Victor Oladipo No. 1 on Chad Ford’s “Secret Draft Big Board”

ESPN’s Chad Ford, whose job is pretty much based entirely around the NBA Draft, conducted a poll of NBA general managers and scouts to see what player they believe to be the best in the draft. Though few expect him to be the No. 1 pick overall in Thursday’s draft, Oladipo was No. 1 on the big board, as explained in this released SportsCenter piece.

Ford explains in the video that Oladipo is at the top of the board because even if he’s not the top pick int he draft, a lot of scouts and GM’s say “he’s their favorite player,” in the draft. He also says those scouts and GM’s “can’t see him failing,” in the NBA. It’s an interesting watch. Also, Cody Zeller is No. 8 on the list and is listed as a power forward.


  1. Ha! Oladipo is also my favorite player in the draft!

    I must have more influence than I thought. Ehh…or something.

  2. Blackhawks comeback was one of the most stunning I have seen in sports since Reggie vs Knicks.

  3. From their tweets, Noah and Stan are in Cook hall non stop. That is Oladipo’s legacy. At IU, players will be expected to be working on their game 365 days a year. Whereas last year, Painter and Calipari would complain about their players not being in the gym or weight room.

  4. Hoping he is # 1 for The Orlando Magic! (#2 pick overall) Would love seeing him in a Magic uniform.

  5. I was listening to SVP and Rusillo talking about the draft.

    Earlier in the show they were talking about how screwed the Celtics were because Rajon Rondo was expecting to be their leader next year and he’s pretty much a nut hatchery.

    They went down the list of draft picks. When they got to Nerlens Noel they started talking about what a head case he was and how GMs were reluctant to take a chance on him.

    Rusillo offered up (paraphrasing), “It all comes back to Kentucky. That’s just the chance you take when you draft a Kentucky player. You’d better not expect him to be a leader because it’s just not gonna happen. They might make a lot of noise but that doesn’t mean they’re leading.”

    Earlier they commented about how VO is the guy you want in your locker room.

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