1. DD and AG…Thanks for the straight talk on ScoopTalk. I appreciate your commentary very much.

    I’m one of the frustrated fans. But I assure you that you guys are the least of the reason for my aggregation with IU football.

    Great job as always.

  2. Whoever said IU offense was invincible…Oh all those who make posts that demonstrate they do not know what they are talking about regarding IU football….The only way this game goes over 90 or 100 points is if the score was Missouri scores 70 because IU maxed out at 28.

    Duke bb coach was on the verge of being fired after a couple years…but chose to keep coach K….IU still has hope.

    Talking about IU basketball, it is about 80% back regarding IU expectations and standards.

  3. Past convo between Dustin & myself.

    Aruss: “Roberson should be the starting QB because when we play B1G defenses who will constantly pressure the QB he is better prepared and Sudfeld will fold faster than Superman on laundry day.”

    Dustin: “Have you seen Sudfeld throw? He should be the starter”

    Looks like I was right again.

    Aruss 1
    Dustin 0

  4. I didn’t say he should be the starter. You said I shouldn’t allow Wilson to continue the charade that anyone else but Roberson will be the starter and that I should call Wilson out for lying that there was a three-man competition. I was simply pointing out that Sudfeld was legitimately part of the discussion. Which, of course, he was. Don’t claim points you don’t have.

  5. Dustin, you want to continue the silliness of these discussions with Aruss, do so; but; since you appear to be friends, do so through email. We don’t have to be involved and suffer what is obviously a personal and volatile relationship. When it involves the blog, your professionalism should win out and Aruss certainly has no idea of what the term means…so it is left to you.

  6. Shouldn’t Anuss be confined to his own cesspool he runs on Peegs, instead of bringing his particular brand of hate and hypocrisy on here?

  7. I don’t see Dustin’s response to Aruss as having anything to do with a friendship..Dustin is usually quite cordial with all Scoop bloggers whether their tone be sincere or delivered as a gibe remark.

    Simply an instance of setting the record straight. And the nice thing about Dustin is the fact that when he does engage in conversation with bloggers(even in instances he’s being aggressively challenged) he rarely condescends, dons the rhinestones, or degrades.

    Very lucky to have a journalist as level-headed and willing to openly debate..Read Bizitch over at ITH..It’s always “his way” or “highway.”

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