Robert Johnson commits to Indiana

Robert Johnson kept his college decision so close to the vest that even his high school coach didn’t know what school he would choose when he sat down at a table in front of press and television cameras on Friday at Benedctine High School outside of Richmond, Va.

“I think only his mom and dad knew where he was going,” Benedictine coach Ryan Marable said. “I didn’t badger him too much about it. … I didn’t know until he put that hat on.”

The hat he put on was an Indiana cap, signifying that the 6-foot-3, 180-pound guard and the No. 42 player in the Class of 2014 had verbally committed to Indiana over North Carolina, Virginia and Florida State. The commitment was a surprise to many and it put the Hoosiers back on the board with a commitment for the class two months before the beginning of the November early signing period.

The Hoosiers previously had verbal commitments from Arsenal Tech forward Trey Lyles and Marion guard James Blackmon Jr., but both of those players re-opened their recruitment. A string of other Indiana targets — from Greensboro, N.C. swingman Theo Pinson to Brooklyn, N.Y. guard Isaiah Whitehead — had chosen other college destinations, and there was growing concern among the IU fanbase that the Hoosiers might miss out on their desired players. But Johnson’s commitment helps the Hoosiers fill a backcourt need and also gives coach Tom Crean another recruiting victory over North Carolina and Roy Williams. Williams got Pinson, but Crean got UNC targets Cody Zeller, Noah Vonleh, Troy Williams and now Johnson. Troy Williams was an AAU teammate of Johnson’s with the Boo Williams AAU program.

“This one surprised me a little bit,” said Boo Williams, the coach of the program in his name. “…  It’s hard to beat Carolina for our kids. We’ve had 13 kids go to North Carolina in 30 years. Indiana’s come in here and got two in the last two years.”

Indiana was the only finalist outside of Atlantic Coast Conference country for Johnson’s services, and Marable said that was largely a product of Crean’s relationship with Johnson.

“The relationship with Coach Crean sealed the deal,” Marable said. “Indiana was so consistent with what they talked about. They made him a priority from the day they offered him. When they recruited other guys, they communicated with him about it. Obviously, they have a great style of play. Coach Crean put Indiana back on national radar. If Robert does what he’s supposed to do, he’s going to have the opportunity to play right away. That was really important to him. And then the academics. … When they went up there, his family was able to see the great academic institution that Indiana has.”
Marable thinks Johnson can be a fit at Indiana in a number of ways. He has length and agility and can guard multiple positions from point guards to shooting guards to shorter small forwards. He can handle the ball and also shoot, which means he can play numerous roles in transition.

“He rebounds it well for his position,” Marable said. “He can lead the break or run down the wing, and he can knock down shots, so that spreads the floor our so well, kind of like (former Indiana guard Jordan Hulls) did. He’s going to spread the floor out and that helps the bigs go to work.”
Johnson averaged over 12 points a game last season at Benedictine and is expected to run the point more this season.

“He knows how to play,” Boo Williams said. “He’s highly skilled. He knows how to use the ball screens and the pick-and-roll. … He’s like an old-time guard who can really play.”

Johnson’s commitment suddenly makes Indiana’s entire recruiting picture much brighter. For one thing, he’s close friends with another Indiana target, swingman Devin Robinson from Christchurch School in Virginia, a 6-foot-8, 180-pounder and the No. 20 player in the class. They played together on several AAU teams growing up before Johnson went to Boo Williams and Robinson to the Virginia Squires and they grew up in the same neighborhood. Johnson told reporters at Friday’s press conference that he would immediately begin recruiting Robinson, who has an Indiana offer but is also considering Connecticut, Florida, Notre Dame and Oklahoma State among others.

“They’re pretty tight, now,” Williams said. “Let’s put it this way. It won’t hurt.”

Beyond that, Johnson’s diversified skill set means the Hoosiers don’t have to stop recruiting any of their other targets for fear of redundancy. They’re expected to continue recruiting Blackmon, even though he’s also a shooting guard, because Johnson’s point guard skills would allow them to play together in the same backcourt. They are also hosting Lourawls “Tum-Tum” Nairn, a point guard from Kansas, on a visit this weekend, and they continue to recruit Massachusetts big man Goodluck Okonoboh.

