Wilson on quarterbacks: “Somebody’s gonna go out there”

So Nate Sudfeld’s 363-yard, four-touchdown performance has to signify the end of the quarterback battle, right? Redshirt sophomore Tre Roberson failed to lead the Hoosiers to a first down in two drives against Navy, Sudfeld stepped in and took the Hoosiers to the red zone on all six of his possessions and touchdowns on five, so he has to be the guy, doesn’t he?

Not according to IU coach Kevin Wilson.

Wilson appeared to finally concede that the quarterback battle is no longer a three-man race. Junior Cameron Coffman was listed as the third string quarterback on the depth chart, separated from the dual starter listing of Roberson and Sudfeld. However, he said that Sudfeld still hasn’t been given the job and Roberson will continue to play. He defended Roberson’s performance in the Navy game adamantly.

“His first drive, we got two play calls, he’s gotta scramble because protection breaks down because of his line,” Wilson said. “Quarterbacks look good when everyone around them looks good. Play calls, dynamics, he misses a bubble throw, then we run it twice. Had a chance maybe to pitch another one out, he didn’t. Nate came in, first play was 12-play drive with a pick, and then we score. As it keeps going, shoot, for what it’s worth, last night was Cam’s best night. But it’s really been Tre and Nate going through it. We’re not gonna be a Wildcat team. Tre can make all the shots. He’s going to, and you can see we’re gonna run Nate. We’re gonna keep doing what we’re doing. I don’t know if one of those guys is independently dynamic. I think we collectively we can be better. We’ll just see how the week goes.”

Wilson was asked when he would name a starter for Saturday’s game against Bowling Green.

“Somebody will go out there,” Wilson said. “I don’t know. Again, we’ve scored 15 touchdowns. Tre’s passing efficiency is higher than Sudfeld’s. The offense has to play better too. We need to block better. … The guy that you guys think is pretty good, he had a pick that he should’ve been throwing to the other side for a touchdown, because he made the wrong read and he threw a ball he shouldn’t have threw. Tried to get greedy and fit one in there. He throws to the other side and there’s seven points. They’re human. They’re kids. They’re pretty good, too. … Nate’s gotten in games, he’s played well, but he’s got some nice parts. The other day with play-calling and the other parts, Tre, the cards didn’t come his way. It wasn’t his fault. It’s just play-calling and execution of a lineman breaking down or miss a shot a little bit. We just didn’t get in rhythm early. That wasn’t his fault.”

Wilson was playing a little bit coy with the situation, but IU offensive coordinator Seth Littrell put the situation in more sharp relief.

“Tre’s going to have opportunities to make plays,” Littrell said. “I fully expect him this season when he does have those opportunities, he will make them. He’ll be a big part of what we’re doing. … We’re gonna play both of those guys. We’ve said that all along. We are going to play both of those guys. They both bring different things.”

NOTE: Wilson said offensive tackle Peyton Eckert returned to practice Sunday night and that cornerback Ryan Thompson is also back. He didn’t mention Chris Cormier, but said defensive tackle Alex Todd is close to a return.


  1. This is where I do divide myself from the HC’s and OC’s decision on QB’s. I take this stance because I still think the best thing for the run game is Sudfeld’a arm. But I do not get to see what they see in practice everyday. I’m still on board.

  2. I’ve been a very strong supporter of Wilson since he arrived in Bloomington, but these comments and his posture about the current quarterback situation makes absolutely no sense. And the more he discusses it, the dumber he sounds. Is he just being stubborn? Does he have a personal bias? Is he trying to keep future opponents off balance? Is he worried that Sudfeld is going to get a big head or that Roberson is going to transfer? This posture about the quarterbacks makes no sense.

    HC, you’re right. We don’t see what Wilson sees during practice, but who cares? We see what Wilson sees during the games. And what we see from the first two games indicates that Sudfeld is getting the job done, at a very high level. For whatever reason, the offense responds to him. The game tape shows that Sudfeld causes the offense to move the ball and score points, a lot of points, and he does it in a hurry. And it’s not like Sudfeld has never played before. He’s building on pretty impressive experience from last year.

    Look at Sudfeld’s stats. Look at the tape of his passes, his range and how accurate and precise his passes are. You’d have to be blind not to see that not too many quarterbacks can do what he’s been doing. And Saturday, we learned that he can actually run the football a little and avoid sacks.

