Early practice date serves young Hoosiers well

For Indiana’s purposes, the NCAA could not have come up with a much better time to move up the college basketball practice start date than this season.

The start of the season has traditionally been either Oct. 15 or the Friday closest to it. In March, the NCAA approved a measure that moved it up two weeks, which this year means the Hoosiers can start before the end of October. Previous rule changes had allowed teams to put the whole squad on the floor together in mid-September and have de facto practices, but they could only do that for two hours a week.

“It gives your younger guys a better chance to get acclimated,” IU assistant coach Tim Buckley said Thursday. “To give them an opportunity to grasp the offense, grasp the defensive concepts a little bit earlier. At least, if we aren’t practicing, they can go through them in their mind or they can go through them with each other because we’ve already put all of that stuff in on the floor.”

That specifically helps the Hoosiers because there are so many younger guys who need to be acclimated.

Graduation, early NBA draft declarations and transfers cost the Hoosiers seven scholarship players from last year’s team. The seven players — six true freshmen and one transfer — who took their place represent more than half of the 13 allowable scholarship players on the squad. That almost certainly means several of the new players will find their way into the Hoosiers’ rotation. That makes more practice time all the more valuable.

“We love this early start date,” assistant Kenny Johnson said. “Now we’re able to extend it out a little bit more in preparation for our first game. It’s a huge advantage, especially for us being a young basketball team. Pacing them and putting them in the proper position to be successful. It’s always going to be important. you want to give them some measures of success, give them some small attainable goals that they can reach. With the amount of time we have to get ready for our first game, I think it’s going to be a huge advantage.”

It should at least give the Hoosiers sometime to begin to develop an identity and turn some of their raw material into a style of play that makes sense for it.

IU’s assistants said the Hoosiers will continue to be an uptempo squad, and it might be even more important that they are because the youth will probably make it difficult for them to be an efficient team in the half court. The offseason departures took 73.6 percent of last year’s scoring and 77.0 percent of their 3-point shooting. The Hoosiers lost four shooters in Jordan Hulls, Christian Watford, Victor Oladipo and Remy Abell who hit more than 44 percent of their 3-point shots last season. No returner shot better than 34.6 percent from beyond the arc last year, and the only incoming true freshman with a reputation as a true knockdown shooter is swingman Collin Hartman.

So the Hoosiers will be looking to get better on defense first, hoping increased length and athleticism will allow them to cause turnovers, get on the break and score easy baskets.

“What we would try to do even if he we had the same team back from a year ago is we would continue to try to be faster,” Buckley said. “We would continue to try to be aggressive defensively and turn people over and deflect the ball. I think we’re going to be a little bit more athletic than we’ve been in the past. We’re gonna be a little bit longer. So we may be a little bit more disruptive on the defensive and and we may be able to get out and go a little bit more.”

Said sophomore Jeremy Hollowell: “From last year we lost a lot of leadership, but this year I think we have a lot more athletic guys, guys who can play multiple positions, move around. I think we have a lot more rebounding, a lot more defensive players, just multiple position guys who can interchange positions and cause mismatch problems.”

The lack of experience is an issue. Johnson said the new recruits are students of the game and they work hard to fix their mistakes, but there is still a lot for them to learn. What they do have, however, is desire and tenacity.

“I think they have intent,” Buckley said. “Defensively, even if they aren’t familiar with the scheme or the way we want to influence the ball, they’re not willing to let somebody just score on them. I think they’re willing to battle. I think there are confrontations at the rim because of that and because of their athleticism. I think they want to share the ball and they want to make the right plays. … They’re willing to go really hard and really fast right now.”


  1. Very impressive how well spoken all 3 of the asst coaches are.

    They all speak clearly, concisely but thoughtfully, in whole sentences without a lot of ums and uhs and likes or verbal tics. Many politicians and others publc speakers could take a lesson from these

    And they seem to really try to answer questions.

    That has to make the reporter’s job easier too.

    Of course, being well spoken wouldn’t make much difference if they were not good coaches, but don’t underestimate the importance of public speaking to success in any field.

    Kudos to Coach Crean and each of them.

  2. Yes, they are both very well spoken and articulate. But why would we expect anything less? Think of these men as executives for a multi-million dollar business. They are well compensated and have the opportunity to become CEOs of other multi-million dollar businesses some day. They also have to be great teachers, and we would hope that all great teachers are articulate and well spoken. They are impressive and I applaud Crean on hiring bright assistants.

  3. I remember how articulate Tom Crean was when Dustin asked him a question about attacking the zone during a postgame press conference at Northwestern. I found he articulated perfectly what was soon to come against Syracuse. Dustin’s smirk was icing on the cake of such stunning articulation. And the teacher gave us all such a wonderful lesson: Talent without coaching can trump a brainy bunch of half-step slow brainy book worms playing a zone at Northwestern. Talent without coaching against a Syracuse zone? Back to the well-spoken drawing board. Class dismissed. Pleas read chapters 1 through 3 on introduction to Bobby Knight in Diapers.

  4. oops. [Please] read chapters 1 through 3 on ‘Introduction to Bobby Knight in Diapers.’

  5. HH, You need to get some new material. This crap you put out about our Coach,Team and Players past and present is getting real old. I am starting to think you have a one track mind. All this bottled up anger you have can only hurt you in the long run and I would hate to see you go off the deep end. I am sure you truly have knowledge about basketball and how you think it should be Coached but not everyone thinks so and they are starting to make fun of you and I don’t like to see that happen to anyone. Why not stop your constant posts about how angry you are over one game and try talking about beating both Michigan schools twice and winning a Big Ten Regular season title for the 1st time in 20+ years. Not everything is doom and gloom because of one game we lost. Did you ever Coach? If you did I bet you lost some games and got out coached many times. Did you always talk about those games or did you like talking about the ones you won? You need to think about changing your attitude.

  6. Just listen to the spin, Southport.

    Our coach is so untouchable, it will take all the courage in the world for one HT journalist to ask a simple question about a loss against Syracuse. How many more years must Dustin walk around Bloomington as a “soft” reporter?

    I didn’t build that protection. You built it. And that’s the spin that’s getting real old. I saw that spin ruin coach Knight. Take a hard look at the Penn State one-track mind and IU one-track mind finally pushed to the point of having to fire a coach for his last straw of our tolerance.

