Nairn to announce college choice on Thursday at 11 a.m.

Lourawls “Tum-Tum” Nairn, a 5-foot-11 point guard from Sunrise Christian Academy in Bel Aire, Kan. will announce his college decision at his high school on Thursday at 11 a.m. Nairn put out word of his announcement on his Twitter account on Tuesday and his coach at Sunrise Christian, Kyle Linsted, confirmed the announcement.

Nairn is choosing among four finalists — Indiana, Michigan State, Minnesota and Oklahoma. Linsted said Nairn has made his decision.

“He knows where he wants to go,” Linsted said. “… He feels like he knows where he wants to be. We’re giving him a few days to kind of live with it, make sure that’s what he wants and then announce it.”


  1. The more I read about Nairn, the more I want to see him at IU. A kid from the Bahamas determined to play college ball, get a college education, and make it to the NBA – I wouldn’t bet against him, this kid is a WINNER. Lourawls…hope to see you in the Candy-stripes next fall!

  2. This is an honest question… Not trying to stir the pot.

    I continually hear posters saying that they want Indiana kids to end up in pin stripes. Crean has been going very hard after 2 local PG’s that are highly rated prospects from the class of ’15…

    Do you prefer one Nairn (non-native Hoosier, rated outside top 50) in the hand, if it means most likely losing the (top 50 ranked) 2 Hoosiers (Coleman and Edwards) over there in the bush?

  3. Geoff…I believe IU should take a good player when they can get them. If recent history has taught us anything, it is that there are no sure bets when it comes to recruiting. If Lourawls want’s to sign on the dotted line come signing day, take him!

  4. Geoff- I think Johnson’s committment relieves the pressure to take a pure PG this class. So, I would vote to pass on Tum-Tum. Would rather see GO, Robinson, Blackmon or Exum (as unlikely as the last 2 may be)use that scholarship.

  5. Good point Big E. Geoff also is making a good point with his question. Chrome Dome, some teams pick up talent when they can just to keep talent on the roster. I myself in this case would prefer to have Okonoboh to keep some balance in that class. From what I see, he is what we expect Hanner P. to be, maybe better. As Geoff said, there are a couple of great guards in the next class.
    It would also be ideal to get the team balanced numbers wise by each class. Losing four or five players and starting so young every other year is tough to retain the continuity of winning, to Hoosier fans expectations. The question would be, again, will IU over sign again?

  6. Not sure why, but the announcement that GO is taking an official visit to UNLV scares me a bit… Even more than the OSU visit. Something about the name Goodluck and Vegas… That and they just got a big man drafted #1 overall.

  7. If the point of watching basketball is to have fun, then I think Tum Tum would be a great assett to IU basketball. He seems to have a “big personality,” he plays hard, and HE seems to have fun. Think Moye or Chris Reynolds. Of course, it would also be a source of amusement in our homes when our wives hear us yelling, “Dammit Tum Tum” from our living rooms for 4 years.

  8. Goodluck brought to Vegas is Tom Crean brought to a zone defense; a lot of clapping, jumping up and down, and wishful thinking….followed by depression….followed by a delusional state that trying again will make any difference.

  9. Re GO: (#9)…Or, for those who have absolutely no cultural sensitivity for other cultures and rely only on the ‘socially correct’ according to middle class, WASP sensitivities, it may be that GO’s background and family history should be wiped out in deference to more ‘acceptable’ classics like Dickie or Cody or Charlie or Rocky …

    I’m kind of stunned. This kind of comment is not learned in a multicultural environment of respect for the one true universality, the differences in people.

    Perhaps it describes the over-dependence on statistics in the analysis of performance. They flatten out the curves that hide the peaks and valleys of the substance of the performers. Sort of like running baby food through a blender. I may be confused, but I thought that was the point in following individual performers.

    I apologize to Goodluck in the name of Hoosier fans. We know the name was chosen in the happiness of a family at the joy of your arrival, and reflect their wishes for a good life. We share them; and hope we can continue to share them here with the chant: ‘Goooo-oo-d-luck!!!’.

