Sudfeld throws for 335, Indiana defense shuts down Bowling Green in 42-10 win

WHAT HAPPENED: Indiana quarterback Nate Sudfeld threw for 335 yards and two touchdowns and also rushed for another and the Indiana defense held Bowling Green without an offensive touchdown in a 42-10 win over the Falcons in front of 41,869 at Memorial Stadium on Saturday, allowing the Hoosiers to improve to 2-1.

WHO MADE IT HAPPEN: Sudfeld was brilliant again in his first start, completing 17 of 26 passes for his second straight 300-yard game. He’s already thrown for 917 yards and 10 scores in his sophomore season, more than he had all year last year as a sophomore. Bowling Green took away the middle of the field, but he attacked the Falcons cornerbacks, who were in one-on-one coverage on receivers Cody Latimer and Kofi Hughes.

Latimer caught six passes for a career-high 137 yards and a touchdown after grabbing just five passes in the first two games of the season. It was an emotional game for Latimer, whose father Colby had played at Bowling Green. Colby Latimer died of colon cancer when his son was 12 years old.

Indiana tailbacks Tevin Coleman and Stephen Houston both went over 100 yards in the game. It was the first time two Indiana ball carriers did that in a game since Houston and quarterback Tre Roberson did it in 2011 against Northwestern. It was the first time two running backs did it since 2003 when BenJarvis Green-Ellis and Brian Lewis did it, also against Northwestern. Houston rushed for 155 yards on just 13 carries and Coleman rushed for 129 and two scores, including a 43-yard touchdown sprint that gave the Hoosiers the lead for good.

Senior wide receiver Kofi Huhges had four catches for 34 yards and a touchdown, a one-handed grab on an 8-yard fade route. Junior receiver Shane Wynn had three catches for 81 yards, including a 48-yard reception that set up Coleman’s first touchdown run. Junior wide receiver Nick Stoner had two catches for 40 yards, but both were third down receptions with the Hoosiers needing 10 yards or more. His 20-yard catch on 3rd and 17 set up Coleman for his 43-yard run. Quarterback Tre Roberson stepped in and had a 3-yard touchdown run.

The Hoosiers got several critical defensive performances to hold Bowling Green without a score. Cornerbacks Tim Bennett and Michael Hunter both stepped up with a combined seven pass break-ups. Defensive end Nick Mangieri had a sack and an interception off a pass broken up by Bennett. Defensive end Ryan Phillis also had a sack and defensive tackle Bobby Richardson had 1.5 tackles for loss.

WHY DID IT HAPPEN: The Indiana defense was thrilled to get back to being itself. Playing against Navy restricted them to the assignment football that defending the triple option requires, and the Hoosiers didn’t adjust well to that. But against Bowling Green, they were less concerned about making mistakes and more aggressive and came up with critical plays to make stops.

The Falcons managed 409 yards of offense and nine of their drives reached Indiana territory, but the Hoosiers forced two punts, turnovers on an interception and a fumble, two missed field goals and four turnovers on downs. All four times Bowling Green got in the red zone, they were turned back. Had it not been for a blocked punt by linebacker Paul Senn, they would have never scored a touchdown.

The Hoosiers had five tackles for loss in the game and also got a pair of sacks and made Matt Johnson’s life difficult, eventually taking him out of the game with a knee injury. They got outstanding cornerback play, and they held Bowing Green to just 136 yards on the ground, more than 300 fewer than Navy had a week ago.

The defense’s performance allowed the offense to overcome two failed attempts to score at 4th-and-goal at the 1 in the first half, and the Hoosiers eventually scored touchdowns on five consecutive possessions. With Bowling Green clogging up the middle of the field and using press coverage on the wide receivers, the Hoosiers attacked the perimeter and Bowling Green’s man-to-man coverage with Latimer and Hughes simply beating their men down the field. When Houston and Coleman got past the line of scrimmage, they broke massive runs down the sidelines and the Bowling Green defense simply didn’t catch up.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN: Because of the loss to Navy, the Hoosiers are still in a position of needing at least one game that would be considered an upset to get the six wins to become bowl eligible. The Hoosiers could be favorites or close to it in November games against Illinois, Minnesota and Purdue, but winning all three of them only gets them to five wins. Getting six means beating Missouri, Penn State, Michigan State, Michigan, Wisconsin or Ohio State.

