In case you haven’t heard enough about the quarterback battle already…

The first of the weekly Big Ten teleconferences was Tuesday, which meant that Indiana coach Kevin Wilson had a new bunch of reporters to ask him questions about his thoughts on his quarterback battle. It was the last time he will take questions from the media before the opener, and he remains non-commital.

“It’s been a very good camp with all of them, but in fairness to our three guys, no one has really eliminated or separated,” Wilson said. “It’s going to be a challenge for us as coaches with practice reps and opportunities. In fairness to the kids, it would be a subjective opinion of why someone’s not in. In preseason here we’ve completed 78 and 76 and 74 percent of our passes. We’ve thrown eight, eight and six interceptions with the three guys. Very similar in age as far as their time and length here. It’s not like we’ve got a veteran senior and a first-year rookie, so the leadership level is the same. We haven’t even made a final decision of who is jogging out first. We’re not gonna be looking over our shoulder. If you make a bad throw. If you have a bad play, because the game’s not perfect, we’re not gonna play that way. … We’re going to go through our final prep tomorrow. If we play more than one, will we play all three, offense is not gonna change. We are gonna run the quarterback more. Tre Roberson may be a smidge faster but the other guys are bigger stronger. We’re just going to be as aggressive as we can be, physical, and see if we get in game settings will one of these three maybe separate, because as of today, they’ve all done well. My job is to manage the team as best we can. I’ve also gotta be fair to the kids. There’s no separation as of today.”

Wilson was asked if this was one of the most brutal decisions he’s ever made as a head coach.

“No, the brutal one is one where you don’t have one that can play and you have to play somebody,” Wilson said. “This one’s pretty easy. They’re all three pretty dadgum good. … To me, we’ve got phenomenal choices…. The brutal thing is you want to be fair to all three kids, because they’re all good kids.”

Wilson was asked if there was any chance he wouldn’t play more than one quarterback in Thursday night’s opener against Indiana State.

“I hadn’t thought about it,” Wilson said. “I asked the two guys that could be redshirted if they played minimally and it didn’t go their way three, four, five games down the road, would they have preferred to have been redshirted. They all said they wanted to play. I like them all playing because that helps us. Tre doesn’t have that option of being redshirted because he was redshirted last year after his injury. The two guys, Nate and Cam both said they want to help the team. They want to win. I said, ‘That’s what I want to do.’ But I also, again, I’m trying to be fair to these kids, fair to their career, fair to their futures. If the offense scores every drive and it’s a high-scoring game both ways and there’s no need to change whoever started they’ll probably play the whole game. If we have pitfalls and think we need a shot in the arm, we’ll go to a second guy. We can play one, it’s not scripted. I don’t think you guys believe me, but I tell you the way it is. When we practice, we practice our plays. This is not Tre’s plays, this is not Nate’s plays. This is our offense, and if you can’t run our offense, you can’t play here. Those guys can manage our offense. It’s not like we’ve got a script of we’re going run certain plays or put so-and-so in there and run this one. We’ll go through the body of work of today. Right now to me it’s still heads or tails. We’ll see if there’s anything in body language and just the way they carry themselves. We’ll give the team a direction here. We might play all three, we might play one. Again, there’s no hidden agenda. I just love the three quarterbacks we got. I believe they can all help us win, and if we need to use them all, we will.”


  1. Alright, I made up my mind. Start the guy who is 6′ 5″ and use tre as a halfback. The other guy will share with tre the half back position and fill in for for qb if Indiana is losing at halftime.
    If Indiana loses to Indiana State, oh boy, its gonna be a long, long year. If IU loses, choose one qb and one qb only. Use one qb as half back (much like Isenbarger did in 1967, when Pont chose Gonzo as qb. The other one use as a defensive back. IU should try to score 60 points every game to be sure they can win (can you imagine IU losing to Ohio State 72 to 69? Nope. IU will BEAT Ohio State and Indiana State. I GUARANTEE it!

  2. Dustin,

    Forgive me for going off topic, but did I read correctly elsewhere that the Big 10 basketball schedule will be released today?

  3. Thanks. Ok, back to Hoosier Football. We have reason to talk football this year. 🙂

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