Whitehead makes it official, commits to Seton Hall

At a press conference on Thursday, Isaiah Whitehead, a guard from Lincoln High School in Brooklyn, N.Y. announced that he will attend Seton Hall. Whitehead had a scholarship offer from Indiana and had also visited Bloomington, but chose the Pirates over Indiana, St. John’s, Minnesota and Pittsburgh.

Indiana is still awaiting the announcement of Robert Johnson, a guard from Benedictine High School in Richmond, Va., who is scheduled to make his decision on Friday afternoon. Just over a month before the beginning of the early signing period, the Hoosiers don’t have any verbal commitments for the Class of 2014.


  1. perhaps it IS playing time,6 freshman PLUS Etherington and Jurkin( those 2 might as well be freshman). ALL you can see is splinters in your ass as a 2014 recruit

  2. Big woop! We were never getting him out of NYC. Hey CTC maybe you should try for Indiana players. They are going out the door to MI, CA and other states. Maybe everyone saw what we saw when CTC got his lunch handed to him by Jim Boeheim. I am sure RJ Jr. will not pick us tomorrow either.


  3. Johnson isn’t going to pick us either. End of the world? No. This is why Coach offers many and look at who he is offering; 4 and 5 star players. So we don’t get a kid. No big deal. Coach will get someone else and we’ll be just fine. Game isn’t over till the fat lady sings and she’s not on stage yet. Not concerned at all. I have faith in Coach.

  4. I know some kids have left because to them they wanted to start and you looked at IU’S roster and to do that you have to earn it or at 1st share PT. If you look at our roster it has 18 players on it and 11 have Indiana basketball ties. Every class he has put together had Indiana kids in them. This is the 1st year we may not get one but we only need 2 players to fill our roster. 2015 and 2016 have lots of great Indiana kids available. In a big part the players who backed out on there commitments killed us because it left little time to start over looking for an Indiana SG they were gone and coach had no chance to get them back because they thought that slot was filled. So I still believe he will be on a mission the next couple of years lining up kids from Indiana. This is not just an IU problem. There are 100’s of kids backing out this year. from schools everywhere. Look at Louisville,last years champs, They have lost long and short team kids who saw what practice would be like with the other new kids for PT and left. Even Indiana kids left him. So the world at IU will not ennd because of a poor 2014 class. But we still have a chance with some kids so I hope we get them.

  5. Old Sports Dude… Please tell me which Indiana players you would like CTC to recruit…

    Then tell me, do you have selective amnesia? Alzheimer’s?

  6. agree with Tones and “Hoosier Nation’s ” recruiting primer: Johnson to NC because next year he will have no competition for #2 guard position….3 PG’s and 1 SG

  7. To OLD SPORTS DUDE (aka Chicken Little):

    The Sky is NOT Falling. If IU basketball is so stressful for you, perhaps it’s time for you to follow a less stressful program. Purdue is looking for some followers.

    1. FWIW, Michigan State and Kansas have no 2014 recruits, neither does Iowa or Minnesota. Wisconsin only has one and Michigan one (not counting Austin Hatch, the Fort Wayne kid injured in the plane crash last year). And Louisville is coming off a national championship and has had two decommits for 2014. So this has just been a weird recruiting class all the way around, not unique to IU, which in case you forgot, has 10 players in the freshman and sophomore class on scholarship, not including Austin Etherington as essentially a redshirt sophomore after his knee injury, plus three more walk-ons.

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