1. Tom Crean has had seven years. He came to Indiana with head coaching experience. He did start from scratch, but the foundation/history/in-state talent was always ready to get back on the horse.

    Seems to me that Wilson’s task is far more daunting. There is no history to lure in prospects. Indiana is a relatively small state and it’s surrounded by three legendary football programs(within and outside the conference).

    Watching 120,000 fans pack into Michigan tonight for UM vs. ND, witnessing that kind of crowd and energy that tempts the best of the best football talent from the Midwest and beyond, makes me wonder how IU football can ever be in that same league.

    Yet, we only lost this game by one touchdown….Extra point wins the game. One touchdown against a Navy team that could give some of the historically better teams in our conference a share of headaches.

    I wouldn’t throw Wilson under the bus. Though the defense may be the most difficult element in building a true Big 10 contender, Indiana football is showing a desire to not quit when teams roll up some fast early points. The Hoosier offense has weapons. The double-edged sword those weapons is that the points often come quickly for us as well.

    But I’m still seeing a difference. I’m actually enjoying watching IU football. I confess that I’ve likely not watched more than two entire games over the last decade. Why am I watching? I really don’t know. And that’s the beauty of the first sparks growing from this new infusion of hope coming with Wilson. He has the “it factor.” He has credibility in his posture and demeanor. His team is showing heart I don’t have much memory coming from soft and spineless Hoosier football teams in decades of heartless losing(outside some brief glimpses of hope).

    There is a bit of Jordy Hulls in Kevin Wilson. His gumption and grit flows without words. His players feed of that belief that feels genuine.

    Sorry to be a bit positive…I do love being the contrarian. I also genuinely like Kevin Wilson. I like fresh starts and men that don’t drudge on the past or make excuses because the surrounding programs are so well established. Some men appear more winners when the score is no evidence. Some men appear more losers in best day their raised victory glass.

    Wilson is a winner. Don’t be fooled by the score.

  2. Worst coaching performance I’ve ever seen in IU football and that’s saying something considering I’ve seen Cameron, Dinarod and Lynch led teams.

    #1 going for it on 4th down in the first half on your end of the field. #2 removing roberson so Sudfeld can throw another pick. #3 ridiculous on side kick attempt. #4 a defense that plays back on their heels against the option.

    Ron Zook could recruit. He works at a bank in central Florida now.

    As far as I’m concerned, CKW is playing for his job the next two games.

  3. H4H,

    I give you a lot of hell when I am not ignoring you but that was worth my applause and a bow. Piss on contrarian, you just posted your best.

  4. Heard ‘Fish’ interview Sudfeld after the game. Sure seemed like a nice and well-spoken young man. Really did an honest interview. All three of our quarterbacks appear to be men of talent and character. Leadership is more than trickle down from the man with the headset. I found Sudfeld’s tone very refreshing in a world of so many supermen and self-proclaimed superstars already into bedding their first virgin millions.

    Enjoy what we have. These are young men not so yet corrupted by their own reflection.

    Wilson will allow his team its identity fostered from his ideals but not crammed down the throat.

  5. Clarion-

    Thanks. Sure wish Chet would return. The Hoosier Scoop is better with his unique style and wit.

    Chet needs a place he can analyze and offer advice. I miss being on the Chet couch. I think Chet battled a great stigma because of early childhood experiences. Sometimes those stigmas are more imagined than real.

    We can benefit from his ability to show empathy and tough love. His political leanings may be heavy to the left, but he’s still a ‘do right by you’ friend. I felt compassion and sincerity under the thick leather his bombardier jacket….When he was harsh, I never felt he enjoyed being the deliverer of hard words.

    We’re all a bit fragile. We all judge too quickly and condemn not of wicked core but of desire to be heard and appreciated.

    Just wanted to let Chet know that I listened. Didn’t always agree. Didn’t always want to hear it….Don’t know if I can fix it….but that’s just the score. It was his effort that meant the most.

    And now for some Barbara. How ’bout them Bears?!

  6. I still feel good about Wilson. But defensive staff, big negatory. Don’t care how bad the talent allegedly is – and would agree that the DL looks like swiss cheese. D needs to at least show some signs of improvement ASAP. Note: I don’t mean dominate or even play well an entire game. I’d settle for a big play or forced punt once in a while. First two performances have been epic failures.

