What preseason publications are saying about Indiana football (based on one trip to Kroger)

Went to Kroger last night and saw the beginnings of the release of the college football preview magazines. Well, scratch that. I’m not sure if it was the beginnings or not. I also don’t know whether or not the accounting I’m about to give is up to date, because I imagine other publications (Athlon, etc.) are out as well that weren’t on the magazine rack at the Kroger in question.

Anyway, thought you all might like to know what’s out there. What follows are the basics of what Lindy’s, the Sporting News and USA Today said. One general note. Lindy’s and the Sporting News both projected the same starting lineup for IU, which follows. Because it’s similar, it basically means that this lineup was approved by the coaching staff as the top of the post-spring depth chart. That doesn’t mean anything concrete at all, but it gives a (somewhat foggy) window into what the coaching staff is thinking. One thing that stands out is that Tevin Coleman is listed at the starting tailback, which means the annual tradition of Kevin Wilson ragging on Stephen Houston has already begun.


QB: Tre Roberson

RB: Tevin Coleman

WR: Shane Wynn

WR: Cody Latimer

WR: Kofi Hughes

TE: Ted Bolser

LT: Jason Spriggs

LG: Bernard Taylor

C: Collin Rahrig

RG: Dan Feeney

RT: Peyton Eckert


DE: Ryan Phillis

DT: Ralphael Green

DT: Alex Todd

DE: Zack Shaw

LB: Griffen Dahlstrom

LB: David Cooper

LB: Chase Hoobler

CB: Antonio Marshall

CB: Michael Hunter

S: Tim Bennett

S: Greg Heban

K: Mitch Ewald

P: Erich Toth


Indiana’s Projected Big Ten finish: Fourth in Leaders Division

Indiana’s Projected Overall Finish: No. 63

Record/Bowl Game?: Doesn’t Say

IU All-Conference Mentions: Stephen Houston, third team running back; Dan Feeney, third team offensive lineman

Recruiting rank: No. 6 in conference

Their bottom-line IU analysis: “Hopes are as high as they’ve been in a long time despite the Hoosiers’ 4-8 finish in 2012. IU, which was the youngest team in the nation last year, improved from one victory in 2011 to four in Wilson’s second season. Once again, the offense figures to move the ball and put up points, but if Indiana is to play in a bowl game for the first time since 2007, the defense will have to improve.”

Their Big Ten projections: Leaders — 1. Ohio State. 2. Wisconsin. 3. Penn State. 4. Indiana. 5. Purdue. 6. Illinois. Legends — 1. Michigan. 2. Michigan State. 3. Nebraska. 4. Northwestern. 5. Minnesota. 6. Iowa

Their overall Top 10: 1. Alabama. 2. Ohio State. 3. Stanford. 4. Oregon. 5. Texas A&M. 6. Georgia. 7. Clemson. 8. LSU 9. South Carolina. 10 Louisville.


Indiana’s Projected Big Ten Finish: Fifth in Leaders Division

Projected Overall Finish: Doesn’t Say

Record/Bowl Game?: Little Caesar’s Pizza Bowl

All Conference Mentions: None. They just did a first team

Recruiting Rank: No. 5 in the Big Ten

Their IU Bottom Line: “Indiana is moving forward, but it’s a slow process. The Hoosiers must learn how to turn moral victories into real ones. Contention is a long way off.”

Their Big Ten projections: Leaders – 1. Ohio State (Rose Bowl). 2. Wisconsin (Gator Bowl). 3. Penn State (ineligible). 4. Purdue (Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas) 5. Indiana (Little Caesar’s Pizza Bowl). 6. Illinois. Legends — 1. Michigan (Fiesta Bowl) 2. Nebraska (Capital One Bowl). 3. Northwestern (Outback Bowl). 4. Michigan State (Buffalo Wild  Wings Bowl). 5. Minnesota (Heart of Dallas Bowl). 6. Iowa.

Their Top 10: 1. Alabama 2. Stanford. 3. South Carolina. 4. Florida. 5. Ohio State. 6. Oklahoma State. 7. Texas A&M. 8. Oregon. 9. Clemson. 10 Notre Dame.


Indiana’s Big Ten projected finish: Fourth in Big Ten Leaders Division

Indiana’s projected overall finish: Doesn’t say

Record/Bowl Game: 5-7 overall, 3-5 in the Big Ten

All Conference Mentions: None, only one team selected

Recruiting: Indiana given a B+ grade. Ohio State was the only Big Ten team given an A and Nebraska the only one that matched the B+. However, the opening line in the blurb supporting it was “For the resources they have, they did a good job.”

Their IU Bottom Line: “Whoever winds up starting at quarterback has good weapons, including TE Ted Bolser and an improving (if still young) defense. Anything better than .500 would be a big surprise. With eight games at home and a burgeoning sense of confidence under Kevin Wilson, a surprise could be coming.”

Big Ten Projections: Leaders — 1. Ohio State. 2. Wisconsin. 3. Penn State. 4. Indiana. 5. Purdue. 6. Illinois. Legends —1. Nebraska. 2. Michigan. 3. Northwestern. 4. Michigan State. 5. Iowa. 6. Minnesota.

