1. Can’t stop Navy….Missouri stops itself……IU has made a few excellent defensive plays…..competition improves IU offense struggles….even if IU scores again and statistically makes some offensive plays…this is after the game is pretty much already lost by mid 3rd quarter….this has been the case many times over the last 50 years….Offense puts up big numbers against lesser competition but when they meet a decent team IU offense has trouble elevating to a higher level….bad defense one week….then bad offense the next week….and sometimes bad offense and bad defense in same week….this is IU tradition….when good teams put up big numbers against lesser competition they are also able to elevate against better competition….Once in a while the good teams get upset….but for IU they just get beat all the time and have trouble competing when game is on the line….4 star recruits needed.

    For the last few years Purdue plays horrible…then later in the day IU tops them.

  2. You can officially count me out, indiana football. Coach has had enough time to “rebuild” but has nothing to show for it. About time he leaves btown. I try to support iu football but they make it tough to do so.

  3. Yup, it’s over. I know it’s said every year, but really, this is an old tired story. The weaknesses are omnipresent, and don’t change. Guys who tackle with their arms, never really putting a hit on anyone. Defensive backs who if they would just turn their head and find the ball, they could make a play. A team that solely relies on offensive. The defense can never pick up the slack, let alone compete at a Big Ten level. Another year goes by, and IU football remains irrelevant. It’s like a train wreck, and when we play Ohio State, I’ll just pray none of our kids get hurt.

  4. We have too much hype followed immediately by losing. No more hype til results appear.
    Ws. Just Ws.

    So painful.

  5. [cakewalk]…

    Tried washing my carpets over the last two days..Rented a hot-water extractor..You have to empty buckets of filthy water every 10 minutes..Busted my butt for what? The place now stinks to high heaven..Smells like wet dog.

    Suggestion: If you need to clean your carpets, save yourself some grief and get a professional. If you need to fix football at IU, you best do the same. Spend the extra money or maybe just change over permanently to hardwood floors.

  6. I’ll enjoy t’s leaving the building almost as much as I do a victory. I am still all in. Wilson is making a difference but he still needs some more thoroughbred upperclassmen to be viable every week. Mizzou is not a bad team. To my way of thinking loses to Mo and Navy while rebuilding is not the end of the world.

  7. IU football in a nutshell. Force 3 turnovers in first 20 mins. of the game and force a stop ( ultimately a fake FG that ends up in a TD ).

    IU 3 turnovers recovered – Mizzu 0 turnovers recovered.

    Score : Mizzu 14 IU 0

    You won’t have that stat in another game anywhere this year. Unfortunately IU is the place where unusual stats live.


    * most yards rushing yards gained ever by – fill in any opponent.

    * first time 3 guys on the same team rush for over 100 yards each.

    * first time team never punted in a game in their history.

    etc. – etc. – etc.

    Biggest pet peeve of the night – Offensive play calling was pathetic. Threw one ball down the field all night – FOR A TD. Too many dink and dunk passes. We probably could have run the ball consistently if we pursued it. Sudfeld didn’t play well – but he’s the QB. Bringing in TR just goes back to square one with a controversy. 4 games in and still play QB guessing game. Sudfeld in a good QB who may be great – the kid needs more than one start to show it. Experience will be a key for him to be great down the road.

    Beat Penn St…………………….

  8. You were right, Clarion…We did see Roberson.

    And I thought he didn’t have an arm…I believe I saw him overthrow our fastest receiver by 15 yards while putting one in the air for about 70+.

    Why do people say Roberson doesn’t have a gun when it’s clearly not true?

    Between the punt for TD taken out of the air right off the IU kicker’s foot last weekend and the interception for TD that looked like a forward lateral to a rushing Missouri defensive lineman busting through…? I’m sorry, but it’s so goofy to watch it’s hard not to break out the old cynical chuckle. You normally wouldn’t see those two plays in an entire season’s worth of highlights/lowlights/funniest football bloopers from an array of hundreds of hours of footage at every level of the game…Somehow, we not only provide both stink bomb plays, but we do something even beyond freakish and come up with them on successive weekends. It’s hard and it’s heartbreaking…But it’s almost humorous in its absurdity.

  9. I don’t think I’ve ever read one comment by T worth thinking about. I won’t start now.

    Sudfeld seemed shaken when he saw how tight the pocket gets and how much smaller time and space get against a tough team. Talent does not leave you, but composure does when you are a sophomore. And, his play suffered accordingly and affected he rest of our offense. (How many passes in the hands did we drop?). He’ll grow …and so will TR. Coaches will insure that.

    This is such a very young team made even more vulnerable by some injuries where we least needed them, the offensive line. Navy is an excellent, experienced, poised team- a model of what maturity and character can do to improve a team. And Missouri is also an experienced team made even more so by their ‘bad’ experience from last year. They are absolutely at the level of decent B1G teams. A very good, talented quarterback, a solid running game with three different backs and big, talented receivers. Their offensive line was nothing but savvy.