  10. If Cody stayed for one more year, we had the ’81 team on the floor this year. We had Isiah of Indiana in Yogi and the best center in the country to work off Yogi’s second season. We had a core of key hub positions with a year of familiarity working together in the PG, post, and dynamic dynamite in Sheehey. Sheehey can be Randy Wittman.

    Everything is more timing than luck. Knight came to Indiana with McGinnis and Downing in his lap. …Or maybe it should be called the ‘luck of timing’ rather than the ‘luck of luck.’ Downing would stay for four years and eventually take us to a Final Four.

    What was the question? Oh, I remember. I prefer Crean to stop recruiting Indiana. Stay with the Pipeline. Let Butler and MSU and Michigan have them. And even without Stevens, Butler’s new coach will likely take a team with a mix of homegrown Indiana kids deeper in the tournament than Crean with the best players in the nation.

  11. Harvard,

    McGinnis never played for Knight. He just played his sophomore year (freshman could not play then) and went to the pro’s. Downing played 2 years and got IU to the final 4 in 1973.

    As for your wishful thinking. Like my Dad said you can wish in one hand and ___ in the other and see which one fills up first. Hypotheticals are really not worth thinking about.


    As Dandy don Meredith told Howard Cosell once when he was rambling on. “If if’s and but’s were candy and nuts, what a Merry Merry Christmas there would be.”

  12. I know they couldn’t play freshman year of college…(I have plenty of old posts that can attest to that knowledge) But they(McGinnis and Downing) did play at the same high school and were recruited together…and thus Knight was the beneficiary of that recruiting momentum. Maybe Buckner doesn’t even come without that momentum. Who’s to say? McGinnis claimed he always had a bit of regret that he wasn’t in that game against Walton. He felt the two together would have been an unstoppable force..(much like they were in Indiana lore). But then that’s more if’s and but’s.

    Washington beat Gary Tolleston in the final game, 79-76. Indianapolis Crispus Attucks (1956), South Bend Central (1957), and Indianapolis Washington (1969) were the only three teams in history to go undefeated and win the big prize. George McGinnis and Steve Downing of Indianapolis Washington were the two best big men ever to play on the same team in the history of Indiana basketball. McGinnis, 6’7″ and 220 pounds, and Downing at 6’9″ and 220 pounds, formed a great combination. McGinnis scored 35 points and Downing 20 in the title game. McGinnis also scored 148 points in the Final Four games for a new record.

  13. Analogy…?

    Think of Crean getting the commitment from Cody(Downing0 and Brandon Dawson(we’ll call him McGinnis0 and then getting fired shortly after. Stevens comes into IU and still becomes the beneficiary of all that recruiting momentum. Knight also experienced a “Movement” of sorts. The “best” coach in the history of the game(and from examination the strategy/adjustments and intellect from chalkboard to implementation it’s hard to argue), was still blessed with the momentum and “lucky” timing when he first arrive in Bloomington. I haven’t read tons on Knight, but I’m pretty sure he has repeated many times in speeches just how fortunate he was to have his first years at Indiana with Downing secured.

    And the friendship between the two moved into professional relationships beyond Downing’s playing days.

  14. Harvard, OSD is right…George McGinnis was a freshnab when frosh were not allowed to play (varsity)until their second year (an academic rule to allow for their transition and focus on academics), a good rule when faculties still ran universities and education was the purpose.

    Very, very sadly, George’s dad, fell off a roof while finishing or repairing it, and was killed. George was faced with the immediate responsibility of his mom and family and felt he had no choice than to go and take the opportunity offered by the NBA.

    Those who knew him knew he really wanted to stay at IU, but had no choice. There were some who thought (and said) the issue was the appearance of Bob Knight but that had absolutely nothing to do with the choice, George had an obligation he felt compelled to meet. Even then those closest to him could see the sadness about his having to consider leaving, but understood. Many times since then George has frequently and strongly voiced how much he wanted to stay at IU, wished he had been able to and still considers himself an IU man, a through and through Hoosier.