    We can’t even ask a coach what he would have done differently against a zone in a Syracuse game? That’s a completely disrespectful, hard-hitting, question that could send our coach over the “deep end.” So frail our mighty house that one loss can be so much more than a scary little Syracuse mouse.

    It’s really quite sad. You’re really quite sad that it’s all so damn important to make so untouchable. It’s sports. It’s entertainment. It’s a game. Ask questions! Desire to be questioned. It’s only a mouse. The journalists of this town treat the man as if he’s King Kong. They’re so afraid of being direct that they have to ask the 16-year-old kids in “gotcha” moments about over-signing and scholarship crunches…They’ve gotta call Matt Roth to ask him if he wants to play another year rather than simply ask the man in charge if he’s wanting him to come back.

    Keep building the untouchable Kong. You’ll turn him more into the freak of nature than my routine could ever know.

  7. Lord, here we go again.
    The reason I didn’t ask about the Syracuse game wasn’t because I thought it would be disrespectful or because I was afraid of being yelled at. I didn’t ask about the Syracuse game because it wasn’t the purpose of the interview. I had a freelance assignment to write a preview article. I had in my mind, 30 minutes to get the information I needed for that. The Syracuse game didn’t play into what I was writing and I wasn’t going to mess around and waste time for curiosity’s sake. I printed the transcript here because I think you all would still be interested in what he said.
    And I have asked Crean about oversigning every time he’s oversigned. And I did ask him about Matt Roth. And he faced a whole bunch of questions after the game about the zone. And I am not afraid of him and stop twisting what I say for the purposes of your arguments.

  8. Hell, I’d be afraid. Look how he chased Jeff Meyer around Ann Arbor. Be afraid…Be very afraid. Did you see Knight’s facial expression in Brooklyn? Have you ever seen Bob Knight so afraid? I couldn’t blame you for being scared out of your socks, Dusty.

    Kellenberger asked him about an Elston trip. I think he also asked him some “soft” questions in a locker room setting once. Anyone see Kellenberger lately? Be afraid. Be very afraid.

    I would wire Ginger’s Alford bobblehead to go into Crean’s office for the next interview. Bobblehead made out of epoxy and could withstand the death stare and that knife to the soul that cuts so deep when delivered by a man on such good terms with thy Lord above. Send in the 3-point bombing bobblehead for the big Syracuse question.

  9. Another plus is that the Alford bobblehead will be shaking its head in a rapid up-and-down “yes master” fashion which should help the interview go better. I also have a feeling that Crean will not put any time constraints on the bobblehead one-on-one and will likely ramble on for most of the day with spring-neck Steve. A teary-eyed Crean will emerge late in the afternoon and the bobblehead will be reborn.

  10. When’s ‘Bobblehead Alford’ going to make a ScoopTalk guest appearance? Unlike Geoff and Chronic Hoosier, I’m willing to predict with 94.7% certainty that Bobblehead wouldn’t be afraid of cameras, remain the “all knowing and great Oz’ behind the curtain, or chicken out. I’m also willing to predict with 97.8% accuracy that Bobblehead Alford would increase ScoopTalk viewership ratings.

    And that reminds me of something I’ve been wanting to ask for awhile…When is the Hoosier highlights with that cool intro song coming back to ScoopTalk? Suggestion: Maybe just replace the highlight intro with a shot of the final score from the Syracuse game and then shifting the image to a shot that slowly zooms into the face of Bobblehead Steve nervously shaking the head up and down…?

  11. Southport65; You wrote, “I am starting to think you have a one track mind.” You’re just now starting to think HfH has a one track mind? Come on, surely you jest. Most of us have known that for a long time. I call Harvard’s condition Tom-Crean-Derangement- Syndrome, or TCDS for short. And HfH has a severe case of it.

  12. Well, there’s one of my stalkers.

    Geoff appreciated my post from last night. Maybe you should try reading it. It’s very intuitive in identifying a key corner Tom Crean is turning while building a Hoosier basketball team in a manner closer to his ideal.

    And what do you call your Mallory syndrome? A basketball coach rebuilding a program in the state of Indiana(no matter the perception and sales pitch regarding its total decimation) cannot compare by any means to what it will take to bring consistent recruiting of high level talent to a football program near comatose for 30 years.

    And your timetable and measurements of achieving that for one of Wilson’s handpicked assistants is how long…..? You’re headhunting an assistant coach for losses to some very competitive teams outside the Big 10 conference.

    Basically, I believe you to be an IU sports sabotage artist. You’re probably a PAC-12 fan. You want us to be complacent and stuck with a mediocre(at best) X’s and O’s basketball coach that preaches more than accepts responsibility or answers to anything but “soft” questions from reporters…At the same time, you see IU football finally have a coach in the model of the intellect and winner that brought our three banners to Assembly Hall and you’re beginning to build your case for his head by first chasing after his top assistant. I know your game, Podunker. It’s uglier than a deficiency syndrome. It’s pure jealousy and sabotage syndrome. You’re everything the Seth Davis’ and Steve Smiths’ of the bigger Establishment scene. You want IU to never get back their basketball edge. And now you railroad against a football program that finally has a glimmer of hope.

  13. Come to think of it….you are always slathering praises on teams from the PAC 12.

    Probably Bill Walton’s foot doctor or weed supply chain. Come on here to brainwash reporters and what you believe to be a premier and highly esteemed group of influential fans and followers with your sabotage spew.

    I saw your pretend game when you started posting on here ages ago. You’re a manipulator that has no love for Indiana. Tell us all in 100 words or less why you care so much about Indiana University basketball and football..Let’s hear it, Mr. Hoosier Love Doctor. Throw some “because” in there like that irreplaceable man you drool in your sleep over.

    You do a great job at telling everyone why Harvard is such a “deficient” and dishonorably terrible fan. Let’s hear you sell why Podunker is the bestest in all the Midwest. You’re real skilled at chiseling. But what can you build from the passions you fail to attach reasons in your defiance and throwing out your chest to protect?

  14. I have no idea why you continue to pursue a witch hunt with Podunker. He is one of our most passionate fans on this board, and offers great insight, and fun posts to read.