Said Williams: “He can compliment anyone he plays with.”


  1. Yeah Baby! Andy was right yesterday when he made the call. Andy you are a freaking Babe Ruth of making calls. No one and I mean no one thought we would get him. But thee of little faith we did!!! Who needs JB JR? let him go to UK and be a nobody never was like his Pappy. We got RB JR! He came to the Crossroads and he picked us instead of the rest.

    What a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Technically not the ‘first’ 2014 committment- but currently the only one.

    I’m pleasantly suprised. Seems like a good kid from a solid family.

  3. I say pull JB JR’s offer off the table. We got that shooting guard spot filled thank you. Go to UK JB JR!

  4. Hey, whata know?

    Some good news that will make for a feel good Friday! Good, IU and Crean needed this and they got a good kid.


  5. I guess the DMV pipeline lives on. We may see another east coast pickup soon as well. (Massachusetts pipeline?).

    I love Indiana kids because they love Indiana. When they do not, wish them well. CTC has scored big in state and he continues to pursue the top Indiana kids, but he is going after the high ranked kids nationally. MD did that but was unsuccessful. CTC has earned acknowledgment that his plan is successful (Recuiting wise)

    CTC is doing a great job of recruiting high quality kids who buy into the mantra of 365 work and are hitting the books hard too. If some kids want something else, I’m fine with taking the kids who buy what he is selling. Anyone here who is critiquing and criticizing him for his recruiting abilities/success just displays their ignorance.

  6. Welcome Robert! You’re going to fit in nicely with our current roster. Excited to see you in the Crimson & Cream next fall!! BTW – James Blackmon, Jr., you are now dead to me. GO HOOSIERS!

  7. Great get! In an earlier article his dad told him that a commitment should mean something. So It’s safe to say RJR will be a Hoosier on Signing Day. Go IU.

  8. One of our two silent verbals committed. By the time RJ is a senior he will be an All American. He and Robinson will be a lethal combo. We need more DMV kids.

  9. The Crean-bashers are a little quiet today.

    As for recruiting players in the state of Indiana, we have to remember that some times “familiarity breeds contempt.” Many young men want a change of scenery or to experience an area different from where they grew up. I graduated from a High School in Illinois (the Chicago suburbs), but had no interest in any in-state schools. I was accepted to NW, Wisc, and U of I, but chose IU over those schools, all of which were much closer to home. It was not even close. So, just because an Indiana kid signs with another school does not mean Crean is not a good recruiter or is not prioritizing Indiana talent.

    Would you rather have a roster filled with Indiana kids that finished in the middle of the Big Ten standings every year, or a roster filled with the best available talent that wins Big Ten Championships? Say what you want about Crean, and his critics obviously do a lot of that, but the man is a very good recruiter.

  10. Why would anyone post negative comments about Blackmon Jr? Wouldn’t you like to get him as well? Negative comments do not benefit anyone and only scare away potential recruits.

  11. Great point AB94 until JBjr commits to another school, we’re in the mix. He’s another combo guard who can fill it up, I wouldn’t be upset if he re-committed to IU after exploring the recruiting process.

  12. Keith – I disagree on JBJ. Once he decommitted, he was dead to most of Hoosier Nation. The ironic thing is most Kentucky fans don’t want him because they think it will ruin their chances to get a higher rated SG or see him as a 4 year backup.

    We were loyal to him through his injury and he played us. JBJ, Lyle and Lyles are tight and you can see why because they have the same character traits.

  13. Point taken Aruss. Absolutely true on all counts. Coach Crean didn’t waver on his offer during JBJr’s ACL injury. Loyalty and keeping your word mean EVERYTHING. It clearly does to Robert Johnson Sr., who is instilling those values in his son. Can I take back everything I said in post 14 without having my loyalty and commitment questioned?