    Downing made incredible leaps in skill and concept under Knight and became one of the great a dominant college players. In a head to head during his sophomore year (George Mc had just left) with Bill Walton at the height of his fame at UCLA, Steve controlled ‘Big Red’ and IU the game until a ref stuck his finger on the scale and planted some very, very questionable fouls (actually, most thought Walton was the fouling party, and, with Steve on the bench, UCLA was able to pull out the win. The next year, IU and UCLA scheduled in St. Louis and IU peeled the uniforms off the Bruins and paraded them naked in front of the crowd. As it was IU won big-big…had we still had ‘Big George’ it would have been a very unfair fight…sort of the type we now schedule against Chicago State U. for pre-season in Nov.-Dec.

    George and Steve (plus add the others in 1975) would have been the greatest college team to ever play the game …as it was, that team was the only one to go undefeated (until Scott May played with a shattered wrist) and won it all in 1976. Can you believe we may have been 3-peats and three years undefeated with Mac?? What was fun is that they were not only great offensive personnel wise, they were also the best playing team in the country with, by far, the best defense in the country.

  15. And McGinnis played one season..Downing played three. Downing was a senior during the Final Four run when he went against Walton.

  16. In a head to head during his sophomore year (George Mc had just left) with Bill Walton at the height of his fame at UCLA,

    Not true.

    Steve Downing:

    68-69 Senior @ Washington HS
    69-70 Freshman @ IU(sat out per NCAA rules)
    70-71 Sophomore
    71-72 Junior
    72-73 Senior

    Downing was a senior when he went up against Walton in the Final Four.

    You don’t know everything, Mr. Gonzalez.

  17. And after that Final Four match-up in ’73, we didn’t play UCLA again until three seasons later in the opening game of the ’75-’76 campaign(IU 84 – #2 UCLA 64).

    Of course, we never schedule with teams like UCLA and Kentucky anymore. We schedule powerhouses like the Washington Huskies.

  18. Ron, I’m with you man… I honestly have no clue what Tsao is talking about. If it wasn’t such a Tsao type post I would think it was an imposter just spouting nonsense.

    Tsao, did you honestly take some sort of offense to something I said? It was about as benign a comment as I’ve ever made. Absolutely nothing imflamatory about it man…

  19. Geoff/ Harvard- Not my day!!!..not intending to offend anyone…Geoff, just re-read your comment again and I agree, I see nothing posted with bad inteent. (I should absolutely know better than to post early after taking meds). Apology due and apology sent. You are right.

    Harvard…for the same reason, I am now a bit confused about time line. Steve and George were seniors together at Washington HS. Their senior year the only team that could have beaten them was Texas Western (now Texas-El Paso) which could have beaten an NBA All-Star. A guard on that same team was a 09.3 sprinter, Larry Highbaugh and there was a kid, I believe Winkler (maybe a junior then)was his last name who also went on to play big-time college. The coaches there were Jerry Oliver, who also came to IU maybe replaced by a man named Bill Green, I believe. Both Downing and McGinnis were recruited by former IU coach Lou Watson (a really nice guy) and were already here (as was Oliver maybe) when Watson resigned and Bob Knight was hired.

    The confusion may be such that you are right, but Harvard, no evil end intended. That George played his sophomore year and did not return for his junior year(????). And, now that I think through the haze a bit, perhaps it was after their freshman year that Knight took over. You have to have some tolerance for 72 y.o. garbling of facts, but I do remember the two from their senior year through Steve’s final year and, in particular, the great confrontation with Walton. The fighting under the bucket for position was more intense than the battle for Hue. The sweat drops were flying to the eighth row behind the basket in squirts. Some of it was red in color.