    Frankly, I think your insecure with yourself. Too bad, beings your a great writer, and your heart is passionate about Indiana. I mean, you will probably never meet the man. Just let it go. Skip over the post. You can bark all you want, but this is a blog. Nobody’s mind is going to be changed what you say or vice versa. Nothing wrong about disagreeing, but learn to respect the blogger whether you agree or not.

  15. Simple question…What was the motivation for post #12? Was Podunker addressed in any of my posts with Southport65 and Tsao before he entered into the thread? His attack was once again unprovoked. Do I go after Podunker as deranged and “deficient” for his wanting Mallory’s head to roll if IU football doesn’t turn their defense around?

    We all have our strong opinions about coaches and players(many of them wrong and often unfair)…Do we all turn that into an attack campaign against a particular blogger?

    I can handle him just fine. I know his MO.

  16. How about you just start a clean slate with Podunker. He is probably set in his way, just as you are. Diplomacy goes a long way.

    My theory is people remember you as way out there, sympathetic toward Sampson, bashing Crean and his faith over and over. I guess many of us put a label on you. I will say you have made an effort lately, and enjoy reading your posts. I believe you have came a long way. I’m serious.

  17. Was never really sympathetic toward Sampson. I thought all the players were unfairly lumped together, not given their individual voice, tried in the court of public opinion, and viciously verbally assaulted fro partaking in activities at college no different than 80% of the student body on any given weekend.

    Simply look at how we(and the press) treated the recent violent assualt allegedly committed by the Mellencamps brothers and the baseball coach’s son. Juxtapose with the treatment of a kid that throws a clay pot instead of a kid that is out to beat another young man to near death.

    I digress. And forgive me for not having an easy time with understanding the chasing those same old villains(still chasing them last year when we’re winning the Gig 10 crown)six years after the fact.

    I have my reasons for my feelings and I won’t be changing them anytime soon. The religion stuff I backed off of, but it doesn’t mean I feel any different in the misuse of faith to simply paint yourself as untouchable and others as evil.

    But, once again, I digress into the TCDS. I will continue to try and do better, but I won’t pretend I’m the perfect fan.

  18. Ben, you have it wrong. My advice to you (somewhat recent in the dialogue) is that you stay out of conversations that may have a history, such as these. All you can do is get burned without knowing why.

    I don’t always agree with Harvard. But, this is one of those cases where I would drag myself on my knees to the Vatican and implore Pope Francis (aka Fr. Jorge Bergoglio) to pray for the health and inspiration that comes from Harvard for Hillbillies.

    Actually, Harvard makes good points here. My knowledge of Podunker is that he begins each season be proclaiming his undying support and love for the Hoosiers. That lasts until the first or second loss that displeases him. And, at that point he quickly shifts to a cannibalistic morbid commentary that asks for the dismissal of the coach, the eviction of the coach’s family, the default of whatever mortgages the coach may have through Indiana banking institutions, repossession of any gifts made to the assistant coaches by the alumni, cancellation of the coach’s honorary YMCA membership and an escorted banishment overseen by the Indiana State Police out of Bloomington and the State of Indiana; OR Podunker will reduce his annual $37.88 tax deductible contribution (I must concede, it is in U.S. dollars) to the Varsity Club about which he posts on The Scoop seven times each year.

    Now, I may miss the colorful nature of his politics. While, like me, he claims to be a Conservative, (an honorable political stream of thought), it seems to me his conservatism is closer to the social philosophy of Domingo Trujillo (Dominican Republic), Anastasio Somoza (Nicaragua) and Idi ‘Dada’ Amin (Uganda). So, we won’t take ‘showers’ together when it comes to our politics.

    In conclusion, having read nearly 2 1/2 years of his posts on The Scoop and while sustaining my claim to a measure of deep respect for political and economic conservatism; personally, I would prefer gangrene to his social, political or athletic fan support. It wouldn’t reflect so directly on my Hoosiers.

  19. Point well taken Tsao. I know better, but I guess deep down I feel everyone Han some good, and can make things right. Thanks.

  20. Tsao wrote, “My knowledge of Podunker is that he begins each season be proclaiming his undying support and love for the Hoosiers. That lasts until the first or second loss that displeases him. And, at that point he quickly shifts to a cannibalistic morbid commentary that asks for the dismissal of the coach, the eviction of the coach’s family, …..”

    Talk about going way over the top with incredibly inaccurate tripe. Wow. That was so far beneath your standards Tsao, it made me laugh. But maybe those standards are not really as high as you’d like people to think. I’ve noticed that when you get frustrated or someone gets under your skin in a debate, your discipline evaporates and you begin embellishing, misrepresenting the facts and taking things out of context. Basically you rely on well articulated cheap shots. Perhaps you feel that’s justified in order to defend someone that you believe needs to be defended, like Mallory. You demonstrate a lot of passive – aggressive tendencies Tsao, but I’m sure that’s not the first time you’ve been told that. It says a lot about you.

    Ben, Harvard has established to me that he is a religious bigot. As it has been well documented on this site, his primary criticism of Crean consistently involves Crean’s public expression of his Christian faith (Crean’s tweets, his comments made in public forums, etc.). For some reason, that really upsets Harvard. I’m really a tolerant person about most things, but I have zero tolerance for bigots. Attacking a man because he expresses his religious beliefs in public is wrong (and it gets boring real fast on a site like this). So as long as Harvard continues to criticize Crean because Crean expresses his Christian faith, I will continue to point out Harvard’s bigotry.

    And by the way Tsao, I’ve given Mallory three years. I have not yet called for him to be fired. What I have written, on more than one occasion, is that if IU’s defense does not show significant improvement by the end of this season, Mallory should be fired. If he can’t demonstrate significant improvement in the performance of the young men that he is responsible for recruiting, teaching and coaching after three years, then yes, I believe it will be time for him to go. Of course, you knew that, but you chose to misrepresent my opinion. Naughty, naughty.

  21. Podunker, your last two posts have a total of about seven paragraphs and, in those seven, there are 15 negatives (not counting the one paragraph where you textually quoted me). This is about par and what is so depressing about your comments.

    It makes it very, very hard to read your contributions. I simply do not have the bitterness that seems to eek out of your commentary; most frequently your bombastic ‘expert reviews’ directed at IU coaches, athletic administrators, their leadership, knowledge, expertise, efficacy, effort by IU participants,… even the fans’ commitment and worse yet…IU teams (especially when they struggle); and, to include other contributors who, sharing the same passions you claim, and who simply come here to voice their bond with others and everything Hoosiers.

