Glass on basketball scheduling, Gardner

Fred Glass has been a busy man lately with the beginning of the school year, and his full schedule has led to him being a bit slower than usual on returning media calls, but the Indiana athletic director got back to me after the fact about a couple of stories, and I believe his thoughts are still worth publishing even though they wouldn’t warrant a separate newspaper story at this point.

Glass said he was disappointed that Indiana’s men’s basketball schedule did not include a marquee non-conference home game, which he said would be a parameter for the schedule when negotiations to continue the Kentucky series broke down last spring.

“I am,” he said, “and that’s a failure on my part. I’m ultimately responsible for the schedule, and I wanted to have that marquee home game every year. Having the Big Ten/ACC Challenge and Kentucky in alternating years made sure we had that. Then, the Kentucky thing went the wrong way, and we set about trying to get a marquee opponent in the off-ACC challenge years. We  worked hard to do that and there were a number of things didn’t work out. It wasn’t for lack of trying. It was something we wanted to do, and it’s my failure that we weren’t able to accomplish that.”

Glass wouldn’t name names, but he said that Indiana contacted a number of major schools looking for a home-and-home series, but there were a number of things that held them back including several possibilities for events in the 2014-15 season.

It’s like three-dimensional chess trying to plug in things we want to do,” Glass said. “Marquee schools have a lot of scheduling parameters they’re trying to follow, harder and harder to do home and homes. Not every team is as strident about playing in neutral sites and football stadiums as Kentucky is, but the opportunity to play in some of these attractive neutral site games is hard to pass up. And our commitment to the Crossroads Classic hurts us in that regard. It’s a great event, we’re committed to it and it’s really good, but there are only so many dates in December. That comes in to play to. So it’s not any particular thing. It’s a variety of peculiarities of availability.”

Glass said he doesn’t believe the Hoosiers will have as much of a problem finding a marquee home non-conference opponent going forward.

“I’m confident this is a blip on the screen,” he said. “I had intended to get the marquee game on the schedule and we failed to do that, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. It’s certainly my expectation that we’ll be able to do that going forward.”

Also spoke to Glass after the fact about the Indianapolis Star story about Michelle Gardner, her post-game tirade in April and the investigation that followed. He reiterated most of what he told the Star, saying that he felt the department conducted exhaustive inquiries and felt confident that Gardner’s behavior was atypical for her.

“Our hotline contained some very seriously allegations and I asked this be looked into outside the department,” Glass said. “The general counsel conducted not one but two reviews of that and based upon those reviews, it strongly appeared that it was an uncharacteristic situation, Michelle had apologized on her own quite sincerely the next day without any prompting from anyone. There was no evidence in any other way with her. What I consider the more concerning allegations proved out not to be accurate. Before the public inquiries, I discussed it with Michelle and issued private reprimand, and said this can’t happen again. I think it’s important not to under-react. We didn’t wink at this, nod at it, or dismiss it, but it was also important not to overreact.”

Glass said much of his approach in this regard has been influenced by recent college sports scandals and that he considers it extremely important that the athletic administration makes it clear to everyone in the department that he doesn’t want anything covered up or ignored.

“I’m not smart enough to know what the next scandal is going to be,” Glass said. “At first I thought the Ohio State scandal was the worst thing that could happen. Then at Miami, you had boosters out of control and I didn’t think of anything that could be worse than the situation at Miami. Then Penn State happened. The one thread in all of the involved situations is that people didn’t talk about it. They hushed up and certain information didn’t see the light of day. Antidote is making sure everyone knows we really want to know. It can’t be ,’Oh, everybody knows,’ or ‘he must know’ or ‘he doesn’t want to know.’ We worked really hard at that. But we have confidence in this coaching staff that they’re doing things the right away. I have a lot of confidence in Michelle. I think she lost her cookies after a game in tough situation, but that’s not who she is.”


  1. Wow, the Hoosier Scoop has been in a coma lately. Are you losing subscribers? This is as dead as I’ve seen it since I first subscribed.

  2. I think the quiet mood is a product of losing out on Indiana basketball recruits(coupled with the fact that it’s football season in a basketball state adds to the depression). All the hoopla surrounding Zeller is over….He killed the buzz with exiting to the NBA prematurely(no heart and drive to get Indiana back on the banner/elite map). The cure for the thirty year depression was a 6th banner. How long will we wait? When will we get Indiana kids that believe a “coming home” party is a metaphor for raising Crean’s first banner as a coach?…and raising Indiana’s first in nearly three decades? Assembly Hall is an old stadium and those banners are as stale as the days of Foster Quad dorm rats blowing Bruce Srpingsteen “Born to Run” through the concrete block walls their pot-filled rooms. But when’s the last time a Hoosier basketball team was born to run deep to a Final Four? Well, I guess we did have that Mike Davis hiccup.

    Many fans still like to primarily see Indiana kids wearing the cream and crimson. Now the harsh reality of “the everything hinges” hype has hit home. A sense vulnerability is beginning to filter into Bloomington. Where are the five years of floodgates opening to all the top local talent?

