Hoosier Morning

Indiana football, specifically the run defense, went back to the drawing board in the bye week, Dustin writes.

Controlling the clock and the ball are key to Penn State winning in Bloomington, Bob Flounders of Pennlive.com writes.

Mark Cuban, Jared Fogle and Tom Crean’s first trip to the Chocolate Moose highlighted Crean’s Fantasy Camp over the weekend, Nakel McClinton of IUsportcom writes.

IU basketball checks in as preseason No. 25, according to Rob Dauster of NBCSports.com.

Defense is doing the job for No. 4 Notre Dame soccer heading into Wednesday’s clash with Indiana, Isaac Lorton of The Observer writes.

Did someone say fantasy? Da plane, da plane. No, not that fantasy. Instead, here’s Bad Company with “Rock and Roll Fantasy.”


  1. Jeremy – if the CKW experiment fails this season, should we take a run at Mack Brown once he’s let go? This could be a situation like Frank Solich who was bounced from Nebraska and landed at Ohio U and made them winners.

    If we were to drop the rest of our games this season, would Glass have to pull the trigger on CKW?

    1. Aruss,
      This is still a free year for Wilson, even if they lost out. Assistants always find the chopping block first. Makes no sense to give someone a seven-year contract and cut them off after three.

  2. You guys have to be joking. Mack Brown is failing at TEXAS which is a mature program with a winning tradition and you want to bring him here to an immature program that is rebuilding?? Seriously?

  3. Let Wilson have his full contract….Except for a few seasons, IU has a losing tradition (probably last in big ten)…what is the big deal regarding a couple more losing seasons….Glass needs to jump all in and guarantee potential recruits Wilson will be here regardless baring some major unforeseen circumstance for the full length of his contract. If IU has back to back a 7 to 8 win seasons within contract….then Glass should give him an extension.

  4. I would drag my… [the more sensitive parts of my body]… through two miles of sharp pebble stones, metal shrapnel fibers and broken glass to smell the tire trucks, gasoline odors and inhale escape pipes’s gas emissions of the garbage truck that takes Aruss’ comments away.

    If you don’t comment on 80% of the entries here, why take responses to these loose bird droppings seriously? Because they’re landing on us? Or, is it some feeling of politically correct, social responsibility for the sports ignorant, intellectually feeble and emotionally confused?

    Consider that before cyber space, when newspapers were newspapers, column inches were precious, and editors had to make decisions separating pepper from fly doo-doo.

  5. Oh no, Aruss! You touched the third rail of The Hoosier Scoop. You wrote a comment that implied that IU could potentially upgrade its football coach at the expense of CKW. You have committed an unforgivable offense in the eyes of Tsao Tsug, who, if he had his druthers, would control the people allowed to post comments on this sacred site. It would be like a little club, a coffee clutch or a mutual admiration society.

    WARNING: If you write a comment on this site that Tsao Tsug feels is unworthy, especially one that criticizes an IU coach who Tsao is emotionally invested in, you will be deemed disloyal and he will criticize you, mock you, take your comments out of context and otherwise try to suppress your participation. Ironically, he tolerates and even defends the monotonous rants of someone displaying symptoms of derangement, but woe be the person who posts something unworthy of Tsao’s superior perspective or who criticizes one of IU’s coaches.

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