Indiana breaking out chrome candy-stripe helmet for Bowling Green game

In case you were wondering when Indiana was going to bust out the chrome candy-stripe helmets, your answer is tomorrow at noon against Bowling Green. This was announced earlier today on the IU football official Twitter account. Yes, they’re wearing them during a day game.


  1. I have inside information that Mallory requested it knowing the sun would be out for a noon kickoff and our defense could use some sort of advantage at the line of scrimmage.

  2. You sure as hell better play like Barnum & Bailey if you’re bringing out the Bozo Circus.

  3. If it pumps up the team, I’m all for it. This is pretty much a must-win game if they want to go bowling.

  4. If you look at this week’s polls Bowling Green is in the top 40 on each poll so Indiana will need to play all out to win this game! This is not your average MAC team so bring out the Crome Domes.

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