Tum-Tum commits to Michigan State

Lourawls “Tum-Tum” Nairn, a 5-foot-11 point guard from Sunrise Christian Academy in Bel Aire, Kan., and the No. 61 player in the Class of 2014 according to Rivals.com, committed to Michigan State at a press conference Thursday morning in his school. Indiana was a finalist and Nairn had just taken an official visit to Bloomington over the weekend. He was also considering Oklahoma and Minnesota.


  1. Good, he is not coming to IU…..Have Yogi….Robert Johnson compliments IU team well….and higher level recruits needed.

  2. agree with t. if not higher level – just higher height.
    5’10 is too limited. (Spud Webb being the exception)

  3. MSU gets “Tum-Tum” because of playing time since Appling is a senior.Izzo’s FIRST choice was tyler ulis but Kentucky came knocking on Ulis’s door;Izzo had to scramble,obviously “Tum-Tum” doesnt mind being the “Plan B ” PG

  4. I’m not crushed by this recruiting whiff, but something tells me we’ll all be ho humming a different tune when his “too short” frame is running circles around B1G guards in 3-4 years. (Heaven forbid he develops a jump shot. Yikes.)

  5. Punjab is correct, Tum Tum is going to give B1G teams heartburn for years to come. Also, just a reminder that this kid is only 17 and will probably grow another inch or two. Let’s just hope that JBJ re-commits to IU so we all can pat ourselves on the back for dissing this kid.

  6. Amazing prediction Harvard… No one coulda seen that coming…

    I am sure he is going to give us headaches, maybe even all 4 years, but this is still the best situation for all parties. No one is dissing him. We would be singing a different tune if we hadn’t just signed Johnson… But we did. We addressed the need that Tum-Tum fills. Now we can address other positions.

    Hey GOODLUCK! Time to commit to the Hoosiers!

  7. Geoff-

    Tell us what you see coming, wise Founding Father of Maine hoops and soothsayer of New England.

    I didn’t predict anything. I believe you more likely talked him out of coming to IU. Maybe you should revisit the post from a few days ago. It’s full of logical and step-by-step detailing how he would be stupid to pick IU.

    But if the foolish young man was truly sold on Indiana and Tom Crean, he would have come if 4 stellar point guards were going to battle with him for PT over the next two years.

    At the end of the day, it’s where you sense an energy and an edge. Your logic is fine, but I don’t think many of these kids follow logic. They follow their gut. They follow their intuition in seeking the genuine person that cares about their future. There’s no denying that landing a recruit like Zeller gave an edge to Indiana that made a ton of recruits take notice. But can that edge be sustained for a coach that must battle again with programs that have proven winners at their helm. Izzo vs. Crean (+) Cody is a world apart from Izzo vs. Crean (-) Cody.

    And now Crean’s next savior is the youngest Gordon. We signed the brother for nothing other than an attempt to manipulate that future door. Another guard immediately on the roster that will steal minutes from a Tum-Tum that was recruited for the last four years. So what does Tum-Tum think? What does his gut tell him about which coach will sell him out when something supposedly better suddenly looks available? Which coach still has his confident edge and which coach would sell his mother and brother to keep his desperate edge?

    Everything is insurance with Crean. But insurance doesn’t breed assurance. And over-recruiting and taking brothers of future phenoms that suddenly find a year of fast eligibility(while somehow convincing the fan base that Matt Roth’s and Mo Creek’s eligibility was all kosher happenstance their own desires)may make some young men realize their next in line for the roster guillotine.

    Tom Crean is bigger than the job at Indiana. He is protected because of those that wanted to burn the village. He is the king that can do no wrong. He has the fat tongue of faith to add to that “bringing back from the ashes” song. He can put kids heads on the chopping blocks and nobody will blink an eye.

    Lourawls couldn’t fall in love because he saw the emptiness of the promises. He saw his head rolling as soon as the next best thing came knocking at the same door.

    And that’s why you can’t get enough of Tom Crean. It’s all recruiting and no coaching. He plays into everything you believe. These young men are simply numbers on a Rival’s list. You deal them in an endless discard like you would in in game of fixed poker on Friday night with your Maine vagabonds.

    If you had a true edge(not one by way of a savior recruit that bought you some time), you’d build Final Four runs without playing poker with 16-year-old’s.

    You’re right. It’s relatively predictable. Why? Because most these conditioned robots buy into the numbers game. They buy into the depersonalization the entire process. They buy into the Goeffs of the world that tell them their only as important as some room full of true soothsayers that have assigned a number to their name for coaches with toy chalkboards and of little basketball brain.

  8. Another guard immediately on the roster that will steal minutes from a [different] Tum-Tum that was recruited for the last four years.

  9. Blah, blah, blah… More nonsense.

    Crean’s next savior is Noah, by the way… He is his highest rated commit ever. Higher than Cody… Higher than the young Gordon – who by the way is not ranked in the top 25 in his class currently. In fact, we are recruiting 5 players currently ranked higher than Eron in the class of ’16.

    Pay attention Harvard. While 16 yr olds may not make decisions on logic, I was hoping you could develop a little more with age…

  10. This is the same person who was rooting for Maine to beat Northwestern Football.

  11. I was neither rooting, nor routing, for Maine football…. I could care less. I just thought it was cool they were on BTN… And they are supposed to be decent this year at their level. They kept it quite respectable against a ranked team on the road (35-21)… But I don’t think I’ve ever watched a snap of a UMO football game.

  12. Post #12 is not mine, Geoff. It’s likely from my guardian angel and personal bodyguard, Vinny.

    Now for some more blah…blah…blah(“savior” recruits)

    It’s perceptions, Geoff.

