In case you missed it, Rivals updates recruiting rankings updated its top 150 for the Class of 2014 on Wednesday, and most of Indiana’s targets moved up the ladder.

Brooklyn, N.Y. guard Isaiah Whitehead is now No. 14 on the list and the highest rated Indiana target. Forward Devin Robinson of Christchurch School in Virginia moved up to No. 20 and James Blackmon Jr. — a long time IU commit who the Hoosiers are still recruiting after he de-committed, is No. 23. Massachusetts center Goodluck Okonoboh is No. 32, Richmond, Va. guard Robert Johnson is No. 42 and Kansas point guard Lourawls Nairn is No. 61. Georgia guard Ahmed Hill is No. 69.

In other recruiting news on Wednesday, T.J. Leaf, a forward from California in the 2016 class whose father was raised in Fishers, took an unofficial visit to IU today, and various Twitter reports said he was offered a scholarship.


  1. Chicken or the egg? Does Crean look good because his targets are rising, or are his targets rising because Crean is eyeing them? Hmmm…

  2. Its nice to see Crean going for top tier recruits but its also time to land some of them.Im hoping for Whitehead,Robinson and Goodluck in that order .Not really sure why IU still recruits JBJ but they have the inside scoop so hopefully they aren’t wasting their time.Caleb Swannigan moves from Utah to Indiana and enrolls…Hmmm that’s interesting.

  3. You know AKA that is what I thought when I read that about Swannigan. Is it a coincidental happening for a basketball crazy state or is there a another chapter in there somewhere.

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