1. PUke managed 1 offensive TD all day against the Sycamores. 4-16 on 3rd down attempts. Longest pass play was 25 yd. 18 seconds shy of owning 10:00 minutes more possession than ISU. What an offensive juggernaut. Some really poor field decisions by new coach, which really surprised me.

  2. If the traffic on 37 south of Bloomington is anything like the traffic on 37 in Martinsville & heading south to Bloomington – attendance #’s will be excellent.

  3. ISU scores 35 against IU. ISU scores 14 against Purdue. Does that mean Purdue by 3 touchdowns this year when they play IU.

    Again, reminds me of when IU BB failed to prepare for Syracuse BB zone; were not even competitive. IU defense better quit over thinking and play defense executing quick!

  4. This is Wilson’s 3rd year, and the defense still looks like this? I sure hope that hiring an OC was the right decision. If there ever was a broken record in sports, it’s IU football. What a drag… depressing!

  5. Kevin Wilson, does not solve problems. How did we prepare for this? Did we not have the talent to prepare for this? Maybe our scout team couldn’t replicate the triple option well enough. In any event, no one found a way to win tonight. No one could get the ball.

    Oh, and all this crap about a starting quarter back, my dad and I saw Sudfeld play against Northwestern last year, and have been wondering why he is not the starter. We’re still wondering why.

    Put the QB situation to bed, and work on preparing the defense. Sick of this!!!

  6. I’m still giving Wilson and staff a long leash. This game was manageable if Sudfeld had started. I now expect the QB competition to be over. TR has started his last game. I cannot remember observing better executing in a rushing attack than I saw today with Navy. Niumatalolo has mastered the triple option to a level even his mentor Paul Johnson ever dreamed.

  7. “Bigger and stronger.” It did not look like it today. When you have true freshman and red-shirt freshman playing against mature, well-disciplined men, you’re going to lose. Wilson needs to re-evaluate everything associated with his defense. His recruiting, his coaching staff, his level of involvement, everything. His original plan is not working. His defensive coaches are not effective. There is no way any Big Ten defense should ever get manhandled that way, giving up record rushing yards, to a Navy team. How many passes did Navy throw today? Three or four? So you know what’s coming 95% of the time and you still can’t stop it. That’s bad preparation, which means terrible coaching.

    I suggest Wilson begin by firing his defensive coordinator and bringing in someone with proven ability to build and coach defenses. Make him the defensive coordinator, alone. Put him in charge of everything related to do defense. The staff, the recruiting, the schemes, everything! I then suggest Wilson start recruiting Junior Colleges for defensive talent.

    No excuses. IU’s defense has regressed. And the shame of it is, the performance of IU’s powerful and exciting offense is negated by a completely feckless defense. At least it appears we have resolved the question about our quarterback.

  8. Glass should have hired someone with head coaching experience. CKW only seems to understand offense. He’s had a year to prepare for Navy and you don’t go for it in your own territory early in the game like that.

  9. Amen, Podunker. Whole defensive staff should be canned for this debacle. That said, the DL is still way to weak for FBS comp.

  10. Good point Clarion. Had Sudfeld started, maybe we could have won. We will never know. Though the QB situation is settled in my opinion. Maybe losing to Navy was a fluke, or the defense was just plain awful. From listening on radio, the defense seemed to be the problem. I agree Podunker, let one man be in charge of defense. Something has got to give. I still believe in Wilson, but games like this makes a fragile fan base walk away, and easily give up.

  11. I’ll offer this and then sit back and read; if you were to bet your life’s long net worth on who possessed the overwhelming player talent, would it be our O or our D? Also 1 of the worst imaginable scenarios I can muster for a FB team in rebuilding mode is playing against a proficient triple option force. ND is 3-3 against them since 2007, 2 of those Irish W’s came in the last 2 years.

  12. I was trying to look up how long we’re scheduled to play Navy. Seems Coach Wilson was thinking the same thing. He said he’d been trying to get out of playing them. Not sure who’s idea it was to play Navy but it’s not a good idea. Think of all the time wasted with trying to prepare for this game. That time could have been spent on something to prepare us for the other 10 games this season. Alas, hopefully we learn something or find a DC that’s a diamond in the rough.

