IU basketball releases updated roster

Indiana released its updated roster on Wednesday, which gives you an idea what numbers the freshmen will wear and how much everyone bulked up over the offseason.

Noah Vonleh, who will be wearing No. 1, is listed at 6-foot-10, 240 and Luke Fischer at 6-11, 230, probably the most interesting info. Devin Davis bulked up to 6-7, 221. Hanner Mosquera-Perea is listed at 6-9 after being 6-8 on the roster a year ago.

Also walk-on guard Raphael Smith will be graduating in December and will not be part of the basketball team.



  1. Dustin-

    If answering this question gets you in hot water with the Rhinestone Police Department, then I’ll completely understand your desire to not speak of the recent conspiracy most Scoop bloggers are not taking notice.

    Just wondering what prompted the change in the formatting of the “Recent Comments on The Scoop” that is now absent the identifying thread a comment is/was submitted? Was the idea proposed by a Scoop Yacht Club member or was this an inside job/conspiracy? Very Establishment…Very conniving.

    I do like the way a smiley face is now picture framed. What an improvement from just having a floating smiley face from Rico_(whatever).

    Couple more thoughts:

    A. Maybe time for a new Scoop Poll question?

    B. Where in the bejesus is Chet?

    C. Has anyone heard from JPat…? Doesn’t seem right to be on the eve of a new and highly anticipated genesis for IU football and not hear from JPat. Wonder what he thinks of Wilson’s secrecy around the QB start?

    D. Just hope all the QB’s can memorize the complex set of code language names in Wilson’s new playbook.

  2. Another inch taller for Hanner….? He’s getting closer as Dustin continues to live the dream.

    Is this going to be the breakout season for mini Hakeem? Will he unveil a sweet turnaround jumper with the kiss off the glass? Wonder if Dusty has witnessed anything new in his arsenal over the summer…? It almost seems as if Hanner is the key to this team catching fire and surprising the many that believe we’re going to excessively miss the presence of Cody Zeller. Fisher likely can’t fill the shoes alone…If Hanner can catapult his game to anything near the level of hype and anticipation that surrounded his initial recruitment, it could be the shot in the arm that makes this upcoming season very interesting. If Hanner and Jurkin are still fundamentally awkward, I’m not sure that Fisher and Hollowell can shore up the inside game enough to a point we can go deep in a tournament. A lot of hope is riding on A-Hope this year. Thoughts?

  3. How could I forget Noah Vonleh..!? Wow..Maybe there is hope…And if Hanner can show some major improvement? We could be one of the most athletic teams around the glass in IU history. Where will the Hoosiers fall in the preseason rankings…? I’m thinking they’ll still come in as a top-10 team. Athleticism abounds and the shooting guards are bigger surrounding a very solid point guard in Yogi.
    Who’s going to surprise the most? Who’s going to be our leading scorer on a night to night basis..our go-to?(I’m guessing Williams or Hollowell).

    This is a stronger team. The defensive focus that was heavily concentrated on Cody last season will now be confused by the multiple threats, bigger guards, and added overall speed/havoc/athleticism/rim-rockers.

    This team, without the pandering that came with all the “locking down the borders” nonsense, is truly closer to Crean’s vision and style. This is Hurryin’ Hoosiers meets trapeze act….meets 100 meter dash every other fastbreak possession.

    The only real issue will not be talent in raw athletic form..The big questions will be consistent field goal shooting, chemistry/synergy, and defensive understanding/help/communication.

    A lot will ride on Yogi’s creative orchestration the many new band members. A lot will ride on Yogi’s leadership.

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