But beating Bowling Green first means that the Hoosiers only have to win one of those games if they hold serve at home against the Illini, Golden Gophers and Boilermakers instead of two or more. It also means that they have some momentum going into the more winnable stretch, which starts against Missouri next week. In addition, it also allows them to write off the Navy game as something freakish caused by playing against the unique triple-option offense. Defensive players talked at length after the game about what it meant to get back to their base defense and fly around and make plays without having to be as concerned about being in an exact spot on every play. The Navy loss still puts them in a hole, but this win allowed the Hoosiers to shrink it considerably.


IU coach Kevin Wilson

On Cornerbacks: “I thought Mike (Hunter) and Timmy (Bennett) competed. Made some plays. That’s a developing position, though. Mike misses his last year with a hernia. Timmy’s played safety, so those guys are kind of learning in the fire, but they’re doing good. …. They’re going to be challenged and pressed even more with what we’ll see next week with that crowd coming in and what we’ll see in Big Ten play.”

On defense: “It was good, I think we had 10 stops, three-and-outs, third down stops there. They were actually 8-of-20 on third down and 2-of-6 on fourth down. I think another thing was they were 0-for-3 in the red zone. They worked us down there pretty good. … Our guys, they did bend a little, but we got them on third down, got them third-and-long, got some pressure on the quarterback a little bit. Sometimes they worked us and converted, but it was a good, it was nice to see the defensive players. I thought our guys did a nice job in practice, our coaches gave them a good plan. It was nice to come out and play well.

“It’s good, because last week they were the worst defense that ever played in the history of the universe if you listen. But now, they’re going to be the greatest thing ever. Nah, they just are what they are. They’re young. They’re getting better. Got some freshman linebackers. There’s not a senior on the defensive line. You’ve got two corners you’re talking about, it’s their third game. You’re learning under fire. Last week, we never got that team on schedule. Ever. When we did, we got to those 3rd-and-8s, we almost got the stop or the 2nd and 20 or the PI call last week. At least today, we had some negative plays that got them a little bit.”

IU safety Greg Heban

“It was great for the defense. Coaches talked all week about responding, how are we going to respond. We can respond positively or negatively.  I think the defense responded positively. “

“The main thing was just coming back to our normal scheme. We were able to kind of cut loose and fly around. I think the defense had a lot more fun today flying around. Kind of like how we did in the first game. You could tell in the first game we were flying around having fun. Last week, we were too focused on where we needed to be.”

IU wide receiver Kofi Hughes

“They played a lot of man. As a receiver, that’s what we love. I don’t know about other teams, but that’s one-on-one’s for us. That’s practice every single day. We just said, ‘Hey, throw the one-on-one matchups all day.’ … If you try to man us up, we’re gonna go ahead and throw it on you.”


  1. Did a quick look at the Mizzou – Toledo game. Both Toledo and Bowling Green finished 6-2 in MAC conf. play last year. Toledo yds./carry v. Mizzou = 5.4. BG yds./carry v. IU = 3.8. IU can beat the Tigers if the defense has heart! At least that’s what the numbers from the trenches tell me.

  2. Nate Sudfeld is ‘THE QB’ for the Hoosiers. Nate has earned the starting job, and it’s time for Roberson and Coffman to accept it. This team simply responds when Nate is the Field General, and flounders when others are at the helm. Nate Sudfeld has lots to prove, but he has the talent to be the best QB to dawn the Crimson & Cream.