Top 10: 1. Alabama. 2. Ohio State 3. Stanford. 4. Georgia. 5. Oregon. 6. Boise State. 7. Texas A&M. 8. Clemson. 9. Nebraska. 10. Florida.


(Dustin’s Note: This wasn’t originally included before I got an e-mail from Steve Lassan from Athlon when this was initially posted. Lassan actually sent me everything I was looking for directly so that I can literally just cut and paste this. So point being, thanks a lot to Steve Lassan.)

Projected Big Ten finish: 4th in Leaders Division
Projected Record: 6-6, 3-5 in Big Ten
Projected Bowl: Texas Bowl vs. TCU
Second-Team OffenseWR Cody Latimer

Third-Team Offense

TE Ted Bolser
OG Dan Feeney

Recruiting Rank: No. 7 in the Big Ten
Position Ranks: Indiana ranks No. 1 in Big Ten’s best WR groups
Final Analysis on Indiana: The Hoosiers showed considerable progress in Kevin Wilson’s second season, improving from one win in 2011 to four last year. And with 17 starters returning, Indiana has a chance for a winning season for the first time since 2007. The offense, which averaged 442 yards per game last season should be one of the best in the Big Ten, but the defense – a longstanding issue in Bloomington – remains a concern. IU gave up an average of 35.3 points last season. The schedule is favorable, with swing Big Ten games against Illinois, Purdue and Minnesota each at home. Indiana has a legitimate chance to go to a bowl game.
Big Ten Predictions

1. Ohio State 13-0, 8-0
2. Wisconsin 9-3, 6-2
3. Penn State 8-4, 4-4
4. Indiana 6-6, 3-5
5. Purdue 4-8, 2-6
6. Illinois 4-8, 1-7


1. Michigan 10-3, 6-2
2. Nebraska 9-3, 6-2
3. Northwestern 9-3, 5-3
4. Michigan State 7-5, 4-4
5. Minnesota 6-6, 2-6
6. Iowa 4-8, 1-7

Overall Top 10

1. Alabama
2. Ohio State
3. Oregon
4. Georgia
5. South Carolina
6. Clemson
7. Stanford
8. Texas A&M
9. Louisville
10. Notre Dame



  1. Thanks, Dustin. I guess we’ve developed the same habit. I always look forward to browsing the pre-season football and basketball mags at Krogers. So far I’ve only looked at Lindy’s.

  2. Steve in, I did not go to Krogucci (a friend of mine calls it Tahj MaKroger, which is my favorite) but South Side Kroger. I used to go to the 2nd Street Kroger which you assuredly know affectionately by another name, but it’s closed down for June.
    But actually, yes, Lindy’s really does have those teams in the wrong divisions. I initially thought it was my screw up (which it still is because I really didn’t notice) but I looked again and that’s how they really listed the teams. I’ll fix it here, but it really is wrong in the magazine.

  3. Surprising on two counts.

    1) I assumed Dustin shopped at a Whole Foods.
    2) I thought we’d be projected to get 7 or 8 wins.

  4. Northwestern football is smoking IU so far on 2014 recruiting. Wisconsin is ahead. Purdue maybe a very slight edge maybe even….

  5. Whole Foods is pronounced Bloomingfoods in Bloomington and their sports magazine section is minimal.

  6. Currently, all big ten teams are solidly ahead of IU in football recruiting except Minnesota and Purdue 2014. However, recruiting season is still in progress. Reference: ESPN recruiting teams 2014

  7. Does Bloomington still have a Trader Joe’s?

    I really love to dig into a good watermelon, whether it is the seedless, petite “Dorotea” variety that they sell at Trader Joes, or the large, seed-filled crunch-monsters from the Saturday market…make sure not to buy from the Amish, though, as they douse nature’s bounty in chemicals.

    Husky Tom

  8. I turned onto the winding road leading to my cabin only to find I was behind a tractor trailer. I wondered who the heck would drive a big rig down the road I live on. As it would through a curve I saw “Troyer’s Amish Stores, Inc.” plastered on its side.

    There is a store by that name a few hundred yards from my place in a big old house. The delivery truck was quite a disappointment.

  9. Soup,
    Good question. I think it was supposed to be closed for three weeks in June, and I think we’re passed that point already. I’m expecting a significant upgrade, but I’m not sure it can morph to Tahj MaKroger.

  10. Peegs has announced 2013 IU commit Maurice Swain, 6’6″, 315 lb. DL has enrolled at a Mississippi JUCO. The Georgia native will be there 2 years to get his grades under control. Nate Hoff committed in May from Naval Academy Prep may have been taken as a replacement for MS.

  11. HC, I guess that’s better than having him flunk out at IU and then lose him forever. And it’s better than trying to shove him through and be accused of cheating or lowering our academic standards. Hopefully, he’ll return to IU in two years with a lot more maturity and commitment to his academics. I’m convinced IU will hold true to its academic standards as long as Glass is the AD.

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