  14. What’s the point of hating on a high school kid? I’m an IU graduate and I love the Hoosiers bball team as much as anyone here. But how much better have you made your life by posting negative comments about a teenager?

  15. For the record I do not hate the kid either. But I have no problem stating the obvious, James Blackmon Jr. displays poor character traits and no one is expecting them to be corrected or grow to change which means everyone he touches in a lifetime can be affected by same.

  16. AB94. Thank you for what should be obvious. Too many somehow justifying their lives by trashing someone else.
    It’s just a game, gentlemen.

  17. I honestly hope that we do not waste a scholarship on Narin. He’s way to short; won’t be able to guard hardly anyone in the B1G.
    It’s also been reported that he can’t shoot from anywhere on the court.
    So, basically, he’s fast, hits a few layups (which he’ll rarely get off in the B1G), and would be no more than a backup.
    RJ is a combo guard. He can fill in at PG when necessary.

  18. Re: Blackmon, I respectfully disagree with the doubters and I hope he comes as much as ever. And if he does, I think we’ll all be very happy.

    Why? I don’t have all the inside dope, but it’s like the old trackers that could read the signs in the wilderness. I can read the tracks.

    When Trey Lyles walked, Crean said basically, “Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.”

    There was NO talk of inviting Lyles back.

    Credit Crean. He is smartly taking the straight up path and isn’t saying any more and, honestly, I guess I’m glad I don’t know, although I could make a case that THAT would be a fun conversation to eavesdrop!

    But, and here’s the key, Blackmon was always a totally different story. Crean never stopped recruiting him for a second.

    And that tells you, clear as noonday, that whatever was out of kilter with Lyles, it ain’t a problem with Blackmon. Something tells me that the ethics, morality and family of Blackmon are ok. Because Crean has proved that he ain’t shy about slamming the door and he didn’t. I’m on board with that.

    Besides, didn’t any of you guys ever break up with someone and get back together? Sometimes, you have to do that to know that you really found the right one. And once you do eventually finally commit, then everyone knows that it is right (at least until the divorce…. ok, bad joke!).

    Seriously, bring it on, JB, JR. I think you’d make a great Hoosier, do well in the program, grow and develop, and find favor with all.

  19. Making noonday even more clear is the fact Blackmon’s Dad is a prominent Indiana HS BB coach at a damn good program. Lyles may be out of kilter but Marion Indiana has always had good BB talent. But I do not blame Crean 1 bit. He is doing his job as it needs to be done.

  20. Did we book a game with Louisville when I wasn’t looking???

    This feels very strange to type, but I can’t remember the last time I disagreed with a Clarion post. (One of us must be changing, oh f***)

    I will say this about JBJ… I was really upset when he decommitted. I think he is a threat from anywhere on the court. I think he is a 4 year player because of his size and average athleticism (for a D1player)… But I think he’ll be a really, really good college player. I will welcome him back with open arms if wants in the club.

    However, if I had my druthers, I think I’d prefer to add GO at this point… And I’m not sure we really have more than 2 scholarships to give this year.

  21. Geoff,

    If you have something to say, say it. As of this moment you have the advantage as I’m Q what is going on.

  22. Clarion… I said it man… You and I seem to be on the same page. It’s been that way for like 157 consecutive posts. I must be growing up and becoming conservative or something. Maybe it’s the kid.

  23. Lot of transition in life and ya youngsters are involved, mostly involuntarily. I have never thought about athletics as liberal or conservative. Probably too deep for me to figure out. I agree on Goodluck he is my choice too. Damn glad Johnson gave us the nod as we need someone to backup Yogi if necessary. I’ve been uneasy about that possibility. Carry on if you wish I’ll read it in the morning.

  24. I think you guys are way off base thinking that a rash decision made by a 14 year old followed by a very grown up decision to make a more thoughtful decision after examining options indicates weakness of character. I would hate to be judged for something I did as a young adolescent or even as a 17 year old. JBJ did nothing wrong here and I hope he decides he made a good initial decision even absent all the facts.