  3. Higgi might be a bit premature, but which IU QBs would Sudfeld be compared against? Antwaan Randle El, Trent Green, Dave Schnell, Tim Clifford, Harry Gonso,etc? He’s no Randle El with his feet, but I’ll suggest he probably compares best with Trent Green… Size, arm strength, moving the team down field, etc. That is what I see in Sudfeld. He needs to improve his foot speed and he seems anxious when running that little option/pitch-out play. In time he can grow to be more comfortable with that play, but what I like most about him is that the team moves down the field when he is on the field. Sudfeld is the closest thing to a straight drop back QB that IU has had that I can recall. Big time arm.
    IU defense looked a bit better vs Bowling Green bending quite a bit but never breaking. Our corners played well but I’m troubled that our safeties allow receivers to get past them with ease, although Antonio Allen looks like he’ll be a good one in time.
    Finally, I liked the effort Saturday, but would rather see the OL come out tougher and run block better from the very start. Go Hoosiers, beat Mizzo!

  4. It appears ‘football’ davis is now doing his courtroom version of…?

    10) Don’t discuss the case(just build bonfire under Mallory’s case).

    9) Please remain standing(because you should just stand whenever my BS is in your presence)

    8) I have a procedural matter, your Honor(because what I let out my Scoop shorts the other day has just backed up into my explanations)

    7) The defense rests(against Navy, that is)

    6) Could we have a sidebar(before a Wilson 4th down decision or onside kick)?

    5) I would like to call my next witness(He’ll be here sometime before season’s end…He’s a blind cross-dressing know-it-all lawyer turned forensic pathologist from Chicago that performed the Hoosier football team autopsy. I request the defense team to concur that Davis “Fat Lady” Hassung is an expert in his/her field)

    4)Your Honor, may the jury be instructed to disregard(my foul and faithful Hoosier breath disguised by a Reuben Pulaski I had for lunch about an hour ago from Franks ‘n’ Dawgs)?

    3) I object on the grounds that(I thought there were no grounds for excitement on Memorial’s grounds…And I also object to the ground game that came with the aerial assualt…Hell, I also object to the coffee grounds used to keep me awake during a Hoosier football game)

    2) If Harvard’s dumb predictions somehow fit, it’s Don Quixote you must acquit!

    1) Badgering the witness!(when Wisconsin be my judge!)

  5. There was not alternative but to win that game. Otherwise, things would’ve been looking extremely bleak.

    Glad with collective effort I saw from defense. Big question is, of course, how does D performance from this one translate to typical B1G matchup? Jury’s still out there, but I’ll take the win and see where it goes from here.

  6. Not only is Nate Sudfeld the best IU QB, he is probably the best NFL QB prospect in the B1G. He is much like Trent Green, but better at this stage of his career, taller, better arm, has all of the throws. Finally got a real rushing game going, but forfeited a TD by trying to force the run within the 10. In fact the game was potentially close until a motion penalty forced the coaches to put Sudfeld back in, forget the run, and let Sudfeld pass for the TD. Let’s go YOUNG on D (and smart)! The D line: Richardson, Mangieri, Latham (Fr), Kenney (Fr); LB Cooper and Simmons (Fr); CB Bennett and Fant (Fr)(forget the red-shirt); and 3 Safeties (our strongest D position) Heban, Murphy and Allen (Fr). Let’s win NOW, and go to a bowl, and get 4 star recruits to want to come to IU-especially on D, because they can play right away!

  7. If Sudfeld’s performance wasn’t enough for the coaches to admit that the QB “battle” is over, then I don’t know type of performance they are looking for. Coffman pretty well blew has chance to see the field against ISU, Tre has looked like crap the last two games and all the while Sudfeld seems to be doing nearly everything right. I’ve said it since last season, when he is on the field, the team really responds to him.
    I was pleasantly surprised the way the D responded this week. This BG team was no slouch and I believe was ranked 22nd in then nation in rush defense and we ran all over them. The D bent, but didn’t break and really held them in check for the most part. This game really showed us what we can look forward to the rest of the season, but we’ll have an even better idea when Mizzou comes to the rock. Hopefully, we have a big crowd on hand next week and the team plays with as much effort as they did yesterday.

