Indiana ranked just outside of Top 25

For the first time since December of 2011, Indiana is not in the AP Top 25. The Hoosiers were No. 24 in the USA Today Coaches poll, but just missed inclusion in the media poll. The Hoosiers got 111 points in the voting, which put them at 28th. The Top 25 follows. 

The top 25 teams in The Associated Press’ preseason college basketball poll, with first-place votes in parentheses, 2012-13 final records,total points based on 25 points for a first-place vote through one point for a 25th-place vote and 2012-13 final ranking:

Record      Pts     Prv

1. Kentucky (27)        21-12     1,546      _

2. Michigan St. (22)   27-9    1,543      9

3. Louisville (14)        35-5     1,501       2

4. Duke (2)                  30-6     1,435        6

5. Kansas                    31-6     1,357         3

6. Arizona                   27-8    1,311         21

7. Michigan               31-8     1,120         11

8. Oklahoma St.        24-9    1,093         17

8. Syracuse                30-10   1,093         16

10. Florida                29-8      1,048         14

11. Ohio St.               29-8      1,036           7

12. North Carolina   25-11     954             _

13. Memphis                31-5     741             19

14. VCU                       27-9      680              _

15. Gonzaga                32-3     538                1

16. Wichita St.            30-9     512                  _

17. Marquette              26-9     510                 15

18. UConn                  20-10    448                  _

19. Oregon                 28-9       408                  25

20. Wisconsin           23-12     338                 18

21. Notre Dame         25-10    332                   23

22. UCLA                   25-10    244                    24

23. New Mexico        29-6       213                   10

24. Virginia               23-12      189                      _

25. Baylor                  23-14      180                       _

Others receiving votes: Tennessee 176, Creighton 145, Indiana 111, Colorado 83, Iowa 83, Harvard 46, Boise St. 22, Villanova 14, Arizona St. 11, Georgetown 11, UNLV 8, Washington 8, LSU 6, Pittsburgh 6, Stanford 6, Boston College 5, La Salle 4, Missouri 3, Saint Louis 3, St. John’s 3, Cincinnati 1.


Ballots Online:

Also, I have an AP top 25 vote this year. My ballot follows.

1. Kentucky

2. Michigan State

3. Duke
4. Louisville
5. Arizona
6. Kansas
7. Syracuse
8. Florida
9. Michigan
10. Oklahoma State
11. North Carolina
12. Ohio State
13. Memphis
14. Wisconsin
15. Wichita State
16. VCU
17. Marquette
18. Oregon
19. Notre Dame
20. Connecticut
21. Gonzaga
22. UCLA
23. Virginia
24. Indiana
25. Creighton
All-America Team
Doug McDermott, Creighton
Marcus Smart, Oklahoma State
Gary Harris, Michigan State
Andrew Wiggins, Kansas
Julius Randle, Kentucky


  1. Dear Bloomington Herald-Times staff,

    There is a football game in two days.

    Thanks in advance for giving it some coverage.


    Hoosier Nation

  2. Steve Alford is still under attack by the press at UCLA. Big articles in the So Cal newspapers about his AD being under fire for hiring Alford and how bad Alford answered questions during his initial press conference. In particular, Alford is being attacked for his response to questions about his handling of his former player at Iowa who was accused of sexually assaulting a young women back in 2002. Ironically, his critics are saying that Alford does not compliment the traditions and high standards established by John Wooden. Boy, if Bob Knight reads that, his head is going to explode.

    The irony? John Wooden was the beneficiary of the most corrupt college basketball program in NCAA history. The cheating and covering up of bad behavior was systemic and enormous. Many of Wooden’s players got away with everything imaginable. I have a good friend who played for Wooden at UCLA during the height of their success. The first hand accounts of things he told me are off the charts, making today’s rules violations look tame by comparison. When I recently spoke to my friend about the disdain UCLA has for the hiring of Alford, he responded that it is the height of hypocrisy, especially coming from men who played for Wooden and who know first hand how corrupt the program was back in the glory days. He said, “they’re upset because Alford is not a Bruin, he’s an outsider. If he (Alford) wins an NCAA title, all that criticism will disappear as if it never existed.”

  3. My goodness!!! Aruss, both you and Podunker completely on target on the issue!!!!! Perhaps, the fact that the three of us agree will wake someone up….