    Do you have any idea how st___d it sounds when you state “I have not yet called for CKW to be fired”, “Mallory should be fired”, or you ‘give him three years'(my paraphrase) and suggest we should have avoided hiring him ‘because he was fifty before he became a head coach” (again, my paraphrase from another post by you but accurate and faithful to its content). Sounds like someplace you’ve lost your sense of embarrassment.

    Relax…stop trying to drive from the back seat after the car’s been parked in the garage. Most of us did that when we were four and finished potty training and moved on to more important things. Give yourself a break Podunker…buy your wife an IU cheerleading outfit (with a really short skirt), a pom-pom and take her dancing… or something.

  22. Give yourself a break Podunker…buy your wife an IU cheerleading outfit (with a really short skirt), a pom-pom and take her dancing… or something.

    Now that hit the nail on the head.

    I had 75 paragraphs of graphic visuals and metaphors on how Fox was conspiring to have Bill Maher self-implode from a TCDS pill packed with six Crean tweets to Joyce, but I’ll hold off.

  23. Maybe Podunker can’t tolerate your faith in coach Wilson.

    Seems like he sure has trouble with your right to that steadfast and balanced faith.

    Podunker would walk out of Wilson’s church when the choir is only three songs into a Sunday sermon. He’s very tolerant of having no faith…He’s also big on “firings” and Lynch mobs. And when basketball is untouchable, where else does one go for their angry mob fun?

  24. Wow, reading posts from Tsao and Harvard is increasingly like watching children play that old game of telephone. You know the old party game where kids sit in a big circle and whisper a sentence in each other’s ear until it completes the circle. What comes out at the end of the circle is nothing like the sentence that was first spoken. The transformation can be really funny.

    Tsao, first you accuse me of wanting Mallory fired immediately (false) and then you tell me how stupid I sound when I write that I have not yet “called for” his termination. Your attempt at mocking me for the way I expressed wrote that does not excuse the fact that you purposely misrepresented my statements and the facts. As for my first paragraph in #23, that’s just a simple cut and paste of what you wrote in #20. Nice try at deflection. Unfortunately, I’m paying attention and don’t like having my words twisted into lies.

    Harvard, to suggest anyone would be “big on Lynch mobs” is despicable. You may have thought that was a cute play on words, but once again you expose yourself. You are one sick puppy. As to how anyone tolerates your occasionally lucid comments after some of things you’ve written about Crean is beyond me, but I’m starting to question why I would participate in any forum where a person like you is allowed to participate.

  25. Podunker- However you word it…”…, I’VE GIVEN Mallory three years. I HAVE NOT YET CALLED FOR HIM TO BE FIRED. What I HAVE WRITTEN, on more than one occasion, is that if IU’s defense does not show significant improvement BY THE END OF THIS SEASON, Mallory should be fired. If he can’t demonstrate significant improvement in the performance of the young men that he is responsible for recruiting, teaching and coaching after three years, then yes,I BELIEVE IT IS THEN TIME FOR HIM TO GO.”

    I have one question….who in the _____ are you? Exactly, from what power source do you receive that authority? And, from what basis is your judgment established? What do you know about teaching and coaching?

    Extended to setting the vision, establishing the structure and strategy, selecting the leadership, identifying the personnel for Indiana football….was that all learned professionally or in a book with pictures, at a Big 10 university program? I would venture to guess the stands or the TV screen is as near as you got.

    Whichever…for far too long our Hoosiers have suffered at the hands of way too many alumni and fans whose ignorance has continually flushed down the toilet attempts to establish a respected football program; betrayed the work of at least two legendary basketball coaches, two world-class genius in our swimming and diving programs, an now show their ‘discomfort’ and question a magnificent soccer coach (partly because he happens to be the homegrown son of another legendary IU coach who blazed the sport into the consciousness of American soccer) because they do not understand three overtime losses in a sport they do not understand.

    Basically, the only problem I have with serial ignorance is when it comes from serially ignorant statements and that is the problem, I have with yours Podunker.

    Somehow, your comments are a reflection of what I believe the ‘deep problem’ with Indiana athletics has been for the past 20-30 years;… a small group of alumni too cheap (or of insufficient means) to invest in ownership of a pro-football (or basketball or baseball) franchise who therefore contribute their $38.77 to the IU Varsity Club and expect the attention and submission of the owner’s box for the non-federal tax refundable portion of their ‘annual gift’ to Indiana University.

    Please Podunker…you don’t see how ridiculous it makes all of us Hoosiers look? You don’t get the contempt it shows for Indiana University? That’s what gets my frost. It goes far beyond critique or even criticism of team, coaches, players, fans or even fellow bloggers…It borders on contempt and disdain. The arrogance, I can let it pass…it’s impotence may be a matter of DNA and, as usual, may reflect frustration with inner self…but, the constant contempt, disdain, demeaning judgment poured on the Hoosiers … crosses a line and disrespects an institution most of us here love deeply.

    (It’s also consistent with an attitude I also saw from you in regards to urban settings in America, such as Los Angeles and, in which now you include Newark and, worse, a disdain and stated bigotry you’ve consistently shown the people who reside within them, and other similar urban settings (and, which I am sure, must therefore also include Chicago, Indianapolis, etc and all urban settings where them ‘types’ live). It amused me that you refer to Harvard’s rants against Crean’s numerous tweets as bigotry. As a Christian, I share Crean’s strong belief, but do not necessarily think inundating a basketball fan Twitter following as ‘humble testimony’. But, you mark it as evidence of ‘bigotry’ (against our Lord and his followers). ‘Bigotry’ Podunker has become (like ‘unacceptable’- have you noticed, everyone now uses ‘unacceptable’ while they continue to meekly ‘accept’ their failings?) an easy word to use (when describing someone who disagrees), but a hard, hard emotion to to get rid if when it festers deep in the blood vessels.

    Now…while awaiting your “peachy, keen ‘unacceptable!…” and your Judgment on water boarding both Mallory and CKW…this Saturday???…(What do you think …maybe Tom Crean too by uhhh,say…January 10???…I’ll pay the water bill, you supply the bucket and towels.