  8. Not avoiding the issue, H4H, just giving Mallory the break I said he deserved if the defense shut down BG. And I’ve never eaten a Reuben Pulaski, but it sounds good.

  9. I believe Tsao is familiar with Franks ‘n’ Dawgs…Maybe you guys could hook up. It’s own Clybourn Ave near Sheffield. Don’t forget to bring your own beer…There’s a Dominick’s a few blocks south that sells cold brew.

    Last summer I had a delicious ‘dawg’ that was named “The Pork of July”..It was topped with a homemade slaw and their slow-roasted pulled pork.

    It’s a tiny dive, but they know what they’re doing…I’ve hung around the order counter too long and watched the cooks do prep..I watched as they made their own fresh cheese curd boiling atop the fire with hints of basil.

    The “Great White” also looks fabulous. They also have a lobster roll offered on Saturday’s only…Yum.

  10. H4H- never heard of the place (that neighborhood is way too trendy to tolerate the likes of me), but it sounds really good. There is a Costco near there; next time my wife drags me to that zoo I’ll try to check it out.

  11. Davis is right…these folks can sense ‘the projects’ and when one walks into the trendier stores like Frank and Dawgs the price goes up and they put away the fancy plates;…still, despite my travels (I actually went east of Kedzie once (nowhere near Clybourn) but but thought I needed a passport to get back. But I don’t know about expanding cultural experiences to a Reuben Pulaski…sounds way too liberal HfH.

    B-Boy…I don’t know about any samwitch named ‘Great White”…

    I did know a Puerto Rican named Ruben (sure he misspelled it) once, but his last name was Gonzalez de los Angeles Spitz. Maybe Davis knows him.

  12. HfH-When are you coming to Chicago again?…if we go better than .500 in the B1G we’ll have a banquet of the Indiana Hoosierd Beneficence Assn, Clam Chowder, Bugle and Drum Marching Society at Frank&Dawgs.

  13. I tried to suggest a fun place to take your wife or kid for an unusual damn hot dog on a piece of toast. I only went there because my kid wanted to take me there. It made my kid happy and I, frankly, enjoy seeing her beautiful smile. If you want to pretend you’re better than me because you came down the hard road of an Oscar Mayer wiener, then so be it.

    Can I go to a Cubs game? Am I allowed to have fun in your city? My old man worked at a gas station in Gary…His father was a steelworker for most his life. My grandfather became a drifter and lost touch with his family. He died of a brain disease through ignorance the wrong beds he slept. Never knew much about his son’s son. Never took his son to a Bears or Cubs game. I guess Dad thus never saw any necessity to bother doing the same. Jack Brickhouse’s steady and compassionate voice had to fill the void for this trendy brat full of fat and scraps.

    Is that trendy enough for ya?

  14. Applied to attend Northwestern’s grad program/business school. Denied. Guess I shouldn’t have had mom write my only letter of recommendation. Should I be ashamed? Wouldn’t do it any differently if I had instant replay.

    Sent a resume off to Leo Burnett Ad agency after my undergrad work…Never heard back. The resume was so very weak..Nobody cares about instincts. Do I still dream of lunch breaks overlooking the Chicago River and feeling part of the eternal heartbeat a place with so much life detracting from the inevitable terminal time clock and final pages an end of all things known and loved? Yeah, I do. Maybe that is the ad this heart that could have got me an interview…? But it’s not my city…and the small town I grew up is no longer my town.

    Chicago is a place I tried ever so briefly to think I had the tools to conquer. I still love the place. I love the views. the architecture, the lights of towering skyline busting out of the ground at night along turns of Lake Shore Drive. I know she’s out of my league…But I still come..I dream of how things could have been different. Can I walk your streets in denial and take to a trendy place with a $10.00 hot dog? Can I carry in a beer? Do you study my shoes? Do you see the mileage on their trendy label? I like nice things. They are my only pair. Do they look inside my eyes and see through the window of only wanting to now escape the truth of lost days i cannot get back. I smile for a while. There is something that tells me to not give up.

