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A new coach and a new system has made Indiana’s preparation for tonight’s season opener with Indiana State more difficult, Dustin writes.

IU football is finally getting the backing necessary to succeed, Andy writes.

Keys to the game between the Hoosiers and Sycamores, courtesy of Dustin.

Senior midfielder A.J. Corrado faces his former school, SMU, in IU soccer’s season opener Friday night at Armstrong Stadium, I wrote.

The announced IU basketball schedule lacks punch, Dustin wrote.

Three quarterbacks, one style of offense for the Hoosiers, Andy Proffet of the Chicago Sun-Times writes.

Attending an Indiana football game more about the memories than the gridiron, columnist Robby Howard of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

This article goes back a few weeks, but further points out that Indiana basketball is in elite company when it comes to the sheer number of scholarship offers, blog by Kent Sterling.

A Minnesota team headed in the “right direction” opens the season against UNLV tonight, Marcus R. Fuller of the St. Paul Pioneer Press writes.

For tonight’s football opener, here’s Death Cab for Cutie with “Underneath the Sycamore.”


  1. Andy, I particularly liked your article and hope a lot of Hoosier fans will read it. Like many IU fans at the time, I have never been more upset and disappointed with IU’s administration than I was the day Coach Mallory was fired. Not only was it profoundly stupid, but the way they fired Mallory was classless and disgraceful to our great University. It really upset a lot of Hoosier fans. I lay 100% of the blame for that terrible decision at the feet of Brand. They say that “the best revenge is to live well,” and I am happy to read that coach Mallory is still healthy and doing well. And your article should help all IU fans appreciate the leadership IU now enjoys at President and Athletic Director.

    And not to pile on here (O.K., well sort of), but don’t get me started with the evolving door of ADs during Brand’s tenure at IU and the “zero tolerance” BS involving Bob Knight’s termination (what a fiasco). What a sad joke it was that Brand then “escaped” IU to take the job as President of the NCAA. How ironic that Brand went on to “lead” that corrupt organization after creating such a mess with IU Athletics.

    I know it is not good to speak ill of the dead, but Brand, while he may have had many fine attributes, was not an effective leader for IU. Simply put, I have always thought Brand did enormous damage to IU athletics and never demonstrated strong leadership. The simple truth is that IU athletics is still digging out of the hole that Brand’s poor leadership created. Your article supports that opinion and provides a cautionary tale for all IU alumni and fans.

    If fans and alumni, especially the alumni, support and hold accountable IU’s current (and high quality leadership), IU will continue to improve its success and prestige in both academics and athletics. As we read in the recent article about Louisville, being successful in both pursuits is not mutually exclusive.

  2. I predict IU Football will win six games this year. If the team stays healthy and has a few breaks, it could win seven games and become bowl eligible. But six wins is the safe bet, with seven wins a realistic possibility.

    Essential to that is winning each of its first three games and then surprising one of the stronger Big Ten opponents. Here’s how IU gets to six; IU wins the first three and then beats Minnesota, Illinois and Purdue (all at home). The seventh win would be against Penn State, but that is still going to be a very difficult task.

    Hope springs eternal.

  3. I agree. Miles Brand was a disaster for Indiana University. I am so glad I was NOT a student at IU during his tenure. He had what I can only believe was a “genetic” hatred for some people and unfortunately, Miles Brand thought he was a more accomplished academic than Coach Knight was a coach. And I think Coach Knight is still the best coach in the history of college basketball. The farther we get from the era of Miles Brand the better. Whoever hired him was misled by the people who recommended him. Why was he ever hired? Simple stupidity. IU will win big this year as the memory of Brand fades further. I give them 8 wins MINIMUM. I say they are 5-0 before they hit the road with an upset of the Spartans looming. Why? MSU has a great defense and a so-so offense. IU will score 40+ points and hold off the Spartans, just like they did in 1967 (no one at the time thought IU could beat the mighty Spartans then, ditto for this year). So get ready, 6-0 going into the Big House with 2 cupcakes at home. Rose Bowl or Bust THIS YEAR! Remember, OSO just barely beat the Hoosiers last year 52-49. Dream Big IU, Dream Big!

  4. Didn’t know Brand at all, but I had the pleasure of standing an arms-length from him at an IU pep rally before the Hoosiers vs. #1 Duke game in the Regional’s @ Rupp Arena.