  7. Congratulations to Matt Canada: Star offensive coordinator at Wisconsin + 2 and 0 at NC State this year. Same coach, just changed mascots.

  8. I watch game with my son who played QB and FS in high school.He see things that I do not,and he thought IU could have done some things to counter the Navy attack,but they did nothing.One was to move Copper to middle or bring some pressure off the corners.
    I think that it goes beyond the kids and you have look who runs the defensive.

  9. Could not disagree more with Aruss #2 above. I have no problem with going for it on 4th down; out of 9 Navy drives, IU stopped Navy short of a good scoring opportunity only on the 9th, as time ran out. The mistake was not passing but trying 2 runs on 3rd and 4th. IU is a pass first team, then run when they expect the pass; we were 31 of 43 with 1 intercept and 4 TD’s for 363 yards passing and our number 1 runner was Sudfeld! Sudfeld was nearly perfect, the above numbers. If he had been absolutely perfect, a TD not the interception at the Navy 3, IU wins the game 42-41. He is THE QB, and one of the best in the B1G!As bad as the defense played, and it was atrocious, if they just make ONE stop: the 3rd and 7, the 3rd and 10 or the 4th and 2 in drive in drive 7; the 4th and 1, the 3rd and 14, or the 3rd and 19 in drive 8; IU wins. But the defense could not do it even once! IU is one of the worst tackling teams I have ever seen. With average tackling IU wins. Shake up the defensive line-up: Allen, Mangieri, Raynor and Simmons can play in the B1G; we know that Heban, Murphy and Bennett are pretty good. Play the Freshmen NOW!

  10. Only got to see the second half, but there were just so many key moments late where we failed to take advantage of opportunities. An on-side kick that fell right into and out of our hands. A couple fourth down stops that never happened, including the last one where we had him 9/10 of the way down before letting him back up for that extra yard. If I remember correctly, we finish that last tackle and it’s 90 seconds to go half the field with two timeouts for the win.

    We still have a chance to make some noise this year. 6+ wins isn’t out of the question. But until we show that we can capitalize on the big moments in some area other than on offense, Hoosier fans should probably temper expectations for now and be satisfied with going from bad to respectable. We’re still at least a year from being a “good” overall program.

  11. IU knew a run option was coming 97% of the time and they couldn’t stop it? That is bad coaching. Make some adjustments to force them to throw. Needed to get out of that basic 4-3-4 defense and hit that qb when he pitches among other things. This loss probably cost this team a bowl game. I don’t see six wins on this schedule. Even Illinois played well against Cincy.

  12. I think IU will when a few games this year 4 or 5….tradition continues….But if this or that happens is fools gold. IU should have been up 9 or 10 points like Navy was and it does not matter about if this or that happens.

  13. The point is not revisionist history, T. The point is that this team is close, but doesn’t look poised yet to pounce on the big moments. Making the this or that plays are what separate fringe bowl teams from the also-rans, It’ll cost us a few games and probably a bowl.

  14. Tradition is IU many, many years of the last 60 have been close and are always going to get better and better.

    I like QB…Pro potential QB (4 stars)

    Stay with Wilson.

  15. Harvard, that is one great post, I agree completely with HC…perhaps your best (though I’ve seen others from you that were at this same level). This one, in particular, accurately analyzes and describes where we(I) are football wise; and it does more, it points a direction for those of us who hope we can become a ‘respectable’ football program.

    I agree with every point you made; especially about CKW and about what there is to like about his vision; and I agree with your conclusion. We need to understand the depth of the hole we (we-fans and alumni) dug for our football program and understand it will take time, patience and wisdom in our part…with Wilson leading it.

    Your statement needed to be said and I admire you for saying it. You, HfH, could make such an incredibly important contribution to Hoosier sports.

    Like Hoosier Clarion, I applaud your comment and bow, with respect.