    SPORTS EDITOR, DUSTIN DOPIRAK…whoever else needs to pay attention. This is still Hoosier football season! Hoosier’s have a key game and four (or five after that) this weekend. The team, coaches and fans deserve do not deserve to be disrespected…

    IT’S FOOTBALL SEASON!!!! Cover it!

    p.s. All of you who agree with this request/demand…please, please write (to the Scoop) in as your form of support for the Hoosiers and as your rejection of the disrespect shown the Hoosiers.

  4. 1. I’m not sports editor.
    2. There’s been a football story in the paper every day this week. There’s basketball today because it’s Big Ten Media Day.
    3. There might not be football in Friday’s paper for that reason, but there will be a ton of it on Saturday.

  5. What THEY(Aruss, Podunker & Tsao) said! Media coverage also plays a role in changing the culture surrounding our football program. It’s far too easy to place said program on the back burner if no one is talking about the upcoming game. Please continue covering ALL IU sports, especially at the midpoint of very important seasons. Go Hoosiers.

  6. Dustin, while acknowledging that you are not sports editor, please understand that when we see 11 out of the last 12 stories posted on The Hoosier Scoop are about basketball (mens and women’s) it certainly gives your subscribers the impression that there is a bias favoring basketball and reason to complain that there is not enough coverage of football. We’re in the middle of the football season! And IU is at an especially crucial juncture in the season. Come on, 11 of last 12 stories! That’s way out of balance.

    Keith makes a great point about the role the media coverage plays in changing the culture surrounding our football program. If I was a brand new subscriber to The Hoosier Scoop, and had been logging on over the last week, it would be easy to conclude that the local paper covering IU sports is biased in favor of basketball.

    I wonder if their is any correlation between attendance at Memorial Stadium and coverage by outlets including BHT and the Indy Star? Both papers seem to provide significantly less coverage of IU football compared to basketball. Is it possible both papers are unwittingly making it harder to change the culture of IU football?

  7. And than there is me. Wondering why the top heading with schedule does not include the BB games, exhibition or not.

  8. Why cover football…? Isn’t merely a horror show where we give up 1000 yds per game until they drag Mallory’s butt to the bus stop of no return?

    What’s the point of football coverage? Isn’t it like being asked to be taken to the last house on the left of nothing left to stop a run attack? Or maybe there’s no football coverage because it would only be intended to disguise the terror on this Halloween night(a night dedicated to filling children with anti-Christian thoughts of a devil worshiping day) that media attention for hoops at IU has retreated to the castle basement without the name Zeller to hinge upon Crean’s jack-o’-lantern filled with decimation speeches attached to the reality his Frankencody voltage as juice for the storied program?

    And why bring up the dead on the night of the living dead? Isn’t it 9-out-of-10 Sooopster’s recently polled in Podunker’s pot lock cauldron pool of friends recently quoted in every other recent Podunker witch hunt that believes it’s all a horror show anyway at Memorial’s foggy-brained graveyard in chrome costumes until the incompetent defensive coordinator is buried in the “has been” cemetery he belongs? Wasn’t that ghost hired by a head coach that doesn’t believe the fans can see an inferior defense any better than your pumpkin sees the guy that’s gonna rob your house with his two triangular eyes?

    So why waste time talking of the zombies on our own sideline that have no real thought processes as they follow in denial a ghoulish Wilson hire that was obviously more a trick for the popularity of a last name than the treat of a defensive coach on the IU sideline with only gooey pulp and daddy’s leftover seeds for a brain?

    They canceled Halloween because of the rain…It’s only fitting that football coverage be canceled from the pages the same because of an assistants reign. It’s death we celebrate this Halloween! And when we cheer Hoosier football it is because the devil has found our uninspired house again with the over the hill, 40-something-year-old; a soulless hijacker of any life on our gridiron courtesy a beastly incompetent named Doug “Pumpkin Head” Mallory.”

    Dustin made the right call. Put the basketball costume on the children as the only way to come to terms with the inevitable gridiron death. There’s never a football story with Mallory in its name that doesn’t scream of deadline. “Trick or treat!” they scream at Scoop’s doorbell tonight? Dustin has given you your treat…….for talking of Hoosier football and watching Hoosier football under Doug Mallory’s defense is a living hell. They hit with all the force of skeletons in pads and play for two hours without ringing one bell.