    I agree with you, I’m far from knowing everything and some things get reprocessed with edits courtesy of Father Time.
    Still, great basketball at GWHS. I think their junior year (in HS), (maybe their sophomore year in HS), they had a team mate, Billy Keller who was one hell of a guard, perhaps one of the smartest I ever saw…but he went to Purdue and made me cry.

    Gosh!!!! Two mistakes in the same day. Eeehhhh!, hasn’t happened since… uuhhh! aaahhh!…1954…. when Andi A., a cheerleader, closed the door of my 1949 yellow and grey Plymouth on my hand at Lake Lemon; just to show me she could… because it was her half of the front seat. Gotta look her up some day. She may be an old lady now, but I’ll bet she still has great legs (Andi, not the Plymouth).

  20. Tsao-

    It’s great that you simply go on memory. Your memory is far better than most of us struggle to know what we had for dinner two nights ago. Your mind is young and your heart is even younger.

    My sister gave me an Indiana Basketball magazine a few years back(2006-07)that serves as reference for IU/Hoosier basketball. She used to work in real estate and it was given to her by a Bloomington developer. She passed it onto me as a birthday gift. It covers all IU basketball(schedules, rosters, championship teams, All-Americans) from earliest days through the year it was published(2007).

    Anyway, I’m the one that should apologize for getting snippy. Going through another one of those phases where life just seems to have passed me by. Many acquaintances seem to all move ahead while I let the baggage weigh me down and stay at the start line. Frustrations are passed on. Sorry.

  21. Let me remind you all, HH you know this but chose to leave it out of your posts, IU ‘s last 3 banners that Knight and his teams won all had players from other states on them that started. One of them had 2 junior college transfers because Knight could not get any Indiana players that year to fill his roster. Even the great 1976 team had 2 non Indiana HS players on it’s starting 5. I believe Buckner and May. HH Cody is gone! He is not coming back he chose 13+ million over another year at IU. With the exception of this small 2014 class, 2 open spots, Coach had Indiana kids on every recruiting class. He had them for next year and THEY backed out on IU. We did not back out on them. Heck Coach is still trying to recruit one of those although he is a better Coach than I was because when they left me and my schools I quit recruiting them period. He is recruiting every Highly ranked Indiana Players for 2015 and 2016. As for Knight he lost more Indiana Mr. Basketball’s than you could care to count. Right now IU has 18 players on it’s roster and 11 of them in some way all played Indiana HS ball and some could start with Yogi. HH you have a selective memory. You only want to remember things that degrade our Coach, Players and Team. You are mad that Cody and Vic were in the top 5 on the NBA draft when you should be happy for those kids. One already has his degree and the other is only a few classes from it. Your upset that they were Coach’s recruits and you hate him so bad you can’t say that he or his players did anything right.
    You will have a nervous breakdown if IU under this coach wins a national Championship.
    I actually feel bad for you because behind all the hate is someone who knows a lot about basketball. I just wish you would turn all that hate into serious basketball discussions and give up what you can’t change. Cody is gone!

  22. Let him have his 13 million a year. If he had 13 dollars in his pocket and ended the 13 year drought since a Final Four, and the nearly 30 year drought since a championship, he’d be immortal in the eyes of Hoosiers. As it stands now, he’ll be forgotten. He’ll blend into the NBA sea of prima donnas and long drawn out seasons of the dullest product his lifelong dream. It chased him down with their thick wallets more than the cheers a banner reunion in the year 2029.

    Did you not see us still call Steve Alford and Keith Smart back to Bloomington last year for the ’87 banner reunion? Did you not see your idol of eternity, coach Crean, chase down Bobby in Brooklyn just to touch his blessed hand of legendary hoops status? Chasing them because they can bring us money? Don’t they have all the money they need?

