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Freshman Antonio Allen’s torn ACL leaves a new void in the IU defensive backfield, Dustin writes.

The IU men’s soccer team looks to snap a five-game losing streak, the longest in school history, against Evansville tonight, I wrote.

Former Hoosier Maurice Creek is what is right about the controversial fifth-year senior transfer rule, Rob Dauster of NBCsports.com writes.

Indiana AD talks defense, bowl game and Homecoming with Robby Howard of the Indiana Daily Student.

IU is the poster team for the unknown that is Big Ten basketball this season, Eamonn Brennan of ESPN.com writes.

NBA GMs took a wide-ranging survey about the league that included Victor Oladipo and Cody Zeller the top two choices for rookie of the year, John Schuhmann of NBA.com reports.

A behind the scenes video with Cody Zeller as he adjusts to life on his own, from NBA TV.

What is no doubt Cody Zeller’s theme song: “On My Own” by Patti LaBelle, featuring Michael McDonald.


  1. Victor & Cody selected as most likely to be rookie of the year…if only IUFB defensive coaches could develop talent like CTC.

  2. (and ended with a whimper)

    NCAA sanctions for Miami University. As I understand it, ex Coach Frank Haith (who is now at Missouri) is suspended for the first 5 games of this season. Five games for his activity at Miami including; failure to monitor and attempting cover-up of incriminating information.

    Peter Jurkin and Perea were suspended for 9 games last season for, well – nothing they did wrong. Miami involved 18 allegationa with 79 sub-issues spanning more than a decade. Jurkin & Perea involved a parking sticker purchased when they were 10 yrs old. By someone else.

    How does that make sense?

    The NCAA (and I hate to capitalize that organization) notes “We don’t do a great deal of comparative analysis” when asked about differences in punishment. That’s a big Duhhh. No kidding?

    David Ridpath, president of the Drake Group, which is “seeking reform in college athletics” has a long road ahead. Taking the fiasco factor out of the NCAA.

  3. Nice picture of Will & Yogi on the IU Basketball web-site. That look could get them a unobstructive lane to the basket.

  4. {Copied from the interview published in the IDS.}

    Fred Glass in response to a question about fans expressing their dissatisfaction with IU’s defense: “GLASS: I’ve received a little, not much, less than a handful of emails and letters. I think most knowledgeable fans understand that it’s a team game — offense, defense, special teams. That we’re in a rebuilding mode. That frankly the rebuilding is hardest on the defensive side of the ball.”

    Well props to Hoosier Clarion, Glass agrees with the same excuse that defense takes longer to develop than offense. Since it appears that IU’s defense is years behind our offense, I guess we can expect to begin seeing a competitive defense in about 2016, when the freshmen that he refers to are seniors.

    Secondly, if the majority of The Hoosier Nation had not been beaten into submission over the decades, if we had more fans that were passionate about IU football, Glass would have gotten more than a handful of letters and emails. In fact, if he was AD at any other Big Ten School, his office door would have been ripped from its frame by angry alumni and fans. He has the luxury of being AD at a school who’s alumni just don’t care that much.

  5. AD Glass understands rebuilding a program and has never given any indication he didn’t. Po since you are so passionate is 1 of the emails yours?

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