  13. Navy is a good offensive football team plus overall decent team….the reason they were a great mistake free offensive team tonight is because IU is such a poor defensive team (lack of quick decisive execution, lack of energy, lack of enthusiasm, very slow reactive instead of attacking). Unfortunately, this is a tradition at IU.

    When Navy plays another decent defensive team they will not look so good.

    If you have a good player you want to put in the Heisman race, play IU.

  14. Ben that was no fluke. We were there. Don’t know what Fischer said on the radio, but he usually is a straight shooter. The better (prepared) team won tonight.

    No more big talk, especially bowl talk, until we actually force a punt.


  15. Given up 76 points in 2 games. 35 to ISU, 28 on D. Mallory needs fired. 3 years and we still don’t have a defense. Don’t care who his dad is. Fire Mallory and if we don’t improve fire Wilson. Wilson is a joke. Sudfield should have started and we wouldn’t be talking about a loss if he did start. 3 and out and a 4 and out, then Nate comes in and moves the ball. By that time we’ve spotted Navy 14. Going for it on 4th during the second series in our territory, 2nd idiot call of game. 1st idiot call of game, starting Roberson. Pretty sure we win only 4 games this season.

  16. “[triple option]…So you know what’s coming 95% of the time and you still can’t stop it.”

    That’s the whole point of the triple option, to make the defense ‘feel’ it knows what is coming (at it),… (then), when the defense commits, you still have two more options. That is particularly hard for young, inexperienced players who are still going on instinct and depending on physicality, like in high school.

    Most important (for all three Academy teams), the intelligence, focus on technique and discipline of their players. Their players really are the Lords of Discipline and their ‘leadership’ on the field is something that, at this point, we can not even come close to replicating.

    We, (all of us-maybe, with the exception of HC) on the other hand, are into our historical ‘days of gloom’ already.

  17. TTG,

    It all comes down to fairly evaluating what we have. I remember just a handful of games ago we all decreed Heban the best we had on D. And he was. Today if everyone were asked I expect it is possible his name very well might not be mentioned or at best maybe a couple of Scoop fans would give him the nod. That 1/2 of the team is fluid and will remain fluid for another 2 seasons until we jell to a reliable consistency we need. I still think the O has to perform better for the season to be a success. Think about this, Sudfeld owned 6 possessions and lead IU to TD’s on 5 of them. We could have lived with his pick if the 2 passes in to the end zone had not been dropped or if he would have had TR’s 2 possessions to leverage. We are no longer at the start of rebuilding and we are not close to the end of it either. We are somewhere in the middle. And from my experiences the middle of anything is suffocating, crowded and of difficult navigation. But I am as high as ever about the direction/leadership of Coach Wilson and staff.

  18. Tsao, IU played terrible defense. It was another disaster, another blow to IU football’s reputation, to IU fans’ confidence, to attendance, to IU’s recruiting, to everything Wilson has worked to turn around. Today, IU football took a big step backward, reinforcing all the old stereotypes about IU football and giving credibility to all those losers who say that IU will never be good in football. Today was another BAD day for IU football.

    I don’t care how good Navy’s triple option is, IU played terrible defense. Not one stop on defense. Not one! No more excuses. IU is a Big Ten team. Big Ten teams should never give up that many rushing yards to any military academy team, EVER.

    Mallory and his staff have not gotten it done. He was suspect when he left LSU to go to New Mexico (maybe the worst team in college football) and he has not produced any significant improvement in three years at IU. If anything, IU’s defense may be getting worse, as evidenced by today’s debacle. His players don’t tackle, they don’t hit, they don’t shed blocks, they don’t sack or even pressure the quarterback, they don’t cover receivers. His defense is just terrible.

