1. If Andy works for H-T, covers IU athletics, why doesn’t Andy wear hats that have something to do with IU or H-T?

  2. I think Andy is grossly underestimating the Hoosiers.

    I believe we will annihilate Bowling Green. Coleman will have 170 yards.

  3. Jay,
    Because covering a team means you don’t ever wear its gear in a professional setting (and for that matter, the gear of anyone else that team might ever play). And because we don’t have H-T hats.

  4. At least at the moment no, per people on Twitter who would know. by that I mean Evan Daniels and N.D. Kendrick. Daniels said he got a text from Jaquan saying he’s still going to Louisville and N.D. knows him really, really well. So as of now, no. But it’s Lyle, so I wouldn’t rule anything out with him.

  5. Trying to put the candy stripes into our football Chromosomes!? Achieved via artificial turf insemination?

  6. Found a short write up about Lyle decommitting on cardchronically.com, which I assume is their version of the Scoop, and it was interesting to read the comments from L’ville fans… It’s almost the exact opposite ratio of panicky fans as when IU fans were commenting on the Blackmn situation.

    Granted, they just won a NC, but still, most fans seemed fairly unaffected. The only common theme was they thought “PayPal Cal” might be behind it, and that UK would end up with Lyle, Lyles, and Blackmon.

  7. Lord of the Bowling(Harvard)
    Friday, September 13, 2013 – 7:07 PM UTC

    I think Andy is grossly underestimating the Hoosiers.

    I believe we will annihilate Bowling Green. Coleman will have 170 yards.

    Harvard for Hillbillies
    Friday, September 13, 2013 – 7:22 PM UTC

    Hoosiers 52
    Bowling Green 17

    Seeing how IU left two early TD/scores on the field, this was a route. We won by 32..I predicted a 35 pt. margin. Yes, I’m just that good.


    No, the sky is not falling. Sad how so many were already throwing in the towel just two games into the season.

  8. Harvard- Thought about that several times, beginning towards the end of the first half. With a big smile, “Harvard is going to come really close to his predictionS…too bad we left 14 points behind). Nevertheless, the differential instead of 35 was 32…

    Have always said, when focused and philosophizing on ‘Da Game’ in depth (fb/bkb)you are scary good. Add another bottle of a good Mendoza province Malbec (ca: 2002-2004) to your side of the account.

    (did you notice we got left out of PAD- see comments after Dopirak’s game dialogue)- ” I wouldn’t join any organization that wants me as a member”, (think that was Will Rogers).

  9. I’m just thrilled to see Harvard passionately discussing Hoosier football. It’s been a slow evolution to get him to this point, but the fact that he’s making (accurate) predictions is no small development.

    And can we take 10 seconds to acknowledge the Husky beat-down on Illannoy, at Soldier Field no less? Refs were out to squash the Pac 12, but the Dawgs battled through…

    And how about another 10 seconds to acknowledge the efforts of the Akron Zips? Darned near pulled off the upset of all upsets. A fine MAC school that is out there!

    Cheers Hoosier fans!

  10. Love to play the genius, but the prediction was mostly luck.

    And the ebb and flow of momentum in sports is actually relatively easy to spot coming down the pike. Doesn’t mean the damn will always break, but the ingredients are ripe for something to give….

    The perfect storm was brewing:

    Highly underestimated potent offense

    + Tough loss last weekend…

    + Pent-up emotions and hunger to get physical

    + An opponent that was likely buying into their recent hype and brief national attention.

    + A defense that had much to prove(though we should realize that it won’t looks as easy against the powerhouses in our conference)

    + A juiced-up QB getting his first starting nod

    + Chrome helmets

    + Heavy local media criticism(some warranted..some rather mean-spirited and lacking in perspective)

    + The simple vibe/gut feeling I’m getting from watching a Hoosier football team that is carrying itself differently from what I’ve seen in year’s past

    = Emotions high, talent gelling, and mixture of volatile chemicals to suggest possible blowout…

    = Abracadabra! Heat up, I can’t cool down.

    Next one is much more difficult to predict. Tougher opponent and deeper talent. Where will our heads be? Will we stay hungry? Hard to bet against us with an offense that looks in mid-season form and what appears to be a very confident quarterback. Could not get over how accurate and in-the-stride of the receiver he threw most his balls. He put his passes in spots that still took extreme agility for our talented receiving crew to hall in, while rarely dropping the passes in a place a defender had any shot at picking it off. I know there was a lot of one-on-one coverage, but Sudfeld just simply put passes where they needed to be..He made it look easy and he did it very consistently.

    And the holes were for our running backs were of the gaping variety(meaning the surprise in my gaping cake hole hanging wide open not used to seeing Hoosier ball carriers untouched).

    I was so hoping Michigan would lose. Can’t stand Michigan..Can’t stand Harbaugh’s..Can’t stand fauxhawks..Can’t stand anything about the place…except Mitch McGary. CHESTERTON TROJANS!!

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