  26. Well, Tsao. I’ll tell you who the _____ I am. I’m a fan. I am a Hoosier fan. I am an IU alumni. I am a person who has and continues to donate a significant amount of money to various funds associated with Inidana University and IU athletics. I’m a fan who goes to the games and cheers. In other words, I am a consumer of IU football entertainment.

    When consumers are unhappy, many of them complain about the product or service they’ve “purchased.” In sports, they complain, they boo during games, they yell obscenities at the coaches from their seats, and some times they write letters to administrators “calling for” the coaches to be fired. In other words they have a variety of ways of expressing their dissatisfaction about the product on the field. Sorry to offend your delicate sensibilities, but that’s as American as apple pie and has been around as long as people began playing organized sports. Most consumers simply stop buying the product or service (an IU has a lot of those types, don’t we?), and some even go so far as to tell a lot of other people that the product or service is unworthy of their continued patronage (Isn’t the free market a beautiful thing!). I do some of those things too. But in addition, I post comments in The Hoosier Scoop.

    You can try to take my words out of context all you want. You can criticize the way I express my dissatisfaction with IU’s defense until the cows come home. But that’s not really what upsets you, is it? That’s simply you avoiding the debate, deflecting, and/or attacking someone that has taken you on. I’m not the issue. The way I express my disdain for IU’s defense is not the issue. The issue is IU football, the performance of its defense and the performance of the man responsible for that defense. You disagree with my opinion on that, but when I challenge you on the debate, suddenly you try to make the issue the way I express myself.

    How ironic that you ask me “who the _____ I am.” How ironic that you call me arrogant, ignorant, impotent, and suggest that I make “all of us Hoosiers look” ridiculous. Tsao, when you have to revert to personal attacks and insults, you have clearly lost the debate.

    And for the record, I donate a lot of money to Indiana University every year, and have for about 30 years. The $38.77 you reference would not even cover the quarterly interest I forfeit by making those donations. That does not make me better than any other IU alumni or fan, but it sure as hell gives me the right to express my dissatisfaction with an inferior product being put on the field at Memorial Stadium. You bet your arrogant and condescending butt it does. And when you refer to disdain, you got it right. I have disdain for people who won’t even try to be a part of the solution, who have long since given up on IU football, who accept losing at a great university that they claim to love, and especially those that don’t even care enough to voice a complaint or are willing to call for a highly paid employee to be terminated. You show me a person who tolerates losing, and I’ll show you a loser.

    And for future reference, Tsao, you’re the worst arm-chair psychologist that has ever expressed himself in a public forum. How a person could get it so wrong is fascinating. But if you’re interested in getting better, you should study up on “deflection.”

  27. Tsao-

    This should explain a lot. There’s always history. He didn’t like the hire from day 1. I would suggest going back and reading all of podunker’s comments(back then he was simply a small ‘p’.)from the thread I pulled the following comment:

    Sunday, December 19, 2010 – 7:23 PM UTC

    A lot of contradictory comments on this story.

    I don’t believe anything coming out from Cornhusker bloggers about Ekeler being told to find other employment; he was with Pelini for a lot of years. That’s just typical sour grapes BS.

    As for Mallory, if he’s such a good coach, why was he “thrown under the bus” by Les Miles? Why was he coaching the worst defense in the country at the arm pit of college football the last two years? He has bounced around a lot, and if he’s so good, at 46, you’d think he’d be a head coach by now. Mallory may be very talented, but if he is hired, it’s going to give opposing coaches ammunition in recruiting againt IU. Hiring Mallory will not inspire confidence in IU football. Pedigree does not win games and hiring Mallory could be a mistake.

    As for having co-defensive coordinators, “when two people are in charge, no one is in charge.” Never liked the concept. IU needs a strong “boss” for defense who can bring in the best position coaches available and who’s reputation inspires confidence and enthusiasm.


    Does this sound like a man that developed his opinion or is looking for everything to already confirm the only one he had from the beginning?

    Link to Dec. 18, 2010 Scoop thread here: http://scoop.hoosiershq.com/2010/12/report-doug-mallory-mike-ekeler-to-be-named-iu-defensive-coordinators/

  28. Lesson 1 in psych 101: There is always history. Underneath the layers and layers of logic and condescension and blind arrogance and pocketbooks and “best fan in the world” and “everyone is deranged, but me”…you’ll find the little tote bag that holds the skeleton of the twisted mission; it’s in the history. What created that history? That’s a very heavily guarded place inside the tote bag that only they hold the key to unveil.

  29. Don’t like the history?

    It’s right there in post #12. Find a post previous where I went after Podunker unprovoked.

    More history? Above from 2010. His witch hunt to go after Mallory’s head began the day Wilson hired him.

    He also said that if the guy(Mallory) was such a good coach, then he’d been named a head coach before his ripe old age of 46. Doesn’t say much for Wilson now, does it? Guess who’s next in the witch hunt line?

  30. I guess pulling out that 2010 thread sorta confirms an early contraction of DMDS….Very long incubation period with latent symptoms that have now exploded into a full-blown case of advanced DMDS.

    This is obviously more than a skin rash.

  31. I’m not surprised Harvard. Somehow, Podunker considers that 2010 post one of his ‘achievements’. If there’s been a consistency, it is how he characterizes the ‘loser mentality’ of this blow-hard and why we (IU football fans) have spent nearly 20 years trying to dig our way out of their vomit.

    Thanks for finding the Podunker post. The man’s(??) allegiance to Hoosiers is a fraud and his 2010 post certifies the fact. In the words of (former) Vikings Coach Dennis Green, the fact that ‘he is exactly who we thought he was!!’

  32. The hairsplitting starts by understanding no one on this staff has had 3 years. Hell the 1st year cannot even be counted in the rebuild. The goal for that year was to pump off bilge water. So that brings us current. We are a year and 1/3 into the transition.

  33. H4H, Thanks for the link. It reminded me Podunker has been assailing Mallory since 2010. If you read Mike P.’s rebuttal in #35 post in the linked thread he hangs the proof/facts back on Po.

  34. Pedigree does not win games and hiring Mallory could be a mistake.

    Podunker remains a master of double standards.

  35. Hoosier Clarion, completely agree with #39. CKW’s contract was structured with a longer than usual number of years because AD Glass understood how deep the hole IU was in; and that the process required first getting us from -9 to 0; and then to attempt to build above ground.