    Mallory’s linebackers are too small, his defensive backs don’t tackle, they don’t cover very well, and his D-line in pushed backward by almost every team it plays. He’s got a true freshman playing defensive tackle. WTF! ISU had running backs that gashed IU’s defense last week. That should have been a red flag! Today was just reality hitting us in the face.
    Mallory’s the defensive coach, he’s responsible. He needs to fix it in a big hurry or he needs to be fired. No more excuses. There has to be a talented defensive coach out there that would cherish the opportunity to become the Defensive Coordinator for a Big Ten team. Wilson needs to find him.

  19. Po,

    Not even Buddy Ryan could coach this D to better results. It will be 2 more good recruiting classes before a level is attained to quiet the shallow thinkers.

  20. Getting them off the field just one time without points is still not too much to ask a young, somewhat undermanned D, especially if you’ve prepared. I’m not asking for domination, just an occasional stop. Point totals in first two games given competition are not a good sign. D does not need to be dominant, just show signs of improvement. Haven’t been ANY.

  21. HC, Wilson does not have two more years. Wilson has created expectations of improvement (more wins). If those expectations are dashed by terrible defenses over the next two years, Wilson will have lost IU’s fan base, and that will be the beginning of his end at IU and the beginning of another negative cycle for the program. Sooner or later, IU must figure out how to break that cycle that we’ve all witnesses so many time before.

    This stuff does not happen in a vacuum. Losses like the one to Navy hurt more than just IU’s Win/Loss record. They affect fan support and enthusiasm, they reinforce stereotypes and the reputation of the program, and they cause a decrease in attendance. And those things affect recruiting, which affects IU’s ability to be competitive and win in the future.

    Wilson has got an impressive offense, which is usually the hard part. But now he must make sure he has a defense that is at least competitive for the conference his teams play in.

  22. Let’s see PO, Wilson sires a 2011 with 1-11, 2012 at 4-8, after the Navy loss 2013 looks more like 5-7, 2014 we can speculate conservatively with a 6-6. I am betting that kind of progress gets him a 2015 season(which after all would be past the 2 years needed as I have stated). Why else do you think AD Glass is adding so much frivolity outside the competition for game day So I think you need to recalculate your position. Frank Beamer at VT just barely chipped at .500 until his 7th season as the Hokie HC. It has now been so long ago I can’t even remember his 1st 6 turbulent and agonizing years. Damn we never had an AD who gave 2 hoots in hell for FB until Greenspan arrived 9 years ago. Some things neglected are a longer toil. Wilson definitely has 2 more years in Bloomington, based on a 7 year contract.

  23. Podunker, he absolutely has two more years and the space to do what he feels he needs to do to improve this program, not for a season but as a program. Anything short of that will have absolutely no impact on Hoosier football.

    When CKW was asked to come to Indiana, he was tasked with making the team ‘competitive’ and ‘changing the culture’ of Indiana football. That meant making the players accountable and, most important, getting us out of this cycle of hire-change-hire-change that is clearly the source of our ineptitude.

    We knew this. Or, at least, so we wrote. Yet, CKW had not yet taken the field and people who claimed to have good football judgment and knowledge were writing in to this very same blog demanding we ‘win now’. With what?

    Yes, we are getting better, that’s clear. But- as you, as I, as HC, as many others wrote over and over, this is a long and sometimes painful road we have to cover. Most painful, we ave to change who we are, you and me (and others) Po.

    Changing the culture means educating us to avoid the panic stricken depression that makes us so vulnerable and blinds us. I’m sure you are one of those who, in the past and again now, has been in the chorus of ‘patience’, but like so many on that chorus you and I forget the magnitude of the challenge we have dug.

    You recognize that CKW has shown an impressive and original understanding and approach to football, especially where he has a direct hand, offensive football. Are you really serious that he is unlikely to see the challenge to his own vision that our defensive ineptitude causes? Please Po, don’t let your frustrations and emotions rule you; draw on those experiences ‘in professional management’ you speak about.