    What else needs to be analyzed, Coach? If you can’t acknowledge what appears obvious to everyone else, that’s a big red flag. It’s kind of like going for it on 4th and 1 from your own 34 yard line when you and everyone else in the stadium knows you have a weak defense.

  3. The QB isn’t the problem, IU scores more than enough to win. The defense allows other teams of FBS to score at will. Until we have a defense, the rest does not matter. I like Wilson, but I thought this was the year of improvement, I see none on the defense where it must be to win.

  4. CWK’s post game comments about Navy are that he tried to get them off the schedule like Stoops tried to get Air Force off the schedule. Hey genius, Navy got whooped several times last year.

    CWK says to the fans to stick with these guys because they’re a great bunch. But I say coach them better and get W’s and the fans will be there. I was enraged by his decision making at the game Saturday but my blood is boiling hearing all his post game nonsense.

    They’ll be lucky to get half the crowd they got against Navy for Bowling Green. We lose that game and the season is over.

    I should really stop posting because I know a lot of you look up to me as the intelligent, voice of reason on this site but I’m a 10x’s bigger football fan than basketball and checks have been written by the program about this season and it looks like the same old same old.

  5. Aruss, aside from your comment, “because I know a lot of you look up to me as the intelligent, voice of reason on this site” I agree with your post and appreciate your passion. I’m as disappointed with Wilson’s post-game comments as I was with his defense on Saturday.

  6. By the way, I wonder how Mike Ekeler is feeling about his decision to take the USC job this past winter? Given that USC lost to Washington State, at home on Saturday (10-7), and USC fans’ melt down resembles a china syndrome, Ekeler’s at serious risk of losing his job in December. I hope he did not buy a house in LA, cause I think he’s going to be moving again very soon.

    I’d love to know why Ekeler took that job. He had to know his head coach was on the hot seat and that he was taking a major risk of being unemployed after less than a year. Maybe he saw what was coming at IU and wanted to get out before some of it was attributed to him. At least his defense is not the problem at USC. It’s the offense that can’t do anything right.

    By the way, for those of you who do not know anything about USC football, losing to Washington State, at home, is like Ohio State losing to IU in Columbus. It is unacceptable.

  7. Let’s cut the crap CW. Nate Sudfeld is the most composed and most talented QB we’ve had in Bloomington since Trent Green. Reward this kid for his pretty darn good play and name him the starting QB this week. Let’s face it, the IU Football has one potentially great QB on the roster and two good/to average QBs – JUST WIN BABY!

  8. Old Hoosier is correct. IU will score plenty of points. If we can’t force punts and turnovers then who gives a crap who is behind center because it won’t matter. Lets not lose focus here.

  9. “Navy got whooped several times last year.”

    Though, the teams that whooped them had top 25 defenses, something we knew IU wasn’t going to have. Navy’s offense is the type you either CAN or just CAN’T stop, not much in between.

    Ultimately, we’ve always known that for the defense to take a step forward this year, the freshmen were/are going to need to really make an impact. And Navy is probably the worst possible opponent when needing such a significant freshmen contribution, especially early in the season. The performance is still disappointing, but just not entirely unexpected. Not trying to excuse the defense, but just saying that no matter how bad it was against Navy, my outlook for potential improvement is only slightly diminished from where it was prior to the game.

  10. Bottom line is this. If we can’t compete against traditional defenses like Bowling Green and games after, we might very well, be in trouble. As disappointed as I was in our defense, I will hold judgement after the Bowling Green game.

    For the record, I voted for 5 wins this year before the season started.

  11. HC, who said Wilson was on the hot seat? I missed that comment.

    Wilson’s not on the hot seat, but he’s at risk of losing any momentum, confidence and optimism he has created within The Hoosier Nation. I believe it is essential for his team to show improvement this year. And I define improvement as the number of wins.

    Also, I find it interesting that Texas fired their Defensive Coordinator, Manny Diaz within 24 hours after Texas lost to BYU. Coach Mack Brown described the performance of the Texas defense as “unacceptable” and “one of the worst defensive performances in the history of the program.” Now that’s a decisive leader in charge of a serious program, who understands that you get what you tolerate. Hey, maybe Wilson can hire Diaz to replace Mallory. I think a defensive coach fired by Texas might still be an upgrade for IU’s defense.

  12. Decisive leader? I’d maybe buy that if Brown wasn’t on the verge of losing his job. In reality, Brown is almost at the point of needing to make a BCS bowl this season in order to keep his job, and this is simply about putting himself in a better PR position if he comes up just short. Anything less than 10 wins and Brown is out no matter what.