  25. I think more than ever before ; alot and i mean ALOT of recruiting is being done on the benches and lockerooms of the summer AAU programs-not by coaches but amongst players themselves.I offer 2 examples:1) a kid from o same schMinnesota and a kid from inner city Chicago saying they want to go to same college-that comeraderie starts at AAU level.2) The Ja’qual Lyle story-commits to louisville; 2 weeks later decommits only to only to “join up” with Cliff Alexander to be recruited together( appears Kansas is destination)the joining of those 2 happen thru tweets and THAT happens because of AAU programs they are part of and sharing of information.

  26. O-IU-G,

    Just at what age do you think character is developed and established? By 15 it is fairly well set or at the least headed in the direction where it manifests. I’ve seen the young man play, he is a crybaby and a whiner, he believes he is fouled every time the ball is in play and on D(which he puts marginal effort)he is robust in that he never commits a foul. There is no doubt college coaching will correct that. But why hasn’t his HS coach(father). I’ll also give you something else to chew on, I do not blame the kid for all of it. His Daddy, JB Sr. accepted the Marion HC job well over a year ago and then changed his mind and reneged on the agreement to coach there. This year he accepted it again. So far he has not had buyers remorse. So a fickle attitude has been displayed to him as an example for his short lifetime. But I recognize he can shoot lights out and Crean has done right in continuing to recruit him and I would too as he has a little brother who may be even better. Top of the mornin to you.

  27. HC sounds like he’s describing Lebron in that last post and well, we all know how he turned out. The basketball of old is long gone people. We are now in the age of whiners and show boaters and I don’t see that changing any time soon. Hate that it has come to this but that is what these youngsters see from their NBA role models like LJ and DW. Any who, I’m stoked that RJ is IU bound. CTC will keep them coming gentlemen, I would think you all would realize this by now.

  28. IU Dude: With all the social media tools readily available today, actions are easily taken the wrong way. I don’t agree completely with it, but things change. Without change, you always get what you have.

    Crean knows what he is doing. Nice to have a coach who can recruit in state and out. Bottom line is winning. If we can win with out of state kids, so be it. The argument of complaining about lack of local kids is old. I’m out to win.

  29. Curious to see what the plan is going forward. If Tum Tum commits this weekend, does that mean its an either/or scenario with Goodluck and Robinson? Do we have room for four? Does this slam the door shut in Exum’s mind?

    It never fails to amuse me how quickly panic can turn from the cupboard being bare to an over abundance of prospective talent. Cue the conspiracy theorists…

  30. Remember, we only have room for 2. Anymore then 2, someone is either let go, or goes pro. Noah perhaps goes pro. Jurkin let go. I have no inside track, just saying. I never thought Austin would still be here, after how hard that drum was beat. I’ve come to expect Crean to oversign every year. Just his style.

  31. What I love the most about Tom Crean is his humility.

    Knowing full well that he could recruit Cody Zeller to play for Lipscomb, he still refused to take any credit..He simply said, “Because it’s Indiana.”

    It’s really what I admire about the man. He never puts focus on himself. He understands Indiana was nothing before he came and it will be nothing when he leaves.

    All you have to do is put “because it’s _________(fill in blank)” before your next gig and remain humble. Promise some PT to some ballers that couldn’t make it through a week of RMK. Make a few runs halfway through the tournament. Let the prima donna’s believe they rule the old stage where the banners now serve as old draperies instead of new linens…Let them rap during Hoosier Hysteria. Basically be John Calipari without the title. Tell everybody we’re doing it the right way “because” it’s the right way.

    Indiana? Do you really believe the place has any magic anymore? They come for the promises and whispers in their ears from the man in the suit with the briefcase full of promises what lures beyond college.

    Why on earth would anyone be so proud of such accomplishments to merely get talent to one destination? But is it really that difficult to understand? The promises of what can come to them beyond college and the pointing at D-Wade..and Dipo…and Cody are the easy temptations.

    Sweep under the rug those that provided the curtains for their stage. They made it Indiana without the “because.”

