1. Bowling Green was a “pretty good MAC team”…? Last week you guys were singing an entirely different tune(especially Andy). You were acting like BG would be a real challenge. We smoked them as one of your esteemed blog contributors predicted.

    I don’t know why but high-powered offenses often cancel each other out.

    I think we’ll see some turnovers…probably some picks on both sides and some red zone tightening on defenses.

    Hoosiers 34
    Missouri 28

  2. I think the IU D keeps improving. The Tigers in my opinion have never played especially physical. Big teat for our CB’s though. Maybe the $.05 is the scheme of the day for both teams.

  3. I was a little disappointed in STL sports radio this week. I get that they’ve got big expectations for the Rams, the Cards are in a pennant race with the playoffs looming, and the Blues are ramping up their season. But in what little mention they’ve made of Mizzou football, they basically dismissed playing IU like they were Florida A&M or something. I expect a close, highly-contested game with the defense finally making a big stop at the end. IU 41-35.

  4. Talk about how to run the skin watch Wisky against PUke. Melvin Gordon III and James White are RB’s extraordinaire. They are a treat to watch. Gordon with power runner strength being the niftiest in my observation.

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