    You’re right. Cody is not coming back. He had a chance to come back. He had two more years to live up to all those implied reasons and hype not seen in Bloomington since Damon Bailey for what he and his “dominoes” and “floodgates” and “Movements” were going to bring back to Indiana. What did he bring back? He brought back the “We’re Back” t-shirts, Steve Alford for an afternoon, and the humiliation of a Syracuse shellacking. Hang on to that t-shirt. Someday that t-shirt will be worth the $13.00 it’s cheap weight and cheap slogan. Keep it for a million years and it might be worth Cody’s first contract.

    And yes, with the exception of ’87, all our Final Four and Championship teams under Bobby were thick with Indiana talent. And Smart gets all the glory for hitting the last shot. But it’s still Steve Alford that buried the bomb from the corner at the halftime buzzer that turned the momentum going into the locker room. And didn’t he go like 10-for-10 for the game from Matt Rothsville? Isn’t Alfrod just dreamy? He’s New Castle, Indiana, dreamy. Indiana dreamy. Movie star dreamy. Did you see him at the reunion? Championship reunion dreamy. The Brillo pad looks as nice as the days he was ripping nets. And, my God! He doesn’t look a year past thirty-five! I bet he’s using that Cindy Crawford facial cream that has anti-aging secrets only found in rare cantaloupe melons grown in the South of France. And now he’s California dreamy. I guess he had a going home party with Dean Garrett, Joe Hillman, and John Wooden. Always sorta puzzling how Bobby went all the way to California to find Joe Hillman. I always thought Indiana was the hotbed for short slow white guys with slow releases? Bobby went 3000 miles on the opposite side Crean’s favorite Pipeline reservoir to find a short slow white guy from Glendale, California. Joe-la-dipo…Joe-la-dipo.

  23. And stop with the hypocrisy…You’re only infatuated with Crean because of that saintly halo hovering over his dark snake eyes. Remove all the sanctimonious oils, symbols of your only avenue to forever land, villain chasing the Jeff Meyer fires of evil, and the slathering of holy tweets and you’d be making Harvard’s hate look like a box of Valentine’s Day sweets. Remove what you so emptily believe what makes him so untouchable and divine, and you’d be dragging him through the streets of Kirkwood meets Salem with a Tarzan going ape-sh*t tree vine.

    And behind all that hate masked as Hoosier love cloaked with pompous and pious wind, you and Tom Crean know very little about humility and the humble game of basketball.

  24. Geoff, Harvard, thanks.

    Harvard, you have a lot to say,,,more than the great majority for sure. Notice a transition of people who would speak of your anger and who have gradually accepted you write a lot of wisdom and reason we benefit from. A good example is in Southport’s message today that while upset and crossing swords (with you)over some Cody issue, makes clear that he wishes you focused on sharing your bkb knowledge and insight. He writes: “…I actually feel bad for you because behind all the hate is someone who knows a lot about basketball.” There are a lot of Harvard fans.

  25. That wasn’t wisdom. That was a judgmental dig that labels me as someone with “hate” more than anyone else that’s had strong opinions about coaches and players..

    I would argue that all take just as deep a look into the reserves their perfect souls when figuring out what they’re defending so vehemently in their attempts to cast labels upon Harvard, Jeff Meyer, and all they deem so horribly flawed and contrary to the Hoosier ideal. And why is it hate when I feel incompetency issues in a head coach, but it’s not hate when labels of incompetency are thrown at an assistant football coach? I’ve seen tons of plenty that could just as easily be labeled as hate. I saw it used in wide brushes while aimed at Sampson recruits that didn’t deserve it. I saw it aimed at Eric Gordon when he turned pro. I saw it aimed at Bill Lynch. I saw it aimed at Neil Reed. He would have died the biggest liar to wear the candy stripes if not for the surfacing a video tape. I saw it aimed at those unveiling the despicable acts at Penn State. How many boys would have been labeled as liars and haters if not for the voice of one coach that came forward? And we’ll see more…Whenever something is coveted by the extremists as divine and flawless, they will burn anyone at the stake that challenges or disrupts their delusions of grandeur and perfections behind their castle walls. And it won’t be because of the demon seed, Harvard.