    He seemed very approachable and genuine. He and his wife shared conversation with all Hoosier fans. The cheerleaders, band members, and President Brand were all part of the festivities with Hoosier fans.

    Families brought their kids and their were fans of all ages. I was proud to be a Hoosier fan that day. I truly felt that IU had finally broken free from the Woody Hayes of hoops and young men were now taking to the court without the crippling fears and anger that had emanated from a coach that lost the glimmer his earlier prime when fans turned blind to repulsiveness for the sake of victory. Basketball was fun again.

    I don’t blame Brand for all that unfolded beyond that day, that pep rally, that remains a wonderful memory in my Hoosier heart. I didn’t see a bad man. I didn’t know him personally, but the man sure seemed like he loved Indiana and he loved people. He gave basketball back to the young men that wear candy stripes.

    When do grown men begin to take responsibility for their own actions? I have a hard time hating on a Myles Brand that put kids before allowing himself to be sucked into the world of tyrants and crucifixions. Should he have let Bobby down gently? I see the contemplation of that possibility as delusion. And I do believe Knight’s cold distance he’s built into his heart since the day his removal is more than enough evidence that Brand never had any real choice in the matter.

  5. If I had one fantasy for IU hoops it would be to somehow exchange souls in time, for a day, and place Tom Crean into the body of Neil Reed at a practice in 1997…(take the soul of today’s Bobby and put him right back into 1997 with all the memories and bitter pills ingested into his being during the last 16 years).

    When Tom Crean is chasing Bobby for a handshake, nobody seems to remember the grips of history on a young man’s throat that now rests with his Neil’s memories of IU’s glory days in the same earth as Myles Brand.

    Indiana deserved to have a coach like Neil Reed. I’m so tired of weak men that build their own pedestal and twist the truth of a past for sake their own manipulations a shallow fan and the miserableness of their own job security.

  6. Neil could forgive Indiana and went forward to eventually find his small niche in the world once again on a basketball court. Somewhere under the California sun..He left us quietly with no 21 gun salute. No chasing of heroes..His heroes were likely his wife and daughters. No villains…No hate or deceit in his heart. No pedestals. No microphones. No public displays of his devotions.

    Just a simple love for the game and a decent soul to give it a home. That’s Indiana. What a shame so far it had to go. We can lock down the borders and bring home banners but still be terribly lost in our living rooms.

  7. “How to Kill a Blog Discussion with Three Posts,” by Harvard for Hillbillies.

    “How to Transform Any Blog Topic to another Anti-Crean Rant,” by Harvard for Hillbillies.

  8. How to jello pudding your blog into Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, by Poly Podunker….Forward by Tsao Gonzalez.

    How to defecate on Hoosiers prior to the arrival of Crean Jehovah, by Poly Podunker.

  9. The scholarship blog entry was interesting…

    Dustin/Jeremy – have either of you actually asked how that message gets portrayed?

    Question – Coach Crean, when you are sitting in a kids living room, and his mom asks you, “I know that you have many more offers out there than available spots. So what happens if several kids commit at the same time my son does?”

    Question – coach Crean, is there an actual priority list for your 18 scholarship offers? Does Nairn understand that if say, Dante Exum and Robert Johnson both commit this weekend that his offer is now off the table?

    We ponder this stuff a lot in here, but I don’t remember if you ever gave us any specific insight based on a conversation with Crean.

  10. Harvard, it’s football season. Can you put your Tom Crean derangement syndrome on hold for just a few weeks? Man, you are one obsessed dude. Somebody must of done you wrong when you were a little guy.

  11. I tried that once, Geoff, in my first year here. Instead of asking Crean, I asked players. Basically, they said it wasn’t addressed at all.


    I’ve never asked Crean on the record because he can’t get specific. By NCAA rule he can’t mention specific players, and considering the reaction I got from this story, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t speak honestly about it in general terms either.

  12. The feeling is mutual.

    And seeing how you brought up Knight, Brand, and your feelings about ‘zero tolerance'(much of which grew out of the ugliness of the Neil Reed incident/episode/film hitting CNN), I don’t really think my comments were anymore disrespectful to the “positive vibe” we should all be feeling during opening night our football season.

    You keep selling yourself as all warm and fuzzy…To this fan you come off as pretentious, guarded, insecure in your Indiana love, and incapable of looking beyond the facade of sports and sports personalities. You’re very similar to Tom Crean. Heavy into judgment..Thin on mirrors.