  9. Let’s remember the hiring committee on this nasty Halloween eve..Where are those ghosts that brought us the basketball doctor with his NBA creations? Look how their D-Wade prayers gave us life against a Syracuse zone and how one year after we walked on the clunky unstoppable shoes his Washington experiment we can’t sniff the top 25.

    It was eternal life indeed.

  10. Dustin- Podunker, Aruss, Keith, and surely others like me come to this site to follow Hoosier football in the late summer and fall. The last five Fridays, it appears to me there has been no pre-game coverage; and uninspired coverage of Hoosier football, quickly shifting to basketball in the middle of October (see Podunker’s observation in and about the Scoop themes).

    It’s sad because it is true that there are many fans who want to see a change in the Hoosier football culture. It is logical that we follow the HT hoping proximity and coverage would reflect our interest, but sadly and truthfully, it doesn’t.

    It’s not a new issue. It came up last year and the year before that. I also still remember a column written by you in which you justified the ‘imbalance’ (a gentle word given the actual difference) of your coverage as ‘…I know where my bread is buttered’ (something like that); and remember thinking then, ‘what an unfortunate and dismissive thing to write’.

    I’ll stop here. I shouldn’t have to defend my interest in better and deeper coverage of IU football. I too am part of that Hoosier Nation that would like to see our interest in building a great football environment at Indiana, reflected in IU’s home town newspaper. And, it could be an interest that allows for a distinctive, wider readership for the HT.

  11. A few weeks ago I asked why there wasn’t more coverage on football.. My wife is form Tennessee..The first year I went down to Knoxville and checked out the sports in the local paper, I could not believe all the articles that were football related..Even during the summer there is articles on football..That is the only way to get and keep interest up…Also on game day the radio is buzzing with football related programs. I mean all day….The news media here sure could use some help in promoting football. Go Hoosier football….

  12. Tsao-

    Dustin doesn’t set the schedule for college basketball to begin. He has to cover Hoosier Hysteria and the various events officially deemed to tip off the season.

    There coverage of IU football has been fantastic(not to mention the fact that they do LiveChats during the games and post ScoopTalk followup sessions).

    Maybe take it up with Glass, Crean, and whoever is responsible for setting the exhibition schedule, Hysteria, Midnight madness, Haunted Haul of Hoops, Big 10 Media day…and the many other events that appear to push the basketball season earlier and earlier. It’s not just happening at IU.

    Wow..Lay off of Mallory for two days and the new witch hunt is Dustin. I doubt if he is compensated a much extra for all the extra time Dustin puts into Scoop and all the LiveChats/Discussions(and that applies to the investment from Jeremy, Andy, Mike Miller and all others that contribute to our bitch playground).

    It’s amazing to this blogger that Dustin gets it all done. ITH(strictly basketball) and many other blogging sites are run with much narrower focus where the journalists are not held accountable to stories and all the additional legwork involved in working for a newspaper.

    I tend to believe Dustin has kept this place alive because he’s carrying the torch for Chris Korman and those that invested so much in getting it off the ground.