  32. It’s hard to figure him out Punjab So it’s Indiana. So it’s Maine. So it’s Montana. Who cares? These kids vowed to play for Indiana, and did a terrific job. I mean if it’s a crime to be proud of an accomplishment, then let’s forget about the brave veterans who served this country. Of coarse we are proud! Come on Harvard.

  33. If sarcasm was a face, I would rearrange it.

    Just remember…

    You can bring a lot of sexy ladies to one destination. They can provide you all the simple entertainment and pleasure your eye with memorizing skills at their craft. But there will be a day that you’ll long for something else from these ballers. You’ll realize it’s nothing more than an exchange and the heart of what was once a truth in an endeavor of love from your soul shall drain…and all that once made you aspire will sour as it’s turned into a theft of the sweetness grown of the tender passions a quiet hour.

  34. You have truly lost it. Totally off subject now. What are we even talking about? If anything, the priorities in your heart and brain need serious rearranging.

  35. Totally on subject. And not personal at all. Indiana basketball was born of the “sweetness grown in the tender passions a quiet hour.”

    And if that simple love can no longer bring the results in the humble truth of what should reside in your heart when you put on the uniform, then so be it.

    These pursuits have become obscene and their percieved importance is an affront to skills not measured in playing a team game and getting results not measured in only the act of what can satisfy at basketball. The game is no longer appreciated and nurtured for what doesn’t fall into raw view.

  36. What exactly should reside in your heart Harvard? Just because the players don’t think like you, don’t mean the are any less. Will you ever be satisfied with Indiana basketball?

  37. Interesting argument and generally true to the collapse of values we live today. Hoosier Clarion is absolutely right; pivotal to where we go from here is our ability to conserve (therefore ‘conservative’ values) that got us here. Loyalty, ethical clarity, a sense of hard work,a sense of community (team), humility, focus, obligation, duty, responsibility and accountability.

    And, yes, true competitiveness. Earned!

    Unfortunately, very few of these values are being taught, as they once were, in our sports programs…least of all in those sports where ‘using’ the most talented in nature’s attributes is part of an ethic of ‘winning’ that drowns everything else and defines competition of ‘winning at any cost’. How stupid to ven say it. Especially true in Division 1 college athletics, where the concept of competition has no context of and in values.

    Look at how many in this very blog write that ‘it is about winning’ and (in some form) ‘only about winning’. That may be how many the ‘losers’ understand ‘winning’ today and it explains why they are ‘losers’. It also suggests a cultural place taking place in this society that has nothing to do with how we became exceptional in our achievements and exceptional in our social values.

    Some have asked the question whether I’d rather have a team of Indiana kids or one recruited among those who have received the most ‘publicity’ as ‘top 5,50, 100, 250 and are constantly complaining that our academic requirements are too constraining. If, in the process of becoming winners, we lose the value of ‘becoming’, the victory is meaning and worthless. (Within this sentence I was thinking- among other issues- about the issue of scheduling ridiculously low level competition in teams that offer and are unable to offer any challenge whatsoever.

    Indiana University should never- NEVER- resort to padding our records against non-competitive opposition to insure our record justifies an invitation to national tournaments.

    That is not winning. It is an effort to avoid the possibility of losing. Losers do that, never winners.

    The issue is not about ‘winning’ but about ‘trying to win’; ‘putting’ yourself in a ‘position to win’; ‘doing all and each of the small things necessary to win’. There is a huge world of difference between these two sets of values. I suspect that, with very few exceptions’ few of those who blog the slop about ‘winning is everything/’winning is the only thing’ have the faintest idea of what a ‘winner’ is. All I have to do is remind other Hoosier fans that when the Hoosiers took this attitude circa 1960, not only the football team but all Hoosier sports ended up in one of the deepest, hardest, most shaming probations ever handed out by the NCAA; and it took us nearly a decade to recover from it (1967). Even our ‘magical’ basketball program collapsed. The greatest team in NCAA history and in any sport in amateur athletic history (and likely in world history- excepting select Olympic teams) – the great Doc Counsilman’s/ Hobie Billingsley’s era of swimming-diving teams of the 1960’s- was unable to compete in several NCAA championships because of the ‘winning is the only thing’ philosophy of the ca. 1960’s football program and the absolutely stupid, insane attempt to become a national power. Somehow, we Hoosiers managed to repeat the shame with the pathetic attempt to regain relevance basketball program during the Sampson years. Making ‘winning’ the only thing had its deserved ending.