    That is exactly where we are. The team we are fielding now has more talent and resembles the basis of a competitive B1G team more than any we have had since Mallory’s (Patriarch) days.

    But, it is not coincidental that, as a result, we are now fielding a team of freshmen and sophomores with some- a very minor sprinkling of seniors and, maybe a junior or two. It reminds me of the frosh class that included Gonzo, Isenbarger, Butcher played and got regularly dumped by juniors and seniors second teamers though the frosh were clearly a much more talented group. In few sports does experience, ‘aging’ and field gained wisdom trump talent as in football; particularly in the trenches and when the physical maturation of a 22 over a 19 year old is so critical. You’re completely correct HC.

    I try to never comment on the technical/teaching/coaching. I have worked as and followed coaches and coaching in a variety of sports (soccer, football, basketball and track+field); enough that I have opinions that I would never impose on any professional coach. Like any professional they make very technical decisions that require a solid base of knowledge and technique and are complicated by the fact that they must be made in full view of 40,000+ observers.

    Do I have opinions. Of course I do. But, my judgment tells me that, like any profession, they should be evaluated on the basis of the whole body of work and for a period of time that allows methodical, rational conclusions, functionally and structurally; not the ranting and moaning and panicked hysteria of a thirteen year-old girl who has just seen her first acne ‘zit’ on the tip of her nose.

    What has most impressed me about Glass is how he went about the decision, his transparency in discussing the reason and how he made the decision to bring Coach Wilson to Indiana, the base he laid down by restructuring the salary issues and the importance he gave the compensation of the coordinators and the assistants.

    I agree with you completely, evaluaton by us individually (and certainly in the administration of the Athletic Department, should not begin until the staff’s third ‘full and established’ year (in other words, the fifth year of the contract as a reasonable first legitimate opinion).

    Yes, I too think Poduunker has had an agenda from the very beginning and it disturbs me. Not because he has it (that’s his business), but how he uses it as a weapon of self-empowerment even though he must know the outcome can only sink us deeper into continued failure. I will continue to advocate, even demand, (and encourage others to join) in giving Wilson and his staff and the entire Hoosier program the chance and support necessary to transform the culture of failure that besets us and reach a truly respected and honestly competitive and successful level. And, will just as strongly remain vigilant, outspoken and continue to demand that the sources of mini-management from self-appointed but self-defeating ‘gurus’ be kept a minimum of several arms’ length away.

    I appreciate your comments always HC. They are a clearly a sincere and honest source of comfort as to our capacity to be supportive, properly balanced and passionate in our desire to the Hoosier football as a great story of revival and long-term football achievement.

    Thanks, and Go Hoosiers!

  36. I have always respected you Tsao and HC, but I clearly think you have gone off the wagon on this. Again, Podunker is a passionate fan. The man is tired of failure. Sh!t, we all are!

    I just hope you two, plus Harvard didn’t run him off. I enjoyed his posts, as he brought value here. Shame…

    Dustin/Jeremy.: Care to give your two cents on this?

  37. Ben, I have no doubt you know this a blog, no one gets run off, unless they have willingness to do so. I feel no shame and I doubt Po does either.

  38. Ben, being ‘tired’ of failing is a great failure in itself. It is, perhaps, the final terrible defeat itself. We’ll win when we have the conviction.

  39. Hell, the Bears haven’t won a Super Bowl since 1985…There’s “failure” everywhere if that’s the label you choose to attach.

    But we must understand that much of IU’s football “failures” came during some of the most glorious years a basketball program that was one of the tops in country.

    Considering that most thirsts were satisfied during basketball’s heyday, we left football in a mere state of existence. Now we hit the panic button? Does this say how we honestly feel about IU football letting us down or how we may be abandoning hope at the Hall of more recognition?

    It’s not fair to paint something for so long left without our deepest devotions as failure. If you had two children and one began to have the larger proportion of successes in life and you thus ignored to love as wholly and equally the other, what a crime it would be to suddenly blame the unloved child for their slower climb back. Football was that unloved child. Banners have become dusty. No surprise we suddenly want to tell the child we couldn’t passionately love for twenty years that it’s all their fault. Our failure is not this present day and it’s not Doug Mallory. Our “failure” is being human and loving success when it was at our dinner table to feast upon. Our “failure” is now the lack of looking in that collective mirror and realizing that we have what we helped create. Our failure is to now call anything at IU football a failure for it ignores the beauty of men that have succeeded and played to the best their honor in days where we did not put forth the best our passions.

    We may always love basketball more, but I’ll not consider IU football a failure because of going through so many years we simply did not show it any serious and sincere appreciation. And now we adorn helmets with glittery chrome candy stripes as if that can make the neglect suddenly disappear and make 5-star recruits break down Wilson’s(and Mallory’s)door overnight?

    Only collective shame…only collective blame. Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face. Don’t call IU football the aloof child that could just never love you back.

  40. Report from Asheville… My brother just waited on Cody, Al Jefferson, Ewing, Mark Price, and Jeff Van Gundy…. Talk about being overshadowed! Wonder if Cody has said a word… And do they make the Rook pick up the bill?

    That’s gotta be a hell of an interesting conversation – different backgrounds, different generations, coaches, players, guards, bigs… I’m a tad jealous.

  41. I don’t think there could be a more depressing team to play for than Charlotte. North Carolina has become so backward…Politics overtaken by that nutbag that is restricting the whole state. Guess if you’re an ultra-conservative it would be an o.k. place to live…or if you like to look at furniture.

    Guess that’s the price of going high in the draft…You get stuck with bottom of the barrel teams in very dull markets. And simply being near Duke and NC would be worse than living in West Lafayette.

  42. 1. If I had to guess, I’d say Cody is conservative…

    2. Politics don’t really affect the super-wealthy, which Cody is now a part of. It’s more of an annoyance than a hindrance.

    3. I actually think Charlotte is a pretty cool city… Only hung out there a couple time in my adult life, but enjoyed it thoroughly both times.

    4. I’m a sucker for southern accents on cute, tan, 20-something girls – damn you Cody!

  43. H4H, Been to NC and visited Charlotte many times. Except for the heat in the Summer I did not find much I could not like. A lot of transplanted Northerners give it a comfortable feel. It is a good place for CZ to thrive.