    I have little wisdom. Barely enough to distinquish the difference between a compliment and a child clinging to a blanket.

  26. HH I was only truly trying to get you off the path you take. In my post I never defended Coach for losing to the Orange. It was a poorly played game from the Water boy, to the players and to the Coaches. I was a Coach for a life time of over 47 years and an IU fan since I was a small boy years ago. I loved Bob Knight and used his offense for many years.
    I could talk to you all day about basketball in it’s purest form and enjoy it greatly. I am honestly worried about you because it is in my nature to care about people. If it makes you happy to call me names and try to reduce me to someone who knows nothing about basketball go for it. It is refreshing to see you target someone other than Crean. I don’t love the man’s coaching sometimes everyone makes mistakes. I lost my share of important games and I won my share of good ones. I can tell you this much that any coach that loses a big game feels terrible if he is worth his salt and no words of fans like yourself make you feel any worse than they already do. Coach will have nightmares about what could have been for years. As for Cody and Kids today in Basketball what used to be our most important moment was to win a Championship and be forever remembered does not mean a hill of beans to them any more. That is why they leave for the NBA for the Money. If Cody and Vic had stayed with the new talent we have IU would be the favorites to win it all but instead we rate KY #1 knowing all his kids will leave next year for the NBA. HH,you or I can’t fix that. What used to be important for us is gone replaced with Money! Sorry if I offended you.

  27. As for Cody and Kids today in Basketball what used to be our most important moment was to win a Championship and be forever remembered does not mean a hill of beans to them any more. That is why they leave for the NBA for the Money.

    Not true. I would suggest you read the riveting story that Seth Davis wrote about Mitch McGary. Some young athletes, some rare young men and women, have a different perspective. And that, my friend, is also “culture” and “values” and “maturity.” Here’s the link.

    I thought the spirit of Indiana was undaunted…? Forgive me for being wrong. I could care less about winning…and that’s where you’re wrong about me. I care about fixing and admitting and repairing what went wrong. I care about openness rather than walls. I care about fight over flight. I care about players believing in the candy stripes beyond the satisfaction of “good enough.”

    Thanks for caring about me. I also care about you. I care the hard falls you will take when what you believe should be untouchable will one day not live up to such unreasonable truths. In the eyes of God, all are created equal. And all should be equally accountable and confident that to be flawed is to be human.

  28. Southport65-

    Honestly…and without the usual cynicism, thank you.

    I know you were sincere and that means a lot to me.

  29. HH, that note from Southport is pure gemstone. Everything you (we) remember in awe, value, miss about the Indiana of the days of single class tournaments, gyms packed before the reserve team game, entire towns closed one hour before tip-off, and bus convoys with flags flying driving two lane roads turning through corn fields is contained in the beautiful note he wrote to you. There are many here who feel the same way and somehow we have found ourselves this driveway and barn to play a little ’roundball’.

    Stay with us… just love it, here’s the ball…your ‘out’!

    Southport65…I suppose there is a fond link to the Cards. I still remember the day when I walked into their ‘gym’ the first time we played there …especially the crowd as we walked to the locker room. Very vaguely, I remember the coach …think his name was Braden….maybe ‘Blackie’. It’s one of those memories that make you think of the movie Hoosiers, it really was like that. We had a great, geat player named Bo Crain (played later at Utah) and a guard Gerry Williams who was 5’7′ and high jumped 6’7 1/2 in the days before the Fosberry Flop, when we jumped using the ‘western roll’, facing the bar and turning in the air and the world record was barely reaching 7’0″.

    Anyway, we won and the crowd was not too happy. Believe, in Southport’s freshman or JHS teams was a little kid named Louie Dampier.

    I spent time trying to remember. Whatever… a total and complete privilege Southport65. And beautiful wisdom in your words. Hope that the air we breathed in those days (as you and Harvard recall) never dies. I’d like to believe my five grandchildren (ages 3-7) could still breath it someday.

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