  13. Also, I’m not sure if Texas’ DC would be an upgrade, he took over one of the best defenses in the nation on a team that perpetually has top 3 recruiting classes and has turned it into a disaster. At least our coaches can claim they took over a disaster.

  14. It’s kind of like going for it on 4th and 1 from your own 34 yard line when you and everyone else in the stadium knows you have a weak defense.

    It’s early in the game. Why not gamble early? You may risk some momentum if the gamble fails, but if the gamble is successful, don’t you keep your defense off the field longer?

    I watched many years of Bears football where it irritated the hell out me when they finally decided to abandon conservative football(religious adherence to the run game; only passing on 3rd down; not going for it on 4th and short) when they were down two or three touchdowns in the fourth quarter.

    I like that fact that Wilson understands pulling out all the stops doesn’t necessarily work better when the team on defense understands your desperation. Wilson keeps it interesting in his realization that desperation can be a card played early.

    And when you’re somewhat lacking in depth and the massive bodies not built of the seasoned/established variety some of your competition, don’t you understand, as the head coach, that fatigue may come into play faster(especially if you are attempting to keep band-aids on a “weak defense” full of potential wounds and vulnerabilities) because of those discrepancies?

    Wilson understands his depth…He understands that emotions are part of the game. It’s so simple to sit in the stands and criticize the gamble when it fails. Would I believe abandoning a conservative approach(e.g. old style Bears football) until late in the game would bring more fans to the stands and instill more confidence to my young team? I think the gains in showing some confidence in your ‘D'(even in the failed scenario and they give up some early points) and, alternatively, the confidence placed in your solid offense to move the chains, is not such a foolish “gamble” to do early in the game.

    When they’ve shown ineptitude an entire game to stop anyone, that’s when you abandon conservative football? Yeah, big surprise that’s gonna be when the opposing defense has looked at everything you have to offer for over three quarters of football.

    Planning for a team will never equate to what goes on come game time. Wilson can also plan for OSU for a year. Will the planning be enough to play conservative football and play a grind-it-out game with a team far deeper in experience/physical dominance/depth? With this team, 4th and 6 on the opposing teams’ 20 is a gamble.

    4th and 1 on the 34? I would think it’s more a gamble to punt. Play loose and fast. We’re not built for grinding it out. Not yet…Maybe not for a very long time.

  15. Exactly, having a weak defense is probably the perfect reason to go for it on a 4th and 1 on your 34. Would an additional 40 yards really have helped stop Navy?

  16. And why not a QB controversy?

    Maybe we needed a center/post play controversy during stretches of last season when many were claiming he was playing “soft.” Maybe we needed our basketball coach to be less conservative and not so determined that certain players only get on the court when games are already decided.

    Why on earth would a coach not want his players to think he may just be a little “crazy” with your PT? Are they such frail souls that the head coach can’t mix it up with young players that have barely got their ears wet in the college game?

    It would be a grave mistake to make two of our three QB’s think they’re only going to see the field when the other young guys fouls up.

    Controversy and keeping “rights” to PT honest ain’t such a bad thing. It’s keeps the press interested. It keeps players humble and hungry in practice. We’re not talking three year veterans. Young talent can blossom right before your eyes. Roberson/Sudfeld/Coffman are all capable of breakout games when the untrained eye would think the distinct divisions are obvious hierarchy.

    Not sure if a rigid hierarchical structure is real wise with young players with inflated egos fresh out of high school. Do you think our basketball team would have suffered irreversible consequences if Crean would have pulled Cody in some early games(games he didn’t look like he was using his available physical presence to full advantage) and gambled on instilling some confidence in Perea?

    There’s a fine line between too much predictability and being a bit flippant with prima donnas this wonderfully modern day in college sports where players think they more qualified to be dictators by way of talent than a coach by way of teacher and leader.

  17. Can an offense get tired(especially one that relies heavily on the run)?

    Is it possible that playing many of these games is a bit like Ali going up against Foreman?

    Maybe we need to play a bit of rope-a-dope…We can’t match up physically, so we must lure the big “dopes” of the Big 10 into the comforts their dominance…Let them expend excessive energy while attempting to not use up all our countering defensive energy early because our mightiest resistance could in no fashion hold up against their dominant physicality and body blows through the interior our line for four quarters(15 rounds)?…We do the best to minimize the hits(do the best to minimize points allowed as it relates to yardage and first down blows) and then, when we get the ball, strike fast..In the later rounds(3rd and 4th quarters), when their offense is tired, we get off the defensive ropes, bring out an Ali flurry of jabs and hard surprising strikes an offensive assassin.