    I saw this coming. There were reasons Cody bonded to Crean. And whatever those reasons construed/hypothesized/imagined, it does not appear they are as salient with the many top prospects we continue to lose from within our borders.

    If the trend continues, you’ll see the fans wake up from their “coma”..Alford recently getting a commit from a Park Tudor standout, and the lack of love from Lyles and Blackmon Jr., are more signals that trouble may be brewing in River City. It appears 4guards was right about Alford. Alford has made it bigtime. So much for the predictions many on Scoop were making a couple years ago that the New Castle and Hoosier legend would die a slow death in the irrelevant Mountain West.

    And as much as I like the incoming athleticism and size in the backcourt via Crean’s pipeline to Dipoville, the patience from the fan base will tighten up at a much faster pace if this team doesn’t gel quickly.

    But the real reason Scoop appears to be in a coma? Hate to rub in the obvious….but Harvard brings the crowds to the opera like ‘The Boss’ brings those dancin’ in the dark to the Jersey boardwalk.

  3. I nearly never read H4H’s posts but I did this time because I thought he was going to say something that would be pertinent or revealing to the Hoosiers. How wrong that was. I’ve never read so much hogwash in 1 post. Even those of H4H. I’ll not repeat that error again.

  4. Funny to hear Glass act as though he had to be tough with Gardner all the while being a Knight loyalist and apologist. The same Knight that Glass loved as a coach and looked the other way when he treated his players the same way. The same Knight that Glass saw as a hero while attending IU. Glass is a joke.

    Harvard brings up a point about IUBB fans wanting to see Indiana kids go to Btown to play. However the last championship we won in 87 only had 1 Indiana kid starting and 2 bench guys from Indiana. The 2002 FF team only had 2 Indiana kids as starters and probably the most popular player that season was from Georgia. The 76 team only had 3 Indiana players on the roster. The 81 team was loaded with Indiana kids but one from Chicago was the one that led us to the promised land. Point is, as a lifelong Hoosier who would love to see Indiana kids stay in state and play at IU, I don’t care where the kids come from as long as we win a championship. This generation of kids have no loyalty to a state. Their loyalty is to themselves and how fast they can get to the league.

  5. When the cameras are rolling and the ‘Indiana’ Hoosiers take to the court in the opening round of March Madness, will our roster be indicative of the level of basketball talent found in Indiana?

    Do you not feel any sense of national betrayal when the most storied basketball program in history from Indiana sells the state as dried up in talent? I can tell you one thing…Seth Davis and Steve Smith feel no sense of betrayal.

    Don’t kid yourselves…This is a key season for Tom Crean. Alford to UCLA is casting a long shadow. Will soon see pictures of Bobby stretched out on a lounge chair….kicking back on the oceanfront of Wooden and Walton’s old stomping grounds…soaking up California sun…a beautifully tanned valley girl bringing him a fancy cocktail from the nearby 5-star resort hotel…digging his toes into the soft sands and enjoying the sounds of waves breaking in rhythm to a day when Indiana was once king of the basketball world. California invasion complete while Crean’s Hoosiers on roster deplete….A subtle grin below the fair and full his grays catches the warm kiss of heaven’s rays..The past and future have married his heart to an inevitable truth in his peaceful and contented gaze.

  6. Should hook that Gardner blowbag attack artist up with Tom Crean. Send them both off to coach tetherball at a Catholic boarding school.

  7. Severely out-coached by Boeheim…

    Think the ‘Selection Sunday’ committee will do everything possible to put Crean and the Hoosiers on a collision course with an Alford UCLA or a Crews’ Billikens team?

    And then you have the possibilities of going against his good friend in Calipari at UK….or facing another Knight disciple in Coach K at Duke…?

    You know it’s hard out here for a Cody-less pimp.

  8. Alford was known to practice shooting so much that he would wear out six or seven nets a summer and frequently forego social activities in favor of practicing(courtesy: Wikipedia)

    That’s wear out six or seven basketball nets…Not to be confused with wearing out six or seven pairs of fishnet pantyhose in a summer while sitting butt in pious chair drilling home Joyce Meyer retweets.

  9. ESPN sure dropped the ball putting Michigan vs. ND in the primetime slot instead of IU vs. Navy.

    Tradition is everything.

    Ratings our everything.

    Keeping relevant in that 54″ flatscreen panel of pixels that sends images to the zombies that drink 24/7 sports into their brains is everything.

    Keep that in mind while witnessing ‘Judge Judas of Salem’ scare off Indiana b-ball talent during our next attempt at ‘football school’ transformation.

  10. Classic Harvard. Silent for a few weeks, until a scheduling story grants him a new opportunity to preach his tired old sermon. Reminds me of my grandpa, the way that every conversation somehow leads back to WW2 (that he never fought in).

  11. The blog was silent. Just think of Harvard as PED’s for Scoop.

    Dustin was crying out. Rhinestones are heavy. Scoop was in need of steroids.

    Harvard = Runs & Steroids
    Husky = Lloyd’s of Lung Dung & Hemorrhoids.