    I have no doubt our program is improving and needs to keep doing so… I think our coaches know our potential and our limitations and are doing an excellent job of coaching to them. We fans need patience and strength understanding it can not be a quick process. It just does not happen that way. Like in HC’s case, the strong will stay and we’ll have our day.

    The weak and faux fans will leave and we won’t miss them. Yeah, I’m in for the duration as well. I still think we have some great games in us and some will come this year. But those who still cry, “I just wanna win!, or “win now!’ will never get it. It is not in their DNA.

    I do want to mention one player and applaud him today. Bennet is a man and a model of what a Hoosier can be!

  10. I get your point. Really what we are seeing is classic, rebuilding with youth plus still the need for more talent. Younguns always have to figure out how well a job has to be done to reach the goal. Consistency for them is a stranger and allusive. Since they never have experienced it nor have the upperclassmen so their are no examples to lean on. Still optimistic there will be much improvement for the team but when rebuilding the W/L record cannot be the primary measuring tool. If these damn games are all going to be 3 1/2-4 hours long BTN better plug the power cords in an hour earlier.

  11. …and I watched Antonio Allen closely…when he gets it all figured out he’ll make Bob Sanders play look like schoolyard fun…when he comes up to support the run he comes hard, fast and with the bark still on…I think after watching Hardin tonight we might as well run the buffalo coin D scheme leaving Hardin on the sidelines and Allen playing center field between Murphy and Heban…

  12. I don’t know why, but I’ve always felt that high school ball belongs under the lights and college ball belongs under the sunshine.

    I also think the college crowds have more energy in afternoon games and that energy is infectious to the team…especially a young team on struggling end of the talent and depth scale.

    I don’t prefer these late Saturday night games…And it certainly doesn’t take into consideration the safety of families driving down to Bloomington on a very dangerous highway 37 or those winding dark two-lane highways heading eastward toward Brown County.

  13. Wow Harvard, I hardly ever get stumped by vocabulary dilemmas. Insure/Ensure…wt_! do I know, I’m just an immigrant kid lost in the mean streets of Chicago. (Which one fits better, insure/ensure?…so many choices! I hate pluralism!!!!)

  14. HC, completely agree with your #12…wise comments. In some ways I’m more reassured about our direction finding that the coaches know how to get these kids through setbacks and help them regroup themselves, acknowledge their failures and grow from them.

    Absolutely right, their W/L record this year ought not to be the measuring stick. But when we see the poise under pressure, the confidence grow and the self-assurance that challenges are nothing but that…we’ll know it when we see it, and the Hoosiers will then give us immense satisfaction.

    Agree about Allen. He’s like aiming a mortar weapon and firing it at an advancing platoon…in a parade. Everybody falls down, even those who didn’t get hit!

  15. I agree HfH- something just doesn’t feel college football about 8pm ET, under the lights. In fact, when we watch the PAC 12 games and it is 8pm and dark outside, one of the things we like is that the TV screen still shows daylight and afternoon sun.

    Night time also makes the stadium look even emptier, lonelier, what with the light grey stands against the dark night. Almost like a Pablo Neruda poem,…”the trees blanched against the dark skies/the night is full of stars and they shine/…brightly…the stars… /Faraway someone sings…/on dark nights like this I held her in my arms…”

    Greatest poet who ever lived. He would have loved IU football.

  16. Wilson in your arms I can do…The chrome helmets have a hard time blanching…They grossly parade to steal from the stars natural canopy of hope in the blackness a dark sky.. Don’t mess with the dark sky. And the singing could be a distant Lynch cry…Quite possibly JPat wailing… Why, oh God, why?

  17. And your certainly right about the “mean streets” of Chicago…Makes football chat all seem so trivial.

    Parts of Chicago are simply gone. Very sad. Watched an episode of ‘Vice’ on HBO the other night. The gangs refer to their streets as “Chiraq.” The know nothing else but kill or be killed. No value on life. Nothing of hope or happiness. I heard that three major hospitals near Chiraq won’t even take shooting victims..The Vice program told of one man clung to life while being transported from the South Side all the way to Northwestern Memorial…DOA.

  18. Well, tonight we saw what solid competition looks like. And it was ugly for IU. Missou, if they played in the Big Ten, might be a middle-of-the-pack team. And they handled us with ease. Granted, IU’s offense was the problem tonight, and Sudfeld got humbled, but Wilson has a very long way to go before this will be a competitive Big Ten team. He needs to recruit more physically mature players, especially on the O and D lines, from Junior Colleges.

    By the way, I found it interesting that the TV announcers agreed that rotating quarterbacks hardly ever works. They sited Northwestern as an example of a rare situation that has worked, but they said it is usually too disruptive to an offense’s rhythm.

    I’m still all in too. What choice do I have? What choice have I ever had?

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