Live discussion: Indiana at Michigan



  1. After last Saturday’s game I wrote, “I don’t see how we’re going to stop Michigan’s offense from running up and down the field. Their dual threat QB is going to have a record setting day against IU. I predict IU will score more than 24 points, but probably give up more than 50 before Hoke calls off the dogs.”

    It did not take any great insight to be mostly correct in that prediction. But credit IU’s offense, especially those great receivers, they did much better that I anticipated. It’s tough to ask any offense to play against a team like Michigan, especially in that stadium, and be perfect. But with this defense, IU’s offense has to play perfect.

    How many records did Michigan’s offense set today? Let’s see, 751 total yards was a record. Rushing yards by their running back, another record. Total yards by their quarterback, another record. IU’s defense is certainly setting a lot of records this year.

    How can any experienced football observer watch IU’s defense and not question the performance of IU’s defensive coaches? Lacking talent, experience and maturity is one thing, but the horrific technique, especially in tackling and pass coverage, is just unbelievable.

  2. Looks like SleightOfHand agrees with me about IU’s Defensive Coordinator. I wonder if his patriotism will be questioned too?

    But hey, we can still win five or six games this year. And that would be improvement. I actually feel better about that today than I did last week.

  3. FWHoosier, Guest and DChoosier are also calling for Mallory to be fired. Golly gee wiz, IU must have a lot of unpatriotic fans these days.

  4. No excuses for the defense, but Michigan doesn’t give up nearly 600 yards in their own house too often.

    And without the Sudfeld interception that immediately followed IU’s recovery of a Michigan fumble just outside their own goal line, IU could have easily put up close to 700 yards on Michigan.

    It was a shootout…Sudfeld’s errant throw was more than costly while Roberson was briefly sidelined due to an issue with the thumb of his throwing hand.

    Nothing to be proud of on either team’s defenses(though it didn’t appear IU’s was completely manhandled up front). It was painful to watch Bennett continue to bite on Gallon’s first move. It was painful to watch Michigan receivers so wide open that the IU defenders weren’t initially in the view of the camera lens during replays of the receptions. Those sort of blown coverages are somewhat hard to excuse. I do remember one of Gallon’s big gainers was when Bennett gambled(and lost)on attempting a pick on a short sideline route. It’s a bang-bang risk that could have brought some real emotion and momentum had it paid off.

  5. You always get goofballs on the LiveChat. It’s simply a home for comedians and attention whores.

    You’ll get that same crowd calling for Crean’s head if our basketball team slips against Michigan, MSU, and OSU this year…

  6. At least Bennet has the brass to attempt an aggressive play. The other defensive backs were giving Michigan’s receivers 9 to 12 yard cushions all game. That made it real easy for Michigan’s QB to have a career day.

    This program is starting to remind me of Cam Cameron’s tenure at IU. Great offenses, but……..

  7. Anybody else see the incredible irony of post #6?

    That’s a classic. It may be the Hoosier Scoop’s post of the year!

  8. The irony was intended. The true irony is your own use of ironical jokesters to defend your positions.

    My goodness, you really need to get out and understand the subtleties humor and interaction. Post #6 was dinner on a silver platter…You are truly clueless.

    The defense stinks. Maybe we should just consider not putting it out there so we can get the ball back faster..? We’ll give you a medal to go along with Mallory’s head.

  9. And Bennett is spelled with two t’s at the end. You really follow this team? I know, you simply forgott to type itt. All you had to do was watch the game to know the spelling…(we saw a lot of the back his jersey).

    Carry on, expertt.

  10. Now that I’ve had some time to cool down I can post my 5 takeaways from the game.

    1) Our receivers are studs. I’ve never seen a more complete group for IU.
    2) The O-line played their best game of the year.
    3) I don’t think anyone can argue with me that Tre should be our QB. Maybe now Dustin & Andy will stop writing stories about how well Sudefeld is doing which read more like PR releases.
    4) There is no way our talent is so low on D that we give up 63 points to this Mich team. Much of that was bad schemes.
    5) I don’t know what CKW’s problem is with Houston but there is no way Roberts should be touching the ball with a healthy Houston available.

    We are back to the Cam Cameron era of IU football.

  11. Couple comments: IU’S D is simply beyond pathetic. Is there anyone who actually thinks a change is not necessary? Personally I would have fired Mallory at halftime of the Navy game ( honestly ). If the HC isn’t man enough to make a change – he needs to be changed. You see this kind of change regularly at schools that care about winning.

    For those unfamiliar with Mallory’s track record – let me shed some light. I am not going to even comment about the horrible tackling – bad schemes – childlike knowledge of the other teams offense that the defense shows weekly beyond this sentence ( as I could go on forever – play by frustrating play – 3rd down after third down ).