    Logic is rarely rooted in perceptions. You study recruiting far more than the average fan in the stands. You study it far more than the average blogger on Scoop. Most fans of Indiana University basketball gather their early information via local sports outlets and local coverage. Most in Indianapolis look at a recruit from Northwest Indiana as if he’s from Mars. They aren’t familiar and they have a set of biases to believe the best basketball is played in their own backyard. So, yes, Noah may be your dreamy highest ranked recruit. But the headlines in the Indy Star and the perceptions the true turnaround comes from landing the best in a 30 mile radius the largest population center of Indiana. It’s not logic, it’s simple truth. Indiana fans will feel more connected when pivotal and high-profile recruits they’ve read and watched in local media through the years don the candy stripes. How can you argue against that point when the biggest hullabaloo in recruiting history was the signing of Cody Zeller. But we both know their were probably half a dozen centers from the last few years that will eclipse anything Zeller accomplishes in the NBA. There were likely half a dozen more that would have made us a stronger NCAA team. Recruiting is rarely just about logic. Coaches know perfectly well what pulls at the heartstrings of the fan base. They constantly balance those desires with fielding a team more suited to their own ideal. And that’s why I’ve said for many years that this day would come. This is the day Crean has built a team closest to his ideals for his style while going as far a careful distance from that stupid pride Indianans cling to have homegrown in candy stripes.

    The majority of fans aren’t ex-coaches, stat gurus, Rival’s junkies, or journalist wannabees from Timbuktu Maine hoping for their big moment on Scoop Talk. These are the best fans in the world that love Indiana kids. It’s not to say that all the Pipeline Pipers aren’t good kids…But they won’t touch the pulse the way Andy Graham gets his smoke turned to flames when he talks of the heroics of Center Grove’s Jonny Marlin at during some tournament your expert eye could care less about. Explain that logic.

    Don’t kid yourself. These next couple years are the most pressure-filled since Tom Crean came into save the castle from Sampson monster. Those days are gone. Zellerpalooza is over. Warm and fuzzy banner reunions with Alford strutting his macho stuff is over. Now it’s time to show what you can do with kids not the cream of the crop from local streets but the product of your magical Pipeline recruiting talents. The illogical fans are paying very close attention.

  13. Thanks Geoff. I’m not as kookie as Cookie the Clown on the Bozo Show on WGN as everyone thinks I am.

  14. I just had to share this….I was just rummaging through some of the few comments on the Scoop Zellerpalooza thread(Oct. 30, 2010) and stumbled on this photo linked in one of the comments.

    Classic and very funny…I hope it gave you a chuckle too, Geoff. We’ve been going at each other too much lately. No harm, no foul.

  15. Send my best to the little lady and the kids. Hope the “fruitcake cries” are subsiding.

  16. Nobody listens to Harvard anymore
    Nobody listens to Harvard anymore
    He is big and dumb
    And never ever listens
    He smells, and needs to check in at the zoo

  17. My four-year-old has grown out of the “if I can’t play with my toys, nobody can” mentality. I never did. I liked what I saw of Tum Tum, and I thought he could’ve been a huge asset to us down the road. But part of my thinking was just wanting to stash him on our roster so we don’t have to face him 2-3 times per year. That said, there are some players– Robbie Hummel immediately comes to mind– that you can root for even though they play for a rival. I believe Tum Tum will be one of those players… Even when he’s making us reach for the Tums.

  18. Long day today…no IU football. Watching Purdue behind me (I put the TV opposite a mirror so as to reverse the Purdue vibes). Truthfully, feel very, very bad for Purdue…they are getting killed by Northern Illinois (47-10 or something like that). Northern Illinois is from the same MAC conference that Bowling Green is one of the favored to win. And, Northern Illinois has already beaten Iowa (so if the do beat Purdue, they will be 2-0 vs. the B1C).

    Little bit ago, BTN showed some N. Ill records vs B1C opponents. They’ve beaten nearly a dozen in the last 10 years or so. What’s the point: knowing what Miami (O) used to do with the same regularity…maybe we, IU are getting to the point where we are competitive and losing to an excellent Navy team with extremely competitive, tough athletes and a very, very good SEC team doesn’t say anything other than we are getting competitive and because they are competitive teams we just simply lost two games and it’s just time to move on to the rest of the B1C carrying the same attitude that Navy and Missouri had coming into our game.

    I don’t see the needless down mouthing and crying in our coaches or our players. We may be very young but we are getting there. It’s the fans that we should be concerned about. Do they know what a winner goes through to become a winner?

  19. Why put “imposter” after the name hijacker and leave it up? That seems rather pointless. So anyone of us is welcome to cast insults or cute little insincere “fruitcake” jibes while using another person’s regular screen name?

    Why not just remove the post? Or do you prefer the insults, the name thievery, and the confusion?

    I can understand that you have other things to do rather than police this place all day.. But that doesn’t account for the randomness of decisions and how you arbitrarily chose sides(let some thievery stay up while removing the posts of other “imposters” that toy /ridicule/badger/demean/spew offensive pus in the direction of your favorites)once you do confirm someone is using your site to stalk or badger a particular target while hiding like a coward.

    I’m not one to stand here and pretend to have more credibility than the next guy, but at least I stick to the handles I’ve promised to stay with(Harvard & Lord of..)and stand to debate or embarrassingly lose my cool while not acting in the most slithery fashion destructive to a blog: stealing another poster’s screen name.

    Leaving those posts up says a lot about the journalist/so-called moderator making that decision. It says they enjoy the same childish and cowardly games. I believe it also says they know the source and it’s someone that regularly posts on Scoop. Someone they can have an inside laugh at the expense of the blogs clarity and truth.

    There should be no extra chances for name hijacking. Unless, of course, you’re a bedfellow(what did Lassie used to call them…”BFF”?) to a Scoop journalist.

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