  16. Tough loss. Defenders on the edge couldn’t keep their feet on cut blocks they knew were coming. Very rarely did the pitch assignment hit the quarterback after he’d made the pitch. We all knew Navy would eat up clock, as a result we knew we couldn’t have empty possessions. We started the game with two. We lost the turnover battle and had more penalties, BUT we were still in the game. Had a few plays turned out differently all of the coach hating goes away.
    CKW called plays to put the team in a position to win. Had the left tackle not whiffed on his block (didn’t even touch the D End) the 4th down run is converted. Had Roberts got on the ball during the onside kick (he had TWO shots at it), CKW would be a genius. Had Sudfeld put the ball toward the far pylon, Houston catches it with no one within 5 yards. That’s NOT a coaching issue, that’s an execution issue. It is and always has been a game of inches and focus.
    All things being equal I had a great time at the game. Good crowd, lots of noise and breakfast at the Village Deli this morning. Folks who want to pull up stakes and quit on this team and coaching staff, the exits are to the left and to right. I’m in full agreement with H4H, HC, D Bone, and BeatPurdue. Things are changing in this program. Mark my words IU will win on the road in October in the state of Michigan. See you all on October 5th for Penn State.

  17. Tough loss. No momentum going forward.

    Lose next weekend to BG? Season might be over before it even got started.

    Win next weekend? Still hope.

  18. Keith,

    I thought it was the left guard who lost his man on that 4th down block but am not too interested in reviewing the replay to be sure. Your attitude on IU FB is running parallel to my own. We like the direction of the program even though we know there are going to be rocks ahead on the road. I still can see in my minds eye Hughes not catching those 2 end zone passes and can only contemplate what Sudfeld could have done with TR’s 2 possessions. The offense is good enough to carry the D(until they get better long term) no matter how they play short term. Like Knight said on occasion about ifs, “if a frog had wings he would not bump his ass when he hops”. I do know I am damn glad there are no more Navy precision triple option teams ahead on the schedule. I have to think by Wilson’s post game comments that the Hoosiers will come out like hungry lions against BGU.

  19. Don’t understand the people calling for Wilson’s head already. That was tough to watch, don’t get me wrong but that was a very good Navy team that could hold their own against some of the nation’s best teams. This game would have been manageable if Sudfeld had started. TR just could not move the ball in the series that he was in, so I would venture an educated guess that the QB “battle” is finally over.

  20. Tough loss. A win over Navy would have increased the chances of six wins and a bowl. Pretty tough now. Illinois appears vastly improved from week 1. Bowling Green and Mizzou are going to be real challenges. I think the program as a whole is still going in the right direction. That said, we are still not at a BCS level with our defense. This is not surprising as it is more difficult to build defenses than offenses but have to admit that I’m a little disappointed that our progress is not where I would have anticipated.

  21. “All things being equal I had a great time at the game. Good crowd, lots of noise and breakfast at the Village Deli this morning. Folks who want to pull up stakes and quit on this team and coaching staff, the exits are to the left and to right.”
    Keith, et al: Right on, Brother. I’m very glad to see some positive comments on this post. I thought the Navy game was hard-fought. Mistakes? Yeah, sure…I got it, but man did those kids play their hearts out to get back in the game. This is why I come to the games, however preferred the “W” may be. Looks like we have at least a small cadre of folks with some fortitude.

    “… Same coach, just changed mascots.”
    t: Have you seen the NC State mascot? It’s Bucky Badger with a wolf’s head, so…”not so much”. They also wear our candy stripe pants…and their fight song is somebody else’s, too (can’t remember whose, though).

    To all “Negative Nancies” on this post: There is so much I would like to write, but I’m deleting it now and staying positive. I would like to exhort you to stay on board, though. Setbacks like this can be energizing when overcome, and they make the season that much more fun (they can make it that much more dismal, too…but is it really any fun to dwell on that possibility?) Come on, let’s go!

  22. Recognizing that there has been zero progress on the IUD in three years’ time is not the same thing as calling for Wilson’s head. HC, the sky is not falling in reaction to the Navy game- IU was getting gashed by ISU’s running game and blown coverage that we’ve seen again and again. The frustration level is so high because most people realize that with even only a mediocre defense, IU could win a lot more games than looks likely this year- and three years is plenty of time for Wilson to figure it out that Mallory can’t figure it out.

  23. 0 progress? What a joke. Please tell me whose defensive personnel unit in total in the BIG you would not trade for. For me it is any 1 of the other 11. It has been my experience most people do not realize or focus on anything realistic.

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