1. Love the WTF look on Trey Burke’s face as Cody approaches with the trash can.

  2. That is classic… I can’t believe that anyone seeing that doesn’t immediately fall in love with those guys.

    I hope it goes viral and every recruit in the country sees it.

  3. You’re so right. You just can’t buy that kind of PR. They always seemed to be a great couple of guys when they were at IU. It’s a lot of fun to see that them carry that friendship onto the big stage.

  4. You could not ask for two betters representatives of IU basketball. They are both great young men and I wish them the best.

  5. I must say, as much as we’ll all miss these two next year, I wished we could’ve seen more of the goofy side of Zeller (and less RoboCody) while in Bllomington. Kid’s got personality to match his game. It seems he mastered the art of the unprintablly boring and clche press conference at IU and is now free to let his freak flag fly. Love these guys. Proud we can forever call them Hoosiers.

  6. Punjab, Johnny Manziel can give you the goofy side…and more. Sometimes boring might be the better option.

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