Star: Dumes found not guilty of attempted murder, three other charges

Former Indiana guard Devan Dumes was found not guilty Tuesday of attempted murder, carjacking and two other counts stemming from a Jan. 10 incident, according to this story from Jill Disis of the Indianapolis Star.

According to the story, Dumes claimed self-defense, saying that Keith Jones threatened Dumes before Dumes shot Jones in the neck.


  1. Yeah… So… How long before he’s arrested on some other charges? Listen, if he didn’t do what he’s being accused of then he shouldn’t be punished for it, but that doesn’t change the fact that Dumes is a menace to society and should be locked up. Hopefully he is put away for some of these other reckless conduct charges and misc. There’s no question in my mind he’ll leave wreckage in his path every year he is a free man.

  2. And nothing new on the violent assualt involving the Mellencamp brothers and the baseball coach’s son?

    I realize its not gun-related violence, but if you look at witness statements it sounded like they may have beaten the young man to death if there wasn’t intervention. I have no tolerance for physical gang-style beatings and if these three only get a slap on the wrist, then don’t be shocked if their thug-like behavior escalates. And these men are still tied to the Bloomington community..I think it’s pretty despicable that the celebrity of John Cougar(a longtime supporter of IU basketball), along with the fact that another involved in the beating is a son of prominent coach at the university, allows for such hush treatment. Violence and brutality should be a one strike and your out. Sure, they deserve their day in court, but I’m amazed at the silence money can and influence can afford.

    I’ll never forget the night Dumes threw three dirty elbows in a MSU game at East Lansing. He was no different a loose cannon than the Mellencamp camp.
    The untouchable aura surrounding Bloomington simply because a rules violator was ousted doesn’t do any of these thugs an ounce of lessons learned once they leave the “big man on campus” environment. Violence, brutal fist poundings and dirty attempts to seriously injure another person in acts not related to self-defense, should be met with swift discipline beyond missing a few games.

    These celebrity children and children of our leaders perceived as being of the highest character are given a different hand of justice. Once they leave or fade from celebrity, then we suddenly show our outrage at behavior that was long ago witnessed and relatively predictable to to lead to more violence once removed from the walls of protection given in the hypocrisy of turning the other cheek when it’s in our house.

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