    Wow…Three straight TD’s for the Sycamores. Ouch. I just talked football.


    Good questions, Geoff.

    I only recall somebody saying that they wouldn’t have a problem with Crean offering every 4-star and 5-star recruit in the country a scholarship.

    Without an actual signed LOI, I would think any verbal is potentially off the table if a better prospect commits.

    Cody held out for quite a long time…Let’s not pretend that even if every scholarship spot had been take prior to Zeller’s formal signing on the dotted line, somebody would have been moved off the roster.

    And did I mention..to SHUT YOUR BASKETBALL TRAP!!?

  13. Thanks DD… That link will come in handy some day when people start talking about how maybe kids will get turned off by coaches who run players off to make room for recruits… Adams certainly didn’t think so.

  14. I came on here to cheer about football, but this thread was still open in my browser and I couldn’t help but see some parallels with a conversation I had with my neighbor a little while ago.

    To spare you the details, the Air Force is moving to a (somewhat) involuntary assignment process to special duty positions such as recruiters, instructors, honor guard, first sergeants, etc. They’ve not been getting the kind of volunteers they want and need in these crucial positions, so they’ve revamped the process. Scrubs need not apply. But that also means that highly qualified people will be even more likely to be assigned to jobs they may not have envisioned or desire. Such is the life of a military man.

    In looking at my options, I was talking to my recruiter neighbor tonight about AF recruiting. It got a little testy when I referenced used car salesmen– apparently that’s a sore spot– but it brought up the topic of honesty vs full disclosure. I personally believe that if I were chosen to recruit, I’d have to work twice as hard because I have a tendency to be a little too open. Disclose a little too much. When national security’s not involved, I say things that may not need to be said. I’d be just as likely to tell recruits that in certain jobs, you’re more likely to get your legs blown off than to finish that free education. While that may win the hearts of some of the right people, it would probably drive off too many; the best and brightest (the ones least likely to suffer such casualties) would scatter and be few and far between. When it’s a numbers game, quality over quantity doesn’t always pay the bills. And sometimes it’s tragic.

    I suppose as with most things, it’s a delicate balance. Some people, you flash a guaranteed paycheck in front if them and they say “sign me up!” But that’s not full disclosure, and are those really the ones you want defending your country, anyway? Being a recruiter, I believe, is equal parts salesman and gatekeeper. It’s hard. You have to pitch your sell, balance the numbers, and make difficult, often gut decisions– accepting the ones with the right qualities to accomplish the mission while still making sure you have enough fill the sandbags, yet keeping out the ones who might get everyone blown up. You want the ones that can handle hard truths, embrace the honesty when you break it to them, and take on the challenge of being part of something greater. Anything less is probably a dead man walking.

    This is what I trust is going on with Crean and his recruits. I trust that he’s giving them the whole truth; not just putting stars in their eyes, hoping that he gets what he wants. He has the luxury now of picking among the best and brightest, so I hope that he’s not feeding them empty lines. I trust that he’s casting the kind of net that catches war heroes and medal recipients, not future casualties.

    What does he say to recruits? We may never know. We can only hope it’s the right thing. And that they have enough character to hear it. Recruiting ain’t easy.

  15. Harvard, coming from you, the comment, “To this fan you come off as pretentious, guarded, insecure in your Indiana love” is a compliment and badge of honor. Thank you.

    And just to clarify, I did not bring up the subject of Brand. One of the articles included comments from Coach Mallory on Brand and IU’s administration while he was the football coach. I was commenting on the content of that article, which is the purpose of this blog. I know that because you have little interest in anything other than your obsession for trashing Crean, that concept is foreign to you. But once in a while, try to see through the fog of your derangement. You might realize there are other subjects to discuss on The Hoosier Scoop.

  16. Can I be mentioned in the next “full life” comment please!

    Seriously. If you need stats on how full my life is I will provide them.

  17. Tsao, yes they are bigger and stronger, but they still have a ways to go to be an average sized Big Ten team. The progress is gratifying and my confidence in Wilson and his staff grows. We witnessed significant progress last night, but as Wilson stated, “we’re still a very young team.” I think he also said that there are a total of ten seniors on the roster. That’s young.

    If those offensive weapons continue to produce, IU can beat some bigger, more mature Big Ten teams this year. We just have to hope the defense can put up enough of a speed bump to win six.

  18. By the way, I did not even recognize Spriggs last night. Wow, talk about physical maturity!

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