    This is the time to do exactly the opposite of what you are suggesting. It is time to trust; first in Glass’ judgment in selecting CKW and, in CKW’s intelligence, vision and leadership to penetrate the (our) challenge and take the action he deems appropriate and was hired for and to do so according to his experience and ideas of 25 years as a successful professional. He (CKW) sure as hell is not going to find much usable or serious advise in a fan blog written by passionate, frustrated amateur football ‘wannabes’.

    Patience and perseverance Podunker.

  24. Clarion, I think you’ve nailed it. And, what we need is a good dose of both, your understanding of the challenges we face and your optimism based on what CKW has already shown. No reason to not understand CKW will act since he is well aware of the hand he is playing.

    Po, I agree with your statement our defense was thoroughly trashed. Whatever the reason, and however he approaches resolving it, it is a problem for our head coach to resolve. I just happen to think that he will do so and that I can contribute nothing that can produce the final result we look and hope for. I’m really not sure how we could have ignored the possibility yesterday.

    We disagree on ‘Academy football’. Certainly, being bigger yesterday merely meant we fell harder. Does not surprise me. Don’t ignore for one moment that Navy fields some very special individuals who live a creed- every moment of every day- we wished we could replicate in our own. That, as we saw yesterday, gave them an advantage. We’re likely better for having seen how it impacts a team.

  25. It’s easy to be a “gambler” when you’re in charge of Oklahoma’s offense which has better talent than 99% of your opponents plus you have Oklahoma’s defense backing you up. But the moronic in game decision making has to stop. We have little room for error and he coaches like a complete loon. I’m losing my patience with this guy and it’s a matter of time before Dustin, Jeremy and Andy catch on to him like Kravitz already has.

  26. Just when you saw a faint glimmer of hope for this season, here came Navy, walking into P.T. Glass’ House of Fun, working over the Hoosiers with the triple option. Incredibly, IU has been planning to face this attack since spring ball. Could have fooled us. If I’m Wilson, I’m having a long, spirited discussion with defensive coordinator Doug Mallory and all of my defensive coaches. They’ve been working on this forever, and yet, they looked like the IU basketball team when it faced Syracuse’s 2-3 zone</b<.


  27. I kind of like the gambler in Wilson, have since he arrived and like the fact he took a real gamble coming here. He majored in mathematics so he clearly understood he needed to extend their limited possessions against the Navy O. Krapitz’s repertoire begins, ends and exists solely on sensationalism. He is so stupid he thinks Peter Pan is a wash bowl in a cat house.

  28. Incomprehensible that IU had been planning to defend Navy’s offense since spring practice (and had already faced it last year) and then put on this show. Wilson must completely clean house on the defensive side of the ball. Now! If course some will say that “you can’t do that in the middle of the season” and to that I say “what do we have to lose?” And some thought I was too harsh on the IUD after the ISU game.

  29. I think the defensive coaching staff read all week how Navy was going to “open” up their offensive game by throwing the ball. Where were our safeties? The CB gets cut, LB gets cut, and that leaves one guy to take the QB and pitch man. The safeties didn’t reach the ball carrier until he had gained 8+ yards. Poor scheme, and no adjustment.

  30. Navy schemes and cut blocks notwithstanding, fact is our defense does not tackle well, is out of position regularly and only occasionally shows the killer instinct that is so essential for good defenses. That said, I think we’ve made some progress on that side of the ball but I fear not enough to compete at this level. Recognizing that building a defense is a daunting task for any coaching staff, I am just not convinced that our D staff is ready for this level of competition. I think we’ll see some changes after this season.

  31. After tossing and turning, chewing on the huge disappointment of watching a defense against Navy that reminded me of the embarrassing impotence watching last year’s defense lose games we could have won, surrender through its ineptitude the possibility of the Hoosier’s going to a Bowl; giving up the very heart of the game of football 10+ yards at a time while putting up questionable effort to defend, while meekly surrendering in an almost Keystone Cops lackadaisical mocking of the game’s very essence.