  44. It was just a feeble attempt to bring Chet back in with a little NC politics…

    No offense intended to Ashville, Chet, Charlotte, Cody, Geoff’s brother, Michael Jordan, High Point Furniture Market, The RJ Reynolds Company, Research Triangle, conservatives, the PTL, or southern belles with them there damn luring seggsy eyes and seggsy voices.

    Just me…But it just seems like going the route of Clyde Frazier; Southern Illinois to Madison Square Garden,..or MJ; NC to the Windy City…or Larry Bird; French Lick to Boston(my apologies for such date examples)brings a bit of excitement the big city lights and pro sports with deep traditions trump any college town feel or college games that mix in to take the attention away from the best game in town. Money may afford you pleasures and allow you to strut your stuff amongst the rural folk but it can’t make you the biggest hit on Broadway.

    It will be fun to see how Cody and Vic progress in the NBA. Stardom is so short-lived and I hope they don’t have the curse that came upon Eric Gordon to forever rot in the rather perimeter markets and expansion teams that never get the national attention of media markets run by the Establishment. I hope somebody from IU someday gets to wear the jersey of the Lakers, Celtics, Knicks, 76ers, or Bulls…Somewhere where there is some true dynasty in the air and some real NBA history….Real Celebs…not Mark Cuban sucking on a Dairy Queen cone.

  45. And with the warming of the globe, some of these towns tucked in the foothills of mountains that used to experience nice weather are becoming more like sweat boxes locked in the valleys of nature’s moist armpit.

    Makes me appreciate Indiana and the true change of seasons and the chance to still have real variances unlike many areas that have steadily succumb to the blandness of blended warming ..a chance to experience some cool Canadian air that can still manage to work up a strong puff from the tundras and fringes of Ontario pushing northern highs down with brisk and clean for the lungs as refreshing temps filter into the old screened porch on a late summer day while I enjoy an unobstructed sunset dancing off the tassels some golden winter wheat ale.

  46. That comes as a total shock. Did you hear the recent story about those damn giant hornets in China that have such potent stings that they’re killing people?…They are attributing their hyped-up aggressiveness to drought conditions. So much venom delivered in their stinger that some bitten(I guess the survivors) are requiring dialysis. Scary stuff. And to think I complain about those pesky deer flies.

  47. I think of Podunker as a giant hornet from China. The drought of IU football has super-hyped his aggressive behavior. He’s got this big needle sticking out his venom-inflated robust butt(a butt that carries true Big 10 donation sorta pounds). We need some heavy Sudfeld rains across the Memorial plain this Saturday…along with a big can of Mallory Raid to take the sting out of a Podunker’s Penn State DMDS(Doug Mallory doomsday stinger) parade. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  48. Long live Scoop. Later gang. Heading up to the Windy City. I’ll be breezing by my Dad’s hometown(Gary)…. and thus I’ll leave this thread with a dedication to Ben.

  49. Wow, I’m flattered that such busy and important people like Harvard and Tsao would take the time to go back and read posts I made over two years ago, looking for some comment they could use to continue their attack. I love the tactic, just like the slime bag political operatives (and political journalists) that infest our culture, pollute our media and ruin civil discourse throughout our society. Obviously, these men understand the strategy that when you can’t win the debate, attack your “opponent,” hence the name calling and sophomoric attempts at ridicule and mockery. This is entertaining, and I have to laugh, because obviously these men don’t have enough to do these days.

    Too bad that all their hard work actually supports my recent comments expressing concern about Mallory. Do you guys think those old comments diminish my recent arguments about Mallory’s ability or performance? Those are hardly “gotcha” comments you brought back from the past. If nothing else, they reinforce the fact that I’ve been consistent in expressing concern about Mallory’s ability to build and lead a strong defense at IU since before he was hired. When evaluating a candidate for a job you’re trying to fill, it’s good to remember the saying, “the best indication of a person’s future performance is the person’s past performance.” Back then, I was expressing concern that Mallory’s past performance, before being hired for the job at IU, was not real impressive. In fact, he had not been successful in his two previous coaching jobs. His career was not on the rise. Those were the facts. From any objective assessment, his career appeared to be in decline. You don’t go from being a top assistant at LSU to an assistant at the University of New Mexico, from one of the best football programs in the country to one of the absolute worst, if you’re a football coach on the rise. And lest we forget, I was not the only person expressing doubt about Mallory’s hire back then.

    From many people’s perspective, Mallory had not been a successful defensive coordinator before he was hired at IU. Was he a legacy hire? I have no idea, but his track record was not impressive before coming back to Bloomington And since he’s been back in Bloomington, well the record speaks for itself.

    These are not personal attacks, ladies. I have no reason to believe Mallory is anything less than a good man and a decent person. And I had no reason to believe that Lynch was anything less than the same. But sometimes, in this hyper-competitive society we live in, it becomes necessary to terminate the employment of nice, decent and honorable people because they’re not able to help the organization achieve its goals. In college sports, it’s about winning games. In business, it’s about increasing revenue and R.O.I., which you must do to survive. In business, you either produce growth or the organization begins to die. And the shareholders have a right to expect a reasonable return on their investment. When the “company” they’ve invested in does not produce the desired return (i.e., performance), the investors express their displeasure and eventually demand that the people managing the company be replaced. It’s about building and maintaining a successful organization. It’s the philosophy that made this the greatest nation in the history of the human race. And I know from direct experience that any business’ “management team” is only as strong as its weakest link. Is Mallory IU’s weakest link amongst the assistant coaches? I don’t know, but according to all the information I can examine, it sure looks that way. It certainly is not IU’s offense! Is Mallory’s performance at IU the reason why he went from LSU to New Mexico? I don’t know, but more and more, it’s looking that way.

    So boys, you can make your personal attacks on me all you want. The more you do, the more convinced I become that I’ve won the debate. You can go back and pull up every comment I’ve written on this site and select those that you think diminish my current argument. Since you have that kind of time, have at it. Take your best shot. I’m flattered. I enjoy this. It’s a fun break from the rigors of running a successful business. I consider being “attacked” or criticized by Harvard as flattering, kind of a badge of honor. Now, when someone who consistently demonstrates symptoms of derangement and religious bigotry supports you, it’s time to be worried. Tsao, you may want to think about that, because even in the digital community we now live in, you’re still judged by the company you keep.

