New York Post: Whitehead will pick Seton Hall

Zach Braziller of the New York Post, who has pretty much owned the Isaiah Whitehead beat, reports that the Lincoln High School guard from Brooklyn, N.Y. will chose Seton Hall at his press conference at 2:30 p.m. today. 

Indiana is one of Whitehead’s five finalists along with Seton Hall, St. John’s, Minnesota and Pittsburgh. Whitehead, the No. 14 player in the Class of 2014 according to has taken an unofficial visit to Bloomington.


  1. Man, this is getting concerning. What is going on in Btown that the kids arent connecting? I know we have a solid class this year (2013) but we need at least one or two big “gets” for next year and things are starting to look a little bleak…

    If Johnson says no tomorrow, I will really be nervous.

    Iu better beat Missouri Saturday!

  2. Seton Hall! They’re just awful. Doubt they can even make it into NCAAT. Something is going on here. He just didn’t have very many big time programs pursuing him which is unusual given his ranking and talent.

  3. Wow, IU is really striking out in the recruiting field. I wonder what kind of tricks Crean has up his sleeve to pull something out of his a**. Hopefully he’s got something in mind because things aren’t looking very promising. Best wishes to the Whitehead, though.

  4. perhaps it IS playing time,6 freshman PLUS Etherington and Jurkin( those 2 might as well be freshman). ALL you can see is splinters in your a** as a 2014 recruit

  5. Too much Pipeline..Cody buzz over.

    Ample guards and enough wings to move the team to Buffalo.

    And lot of questions surrounding the play in the middle…Zeller was a presence and force that commanded attention. He made everyone else on the court have more ability to elevate their individual talents and exploit defenders.

    If Zeller stayed on board for one extra year, a banner was easily within grasp with the added athleticism and size in the backcourt. There’s nothing that equals the shot in the arm for recruiting like the buzz and national attention of a banner. Where are we in preseason rankings right now if Zeller committed to stay on more season? Think we’d be a projected 5th or 6th in the Big?

    And when you lose marquee games from your schedule, it also plays into the emotions of a top recruit. A rivalry game like UK vs. Indiana puts top talent against top talent. There’s no better exposure and the games have huge viewership ratings.

  6. We still have plenty of marquee games, Harv. Just not many until January. Who does UK have once SEC play begins? Florida and…? KU has Oklahoma State and… Baylor? Those programs have to frontload their schedule. Would I like to see a UK or L’Ville in early December? Absolutely. But the B1G is loaded with marquee games, so to say the allure of one additional pre-con matchup makes all the difference is a little far-fetched to me.

    Can’t say I’m not a little disappointed, but what happens if IW and RJ commit to the stripes on back-to-back days. Are we then saying we’ve already turned our backs on last year’s recruits (or AE, or someone else) and begun the process of pushing more of our guys out the door? Perhaps he knew RJ was coming our way. Perhaps he just wanted to stay close to home. We don’t know. Let’s reserve judgment until tomorrow. If RJ doesn’t commit, then we can start bitching about Clown Crean and pipelines and in-state defections and begin organizing a mass jump off tall bridges.

  7. The two previous national champs from the state of Kentucky. There is no reason that shouldn’t rot in the gut a bit. And there’s no reason a program with the tradition and the ratings draw that an Indiana can provide should not be sharing the hardwood with these teams.

    Say what you will, if you can’t get in the ring with title holder, then perceptions increase that you’re either afraid or you’re no longer in the same company.

    I truly don’t believe the top recruits see inter-conference games the same way as games scheduled against UK, NC, Duke, Louisville, UCLA, etc.

    Best we can do is a meeting with the lowly Washington Huskies? Do they belong in the same sentence with the Indiana Hoosiers?

  8. You guys are hilarious… We can completely strike out this year in recruiting and it will be no big deal. IU is fine. We have a ton of talent on the roster that will be around for years. We will get more good recruits – either because they want to be Hoosiers or when playing time becomes a little more obvious for them.

    By the way Harvey, who does Seton Hall play in the non-conference? (Go look at their schedule… it’s a joke. Oh, and the Big East is a joke now too). Another silly conclusion you’ve come to – Recruits study the schedule and base decisions on whether or not there’s a non-conference marquee game… Classic.

    Thank god for Punjab and his interludes of sanity.

    Oh and just for you Harvard, here’s a fantasy football update. I smoked Punjab in week 1… Take that biiiiaaaaatccccchhhh!

  9. I don’t care about Seton Hall or the Big East. Don’t really care about these recruits. If we don’t keep Indiana talent in the future mix, the program will loose its edge and Crean will be on the downward slope his days in Bloomington. I think playing teams that contend for national championships keeps you relevant. I think border clashes and fighting for bragging rights keeps you relevant. I think keeping rivalries alive keeps you relevant.

    I think Crean’s ties to the East will fade.

    And every time he glances toward Massachusetts, Boston, DC, and the coast he’ll feel the reality punch in the bragging rights a coach from Indiana in reverse Pipeline mode; a Brad Stevens staring back from the b-ball command post one of Crean’s former connections he used to strategically place in Assembly Hall stands, Doc Rivers, used to hold.

    What would the man be without the Joyce, the Harbaughs clapping, the Rivers, the fantasy camps with D-Wade…Upcoming years…? What he’ll have to be will be simply a knowledgeable coach that can win in a very tough conference without an Indiana savior recruit. What he’ll have to prove is to be beyond mediocre without the program-changer recruit from Washington..I have a feeling he’ll prove the same thing he proved against Syracuse. He’ll prove himself the best salesman in the world to some very naive homers from an increasingly backward Bloomigton that clings to his preachy tongue and his hollow speeches of the good old days. He’ll prove himself to never stop chasing the things that touch those old nerves in the dinosaurs…He’ll prove to continue to have that cheat in Lexington on his cell speed dial but never give the fans of Indiana a chance to beat his ass.

    And I’m glad you have time to raise a child and play fantasy football. A man needs his diversions while the spouse plays reality housewife.

  10. HFH,you obviously haven’t a clue to the “new” recruiting state to the NEW recruits mean nothing.I expect the new recruiting tool is the AAU summer circuit. 2 prime examples:1) Tyrus Jones and Okafohr( 1 from Minn and other from Chicago) 2 diff states -same AAU team;packaged themselves together.2) Ja’qual Lyle decommit from Louisville and Cliff Alexander’s tweet that he and Lyle visiting Kansas same time. ALL this “coupling” coming from AAU circuit. “Staying home” means very little to the NEW recruits

  11. While Geoff points to the week 1 scoreboard, Punjab points to the week 2 standings. A blind monkey can pick a team that accidentally scores a freakish amount of points one week– even when he fails to start a full roster. Consistency, my friend, is what wins championships.

    Like sands through the hour glass, these are the days of the Yacht Club’s lives…

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