  13. Tsao, Podunker, I’m not attacking you. You’re not defending anything. You are attacking me. OK, attacking is a bit harsh. You are criticizing my coverage and I am defending it. No one’s attacking you at all.
    Frankly, my issue with both of you is that I think you both view the Scoop as the primary vehicle of coverage for the H-T. It isn’t. There may be more articles in general on the Scoop but much more time and effort goes into what is written on the main site, which is what goes in the paper. Those are the stories I take time to report on and craft extensively. I use the blog to get news items up as fast as possible. Granted, there have been a bunch of basketball items on the Scoop in recent days because the last availability event we had for football was Tuesday, but the main IU story in Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday’s paper were IU football stories. There might not be much in there tomorrow because I had to go to Media Day, but Saturday, as there is in every Saturday paper, there will be a standard advance from me as well as a list of four keys for the game. Andy will write a column. This happens every single Friday. That is how we do our preview coverage and it’s how we’ve done it as long as I’ve been here.
    I’ve made no bones about it. I’m not trying to achieve a balance between football and basketball. I frankly don’t care what the story count balance is. I’m trying to write as many good stories as I can possibly write, and especially during the overlap in October and November, I just cover everything that I can. That’s my goal. I’m not interested in promoting either sport over the other. But I do recognize that there’s a greater interest in Indiana in basketball than there is in football, and the readers want more of that. You can try to deny that all you want, but it’s simply factual. Basketball games sell out. Football games don’t come close. Any other metric you can possibly use to gauge interest shows that IU fans are simply more interested in the fate of the basketball program than the football program. And the reason isn’t because of any decision made by the media. It’s because one team has won five national championships and recently gone to back-to-back Sweet 16s and won a Big Ten title and the other team hasn’t won a Big Ten title since the LBJ administration. This is not a reality the H-T or the Indy Star created or greatly influenced. When you win, you draw fans and you get coverage. Simple as that. So yes, I cover the two programs with that understanding in mind.
    All of that being said, I don’t think I’ve given football a raw deal in the slightest bit and I think if you really look at the collective body of work and give the stories in the paper the weight they deserve compared to blog posts, the football team has gotten plenty of coverage and has no right to complain. And frankly, they don’t complain. The only place I hear complaints about the volume of football coverage is from you guys. Ask anyone in IU sports information who goes the most out of their way to write football stories, who is at every single media availability session and maxes out on their available interviews, and I promise my name will be their answer. I’ve done profiles on just about every single key player on this team at some point in time in their careers. Tre Roberson, Nate Sudfeld, Tevin Coleman, Stephen Houston, D’Angelo Roberts, Kofi Hughes, Cody Latimer, Shane Wynn, Ted Bolser, Duwyce Wilson, Nick Stoner, Isaiah Roundtree, Jason Spriggs, Dan Feeney, Ralston Evans, Collin Rahrig, Nick Mangieri, John Lahinen, Bobby Richardson, T.J. Simmons, David Cooper, Jacarri Alexander, Forisse Hardin, Griffen Dahlstrom, Tim Bennett, Michael Hunter, Mark Murphy, Greg Heban, Kenny Mullen, Brian Williams and Mitch Ewald have had stories focused entirely on them and their personalities and life stories in this paper and I wrote all but three of those. I’m running out of guys to write about really. The only current basketball player on the roster who has had similar treatment since they’ve actually joined the team has been Yogi Ferrell. Heck, I’ve never skipped a football game for a basketball game, but I’ve skipped at least three or four November basketball games for football games. The only area in which basketball really gets the scales tipped in its direction is recruiting, and frankly I haven’t done a good job covering recruiting for either program lately.
    Look, I can always do better. I could have done a little more in recent weeks, and I take responsibility for that on some level, but considering the logistics there wasn’t much more I could have written. If you consider the entire body of work — and what goes in the paper is to me a much more important part of the body of work that what goes on the blog — I don’t think it’s possible to say that I’m purposefully ignoring football. Whenever and wherever IU makes its players or coaches available, I’m pretty much there, and that’s true for football and basketball.

  14. Actually, I never understood the Scoop to be your main medium. I was referring to your entire output; first in the HT and your comments in the Scoop.

    Just my view.

  15. From my view from the Hoosier Nation is that I do not need Aruss to speak for me ever or at all.

    Dustin, Now you know why Old Timers like me still carry hard shell briefcases. They don’t droop like those bags you younger guys carry when you’ve had a week full of happenings/actions like this week has had. I’ll bet the “chat” is real interesting today.

  16. Wow…Dustin commits three pages to holding Tsao and Podunker next to his soft bosom; feeding them the apologies and getting on his knees to slather them with more of the hideous validation he must feel he needs to earn from those two polar essentials that keep the little world on its Hoosier Scoop on its axis….Even after the terrorists comments and Podunker screaming like a baby his fabulous anonymous reputation soiled by such hideous accusations that he is a member of an “American” terrorist organization….After all that idiocy, Dustin still feels it’s necessary to pour out that mess of a puppet on a string at 3:47 A.M. rather than a simple thank you to the dumb hick he has no need to feel equal. Beers…and lunches? What a bunch of BS.

    Your welcome, Dustin….

  17. Maybe it’s because I’m not the big “professional”…or the lawyer…or the consultant..or the journalist that once worked for the Chicago Trib…or the doctor studying Spanish Literature from Seattle….or the guy with the high rise apartment on Lake Shore Dr…or the rags to riches story turned from a 3000 mile journey to making a living in your choice profession….

    I’m just a hick from Indiana that you wish you had 1/1000 the heart to put into your pen. You won’t buy that with a couple beers you coax me into sharing with your deceitful attempts to pretend a friendship. You shall never know Harvard and it will haunt you.

