Ty Smith not with Indiana football team; Wilson evaluating his status

IU coach Kevin Wilson said freshman walk-on wide receiver Ty Smith, son of IU baseball coach Tracy Smith, is not with the team after he was charged with felony battery. Wilson said his status for the future has not been determined.

“He’s not with us right now, kind of with his family,” Wilson said after practice Friday. “We’ll get the details of what it is. All I know is (what I’ve read.) We’re going to give him time to get everything cleared out and see what it is. Once legally we know what it is and how serious or not serious, we’ll move forward. Right now, he’s not with us today. We’ll take a few days and see legally where things fit, get our info with him and then we’ll move forward together and see where it plays out.”

Smith turned himself in on felony battery charges Thursday evening and was released after posting bail. The alleged incident in question, which also involved Hud and Speck Mellencamp, sons of John Mellencamp, occurred on July 29, but Wilson said he was not made aware of the charges until Thursday. The probable cause affidavit for Smith’s arrest follows.

Ty Smith


  1. Wow…just…wow. Now I know why Dustin was hesitant to post the story from the get-go. Zero comments.

    Think hard and deep, Dusty…Think why people can spend years dragging Armon Bassett..DeAndre Thomas, Eli Holman…through the mud. Think of why they wanted to hang Kelvin from the tree for the despicable crime of a 3-way phone call. Think of why they are unwilling to listen that thugs can hide behind any facade(including the facade of pious behavior)..Where is the shame for these actions? Where is the indignation that these young men were not raised correctly? Where is the spew of name-calling and the idea that these men are guilty as charged by court of public opinion? Where is the court of public opinion now? Where’s Kent Benson tearing up his season baseball tickets? Where’s the apologies from the Indiana music celebrity that’s always at basketball games? Who’s wrecking the programs image now?

    All these young men have ties to best of the best, no?
    Duke University Football…IU Baseball… A long and devoted devoted IU Basketball fan from southern Indiana; a music icon and symbol of rain on the scarecrow and blood on the plow… his Hollywood wife standing proud behind our Hoosiers and clapping their hearts out at every highly anticipated home game that will be on ESPN.

    Everyone is suddenly on holiday except the kid that could have easily been beaten to death. And what did those thugs do after pummeling him three against one. They ran like cowardly thugs…These sons of stellar members our Bloomington community have behaved like thugs and what do we have on the Hoosier boards now? Silence.

    I understand why you hesitated to bring it to Scoop …You saw the silence..You saw the truth coming down the tracks like a freight train…The train of hypocrisy that you knew would bring the hard truth.

  2. Huh…? I thought it was all rather logical.

    This was described as a “brutal” assualt, Geoff. I tend to believe the silent are the messed up dudes. But, hey, that’s just sassy and crazy ol’ Harvard. I was once beaten up so badly that I couldn’t stop my body from shivering the next morning…I guess I come to this story with baggage.

    Glad to see you weren’t completely silent.

  3. Your logic in #3 is fine… Your outrage at the perps is fine…

    However, you derail the train before it ever leaves the tracks by pointing your attack at Dustin, who clearly showed with a post in a previous Comments Section that his publishing institution has done anything BUT duck this story. The newspaper is their main offering, not the Scoop…

    Basically you’re trying to argue that even though it was the lead story on NBC Nightly News on Channel 6 (506 for those of us with HD) that they were trying to bury the story because they didn’t cover it well on CNBC Midwest channel 127.

    The reason you’re a messed up dude is because you can’t understand that before you start in on your rant.

  4. Dustin doesn’t own the HT. I don’t think Dustin is guilty of anything(at least in my heart of hearts) when it comes to a desire to treat this story in a nonchalant manner.

    I think you are extremely naive to believe the press can manipulate more than just whether or not a story is a headline. How long do you keep on the story? What is the tone of those delivering the story? How many outlets are being used to forward the story? Is their follow-up editorial/commentary on the story?

    We once had a four page Scoop commentary written in a accusatory fashion covering Derek Elston’s tripping of a Norhtwestern player during a game in Evanston.

    Come on, Geoff…Get your head out of your logical butt. Their are plenty of signals and tone in a piece..Commentary finds it’s way into everything. There is no outrage. There is no tone of utter disbelief. We’re shocked when a kid throws away his scholarship opportunity by getting a some grades barely a ‘C’ in a summer program, but this story of kids from stellar members the Bloomington fan base and IU family does not shock? “We put it on the front page and that’s enough of our duty to report it”…That’s enough on this story?

    Don’t be blind to the reality. There are different rules for different people. You don’t feel it? You don’t sense the difference? Was it their duty to be outraged that a coach might be covering the ass of a player sticking out his toe when an opposing player was cutting across the paint? But no outrage for these stellar members of our coaching and fan community to not come forward and speak of this brutal assualt? Nobody comes forward from the university? It’s just put it on the front page our paper..Do your duty and the then shut the hell up on this one? Keep it off the discussion boards because a Jamarcus Ellis reefer, or an Eric Gordon “tells all” his drug using teammates, or a Derek Elston trip is far more a sign of horrible kids doing horrible deeds than a brutal beating?