    Isn’t it an available strategy to demoralize an opponent that believes he’s dominated you as he suddenly gets stunned by your surprising ability to bounce back in an offensive assualt, look up at the score, and realize the contest is somehow still in question?

    And maybe that soft/bending/weak defense suddenly gets more aggressive/revitalized when the score begins to tighten up because they didn’t expel all their resistance in the first quarter(early rounds)?

    Certainly not saying we’re an ‘Ali’ football team..Merely trying to give argument that traditional strategy won’t always work when the opponent simply has too much punch to get in slug-fest in the trenches. This could involve “gambles” where gambles appear “foolish”…QB rotations…Defense-a-dope.

    Must Wilson, on occasion, resort to getting pushed around a bit with the structure/depth this young team? Stay in the fight. Lure the opponent into believing their complete dominance while still keeping some fuel in the tank? Was Ali not taking a crazy gamble against Foreman?

  18. It’s outright absurd not to name Sudfeld the starter. Yeah, if he’s sucking it up Roberson get in and has a chance. Just like what happened in reverse last week. If Roberson does what Sudfeld did in that role, great, we’ve got a legit QB competition. But, as of now, Sudfeld is the obvious choice.

    As far as the D, it only has to show reasonable progress this season. For me, that doesn’t mean much. A few three and outs per game and/or an occasional big play. It’s early, but so far it’s shown none. We’ll see what happens as the season unfolds.

  19. PB, Brown is ready to retire. His most recent contract provides him for a real nice parachute when they fire him. As for Diaz becoming IU’s DC, I was being sarcastic. You know, a “tongue in cheek” comment.

    As far as a “quarterback controversy,” my point is that there is absolutely no grounds for a quarterback controversy. If Wilson wants to create one, I can’t imagine why. Generally, they’re not good for team chemistry.

  20. If Coach Wilson wants to continue the QB competition then I will not participate turning it into a controversy. I’d say the chemistry of the offense is pretty damn good and is directly attributable to the QB competition. The WR’s have all stated they really don’t care who is throwing. That neutralizes the controversy issue.

  21. HC, what else are the receivers going to say? Come on, these guys are not going to express a preference to the media. They’re young, but they’re not stupid. Those conversation, if they happen at all, are always going to take place behind closed doors and should never, ever be discussed to a member of the media.

  22. Do not mean to sound like a broken record here, but the only way IU wins any games is if there defense steps up to the plate. If the defense was average, they would stand a chance to win many games and be competitive in the others.
    Nothing else really matters until something happens on the defensive side of the ball. But if I had my choice, Sudfeld would would be the starter for the rest of the season. We all know that he is the starter of the future, so why not now?

  23. OK, enough is enough. Wilson starting Roberson in the Navy game is the reason we lost that game. Two WORTHLESS positions leaves Nate and the gang playing catch up all game. What’s with this QB mystery crap he’s still pulling. Just tell us that Nate is the starter and that he’ll be the man this season unless he gets injured.

    The REAL problem has nothing to do with the QB’s though. It’s our TRAIN WRECK of a defense that is the problem.

  24. PO- right on about Sud showing some feet and avoiding sacks. I was on the “Coach knows best” side of the argument, but Sud’s superior performance in games has to be obvious by now. At least to those of us who also find it obvious that Mallory is clueless and needs to be replaced immediately. I’m still happy with Wilson overall but am stupefied by some of the things going on.

  25. Thanks for the comments, davis, DAThoosier and hoosiercow. For a while there I thought I was the only dissatisfied Hoosier football fans out there. And when I criticize the defensive coaches or question Wilson about the quarterback, I’m accused of “bailing” on the Hoosiers. In my opinion, if IU had more passionate fans expressing their dissatisfaction and demanding a better performance this way, we might have a better team. Too many Hoosier fans are really quick to jump off the band wagon and stop attending the football games, because they’ve seen this cycle before. Their passion has been sucked out of them by cycles of new coaching staff’s whose teams produce terrible performances. We won’t ever break the cycle by withholding our displeasure about bad performances and “remaining patient.” Mallory’s not getting it done.

  26. I do hope it makes you feel better but I am always amazed to hear bitching is the cure. I’ve never known it to be productive.