  18. Dustin, I for one don’t know what these folks are talking about. I think you have more info on IU football and basketball,than any sight that I go to!
    Your before and after game videos are full of insight.I always look forward to them.
    Bottom line, you do a great service for IU fans and have become a first class reporter.
    Hoosier Bob

  19. My biggest concern with Mr.Blackmon’s commit? If only he had chosen a different University, we would be looking at a couple of years of 50 comments a day about how smooth he is, what energy he brings and how CTC missed his chance to make him a ‘real Hoosier’. I’m not sure if Ft. Wayne is in the magic geographical territory of NW Indiana that CTC loves to ignore.

    Otherwise, welcome Mr. Blackmon, Jr.
    And another good job recruiting Coach Crean.

  20. Aruss, we agreed that there was a dearth of Hoosier football coverage….period.

    I suspect HC would, like I, be more likely to agree that either of us would prefer to have ‘the source of life within (each)’ dipped in recently charged car battery acid and then dried by being dragged through a bowling lane bed made up of a mix of pulverized glass and shredded fiber glass and shredded rusty Campbell soup can lids than have you speak for either.

  21. DUSTIN- “Frankly, my issue with both of you is that I think you both view the Scoop as the primary vehicle of coverage for the H-T. It isn’t….”

    Not so at all. My issue with you is about RESPECT.

    Actually, (and you have known this), it isn’t true that I rely solely on the free Hoosier Scoop blog. I’ve subscribed to the HT for about two years and read the paper version daily. It’s been obvious to me that most of your better stories are not in Scoop, but are written for the paper, as it should be since I perfectly understand the Scoop is an added, but nevertheless ‘side-bar’ responsibility which you sometimes fulfill by repeating some of the stories in the paper (that too is probably a good idea since the objective is to draw readers to the paper).

    Nice try anyway. That’s one way to deflect critical reaction.

    After reading your comment (I now get how you can be intolerant of other comments for unstructured length, because yours are one paragraph long- 700 lines, but still one paragraph. Please remember some of us are ‘old’ men. I had to run over to CVS to buy a ruler to use to follow your paragraph). Nevertheless, my thoughts do not change much.

    Today is a perfect example. Two days before the Minnesota game; a game which you will comment on at length later because for some it determines (in their eyes/not mine) the ‘progress’ made by the present staff and the possibility of a ‘bowl bid’, and…what a surprise!…there has not been a ‘pure’ football story (I’m not counting the story on the revival of the Homecoming Parade) since Wednesday. Today is Friday…tomorrow is game day.

    Though…I am thankful for the ‘reprint’ of two stories, one each from the St. Paul paper and one from the Minneapolis paper were included in Scoop (do the newspaper readers who do not follow the Scoop internet site get to read those two stories?). Those two at least gave me a view of the Hoosiers. I think this is the fourth Friday in a row in which (may be the fifth) there were no pre-game stories or pre-game analysis of prospects.

    And, you are right…football recruiting is neglected all together (the last time I remember you getting worked-up and involved was when the QB kid from Columbus called a press conference to say he was still coming to IU and then stuck it in our ear a week later (maybe he didn’t like the question you asked[whether ‘everything’ was still ok with IU?]).

    Perhaps, it is time and it would help for the HT to discuss its ‘football day story’. It may make much more sense to run it on Friday; especially when you consider that so many games now begin at noon (11 a.m. in the Chicago market) and those attending probably do not ave time to read it as scheduled now, especially if they are attending the game). It would give coverage more continuity and not leave a long hiatus. (Probably, even more so if- as I gather- you take your day off on Mondays, leaving another jump between Sunday’s game story and Tuesday.

    But, even so, it is more than that.

    So yeah…you are reading it right, there is a feeling of neglect and dismissal that comes across when it comes to Hoosier football. I know ‘we ain’t Penn State’, but we would like to be and many of us are willing to put effort into becoming and are really trying. It will come, regardless of how silly and hillbilly it may seem to the sophisticates from ‘the big places’. Keep in mind, no one here dismisses PSU for their basketball program, especially in Indiana. The former ‘weakling’ struggling to make it is a good story. And, sometimes he does.