    No doubt that it’s difficult for Dustin. It’s difficult to be truly objective on this story…He likely developed some close relationships while covering the baseball team. Probably developed some closeness to Tracy Smith. It was easy to conclude that he was getting more involved than the typical reporter because of the storied run and traveling with the team during that storied trip to the College World Series. You could feel the excitement in his voice as well as the disappointment when it ended just short of the ultimate fairytale season. The accomplishment that team should not be marred by an ugly act of violence from the son of coach…But I don’t believe it’s fair to assume this is just another story of any old thug teenagers being thugs…Dustin(understandably)is still processing this one. This isn’t a Derek Elston trip. You can’t play hard-hitting investigative reporter and walk away with some false propped-up honor and badge on your chest while taking liberties with the truth. This one is difficult and the pressures are different. These aren’t nobody kids from poor South Side Chicago, Terre Haute, or Tipton streets…These aren’t kids that are part of a hate that was already growing out of an NCAA investigation/witch hunt recruiting scandal. There is no easy bonfire to toss these truly ugly and violent actions. This is real. This is society without its facade. This is how power and privilege win. This is how Jerry Sandusky was allowed to shower for 15 years.

    Don’t pretend, Geoff. Sometimes there’s no louder cry than silence.

  5. I think you are extremely naive to believe the press [can’t] manipulate more than just whether or not a story is a headline….

  6. And what of Clarion…? Is there more ugliness in his singular moment of loose tongue and giving into any raw form of flippant ugliness based on stereotypes and bigotry often forever kept behind picket fences and facades, but not understand the same can be at work in singular moments the biting of tongues? You do not see the parallels? You have no problem judging him but you have a problem with judging the silence?

    I don’t delude myself into believing there are those free of prejudice. I don’t believe myself to be free of of double standards and moments my life where bigotry filtered in. I try to change. I try move ahead the easy traps and stereotypes that find comfort in hate and bigotry. But I’m often astounded how, at the cultural level, we can be forever blind, but at the individual level, we will take a man with a rope to a tree. We protect the community and the institution of the same ugliness we’d fight ’til death to unveil in the hunting of one ugly monster.

  7. I don’t disagree with your premises Harv… Your points are valid… its your aim that’s off… that and you try way too hard.

  8. It’s amazing, that you Harvard would write, “I don’t believe myself to be free of of double standards and moments my life where bigotry filtered in. I try to change. I try move ahead the easy traps and stereotypes that find comfort in hate and bigotry.”

    That delusion is exactly your signature Harvard, this is exactly who you are, or at least have become over a long time; your own stereotypes and bigotry, your resentment- as intensely a venomous hate- of anyone who enjoys any fortune, success, talent, wealth, love, acceptability, applause, admiration, personal peace, calm, beliefs, faith, companionship, friendships, family, bonds, respect, fame, influence, power (even to do good)and probably several dozen other similar positive (or with a chance to be positive) qualities and outcomes as I’ve ever come across in my entire 73 years.

    And, sometimes, it provokes me into attempting to reach out and see if there is anything I can say or do that would possibly motivate you into some kind of sanity or self-examination or even slight hesitation about who you want to be. But then, you anger is too deep, your self-loathing too impaled into your self-perception, your dependence on hate as your only weapon and cross-hair when you look at the world or anyone with it and your will to eviscerated to survive.

    And, just writing this remind me that the only true reaction to the only two or three original thoughts you ever share is a deep sense of pity and an admission that not I, not anyone can ever help you out of the spider web you have caught your soul in because you simply enjoy its comfort and the stereotype and bigoted self you have become. You exist by loving not loving yourself.

    I only pray (and intensely) there are no human beings out there who depend on your ever looking beyond your tragic orbit around yourself.

  9. Harvard: I am outraged at the three, but your comments are so wacky, they can’t be taken seriously. That beating you took must have done some serious damage.

  10. So they are not going to give this kid the official boot because they don’t want his dad to quit coaching IU?

  11. Harvard,
    Perhaps the “silence speaking” from the other commenters is because since is a IU SPORTS blog, the regulars that usually offer their opinions about sports personalities’ behaviors didn’t have anything to say, since the three principals of this story have VERY LITTLE to do with IU Sports. The football team walk-on status of Ty Smith at IU and Hud M at Duke DO NOT make them newsworthy. What is there for a sports fan of this blog to say on here?

    The Herald Times had plenty of comments from their readers all expressing their opinions of these little hoodlums, their parents, their upbringing, and their behavior. That forum seems like the appropriate place to express our collective outrage, and that was certainly done. No “silence speaking” there.

    I would have preferred not to disagree with your comments, there are plenty of others on here who do that job quite adequately. But even as I disagree, I appreciate your GREAT writing style and your unrelenting efforts towards keeping this Hoosier Scoop lively and interesting.

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