1. Five observations:

    1. I love Hunter & Bennett at the corners. Haven’t seen good corner play since Porter.

    2. I hate CKW when he overcoaches like that stupid on-side kick.

    3. Our defensive ends need to pick up their game or we will get no pressure on B1G QB’s and will get steamrolled by B1G running games.

    4. Stephen Houston needs to be our starter. The last two years CKW won’t play him for whatever reason at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year he’s our best player.

    5. Why is Andy wearing a Cardinals hat instead of an IU hat?

  2. Here’s an observation:

    I knock a prediction out of the park and nobody on ScoopTalk can even throw my a lousy bone.

    Have you ever noticed that even when our HT journalists completely misjudge the Hoosier team/coaches and missed the entire target in a predicted scenario of a particular game/outcome/competitiveness a contest, they have no desire to give kudos to anyone of the followers/readers/posters on Scoop that got it right?

    Never wear the hat or clothing of any team your covering(or any team the team your covering could end up competing against)….blah…blah…blah.

    Never give one ounce of acknowledgment that one of your readers could actually have a very brief moment of greater understanding what’s going on with the team you, the journalist, covering the team….blah…blah…blah.

    Never admit that you were clueless and never saw this blowout coming….blah….blah….blah.

    IU will one day play a basketball team named the Cardinals…Ball State Cardinals…Louisville Cardinals. So take off that damn ugly hat. McGwire was a doped up cheat no different than A-Rod. “Recover from injuries,” my butt. Cardinals by association…Probably just trying to rub into the face of Hoosier basketball fans that a team named “Cardinals” won the national championship when it was IU, Crean, Dipo, and Cody that were made the darlings of the media Establishment.

  3. Aruss,

    I’ve felt the same way about DE’s since 1st game. Apparently the kid from Pike is hurt and/or not ready(?). They could use some speed for pass rush. Mangieri is the only one who’s done anything of worth with any consistency. May turn out to be our achilles heel. Just don’t see much there based on game play so far and last year.

  4. I thought the onside kick was pure genius. That is the type of FB I want IU to play. This team is a roll the dice team with the HC leading them. I want Coleman he has more speed and hits harder.

  5. We don’t worry about throwing you a bone Harvard because we know you’ll continually throw one to yourself. We’ll never hear the end of how you predicted the outcome of the Bowling Green game back in 2013… Just like you never stop reminding us about how you knew Remy was going to be a player or IU was a 20+ win team 2 years ago when everyone else thought 16-18 range was more reasonable…

    Of course you never remind us about the 100 things you get wrong… Like Etherington getting pushed out the door as soon as Zeller left… Or Remy actually being a player… Or transfers getting forced out and having bad feelings… Or the Buss situation being handled with zero integrity…. Or IU not recruiting northern Indiana… Or Crean not prioritizing homegrown talent…

    …Or 93 other things you completely whiff on before getting a prediction correct.

    Once you start auditing yourself, and recanting on all your wrong and ridiculous ideas… Then I’ll throw you a bone about what you actually got right.

    I’m pretty sure Jay Z wrote a song about you… “He got 99 opinions, but correct ain’t one”

    (Mic drop)

  6. Geoff-

    You’re right. I was totally wrong about Hanner being the next Olajuwon. I was totally wrong when I predicted Kentucky to come into Assembly Hall and kick our but in December 2011-12. And your rant merely confirms the jealousy in your heart because you simply don’t possess the same ability to put your ear to the ground and detect the timing and the footsteps of momentum in the distance.

    One thing is for certain, you obviously don’t whiff on every pitch I throw. It’s flattering that you follow along so closely…and thus you have thrown the bone. You just don’t skim, you absorb as you attempt to understand Harvey’s gifts. You hate not knowing. You go many sleepless nights. You ask yourself how you can know every player in the NBA and still not possess the instincts the one you long to expose by way of a lunch date. It eats at you. I’m like the brother waiting tables. You love him but you hate the insecurities he brings upon your soul when you know you just can’t measure up no matter how hard you live the perfect life.

    And like the randomness of upsets and rare inexplicable beauty in the world of “plausible,” men so despise the unpredictability of God’s hand when they are certain they have removed all variables that could question the truths in their own image and arrogance.

    I don’t give up on that beauty. And I don’t give up on Remy Abell simply because he’s changed uniforms.

  7. There you go again Harvard. Proving my point…

    I’m not in the prediction game Harvard. I don’t care. It’s not out of fear. I’m not jealous that you occasionally get some thing right.