    I hope the lesson endures for as long as someone is wearing the ‘candy-stripes’.

    Like nearly every Hoosier fan here (and probably more than most), I want to win and want to feel we ‘put ourselves in a position to win’ and compete ‘trying to win’ every time we wear the Indiana shirt. But, I don’t believe the silliness and stupidity of ‘winning is everything’.

    That is the philosophy of losers.

    It demonstrates their complete and utter lack of understanding about the meaning of competition; and, even sadder, their ignorance about what the meaning of ‘winning’ is. And, I do not like sharing my space with ‘losers’.

    That’s why I generally like our programs and where they are today. You can have the vomit that is the UK programs of John Calipari; or, the football program the current Seattle Seahawks football coach, Pete Carroll, left USC or the never-ending string of utter failures the University of Miami (FL)hired to maintain some control over their herd of animals.

    I’m proud of the decisions made to bring our football program to a level of respect, the hiring of Kevin Wilson and the hard work that he leads and is now being done to make us true, un-corrupted ‘winners’. We may have actually beagun to understand the difference between ‘winners’ and ‘losers’. I am proud of a soccer program that won seven national titles and, more importantly, was a key in introducing and popularizing the world’s most beloved sport to a passive US-right here in Indiana (where we can still share the sidewalk and the excitement with the iconic family that did so). Or, where we can still remember the legendary Jim ‘Doc’ Counsilman and some of the greatest swimmers and divers ever.

    And, yes, Robert Montgomery Knight, the man who revolutionized the playing of basketball and made Indiana the measuring stick for the sport throughout the world; and helped us define the word ‘winners’ in its truest sense, while teaching us to expect ‘winning’ the one and only right way- honestly and with integrity, while avoiding the shame that comes from the pathetic ignorance and boredom of repeating ‘winning is everything’ without any idea of what ‘winner’ means or is.

  38. Nice Article, I mean, uh, comment Tsao. HaHa.
    One only needs to coach young/youth sports teams to fully grasp this concept. MHO. Hope all are well here.

  39. HoosierClarion, your understanding of human development ignores pretty much everything neuroscientists know about the brain. The parts of the brain responsible for judgment and decision-making are among the last to develop — a funny joke played on us by evolution — and do not reach full maturity until into the 20’s. To conclude that Blackmon has “bad character” because he is re-thinking a decision he made when he was 14 is about as insightful as saying we don’t want him because he whines about fouls.

    If I were going to assign blame or make moral judgments, it would be on a the adults, including his father, who let him “commit” before he had played a game of high school ball. People seem to miss that fact that while Crean actively encouraged Blackmon to forego all his other options before he even knew what they were, Crean most certainly did not forego any of HIS options. He continued to recruit shooting guards and other players who would have directly competed with Blackmon for playing time. People will argue that there is nothing wrong with a coach continuing to recruit, that no promises were made, and all that, but this entirely ignores how one-sided the “commitment” was. Here is a list of the SG’s and combo players I can think of just off the top of my head Crean has recruited since Blackmon’s commitment: Ron Patterson, Stanford Robinson, Luke Kennard, D’Angelo Russell, Theo Pinson, Ahmed Hill, Robert Johnson, Phil Booth, Jaquan Lyle, LouRawls Nairn, Jaren Sina, and Malachi Richardson. I’m sure there were others. Of course we all know NOW that Blackmon is really good and would likely have been a star at IU, but no one knew that 4 years ago. It was just as possible that he would have shown up here and found himself 3rd on the depth chart without having ever even looked at other options.