    Hey Ben, thanks for the support. I appreciate it. But don’t worry, I’m a big boy. And people like Harvard and Tsao don’t have the ability to stifle me, offend me, or prevent me from contributing my comments. They can overwhelm me by the shear volume of their comments (because I have a job), but their juvenile attacks won’t run me off this site. But I do wonder how many people, having noticed that the volume of comments posted by these two paragons of Hoosier sport dominate this site, have logged on and shortly thereafter decided to stop contributing. I mean obviously, these two heavyweights don’t have enough to do, and as a result, this is becoming more and more like an exclusive little club that they’ve decided to control. Variety of opinion and debate are not embraced by Tsao and/or Harvard. If it does not involve denigrating Tom Crean, Harvard is not interested. And if Tsao disagrees with your opinion, or, according to his criteria, feels you’re being disloyal, he will stop at nothing to try to diminish you, stifle your comments, or run you off this site. He considers himself the arbiter of this site and woe be those who challenge his opinion or his authority. The point being, if this trend continues, and this little club continues to become more and more exclusive, The Hoosier Scoop will become too boring to warrant further participation. And on the subject of Mallory, I really hope I’m wrong. I really hope IU’s defense improves. I’d love to see IU beat Penn State Saturday and that the defense plays well. And I’d love to see Mallory achieve the success as a coach at IU that his father enjoyed. I’d love to see it, but I don’t think I will.

  50. I’d love to see it, but I don’t think I will.

    You finally cut to the chase(just like you’ve been chasing Mallory around for three years). Way to go out on a limb, you heavy hitter, you. Flex that stinger.

    Tsao’s likely retired. Takes a real man to go after someone that has worked hard and has fought for his country. You should have a little more respect and take an ounce of his wisdom to counter the weight all your superior arrogance.

    And that internet search of your old post took all of 30 seconds of my time. I simply thought it would be interesting to see some of the opinions on the day Mallory was hired. It was real difficult..I typed ‘Hoosier Scoop IU Football hires Doug Mallory’ into my search bar. I had no idea if I’d even see a post from Podunker…But there it was. A sea of doubt cast upon Doug Mallory(and there you were playing the role of being dominant). I’ll give you consistency. You carry it like a fat Wisconsin lineman with a big diet of cheese. You carry it like the cross on Crean’s back while he chases down Jeff Meyer six years after the point of nobody cares. You’re about as consistent and stale as Tom Crean losing to a coach with less talent and greater understanding of the game. Boxed into a Mallory hate zone like Hoosiers boxed in against Syracuse. You have the talent…You simply have no guidance and refuse to break away from your preconceived notions. Your wanting to put Mallory’s head on a platter is from your supreme intellect. Someone having doubts about Tom Crean as a coach that is not up to snuff within the intellectual side in his profession(and hides behind powerful symbols, villains, and the staged admiration of old Hoosier legends to ward off criticism and shed accountability)is because they’re simply a deranged bigot.

    You’re a real piece of work, podunker(should have stuck with the small ‘p’)..Changing to the big ‘P’ sorta speaks to the general problem I do believe you’re experiencing..

  51. And you should also stop ridiculing people as ‘deranged’ or of needing ‘meds’.

    I hope that you keep your mental health and live a long and stable, happy existence. But to suggest you are better than someone that may struggle with issues you have no idea the biological or environmental source, shows a real insensitivity, recklessness, and defeatist attitude toward a problem that exists in many households.

    And in all honesty, I’d rather be deranged than to be heartless and make mockery of those afflicted with mental illness.

    Arrogance is nothing other than a different line of defense where fear does not want to take the deeper look inside. Heaven forbid you may find your own bit of “crazy” gene just waiting to take you to a place you’re too strong or too modeled in perfection to ever find.

  52. Some have made some very cute speeches about this blog being overwhelmed by dominant posters. I’ve never been part of this Yacht Club. I honestly see no harm in a thread going 100 posts long between two or three posters. There is nothing whatsoever stopping any contributor to jump in and become part of the discussions. If you’re afraid to state your position because of perceived alliances between some on here that move to-and-fro amongst interchanging blogging friendships that can sometimes unduly influence their opinions, how is it any different than anything you’ll face in everyday interpersonal relationships?

    Tsao and I have had plenty of disagreements on plenty of topics. We have moved on. We didn’t let it drive us to the cowardliness and destruction of clarity to hide behind a temporary screen name to take cheap shots at one another.

    And those claiming my opinions on IU basketball are solely formulated from a hate position against Christianity are simply wrong. My positions are based on observation of a coach that I believe is more to do about chasing and selling than quiet competence and accountability. Have I made some jokes and commentary jibes regarding how I believe he uses religion to perpetuate and allow for his own unbalanced introspection his own faith and our unbalanced collective extrospetion our faith in basketball? Do I see blatant a contradiction in faith and the teachings of forgiveness in his long personal attacks and vilification methods? Do I use much of that “church lady” persona as protection to see sin everywhere but in the mirror his own flaws? Do I make silly doctored images that attempt to pull away the blinders through the use of humor and visual commentary? Yes to all four of the above. Does any of this mean I hate Christians? No.

    One of my best memories of Bloomington were from a long ago time I worked aside a very devout Christian. We both worked as assistant managers in a fast food chain. He was one of the hardest workers I’ve ever been around. He was dedicated to his family. He was smart without being a smart ass. He was kind and never crude in his humor(unlike me). And he knew I was nothing to be converted nor did he desire any attempt to change me into him. He respected my being different while embracing how much we were alike in so many ways outside of our avenues to the spiritual side of life. I worked with him everyday for two years and he never shoved his own personal faith down my throat. Nor did I ever see him force it upon anyone else. He carried his beliefs with dignity and didn’t use it enshroud himself in purity. He did not chase blame. He took responsibility upon his own shoulders when younger workers(simply being carefree and young) were truly at fault. I don’t see many religions living up to what I saw in this young man that was open to accept me into his heart. He was almost too unassuming. Drove a tiny car. His flash was in his uniqueness and his heart. His eyes lit up when he saw his kids come in to the restaurant. He laughed at my stupid jokes. He would get frustrated but he never held it long. He was almost too comfortable in his fearlessness to hold faith so securely in the bosom of where it is strongest. He inspired my slim hopes for something in him that can touch a place beyond this world. I never believed he was decent because of his religion. I believed his religion was the beneficiary of his decency.

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