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Nick Mangieri just might be the kind of defensive end the Hoosiers have been looking for, Dustin writes.

Preseason publications have IU basketball finishing fifth or sixth in the Big Ten for 2013-14, Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall writes.

Former Hoosier Derek Drouin capped his summer by winning his first international title at the Francophone Games last weekend, Rick Burrows of BlackburnNews.com reports.

Nebraska quarterback recruit Zack Darlington’s future is in question after a concussion that’s impacted his speech, Jeremy Fowler of CBSsports.com writes.

Just for Mr. Drouin, “Jumper” from Third Eye Blind.


  1. The is a growing trend, the 2 headed QB offensive scheme. The Bucks Coach Meyer is saying he will be using both Miller and Guiton at QB. Damn that Coach Wilson is an innovator and we have him. I think this week we will see more Tre(somehow/someway)than in the last 3 games. My fingers are crossed for success.

  2. Does it surprise anyone at all that HC came up with the correct answer in regards to the Hoosiers multiple qb offense? Doesn’t surprise me…he’s long been the one blogger who understands great strategies come in simple packages, like multiple qb’s with different assets, running backs who can act as receivers and a multiplicity of approaches that give defensive coordinators and their defenses upset stomachs.

    He’s (HC) damned right, Wilson is an innovator who could change the balance of power in the B1C and accomplish what we asked for in terms of IU football; change our copycat approach, change our fan culture and make us competitive.

    It’s obvious it comes from the solid AD structure built by Glass and his recognition that “…damned, this is the guy we need…” when he sat down for a whole day with Wilson and, ended the search there; while laying the groundwork to change the way the department is financed and great staffs built, and promoting the program’s efforts. And, the added giving of a voice to the Hoosier Clarion’s out there who believe and have enough vision to understand what a revolution in Hoosier athletics we are living.

    We need the Glass’, Wilsons, each and all of the staff members and…the Hoosier Clarions who give it a voice and make it happen.

  3. Clarion-

    You may be right, but I stick with the hot arm and roll with the momentum of a QB that had a very solid/poised game and threw the ball to near perfection. I would have a difficult time not going with Sudfeld for the majority of all four quarters.

    Hoosiers 34
    Missouri 28

  4. I’m with Harvard on the QB situation. Sudfeld has earned the job. He moves the offense. He quickly gets through his progressions to make the right play. He’s demonstrated the ability to keep a play alive without pulling it down and running. He’s also been able to gain good chunks of yards when he does run.
    Not to mention his arm strength and touch; which have been on full display in each game. You’ve gotta go with the hot hand and he’s been hot since the I-State game.

  5. I do think NS has certainly earned the starting position. Tre is for sure the #2 backup and Cam is 2A. Throw Sudfeld throw.

  6. I agree with you Clarion (and all the others who point out what a great job NS has done to this point). Nevertheless, I suspect CKW has a reason for handling the assignment as he has; and it is his role to keep calling it as he sees fit.

    Let’s not forget that the ‘starting’ label is largely a ceremonial one (as the two initial ‘starting’ assignments have shown). As far as I’m concerned he can start TR,CC and NS all at once, (and throw in Boudreau for good measure) if he is so inspired. The one thing I favor is that KW make the final call, even if just confirming a poll taken of his staff… or not.

  7. Forgive me for asking, but would it be crazy to suggest Tre might be moved to DB? He has the athletic ability, he knows receiver routes, we’re stacked at the other offensive skill positions, and you don’t need to have great hands to play there. Just a thought.

  8. I think CKW sees him as a QB and has something in mind since he’s made it clear that he like TR as a qb. There may be games when we may be grateful for his elusiveness and quickness afoot. He’s also a good passer, coaches have said that clearly. He may be a valuable change of pace or be part of a 2, even three qb backfield.
    I have no idea, but I am comfortable with the people thinking through the dilemmas. It also strikes me that, for a change, we have a wealth of talent at QB (we used to celebrate when we had two in a seven year period) and are so flummoxed by having the chance to make a choice we resemble a rat experiment in a Psych class. You know, the type where the rats starve to death because they are rendered paralyzed by having too many options.

    Just enjoy it Punjab. Maybe you’ve brought luck to Hoosier football fans, so enjoy the wealth. (If nothing else,we can use TR at offensive guard,- silly,… I know he’s too small for defensive nose guard-, where injuries are depleting us and his speed would help.

  9. When you have a good #2 backup at any position keep him there. If he was moved to DB now he would be at the bottom of the list.

  10. When you have a good #2 backup at any position keep him there

    I don’t know if that’s very good advice for someone as old as Tsao. Not unusual that Tsao is a bit biased in preferring a backup with some run game….Maybe I should just keep a lid on it…? Keep the troops marching down the field …? The #2’s time will come soon enough. And as Wilson stated, “Our #2 is pressing a bit.” Best not to force the issue.

  11. Here’s my guess. Wilson needs Tre to stay emotionally upbeat and mentally ready to play in case Sudfeld goes down. Wilson also likes using Tre in certain game situations where his dual threat keeps the defense on its toes. But Sudfeld is IU’s starter and primary quarterback, and he will remain so unless he gets injured. The threat that Sudfeld presents to defenses allows IU’s running game to be effective, as we witnessed against Bowling Green last Saturday.

    I was not impressed with IU’s execution last Saturday when Wilson inserted Tre in the goal line situations. Tre did score a TD, but he did that in spite of a collision with his running back.

    Some of the TD passes Sudfeld threw last Saturday were as pretty as any passes I’ve ever seen thrown in Memorial Stadium. His accuracy and timing is most impressive.

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