  27. Podunker, here’s a typical comment of the hysterical stream you written in the last 72 hours:

    “I’ve been a very strong supporter of Wilson since he arrived in Bloomington, but these comments and his posture about the current quarterback situation makes absolutely no sense. And the more he discusses it, the dumber he sounds. Is he just being stubborn? Does he have a personal bias?…”

    It is just one of several. You’ve put tremendous effort and have done a very good job of undermining CKW’s decisions and questioning his judgment and coaching professionalism (“does he have a bias?”). While you say your issue is with the fact of the poor defensive performance by Mallory’s defense; you have also, clearly and rather frequently directly addressed and attacked CKW’s football judgment AND his motives in selecting a quarterback. Other’s have focused on one play, the decision to go for it on fourth down…and so on. I believe, two weeks ago you were one of the main proponents of the idea that of successful, CKW would bolt. So, don’t pretend surprise nor innocence in your commentary….if you have an agenda or a point, skip the preamble and state it openly, for everyone- for or against- to consider.

    Try to remember, there are few virgins here,

    In addition, since you love to talk about responsible management and leadership practices…, I have a question for you” How long would you tolerate others coming into your office, looking over your shoulders as you consider decision you are mandated and empowered to make by those responsible on the basis of your professional training, experience and history of results?

    Davis, how would you feel about someone critiquing your briefs and filings in an open forum. Or sitting across from you and shaking his head every time you propose a strategy or action? Or why you deploy a group of First responders this way and not that way? Or who selects the leadership of each unit under your command? In the past, I’ve addressed you a couple of times with questions regarding procedures around the NCAA lawsuits, etc; because knowing you are a trained and fine lawyer I feel my amateur ‘opinions’ on the merits of an argument should be deferred to the professionalism of a real lawyer. Your answers have always been on the mark, with much more accuracy, than my ‘amateur’s opinion’. When you cite a source, I google it and read it-beginning to end- Why? I respect being educated, especially by good ones. (Even the ‘bad’ ones can sometimes give you a good lesson)

    So what is it about Wilson, based on one loss, that allows the two of you (and several others)to look over his shoulder and question his choice of quarterback; or the reasons for his sustaining a two or three man cadre of quarterbacks until HE feels he has enough evidence based on his plans and vision to select the most likely player to achieve them.

    I too completely agree with Clarion’s statement. whether Happy or not, whether I agree or not, ‘I have no interest in being a part of a [divisive] controversy’ based on an inflated sense of my own ‘football expertise’. I have an interest in exhausting every possibility that we get it right and, therefore, feel compelled to be supportive, maintain a critical eye and avoid the damage I could otherwise cause with my ‘illuminated from above amateur divination’ about to the Hoosier program because of my tendency to pass gas in inappropriate places and at inappropriate times. It simply reminds me of the first season coached by RMK, when fans of ‘run and shoot’ booed Bob Knight’s focus on defense and ball control and wanted someone named Don Noort (or something like that) to ‘shoot!. ‘shoot!’).

    I can’t wait to hear opinions on what we (the defending national champions) should do about having lost three soccer games in overtime against ranked teams… (give it a r-i-i-de!!!! ‘kick it! kick it!’).

  28. Tsao, in your attempt to win the debate, you’re comments and lectures are becoming silly. First, you give me way too much credit. I’d be flattered if not for the absurdity of your suggestion that my constructive criticisms have any power to “undermine” CKW or anyone else involved with IU Athletics. Who are you afraid my comments will influence? The players, Fred Glass, or the legions of stalwart fans that pack Memorial Stadium each week? You think some High School football player might de-commit from his LOI because of what I write? You worried that a couple of fans won’t make the trip to Bloomington Saturday because I was unhappy with the loss to Navy? You think CKW is going to lose credibility with his players? If my comments had any power to undermine CKW, Harvard’s comments on this site would have gotten Tom Crean fired by now. To suggest that anything I write on The Hoosier Scoop has the potential to undermine CKW is ridiculous and absurd in the extreme. It also suggests that you may be taking yourself a little too seriously, as if you believe the things you write on this site have the ability to affect an IU coach, or Glass, the players, the fans, or anyone else. Here’s a nes flash, you don’t and neither do I. If I remember correctly, you were a professional journalist once upon a time. Maybe, as a result of the conditioning that results from your training and experience, you’re still very sensitive about the power your written words have to influence others. Consciously or subconsciously, you’re doing a little “projecting” on to me. Here’s another news flash for you, Tsao, I’m not a journalist, I have no power to undermine CKW or any other IU coach, and neither do you.

