Notes from Tuesday availability

Indiana assistant coordinators Kevin Johns and William Inge were available on Tuesday. They mostly went over familiar ground as well and repeated the talking points of Indiana coach Kevin Wilson, offensive coordinator Seth Littrell and defensive coordinator Doug Mallory, but there were some points of interest.

— Johns echoed Wilson’s thoughts about the quarterback battle, saying that sophomore Nate Sudfeld’s demonstrable success so far doesn’t mean that the starting job is decided.

“Nate’s had some good series these first couple of games,” Johns said. “Obviously that plays a lot into it, but there are still a lot of things that Tre Roberson can do to help this team win and we’re going to utilize this strengths.”

Johns also agreed with Wilson that the defensive structures the Hoosiers will face going forward will play more to Roberson’s strengths than the first two. They expect somewhat less focus on the run going forward, which could allow Roberson to make more plays with his feet while still looking to throw.

“Hopefully in every single game it will be that way,” Johns said. “For us, nothing’s changed. I know Nate has better numbers, but we got in a situation Saturday when we needed to throw the ball pretty consistently for us to have a chance to come back and win that game. We felt like Nate gave us the best chance to do that. But moving forward, for us, it’s still business as normal, and we’re going to find ways Tre can help us win, find plays Nate and potentially Cam (Coffman) if we need him.”

— Inge said that the Hoosiers’ defensive coaches are happy to finally have a team they can prepare for without having to dig up film of multiple other teams. Indiana State obviously brought a completely new staff to the season opener and the Hoosiers knew Navy would be experimenting with new sets and formations Saturday in what was Navy’s season opener. Indiana at least has two games worth of film on Bowling Green this season to get an idea of what the Falcons want to do.

“The biggest thing that helps is seeing them play this year, so you can kind of have a feel of what their profile may want to be with the men they have on their team currently,” Inge said. “… It’s really good to get some live footage in HD, seeing them play and kind of know what you can expect from a personnel and from a profile standpoint.”