    Pretty sure no one called Hanner the next Olajuwon. That’s gotta be more HfH (Hyperbole from Hogwash)…

    Personally I think Perea will be a very solid player for us the next 3 years. If I’m wrong I’ll have no problem admitting it. Maybe you can practice admitting when you’re wrong and start with Remy.

    It would be nice if one day you could graduate to Buss, but we’ll take baby steps.

  8. I think I just admitted on another thread that I was wrong about Sudfeld(at least acknowledging that I had no clue he was so skilled)..I sorta thought Roberson was going to be the guy. I think I admit I’m wrong no less or no more than anyone else that comments on this site.

    Perea? It depends on how you define “solid.” He’ll pluck some boards…block a few shots. But I think the talent is too spread around for him to ever have much of an impact.

    I don’t think Remy was going to ever function very well as a kid only getting 10-15 minutes per game. The pressure to keep IU basketball on the upward slope hurts guys that are a bit behind on the b-ball maturation scale. Remy possessed the tools(much like Perea), but without the push and the ‘thrown into the fire games'(similar to the many he was able to secure minutes in his freshman year), he’s not at his best to build upon those tools.

    There’s not a big margin for mistake when a coach is still under a lot of scrutiny and a program hasn’t sniffed a Final Four for over a decade nor seen a NC in nearly 30 years. I wouldn’t come to IU if I was a kid still a tad raw and eeded minutes… a kid that still had outside hopes of enough PT and exposure to keep slim chances alive at playing at the next level.

    IU is not a good fit for Perea. Crean’s job(any basketball job at IU post-Knight years) just has too much pressure and performance accountability to afford experimentation with lineups and where some of these guys need critical game experience to develop. Unfortunately, the hype and talking points forever claiming progress, including the bragging of a couple of Sweet 16’s as indication IU is on the rise back, becomes your own greatest enemy in terms of developing bench talent.

    I guess that’s why I don’t understand the wide brush and shotgun approach to recruiting….but that’s another three pages of opinions I’m likely wrong.

  9. Geoff-

    You know I respect your opinions. I’m sure you also know that my bragging is just manufactured fun. Of course I realize that I’m wrong most of the time.

    Just think of me as Roy Hobbs….Haven’t played in the game as much as most the experts and journalists…Got sorta sidetracked. But there’s still something magical in the swing and the crack of the bat when I connect with those that believe everyone and can have their moment in the lights. And why not let your audience get a little infected with such delusions? I see it as nothing different than “the reader” being treated with the same deceptions that you merely profit by the fact that the “customer” is “always right.”

    So when I ask to be thrown a bone, I sorta think I’m teaching a lesson in sales difficult for many to relinquish. Treat your readers and your customers that makes them feel king. It goes a long way. And though I realize they are the masters this craft(much like I was once a master in a particular business environment), it’s smart business to sometimes just let the customer/reader be right for one night. Don’t be so stuck on your knowledge that you don’t make those shopping at your store or paper feel a little important. I always felt there was something to learn from my customer…Why would I want to close a door in sending such a message to those that support my livelihood?

  10. Although Sud is, and should be, the starter at QB I still hope they can get Tre into the mix somehow- line him up as an RB and then let him throw/threaten the option. He’s just plain fun to watch.

  11. Davis, (HfH)- now we’re thinking…a double barrel, single trigger, semi-automatic spread action reversed option magazine with single hammer-head action (direct pass from center)…wait till you see the QB looking at he sideline for the call.

  12. BTW Harvard…I know I made a point of commenting on your pre-game prognostication and score A(you went for a 35 differential, actual was 32)…even when p.o’d I’ve always thought you have a real ‘sense’ for team sports that goes beyond the surface of first-level statistical observation. That, I’ve never doubted.

    I’m still trying to figure out what the problem is that Geoff has with your but stopped worrying about it since I think some reaction to you may be individuals who may have an envy issue with your instincts and understanding. Personally, you should stick with the instinct thing, we all (even those who are sometimes critical of some of the ‘distractions’ stuff) appreciate the ‘instincts’ and the love for the ‘game'(s).

  13. Leave Sud at QB, line Roberson up at Tailback, put Sudfeld in motion and let Tre fling the ball around the ballpark. IU has to have the best receiving corps in the B10.

    That might be farfetched, but Tre does indeed need to be on the field, although Sudfeld needs to be the QB.

  14. Harvard, I thought Tsao was commenting (post #13) on your bedroom technique until I got to the part about the QB.

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