    Monday morning quarterbacking is a national past time, it’s as American as apple pie. It’s a hobby, it takes our minds off of the mundane issues we deal with on a daily basis. It’s nothing more than that. For me its an outlet for my passion for IU sports. What’s the purpose of this blog if not to express our feelings and opinions about IU sports and the performance of the players and coaches? I missed the fine print that said only positive comments are allowed. It appears that the only real problem my recent criticisms are creating is to offend you sensitivity, as if you are personally offended. If so, you’re more delicate than I imagined.

    You reference IU soccer and their recent losses. I’m not happy about that, either Tsao, but it is an entirely different situation. First, I’m not as passionate about soccer as I am about football. I watch IU soccer when I can, but like most Americans, soccer is well down the list of my favorite sports. Secondly, IU soccer is the most successful college soccer program in the history of the NCAA. It is well established and coming off another National Championship. It’s success speaks for itself. It’s at the other end of the spectrum compared to IU football, which is not successful, has no tradition of success and is not coming off any kind of championship. IU soccer’s last year has satisfied me for a few years.

    But since you raised the issue of soccer, let me remind you that our current coach was hired to “revive” a program that the powers in place at the time believed was in “decline.” Interestingly, they actually fired a head coach that had won a national championship just a couple years earlier. It appears from that decision, IU’s administration (or Fred Glass) have much higher expectations, and much less tolerance for losing, when IU soccer is involved as compared to IU football. I find the difference in their attitude and behavior regarding soccer and football to be most interesting, don’t you?

  29. The POwer of one raindrop can ripple an ocean. The POwer of one speck of planetary dust can change the course of a comet.

    The POwer of one of one President now resides in the POwer of one woman refusing to give up her seat at the front of a bus, can shift a nation to living up to the ideals a Constitution written to only apply to the skin ton of those that hypocritically painted all its beauty in its freedoms.

    Never underestimate the POwer of one voice anywhere.

  30. Correction:

    The Power of one President now resides in the Power of one woman refusing to give up her seat at the front of a bus, [shifting] a nation [into] living up to the ideals a Constitution written to only apply to the skin [tone] of those that hypocritically painted all its beauty in its freedoms.

    Never underestimate the power of your faith, your hope, your criticisms, your voice. It is often the seemingly powerless and forgotten that change the course of many lives and many liberties.

    We at Scoop could very well be the Founding Fathers setting the course for the future our Hoosier Nation.

    Tsao is our Thomas Jefferson. Harvard our James Madison…Clarion our Alexander Hamilton….Husky Tom our Benjamin Franklin(husky likes to travel to France)…Chet our John Adams…Geoff our Benedict Arnold.

  31. Husky also likes to occasionally go fly a kite from Scoop..During these absences, his main source of energy offered up by way of the brilliant discovery of voltage sent down a delicate string by way of a QB from Lafayette stretched all the way to Seattle…It’s complicated…But somehow Husky Benjamin finds he can harness such random surprises of electricity to be a current fan of the Indiana Hoosiers.

    It has been rumored that Franklin had horrible body odor and the oils his sweat created a barrier to the possibility of numerous electrocutions.

  32. oops..That string would be Madison to Seattle. Wilson is a Badgerhawk.

    How could I forget..? Whenever we lose 83-14 to Wisconsin, Benjamin Husky gets more current to supply his Hoosier love factory.

  33. Podunker, glad I got your attention. It would help you tremendously if you read your own words out loud. You questioned whether CKW has a bias impacting his QB decision making. You wrote it was time for Mallory to go, you suggested the great possibility of CKW leaving as a consequence of success…

    You wrote the following, establishing a criteria to define a successful coach, citing the situation at Texas:

    ” ‘Coach Mack Brown … Now that’s a decisive leader in charge of a serious program, who understands that you get what you tolerate. Hey, maybe Wilson can hire Diaz (the defensive coach Brown fired) to replace Mallory. I think a defensive coach fired by Texas might still be an upgrade for IU’s defense'”.

    I suspect you may be serious in this proposal. If not, it sure sounds like you are and I consider our scavenging Brown’s trash pile an insult. I also suspect that Texas’ defense was turned into compost often enough by….CKW.

    And, I believe it is CKW who has been empowered by us and hired by Glass, to be making the decisions- personnel, tactics, game experimentation,…CKW and your rants undermine him Podunker and whatever he may be trying to do, as his belly-button guides him.