    What I do notice and what keeps me tossing is the contrast of the defense’s apparent complete disdain towards the hope given us by a creative, well played, disciplined and extremely efficient offense. That is the incredibly frustrating and, yes, disgusting, stomach turning losses that take away my enjoyment of football in general. (Amazingly, I found myself almost disinterested while watching (pro) football yesterday, including my ‘Da Bears’- even at the very start of the season, with a new coach).

    I am not questioning Coach Kevin Wilson’s selection, philosophy or approach for Indiana football; or the qualities he brings to the Hoosiers. In fact, at this point, I am glad he is the man A.D. Glass selected. After three years of watching his vision develop and carefully reading his observations, I am convinced he is the perfect choice to consider and resolve the entire dilemma of performance and culture that has prevented a Hoosier football breakthrough to this point. He’s intelligent, knowledgeable, has shown he is strong enough to be strong under his own analysis and a strong leader.

    I am just as positive that he is aware that we (IU Nation) need to find answers; not rhetoric, not defeated ‘ the sky is falling’ criticism, nor meaningless gestures. In his own words he set the tone for what our expectations of ourselves should be at this point. Kevin Wilson said it all when he said, “Indiana is too good a University to not have an outstanding football program”.

    We lost to a very, very good football team Saturday which may be on its way to excellence. Being beaten by Navy is not the issue nor a cause for shame. Losing the way we lost, showing a magnitude of impotence in defending ourselves, exhibiting the lack of battle, focus on ‘doing the little things’ that separate winners from losers, and a will to impose our will on the field is the issue.

    To do that we have to examine who we are and where we are, while asking the right questions. Was this just a particular bad day on defense? Is it the players? Is it their quality? Facets of their own capacities, …or incapacities?

    Or, is it the ‘command and control’? Does it extend to the top of the chain of command or is the problem a short circuit lower down the hierarchy? What is the role of the Head Coach in these circumstances? What is the role and responsibility of the Asst. Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator? Was it the game plan? Was it the preparation at the positions that failed? What needs to be done? What are the immediate choices available?

    And, as important but not necessarily with the same level of urgency of action, what are the longer range choices and strategies to resolve the failure as part of a long range and whole plan?

    It’s been two and this begins a third year of pathetic= there s no other word to describe Saturday’s showing on defense (you can’t call what we’ve seen performances). What we witnessed of our defense was testimony characteristic of the weakness that has troubled IU football.

    I personally think that CKW is exactly the right individual to give us the leadership we Hoosiers need. I am convinced of that. I am confident and, therefore, glad he is the one who will examine, face and give us the leadership to resolve this chronic bleeding of Hoosier pride.

    All I ask CKW is that you act and do what must be done, according to your best judgment as the Head Coach, to give us the football team Indiana University deserves.

  32. Tsao, when I wrote that Wilson does not have two years, I did not mean that he’d be at risk of being fired within that time, I meant that he’s at risk of losing IU’s fan base before then. And without an excited fan base, and attendance at the games, he’ll lose his ability to recruit the talent he needs, and then the cycle starts progressing downward again.

    I suggest that most Hoosier fans were cautiously optimistic about football as we approached the season. More than the loss to Navy, it was the way we lost to Navy that dashed a lot Hoosier fans’ enthusiasm. If Wilson does not win five games this year, the majority of Hoosier fans, who don’t pay much attention to football to begin with, will write Wilson off and conclude that it’s the same old tired story. He will have lost all momentum and then it will be just a matter of time before the program is back to where he found it.

    Like it or not, we live in an “instant gratification” society and Americans have developed very, very short attention spans. Just look at the grief Crean has taken since his team’s disappointing performance in the sweet 16. Need I say more?

    Everything is relative to expectations, so a wise person goes out of his way to manage expectations. Under-promise and over-deliver. Wilson and his staff have been out there telling everyone how much bigger, stronger and better the players are. He’s been saying how much more talent they now have on defense. Those statements create expectations. He failed to meet those expectations, because the defense did not play bigger, stronger or better. If anything, they played worse. And that suggests bad coaching, because if the players are in fact bigger, stronger and more talented, and they don’t perform as well, then it has to be a coaching deficiency.

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