    Consciously or not, there is a tone and an aura of disrespect that I (and I suspect others) sense when it comes to coverage of Hoosier football. We do know it is well earned in our football history. But, maybe that’s one of the things we like and puff our chests about when we perceive turning this monster of a ship around under Coach Wilson and his program…We don’t see ourselves as 0-Infinity-Forever; hell, we are not even 0-19 versus PSU…we are 3-4 this season, 1-2 versus Penn State in this modern program and scratching the rock with what’s left of our finger nails.

    Your reply almost confesses it where you apologize ‘for not doing as good a job as I should with football recruiting’ (paraphrased). I think I’ve read this disclaimer no fewer than 15 times from you over the last two years. And you are right…so gradually I’ve had to add the services (Peegs) and read other sources (Ft. Wayne’s Di Primio, the L’ville CJ, Evansville) to stay somewhat informed. But, wasn’t this what I was hoping to get from the HT. I’ve also looked at the coverage of ‘their’ team in Champaign, Iowa City…not even close. Or even ours of basketball and baseball. You get the picture.

    So, PLEASE!…I guess this is the place where Jeremy brings out the Aretha Franklin version of R-E-S-P-E-C-T and you and I dance together out into the setting afternoon sun over Memorial Stadium and beyond the bypass… Or not.

    (I have visions of the Crash Davis (Kevin Kostner) character and his girl friend Annie Savoy (Susan Sarandon) dancing together in ‘Bull Durham’)

  22. I’ll just move past those last two lines because that’s one of my all-time favorite movies and that image would pretty much ruin it for me. I certainly don’t want to know whether you think I’m Crash or Annie in that situation.
    Look here’s the thing, I go out every week and cover this beat as hard as I can. I make do with the access I’m granted and try to write the most interesting and deep stories I can.
    We get a press conference Monday and availability on Tuesday morning and we’re cut off from the team the rest of the week. The presser is newsy so I try to make sure as much as I can gets in Tuesday’s paper and I only hold something out if I really think I can develop into it something bigger. I can always get a good detailed story out of Tuesday availability for Wednesday but there isn’t always enough that I can make something happen on Wednesday for Thursday. Most times I can get something. Thursday for Friday is my other team day when I try to come up with an opponent feature and sometimes that falls through depending on what I can pull off with opposing SID’s and whether I think there’s an angle or a feature that is legitimately compelling. Friday for Saturday is advance day and we always have a front page story with an advance and a full page inside with stuff. I tend to save my pre-game oriented quotes for that so I don’t turn in a trash game-day story. There’s an argument to be made for having preview stuff in Friday’s paper instead of Saturday’s, but there’s no point in writing two days of the same advance if you don’t have fresh quotes and if you don’t have something in Saturday’s paper somebody’s going to complain about that.
    I’d very much like to write more every week, but I’m not going to throw together incomplete stories just so I can say I have something in the paper. If they let me come to practice every day and talk to people, I absolutely would and that would make for much better and more interesting coverage. But that’s Wilson’s decision and his prerogative to have limited availability during the season and I do the best I can with what I have. I have no interest on promoting one sport over the other or holding anyone down. I recognize the reality that there’s more interest in basketball than football here and I respond in kind, but all I really try to do is write every story I can write with what I have. I’m not looking to disrespect anybody or the program itself, and I don’t believe I have. I’m not going to act like I’ve never dropped the ball, but I’m trying the best I can here.

  23. Dustin – I think the point everyone here is trying to make is that you & Jeremy should grant me admin access the Scoop so I can contribute my own original content as well as moderate user discussions with a fair but firm approach.

    Please let us know your thoughts on the matter.

  24. Dustin, stop with the @&*^% apology. For a free site a person could’nt ask for more. Not able to cover Vic’s Indiana return because you have a ‘private life’? Cool. Not a problem. Media coverage was everywhere. Can’t start to imagine the hours you, Jeremy and Andy put in. Pretty sure overtime pay is not an option. Football coverage – If what was in today’s paper is the normal, not sure what more can be added. (first time I’ve ever read the football coverage)

    Bottom line – It is what it is and if you want more, subscribe to a number of other sites.

  25. Dustin, I was not attacking you or anyone else. I was just passing on feedback. That feedback is that it appears that there is a lot more coverage in the Hoosier Scoop of basketball than there is for football, even in the middle of football season. Pass that up the ladder, for what it is worth.

    And as I pointed out, the HS and the BHT are not the only news outlet that gives that impression. As I mentioned, the Indy Star does the same thing in my opinion.

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