Late-breaking visit news from other people

A couple of tidbits I picked up from looking at Twitter and not doing any independent reporting.

James Blackmon Jr. said on his Twitter account that he will take unofficial visits to Kentucky on Thursday, Louisvile on Friday and Michigan on Saturday.

Evan Daniels of reports that Devin Robinson has scheduled his five official visits.

He’ll be at Indiana on Oct. 5.

Also, is reporting that Robert Johnson has moved up his visit to Virginia, and that it begins tomorrow.


  1. as for Blackmon, I don’t want him. if you grew up in Indiana, you should dream of playing for Indiana. james dreams only of himself. just like his pops.

  2. Let Crean be the judge of that.

    Crean has had no hesitation in pulling the plug in other cases (egTrey Lyles).

    But Blackmon was on campus last week on good terms.

    If Crean still wants Blackmon, fine by me.

    And based on the young man’s skills, I suspect most naysayers will come around if he signs on the dotted line.

    I for one will be happy if he does although the alternatives are sounding good too!

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