    As with so much else about NCAA rules and conduct, all the advantages here accrue to the millionaire adults who run the sport, not the teenagers they recruit and coach. Crean got to chase off all the competition for Blackmon, but Blackmon did not get to chase off all the competition for his spot. The fact that blowhard fans now get to sit in judgment of a teenager who change his mind just adds to the richness of the hypocrisy.

  40. Weatherman, I could not have scripted better support for my post on Sr.’s and Jr.’s character. Why would anyone believe JBJ would have a higher level of character than his Dad, JBS, who is well past 20(now age 49)and certainly is fully developed into what he has now become. In other words your neurology expertise leads everyone to rightfully understand the apple does not fall far from the tree. Like Father like Son. Sr. the pistol and Jr. the son-of-a-gun. Both have displayed in the past and recently behavior/poor decisions/actions caused by weak/poor/troubled character. Please feel free to invoice me for your medical services. DD has on record my email.

  41. Good Geoff. Undefeated with the son’s football team. He is handling QB very well, our D is kickass. How is fatherhood on your front?
    By the way, I’m pulling for some “Goodluck” also. That would solidify those spots.

  42. Mass H!!! thanks for the comment and great to hear from you and your comment about ‘The Natural’….imagine he is now a triple threat QB who is as comfortable in the pocket as he is tucking it under and weaving his way 40 yards downfield… Great you are spending that time with him…my ‘boy’ (46) and I still laugh about some of our adventures and his mom still winces and just shakes her head.

    Talking about the subject of the other half of the orange, how is ‘la milonga’. Glad she still lets you communicate with your buddies. Knowing her background I’d expect her to demand your request a visa (from her) to just get out of the house. (Ja! Ja! Ja!). Tell her I said she’s lucky to be married to the Mass version of Carlos Gardel. And keep teaching the kid how to fling it…but keep non-IU recruiters away. Great to hear from you…stay in touch.

  43. Tsao, he does many things well on the field, we are blessed. I love being with all those kids. It is a great group of kids, which makes it easier to coach and helps keep me grounded.
    The Esposa is busy coaching herself, unrestricted visas are required. Unfortunately our schedules keep me from being proactive on this marvelous site. I will try to participate more sir.
    I do not remotely measure up to Carlos Gardel, but you did make me think a bit.

  44. Korman always addressed his HT and Scoop buddies with ‘sir.’

    I always think it’s sounds like you believe you’re the cat’s pajamas.

    Wow…Sure looks like Jim Harbaugh is losing his edge. Hopefully this won’t trickle through the family and end up in Bloomington. He looks very confused and troubled on the sidelines of late. Looks like Crean during a Syracuse game. Funny how fast it just all fall apart.

  45. I am confident Harvard, but, it(sir) has more to do with the way I was raised. Plus, I mixed in a little humbleness in regards to Tsao’s “stay in touch” request.

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    88      .a8P d8'        `8b  
    88888888Y"' d8'          `8b  

    88888888ba  88888888888        db        88888888ba   ad88888ba     88 88  
    88      "8b 88                d88b       88      "8b d8"     "8b    88 88  
    88      ,8P 88               d8'`8b      88      ,8P Y8,            88 88  
    88aaaaaa8P' 88aaaaa         d8'  `8b     88aaaaaa8P' `Y8aaaaa,      88 88  
    88""""""8b, 88"""""        d8YaaaaY8b    88""""88'     `"""""8b,    88 88  
    88      `8b 88            d8""""""""8b   88    `8b           `8b    "" ""  
    88      a8P 88           d8'        `8b  88     `8b  Y8a     a8P    aa aa  
    88888888P"  88888888888 d8'          `8b 88      `8b  "Y88888P"     88 88  


  48. ######     #    
    #     #   # #  
    #     #  #   #  
    #     # #     #
    #     # #######
    #     # #     #
    ######  #     #

    ######  #######    #    ######   #####  ###
    #     # #         # #   #     # #     # ###
    #     # #        #   #  #     # #       ###
    ######  #####   #     # ######   #####   #  
    #     # #       ####### #   #         #    
    #     # #       #     # #    #  #     # ###
    ######  ####### #     # #     #  #####  ###


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