  12. Husky Tom, I blame you. The inmate was asleep and you had to wake him up and tell him that you were going through a seasonal change (or something). I think that you did it on purpose. Would it have anything to do with the state of Washington legalizing pot? I for one would be very happy if old Harv slept for 150 years. I should be dead by then.

  13. November 21, 2013

    Washington Huskies vs. Indiana Hoosiers

    Fifteen minutes before tip-off: The essence of Husky Tom.

  14. I see Jay Gregg is still searching for his nuts and bolts over at IDS’s Basketblog aisle 14. You carry a grudge longer than Crean turns 19 F’s into five seconds of speed dating with Jeff Meyer. Loved your going long on that football post. Sorry to burst your bubble, but here’s the triple option in a nutshell.

    The Triple Option: Do I retweet Joyce..? Do I retweet Jack Graham…? Do I mention Dwyane…? Hut! Hut!!

  15. Well, before this one, there were 19 posts on this string. H4H composed nine of the 19. And the third post was as irrational and inane as any ever written in this blog. That may provide insight as to why there are so few people contributing to The Hoosier Scoop.

    More and more, the Hoosier Scoop is becoming a forum for H4H’s deranged soliloquies and anti-crean ravings. What a shame.

  16. Came back. Read 3 posts. 3rd post from Harvard is negative. What a shame. Will come back again later. Something should be done about him. This isn’t a dumping ground to blame being dropped on your headed as a child.

  17. Geoff, best satirical Harvard name ever (until now Remora’s “Hardfart for Heebiejeebies” was the best.

    Harvard, I can’t open the picture. Can you re-post it?

  18. The real tragedy is how silent the blog gets when Podunker and other pretend fans of Hoosier sports have no object of jealousy or fellow blogger to hate on.

    And this place was a dumping ground for Lynch haters long before Harvard was posting on Hoosier Scoop. Let’s not pretend that constant berating of a Hoosier coach began with Harvard.


    You don’t see the first post as extremely negative? You don’t see the arrogant tone in suggesting that HT is losing subscribers? Your eyes are quite selective. I simply gave purposeful satirical angle to a rather insulting and self-serving dig.

  19. Don’t place blame on Podunker. My time on here senses he is a passionate Hoosier fan. The problems you have created Harvard are lengthy. Many of us have simply gave up on you. Why you oppress others, but find yourself not guilty of the charges you ram down our throats is beyond me.

    Go back to Basketblog. You always talk about it. I recently tried to see if it still exists, and it does. We’re you kicked off? I am not surprised.

    You have problems. What waste of life always living in the past. While this blog was quiet, at least the few posts were meaningful. Here you come, and BAM, destroy any progress made here. I find it funny you point fingers at other people, but your the one banned every other month.

  20. Ben-

    There is plenty of relevant material in my posts(along with the slapstick).

    You may construe it all as “negative,” but the challenges facing Crean are by his own creation. I, nor any fan, holds the keys to where he recruits. Nor do we have any say in what is creating some visible hesitancy from in-state talent backing out of commitments.

    This is a very pivotal year. Mark it down. The buzz of the “savior” recruit is over. Now it’s time to get down and dirty and coach your way to some victories with the pipeline additions you have chosen on own accord.

  21. Wow…

    Opening drive for Navy may be one of the most ‘pound it down your throat’ unabashed dominance and effortless sucking up of turf against a defense(not worthy to be called “defense”) than ever witnessed in the history of football(at any level).

    $100,000 in fireworks used up. Hopefully Bob Knight will show up for a book signing at halftime. I still hold onto positive thinking in the hope that JPat at least found some clean porta potties during pregame tailgating festivities.

  22. That’s me…Just thought I’d join in the fun. Sweeten the Harvard name for all the lovely flower children.

    Mr. Bubble slipped getting out of the bathtub…I think he Sudfeld.

  23. 8:33 Live Chat

    [Comment From Podunker: ]
    Wilson said he wants IU fans to have high expectations. I wonder how he’s going to deal with the fans’ response to this game. He’ll learn quickly that the way the IU fans express their dissatisfaction is to stay at home on Saturdays.

    And a sea of many more “positive” vibe comments that just sends warm and fuzzy all over my Hoosier spirit.

  24. Podunker (Monday, August 19, 2013 – 11:18 AM UTC) said:

    I wonder how many 4-star recruits Northern Illinois signs every year? The reason I ask is that they’re ranked, by Sports Illustrated, in the top 25 teams in the country.
    If Wilson’s team builds on the momentum they established last year, and win five or six games this year, I think Wilson and staff will continue to sign bigger, faster and better football players. And if they have some luck and win seven games this year, we’ll see IU’s football program take a big step forward. Then, the challenge will be to keep Wilson and the majority of his staff from being hired away from IU by schools with much bigger football budgets.

    Very well stated, Podunker. I think it we lose Wilson it’s going to be almost like a disaster or something: the entire long, glorious IU Football tradition would simply be gone. Glass needs to keep Wilson at all cost. I say seven wins this season is quite plausible and fans need to show some enthusiasm, like paying to watch replays of the Sycamores game at Memorial twice a week!

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