Exum 50-50 on college/pro option, lists IU as one of five finalists

Jeff Goodman of reports that Australian point guard Dante Exum has listed Indiana among his five finalists along with North Carolina, Kentucky, Michigan and Oregon. As it stands, though, Exum does not have to go to college before he enters the NBA Draft, and he is projected to be a top-five pick in the draft if he opts to declare. He graduates in December and would in theory have the option to enroll in college for a semester, but said he will not do that. If he goes to college, he will enroll in the fall of 2014. He said he is 50-50 on whether or not he will go to school.


  1. 50/50? I guess we’re left with equal portions of Dante’s infer ‘no’ and Dante’s infer ‘yes’..?

    Dante Exum…Sorta sounds like “Don’t take exam.” This gives me ample suspicion he’ll go straight to the NBA.

  2. HFH,

    Both comments very funny — witty!

    Loved ’em!

    Combine him with Peter Jurkin and we’re a lock for the “all name” team!

  3. See, that’s why we need Goodluck Okonoboh.

    He goes to the foul line and the crowd goes crazy yelling “Good Luck”.

  4. There’s no way he goes to college. Why would he hurt his stock by going to college one year and possibly getting injured or not being as good as he’s projected? He’s going to take top 5 money and be set for life.

    That is unless that Kentucky d-league team in Lexington can come up with the salary cap space to put him on their roster for a year…

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