Snider commits to Illinois

Louisville Ballard guard Quentin Snider, briefly recruited by Indiana, but apparently never offered a scholarship, committed to Illinois at a press conference on Thursday night. UCLA was also heavily involved in his recruitment as were several other schools. Snider de-committed from Louisville this summer, and was in contact with Indiana, but the recruitment never went very far.


  1. I know we did not want him but………..We not only have not got any commitments but lost 1 too. so the way I figure we are -1 now. I know every one says well there still is JBJR, RJJ, GO, and the rest left. But they are like Ten Little Indians, going one by one to the other teams and not IU. what is wrong?

  2. Is Indiana finding it difficult to recruit because of the number of underclassmen & playing time they will have when current freshmen are Sophs?…….a recruit service “24/7” reports Johnson going to NC and Whitehead to Conn—-have you heard anything like that??

  3. Except they aren’t going 1 by 1 to other programs… Not yet. So far we have lost out on Pinson and Lyles… Other than tht its been a bunch of guys we seemed to be Luke-warm on like Black, Wiley, McLaughlin, Lyle, Trevon…

    Everyone who is bothered by this recruiting season seems to be ignoring the obvious… Unless you are an elite talent, and I mean elite, where is your PT going to come? There are no obvious candidates to leave early to the NBA next year, and lots of young talent just a hair under that status… So if only Sheehey’s minutes are really being replaced, and you have a myriad of guys like Hollowell, Williams, Robinson, Davis, etc looking to fill that void (individually and collectively) at the wing… Where are the minutes for recruits ranked 30+…?

    They better either be really patient or really confident, and when you have options like UCLA or Illinois or Maryland where you aren’t running into that issue…

    I’m thinking 2 man class with 1 impact player and one filler who may or may not contribute… Similar to Zeller/AE…

  4. I’ve been slowly thinking through this for a couple of weeks and will say I have come to the same conclusion as Geoff. Players in the 45-120 ranking want to play early too. On the other hand I kind of hate losing Hoosier HS’ers too but it is a reality and not a trend or exception.

  5. Just another guy. No big deal. It is funny that Little Stevie Ballgame lost a recruit to a second-rate program like Ill. though.

  6. Finally!! I am happy to read that you all are starting to get it. Top 50 players want to come in and start without having to earn it. Indiana, because Coach had 2 good years of recruits,
    has not got unearned PT so these guys are going places where they are told come here and we will play you all the time. We only need 2 players to fill our roster and it would not be the end of the world if we held on to those for 2015 if we can’t get the right fit and kids who love IU more as a team than themselves let them go. I have seen these so called hot shots doing this all year and I for one do not want lukewarm recruits. I would rather have kids who love IU and who are willing to work hard to earn PT.

  7. I was born/raised in Indiana…listened to IU when Walt Bellamy played.Relocated to Illinois (thanks to military);now in Texas.In replying to Kurk,John Groce is NOT a 2nd rank coach. he coached Ohio U into NCAA tourney,recruited and assisted Thad Matta at Ohio State AND is from Danville,Indiana,,,,,he KNOWS Indiana basketball and has recruited it.The worst we do for ourselves is lose hope and the worst we do TO ourselves is give opponents hope. I will tell you after reading Champaign news they are now HOPING to recruit Cliff Alexander

  8. Geoff is so terribly lost. He believes Zeller was simply one “impact” player…Just one measly old impact player.

    There may be future IU recruits that will have greater gifts..There may be one-and-done’s in our future that memorize in their transferable NBA level talent. There may even be another D-Wade that will take Crean and the Hoosiers back to a Final Four.

    But in terms of impact..In terms of the hope. In terms of the obsession with one recruit all knew could catapult IU out of the abyss an ugly NCAA scandal that could have left the program in a decade of mediocrity and scavenging for mid-level Indiana recruits while Butler, Purdue, Illinois, Michigan, NC, Duke continued to hook the big fish and the best from our local waters..In terms of one recruit meaning something completely immeasurable to the rebirth of forgotten decibel levels that shook the walls of Assembly again, chants of “flags!”…Tijan forever… covers of every sporting magazines imaginable putting Indiana back in national headlines….solidifying that old Hoosier image we feared lost of decent young men born and bred from a humble state…a giant of character as much the giant a man married to the rusty basketball goal on the side of an weathered barn like the tassels of corn married to the plow of hard work rewarded in return the soft summer breezes of an Indiana countryside.

    Impact player? Cody Zeller passed through Bloomington our basketball Jesus. He saved us of all sins. He asked for nothing in return. He proved to the nation the birthplace of basketball was not where Naismith aimless wondered into a Kansas field. Hurryin’ Hoosiers could hurry and skip to the beat of basketballs. We could have fun again. We could shed the burden and weight that everything great didn’t die when Knight’s mojo had faded into a day his personality we could no longer tolerate.

    Cody Zeller secured so many jobs(past, present, future) that income data would blow the mind. The radio buzz, Dakich, TV contracts, restaurants, hotels, future season ticket sales, alumni donations…? Impact?

    They could pay Cody Zeller 100 million dollars per year on an NBA contract it wouldn’t be a drop in the bucket the losses to our economy of hopes if he would have picked Tar Heel over Hoosier. We can obsess over Hoosier Football as our next ‘bringing back the dead’ mission because of Cody Zeller.

    Tom Crean has really no reason for such a gift as Cody Zeller. It’s divine intervention. It’s God showing his powers and pleasuring in the deception a man of his creation or a million tweets to the heavens could actually have anything to do with the course of such events.

    Impact player? You just witnessed Marquette water turned into Crimson wine. It wasn’t by way of any flowing recruiting rivers to the East or any roll in the hey with Doc Rivers for a Georgetown bench player. The miracle was born of a simple and humble heart. And when the clouds opened that rain upon our faith the heart of Cody was touched with the golden truth that Indiana is basketball. Our staying true to a sport we’ve only loved for its promise that a team can join in collective spirit to be bigger than any individual, to play with that passion and without all the empty temptations only Hades promises can lure and afford, was Cody Zeller as our humble rewarded.

    How dare you sit on your fat gloat from your thrown in Maine and name a thing of such godliness and beauty eternal to the candy stripes and pass it off with all the nonchalant ignorance of good stock market pick.

  9. My apologies for improper tense broken sentences in the above post(too many to bother). The words exploded out the chest in quite the mess and I simply have no apology for the content.

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