middle ground anymore. Maybe you can’t win championships while demanding so much from kids off the court…Maybe the exploding talent level has outgrown the day kids could actually balance both worlds of the demands of classroom and court a student/athlete.

  36. The last 7 Harvard posts (or so) are proof that there is no reasoning with a man in Harvard’s state of mind. Every attempt to point out his behavior is met with a “But, but, but you did ______” and “but, but, but you said ____________”. There really is no attempt (or perhaps ability) on his part to be the least bit self-reflective. It’s always someone else who is being outrageous.

    @Jeremy, thanks for (sort of) backing me up and (sort of) not throwing me under the (entire) bus.

  37. For the record, I’ve never used a different screen name and I never will. Some low-life coward has used my screen name a few times on this site to try to create problems, but most discerning regular readers could tell it was not me.

    Double down, you’ve got it wrong about Harvard. He’s not “the elephant in the room attracting and getting attention,” he’s the neighbor’s dog that never stops barking.

  38. Actually Harvard, I do remember Mariner Tom wrote, acknowledged he was the source of several of the ‘alias’ screen names and actually apologized. I accepted the apology, relied on its being meaningful and, that I know, he has not repeated it again. Appreciated by me and, I’m sure, several others.

    If anything, I enjoy and appreciate being able to reliably ‘identify’ a poster by ‘his content’.

    Now, if you just ‘forgot’ Mariner Tom exists; and Mariner forgets you exist…just blank it; the rest of us would be so much happier and willing to focus on real matter.

    Then, possibly we all wouldn’t be going scan…scan…scan…scan…ohh!….scan, scan, scan… Harvard, give us a break, please. Mariner, give us a break, please.

  39. Harvard, one more thing I should have said at the top of #54. You were right that Jeremy had set me straight about you NOT being the ‘pseudo-psycho’ slime with the false or stolen screen names. I was actually happy to be very wrong about that.

    For instance, a guy as real and up-front as Podunker should not have to post explaining that several abusive posts were surreptitiously made under his signature. It was easy for me to believe him, Podunker has a lot of integrity and it is easy to discern his real from false/forged id’s. But, he shouldn’t have to clarify it because some low-life is too much of a coward to sign his own screen name. Whoever is doing it is a real ‘piece of virus laden fecal matter. I hope Jeremy traces him (whoever is forging Podunker’s name) and throws his slimy butt out.

  40. Well, I’ve almost made it. Thanks, Harv. The way I figure it, becoming a full-fledged citizen of the Scoop is a three step process. Having my handle bastardized by Mr Anonymous was taken care of pretty early in the process. (Punkjob was pretty creative, I must say.)

    Today’s pseudo-allegations of alias jumping brought me one step closer to citizenship. It’s good to feel welcome.

    All that’s left now is the final step: having someone hijack the Punjab namesake and fraudulently post under my identity. I know you’re out there. I desperately want to be part of the club, so please… Whoever you are… Hijack away!

  41. Podunker,

    I like your analogy better. I like the “neighbor’s dog that won’t stop barking.”

  42. Does anyone remember Late Night with Conan O’Brien doing “In the Year 2000.”…Are you now conjuring up a visual?

    We now take you to Hoosier Scoop: It is the year 2022.

    Fred Glass has just offered Tom Crean a well-deserved contract extension for more Sweet 16 appearances than any currently active Indiana high school coach…Dustin is in the midst of teaming up Zach Osterman over at ESPN. They are conducting interviews with Bobby Knight for a Special covering the 45-year anniversary of Indiana’s last NCAA basketball title.

    Jeremy reigns as supreme leader of HT’s Scoop..He now sports a bow tie and suspenders during ScoopTalk sessions..Tsao’s last entry on Scoop complimented Jeremy on a dashing professional image reminiscent of Walter Jacobson at CBS/Chicago.

    No controversy exists…No barking dogs..No scanning required..Sad news..Tsao has passed on. It was rumored that he had a heart attack in the middle of sending off email to Jeremy..He was attempting to argue character limits be increased on a seniority basis for the more veteran posters…

    Geoff, confirmed as the only blogger to ever have lunch with Tsao, has assumed Tsao’s role as main Scoop Daddy/Dirty Harry(a.k.a. The Eraser)..He carries a 45 caliber BlahBlah Magnum…It can blow your blahs clear off.

    Harvard is still currently serving time in 6-year timeout. He sits by his laptop..Only 1 year, 72 days, 5 hours, 22 minutes, 35 seconds and two more bathroom breaks until the ban is lifted…HfH was serving his sentence for typing the word “Christian”(though he was actually attempting to reference Christian Watford’s coming up big for the Pacers in the 2022 NBA Finals). Jeremy gave Harvard ample warning to only refer to Watford as C-Wat.

    Harvard’s long absence has taken all emotionsl stresses away from Hoosier Scoop.

    The peace and tranquility has allowed Mariner Tom to become more regular..His old stomach cramps have ceased. His bowel health has improved dramatically without the mental anguish caused by Harvard’s hideous grammar and overuse of “but” .Tom in Cooperstown(formerly Husky Tom/Mariner Tom/Tom in Ohio/Tom Down by The River, Tom/The “Tom” Brand)…has finally rid himself that ghastly walnut-sized hemorrhoid.

    Podunker and Double Down currently having the most heated exchange on Scoop in five years…Football season is in full swing…Instead of rejoicing over Wilson’s first victory at Northwestern, Double Down has gone off-topic and is adamantlydefending JPat for still preferring the Illinois porta potties over the outdoor facilities used at Northwestern. Podunker is arguing that they are equally as spotless. Double Down appears to standing tall.

    We now take you live to the fireworks between Po and Double D.

  43. ^ Enjoyed that. What about Clarion? Is JPat finally brave enough to be back on the Scoop in the year 2000? And most importantly what about Rico? Or is that covered in the “Harvard” section?

  44. In late 2020, it was revealed that Rico Chet was actually a massive ball of electronic energy..He had grown out of a single ad and eventually evolved into an all-knowing sphere of Google spiders…Somehow it formed into a blogging personality with the ability to see all IP addresses… He/It was eventually(and rather ironically) instantly blasted from cyberspace when Edward Snowden teamed up with Mark Zuckerberg in a venture known as ICU Hologram Technologies.

    Rico’s last visit to Scoop(as seen through the eyes of a t-shirt pop-up ad Ron kept alive).

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