    I don’t need to win an arguments with you. You flatter yourself if this is what you think I’m doing. I just wait for reality to catch up to your panic moments following a setback, for your nausea to subside and for your urge to ‘bail’ to die down as your reason slowly takes over.

    One thing I know…it’s not important at all that I be right, or whether you are right. It’s important that we GET IT RIGHT.

    And for that job, we have hired AD Glass and CKW whose job is to make the professional decisions that hopefully will end the serial embarrassments we’ve (YOU and I and several other decades worth of brilliant ‘supportive’ IU football minds) created for our beloved Hoosiers.

  34. Tsao- you wrote “Davis, how would you feel about someone critiquing your briefs and filings in an open forum[?]” Happens to me almost every day- it’s called “court,” where my arguments are picked apart every day (with varying degrees of success) by judges and opposing counsel in front a room full of colleagues (and sometimes my client). HC, “bitching” is not a “cure.” But PO is right about passionate fans getting results. Several years ago I read a comment by the IU AD (can’t recall whether it was Greenspan or Glass) about the fan reaction to an IU FB loss to some MAC-type team. He said that there was none- not a single phone call, letter, email, etc. But when IU lost a BB game in which IU had been heavily favored- hoo-boy! His email in-box was overloaded and his phone lines were overheated. That’s paraphrase, but you get the idea.

  35. If you’re not trying to win the debate, why do you continue to try so hard. I expressed my disdain for IU’s terrible performance, plain and simple, but you felt compelled to argue with me and have continued the debate. I don’t recall asking you to weigh in on my comments, but you chose to debate me. That’s fine, but now you’re claiming that you’re not trying to win the debate. Can’t have it both ways, Tsao. And be careful, that comment about “you flatter yourself” revealed that arrogance you display from time to time.

    And Tsao, I read all my comments before hitting the “Submit Comment” tab (unless I get interrupted or submit it by mistake). I know exactly what I’ve written and it is always what I intend to write. I can’t control how someone interprets the comment. But as a former journalist, you should know better than to misquote someone, and you should be better at recognizing sarcasm when you read it. For example, I was being completely sarcastic when I made reference to Wilson hiring Diaz. If you did not get that, you’re tone deaf. IU probably could not afford Diaz, regardless if he is unemployed or not. Furthermore, I did NOT write that it was time for Mallory to go. I wrote that if his defense fails to demonstrate significant improvement, or play as bad as they did Saturday, Mallory should be fired. The comments implied at the end of the year. That’s what I wrote, that’s what I meant, and I hold to that. And obviously, given that Andy Graham just wrote an opinion piece on that same subject, I’m not alone in expressing those opinions. But just so you get it straight, Tsao, here’s my opinion on Mallory. It is subject to change, based on the performance of IU’s defense through the end of the year. IF IU’S DEFENSE DOES NOT DEMONSTRATE SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT THROUGH THE REMAINDER OF THIS SEASON, WILSON SHOULD FIRE MALLORY AND TRY TO UPGRADE THE DEFENSIVE COACHING STAFF.

    The fact that you really believe that my comments, written on this little blog site, could “undermine” CKW, is simply and utterly incredible! It’s nonsense. I assure you that neither you, nor I, or anyone else (aside from maybe the Herald Times staff writers) that posts comments on this site has any power to undermine anyone associated with IU athletics. That assertion is pure fantasy. But if your assertion was correct, it would also hold true that my many, many positive comments written in support of CKW, or Tom Crean, over the last two and a half years, would therefore have the power to elevate those men or their respective programs. Hey, I can’t wait to tell my friends and family that I’m responsible for Kevin Wilson still having his job. Hope you don’t mind if I take some credit the next time IU wins a game. And when Tom Crean or CKW gets a pay raise or a contract extension, I hope they’ll recognize my contribution in elevating them in the eyes of Fred Glass, the alumni or IU’s Board of Trustees. Yea, that’s how absurd you sound.

    For the record, if and when I ever conclude that its time to fire Mallory, or any other IU coach, I will write letters and place phone calls to Coach Wilson and Fred Glass. I will attend alumni meetings and speak out in an appropriate manner. It will be professional, respectful and filled with facts supporting my opinion. It probably won’t get published on The Hoosier Scoop or any other publication. That’s the one benefit of making donations to IU, the IU Alumni Association and IU’s Athletic Department over the last 34 years. When you write the checks, it gives you the right to voice your dissatisfaction when you don’t like something the administration is doing or failing to do. And that’s a good thing, my friend.

