Antonio Allen out for the season with ACL tear

Indiana freshman safety Antonio Allen is out for the season with a torn ACL, IU coach Kevin Wilson said Tuesday.

“From afar, I’d say what I saw in highlights maybe was comparable to what (St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam) Bradford got the other day,” Wilson said. “He was kind of running the sideline and got hit. He’s got an ACL. It’s going to require surgery, which is going to knock him out, which is unfortunate for him.”

It’s a significant loss for an Indiana defense that was having enough problems already. Allen had his first start at safety on Saturday against Michigan and recorded nine tackles in the game, giving him a total of 35 for the season. Allen, a four-star recruit from Ben Davis High School in Indianapolis, had shown speed and a propensity to hit hard, though he did occasionally overpursue and miss tackles. Before Saturday’s start, he was splitting time with junior safety Mark Murphy next to Greg Heban.

Allen’s injury requires a significant shakeup in the defensive backfield. Heban and Murphy are still expected to start, though Murphy has been playing through a shoulder injury. Wilson said he would at least consider the idea of moving cornerback Tim Bennett back to safety, though he had been playing excellent at corner prior to Saturday’s 63-47 loss to Michigan. He also said there’s a possibility linebacker Forisee Hardin could move back to safety. Dawson Fletcher and Brandon Grubbe would be the next options as a reserve safety, but those two have a combined one tackle so far this season. Wilson said he would also consider playing true freshman Chase Dutra, whom the Hoosiers had not played yet this season and whom they had planned to redshirt.

“We gotta be smart in what we’re doing there,” Wilson said. “… It is what it is, but we’ll be need some guys to pick it up over there.”


  1. Tough break for a talented young student-athlete. The silver lining is that with his work ethic he should be back in time for summer camp. Next man up, you’ve got a bye week to get your mind right and help this team. Go Hoosiers!

  2. That is very sad. He was one of the most promising young players on the defense. I wish him a speedy recovery. My guess is that we won’t see him in a game until about the middle of next season. Unlike the NFL, these kids can’t devote 14 hours a day to rehab and expedite their recovery. It’s normally about a year to get back to full health, otherwise the risk of re-injury is too high. Given his future potential, I hope he takes his time, does it right, and makes a full recovery.

  3. I am in continually AWE of the awful luck that Indiana football has. I mean this is getting to be a joke. Either there is no god, or he’s a purdue or kentucky fan. This is getting ridiculous.

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