  15. I appreciate the thought. I’ll try a Pulaski dog. Was just trying to be humorous…sometimes it doesn’t work!

    Don’t, not ever, give up… My old man would get up and jump out of his coffin and say…” D’ya let the kid give up?…I’ll leave a bald spot on top of your head”. I’ve said it to you before and repeat it; the next time you come to Chicago you let me know first…I’ll show you the place the way I walked it since 1990. And yeah, we’ll laugh. Know what we used to do…we’d stand at Michigan, on the other side of thebridge from Wacker and apologize to people. ‘Oh…I’m sorry’…”that OK young man”… learned that people really love to be apologized to…it empowers them.

    Just tell them, ‘Tsao’ said to meet him there. ‘Have you seen him?” More than half of them will look and say, ‘ no…but he should be here any minute,” or ‘yeah…think I saw him a minute ago’ and they’ll look around in the distance, having absolutely no idea what you are talking about …but with a very helpful attitude. Only, watch out if you see the cop on a horse coming towards you tell him “Tsao said to hang around…he’ll be around in a minute…”

    It is the greatest city on this Earth (and I’ve seen dozens of them. When I was still a ‘newspaper man’ my window looked out onto the Chicago River…as a kid I used to watch a TV show titled ‘The Big Story’ and dreamed of working for a Chicago paper that had ‘a Big Story’…when I got there I took a walk on Wacker and saw the same angle of the building I had seen as a kid on TV (the show’s opening shot). I began my life at one end of the continent and got to the other end (thanks dad!).

    Only problem is the -37 degree, 38 mph wind in February…it leaves the North Pole, picks up speed, shoots down the Canadian Plains, then funnels down Lake Michigan, picks up ice, around this one skinny little tree on the side of Lake Shore and into my f_____ balcony window.

    But, dream long enough and they have a way of coming true…just learn to ignore the head wind and don’t grab your nose if it itches because everything freezes and you’ll hear the noise of the snot cracking. That’s cold!

  16. Hey Packer fans, THERE’S how you handle Colin Kaepernick and the Forty-whiners!!!!!

    GO HAWKS!!!

    Growing up I used to come to Chicago every summer to visit my grandparents and Uncle. It was a mysterious and grand city to a west-coaster; had an energy unlike any other place. The humid nights, the brick buildings, the fireflies, the massive inland ocean with warm water and shallow beaches. On the south side, in Hyde Park, in the neighborhood around the University of Chicago (57th street or so), there’s little big-city grocery store where my brother and I used to buy packs of Donruss baseball cards, hoping for a Ken Griffey Jr. Rated Rookie. We’d run down there on bright, sticky July mornings in our flip-flops, and then run back to grandpa’s house to open the packs in the cool basement.

    I made the major life choice to leave the west coast because of feelings about the midwest produced by these Chicago visits. Don’t regret it one bit; agree with Tsao that it is (one of) the greatest cities in the world. My grandpa is 94. He still lives in the same house, same neighborhood, and my Chicago trips still have magic in them. There’s a little breakfast diner called Salonica down there where we go, which only takes cash and is run by old Greek men. Nothing fancy and dirt cheap. Sit down and enjoy the steaming black coffee in a ceramic mug and a omelette, stare out at the brick apartments, shady sidewalks, and blue sky, watch the morning unfold.

  17. This was a great win for our Hoosiers! Particularly gratifying is that our second half was stronger than first half. Historically, we have run out of gas in the second half but in this game, we seemed to have gotten stronger so kudos to strength and conditioning.

    Nate is a stud…’nuff said. Running game was brilliant. Receivers likewise, but we have now come to expect that!

    Defense remains a work in progress but I like a lot of what I saw. We were not playing out of position as much, tackling technique was certainly better. Secondary is clearly the strength of the defense though LB(s) acquitted themselves competently. Dline is still weak…not much in the way of pressure and still getting blown up way too often.

    All in all a great effort against a solid opponent!

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