Live Discussion: Bowling Green at Indiana



  1. Game ball to the chrome helmet design team.

    Many weapons on that Hoosier offense…Scary amount of weapons..and scary speed.

    Must admit that I had no idea Sudfeld was this good.

  2. I have to agree Harvard, Sudfeld is a beast. His touch, accuracy and physical stature (6′ 5″ 230) give this offense MORE firepower. Game ball to the Hoosier Defense for pitching a shout out. After the 1st quarter they were able to get a bit more pressure up front and got home 3 times. Yes they missed tackles, and assignments but anyone who watched this game has to admit that they rallied to the ball and battled for 60 minutes. Way to bounce back D!
    Great job team and fans. I absolutely loved watching this game. GO HOOSIERS!!!

  3. Good win….IU soundly beat a team it should….I do not except Navy excuses about the kind of offense it ran….Not that IU should or should not beat Navy….but how uncompetitive and unprepared the defense was….(against Navy IU was overthinking making them slow and reactive a step behind each play rather than being more aggressive, attacking, and competitive.

  4. Sudfield = Pro potential….Missouri will be a great measuring stick to see if IU is going to have a very successful season.

  5. Good post (#5) t. Sudfeld has things you can’t teach. I think he’ll play on Sundays. I think of guys like Gibran Hamdan who played @ IU. Good size and and excellent arm strength, though not as mobile as Sudfeld and he played in the League for a few years. Sudfled has demonstrated that he deserves to be the #1 QB on this team this season. I believe Dave Revsine on BTN mentioned this during the preseason road trip. Missouri is the next test for this program. Learn their tendencies, build off the miscues from this game and keep it going. Keep grindin’, keep improving, keep trusting the guy next to you and play for the guys in that locker room. Good win, Good step forward. Go Hoosiers!!!

  6. In the spirit introduced by Davis, that commentary be treated as the traditional babble of ‘fans gathered around the water fountain’:

    I’d like to celebrate and honor this week’s victory introduce with some relief and, in no small way recognize the influence and loyalty demonstrated by the Founding Members and Officer of IU’s newest fraternity- PI ALPHA DELTA (in English- PERFORMANCE ANXIETY DISORDER aka PAD). We recognize their efforts and the invaluable analysis advice, suggestions, prayers, faith, incantations and voodoo in behalf of Hoosier football.

    PRESIDENT- Podunker
    RECORDING SECRETARY- Dustin Dopirak (aka- Delta Delta)
    TREASURER- (no one chosen due to absence of qualifications)

    The following individuals were nominated for office but their names dropped from consideration and/or membership in PAD: HARVARD (aka HfF, Harvey); Hoosier Clarion; TsaoTsuG for failing to meet basic qualification of Membership (Manic Depression, Obsessive Paranoia and Hopeless Pesimism.

  7. I am vacationing in Panama City Beach from Dothan, AL, and wasn’t able to watch game. Seems like the defense did its job! Was the stadium full like last week and making noise? Met an Evansville Hoosier down here, and a Oho State fan. His buddy was a Kentucky fan, and when I said I was a Hoosier fan, he said “My Condolances”. Oh well.

  8. Attendance was 41,869. Ben, if by “Evansville Hoosier” you meant an IU grad who’s from Evansville (otherwise the term would be redundant), all I can say is “Go, Cal!” If you didn’t attend college (or did attend but your school didn’t have a football team SHOTS FIRED AT MARQUETTE ALUMS), then you are free to boost whomever you choose. But if you are an IU grad and root for any other team, may the gods of football stuff sparrows down your throat until their beaks poke through your stomach wall. That goes double for the UK fan who offered his condolences, UK football (pronounced “yuck”) should be on the receiving end of plenty of condolences itself.

  9. Lots of my friends are apparently spending a quiet evening watching a movie with their wives/ families/ teddy bears… but don’t want to awaken and interrupt their post-game chanting and spiked-chain/thorn back-beatings traditional to their version of the ‘Climb to the Misery and Pain Sacrifice of the Trident Stations’ ritual.

  10. After the IU win I watched a good deal of the Navy/Delaware game. It confirmed to anyone 1 who dialed in the Navy offense is the real deal. There is responsibility for Mallory and Inge to bear but 80% of the poor play of the IU D last week was because of the Navy offensive system. They do things so much better than I even thought after last week. Because of that they can hurt anyone early in the season or anyone in the rebuild mode. I suspect by the time they invade South Bend Kelly will have the Irish whipped into shape and will succumb to the talent of the ND roster.

    Did anyone watch Sheldon Day(ND)last night against PUke? If we had that Sophomore at Bloomington our FB days would be a little brighter.

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