  36. davis, thank you (#35). If IU alumni or fans believe that a coach or an administrator is not getting the job done, or is not serving the University well, I believe they have an obligation to speak out and demand that changes be made. To do otherwise is is disloyal.

  37. Lions, and tigers, and bears,…. and lawyers, and checks! Oh, my!

    Speaking of lawyers and checks…I wonder if Mellencamp’s son is still on the Duke roster.

    Haven’t seen any followup story on that horrific beating by those local thugs. …Lions, and tigers, and bears, and checks…and ‘get out of jail’ free cards! Oh, my!

  38. Davis- that’s in open court. Everyone gets to watch the ball game, as they do with football. I’m sure you know exactly what I am talking about. You sure as hell wouldn’t anyone but the client and those directly involved by your client’s need (and your cases’ need) participate in a closed analysis, negotiation and strategy session. But Davis, you already know that.

    What is it about sports that everyone feels entitled to do the coaching some have spent decades getting ready for? Coaching is no less a PROFESSIONAL (and PROFESSIONAL’S) activity than medicine, law, economics or physics. It’s stupid enough that we now have talking head’s giving their opinion on the strategies of the lawyers in court cases without their having access to the details and intimacies the attorneys must consider. I even feel stupid making this argument to you…a professional.

    What I am saying is that CKW is the coach now and second-guessing him seems to me to be the absolutely worse thing I could do as a Hoosier fan. When the season is over, I’ll consider what I’ve seen, extrapolate where I think it will lead and, if I’m constipated at that point, I’ll get some castor oil.

    Everyone was saying, ‘patience….patience…this is a huge job…we need a deep change of culture…it will take time’. It lasted all of an hour and a half and with some, it didn’t even make it to the second game two seasons ago. This is IU football, it will take nerve, patience and character to get it done. You, Davis, are too intelligent a man not to know this.

  39. Harvard- After dealing with Podunker’s situation analysis and diagnostics, I started looking a second time for some of the commentary that I thought I’d seen and thought offered more to think about. I reread this and a couple of other threads and arrived (a second time) at one that had called my attention earlier but had gone by quickly. I then noticed it was your #15 in this thread.

    Very good, really good post. Much more along the lines of the depth that Wilson seems to bring with him. I think at some point he’ll do what he needs to do so that the defensive part of the game contributes to his offense (or at least, does no detract from it). He just seems too smart and thoughtful not to. The good part of his contract, it gives him the time to deal with each aspect of football at IU with depth. And that’s the only way we bring this puppym out of the dark hole it has been in for fifteen years.

    I see Wilson as not just a football coach but a football intellect, and that gives reassurance. I doubt if he’s affected by the needy ‘win now’ outcry of insecurity.

    It also says something positive about AD Glass’ instincts and how he obviously had done very through research before making his choice. I used to have a friend who used to say, “I want to win, win big…and look elegant doing it”. That’s what I want for Indiana…as long as it takes to do it right.

  40. Davis,

    Sorry but Po is wrong. Even the bitching of passionate fans is nothing more than confetti. Throwing it around is a syndrome manifested to feel big/good/important.

  41. HC and Tsao- criticizing (or praising) the coaching/playing on message boards is neither an entitlement nor self-aggrandizement. It’s fun! Sports is entertainment, and yakkety-yak by people like us is part of the show! Entertainers who don’t want people talking about their performance are in the wrong line of work.

    This forum is a big water-cooler around which we all gather and talk IU football while we should be working. It’s always pleasurable to read that others are as smart and insightful as I am, and often amusing to read what the rest of society has to say. I even changed my opinion on going for it on 4th down by 180 degrees ’cause of what someone posted here. Now that’s entertainment!

  42. See, it can be educational, too! HC, I agree that sometimes fan criticism (“bitching”) can be ugly if people are attacked personally or their integrity is questioned without any evidence, and I avoid that and ignore it when I see it. I’ve heard that the right to be a Monday-morning QB comes with the price of admission. Of course, I watched on TV, so I guess it comes with the cable bill (we cancel our service after the football season and start it again every fall). Anyhow, let’s just shut out Bowling Green so we can all give Mallory break for a while. Go IU!

  43. “Somebody’s gonna go out there”…?

    This prompts me to go to the dusty album closet of 1970’s 33⅓ LP’s for favorite song with “Somebody” as main theme…Unidentified flying spiral…?

    Somebody, someone is tearin’ my whole inside
    Somebody, someone is takin’ me for a ride
    Just a little bit of madness
    Do you no harm

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