    Mallory spent 2009 and 2010 as New Mexico’s DC. Before IU and HCKW “STOLE HIM AWAY” ( LOL ). Well in charge of New Mexico’s D – the Lobos went 1-11 in 2009 and 1-11 in 2010. They gave up literally 1000 points in those two years. That’s 2-22 giving up about 42 per game.

    With this resume – HCKW “STOLE HIM” from the many many offers for his service that were out there. This should raise a little debate in IU’s staff and HCKW’s ability to pick one.

    I honestly think Mallory probably thinks he’s doing fine. I personally have no idea how anyone in any field they work in – could perform so poorly – and still have a job.

    How do you go 2-22 – give up 42 points per game as a DC and get a job offer. ( Forget the dad connection as the stats are incredible ). There are plenty of qualified DC’s or up and comers from “WINNING” environments to give a chance to do the job.

    Glass needs to be like Pat Hadden and meet the team at the airport. Conversation should go like this – “Kevin – you want to fire Mallory or have me do it? If you disagree – you gone too.”

    Sad to think a bad defense that gave up 30-31 per game – would make us a 9-10 winner year in year out.

    Lastly – anyone notice the stat during game. Teams with the most 40 yards plays on offense this year to date.

    1. Baylor ( undefeated )
    2. IU
    3. Oregon ( undefeated )

    Like Sesame Street – which one doesn’t belong here.

    This is more evidence – that when you have a good offense – it is SUPPOSED to translate into wins. Except here unfortunately.

  12. Cam Cameron era mirror image. If this Michigan team can put up 63, heaven knows what Wisconsin will hang on us. The 83 points smackdown may be surpassed.

    The DEs are pretty putrid, but nearly everywhere else I see improved talent on D. Yes they are very inexperienced, but the schemes and fundamentals just look comical week after week.

    I will say I appreciate the effort all the way around. I have to question whether Wilson should be playing more to the personnel he has and try to slow the offense some to keep defense off the field more and at least fresher. I think this offensive group is definitely good enough to still be formidable in that approach.

    Perhaps it will be painful to some people in the program someplace, but might as well just bite the bullet and can Mallory. Not doing so is just delaying the inevitable.

  13. If Mallory isn’t fired tomorrow, no one in the IU athletic department should call themselves a man. Give us all a effing break. I’m so sick and tired of this!

  14. It bothers me greatly that Indiana fought toe to toe and competitively against a good Michigan team there. And, it bothers me greatly that the brilliance of its offense is being washed away by an uninspired, weak defense whose shortcomings may be magnified by coaching issues.

    I strongly continue to trust we have the right individual leading our program, Kevin Wilson. I have seen a great deal of improvement in the talent brought here by Coach Wilson. And, I continue to believe that his vision and approach to football is the right one for Indiana.

    There is a great change taking place in our expectations and the place we give football in our Hoosier Nation. I accept we have a long way to go, but I think we now have have the vision and the right leadership to achieve our goal, to be strongly and consistently competitive at the highest level of college football.

    Whatever analysis has to be made of any facet of our game I trust is best made by Coach Wilson. Whatever decisions need to be made to bring our performance to that level will be best led by Coach Wilson. I’m glad the contract given him recognizes the depth of the deterioration of the football program at Indiana when he accepted its leadership. It is up to us to provide him the authority, the time and the assets necessary to carry out the major uprooting and allow for the transformation needed. Loyal IU fans will understand the magnitude of the job Wilson and AD Glass face in our behalf, and support their efforts.

  15. It is normal for Michigan to be 6-1, or Michigan St. 6-1, but Missouri 7-0, or Navy 5-2 are not normal records.
    Our Hoosiers have 4 loses to 4 very good teams with a combined record of 24-4.

    Yes our defense has been terrible but we put up a lot of points against them. We use to be lucky if we scored one time on these guys and the games would end 54-3, 46-0 or 48-7.

    We have a lot of games left and we have a shot at winning all of them but it sure would be nice to have a defense that matched our offense. A guy can dream can’t I ? Keep recruiting defense Coach! They are IU’S future for football.

    You guys sure like to flip on QB’s a few weeks ago Nate was your hero now you have flipped to Tre. The fact is we have 2 good QB’s and they both make mistakes. Remember the first time Tre got under center for a series of down’s near the goal line?

    The out come was not good but he has hung in there and now has proved he can play
    well also. Hang in there boys and believe in Coach and the players. Show your Hoosier spirit at the next home game!! Fans are important just like in Basketball.

  16. Boy, what a mess, all this blood leaking from slit wrists.
    SP65, The reason I see some positive even in yeaterdays performance is for a fair amount of the day what plays were made on D were made by our 4 Frosh and our 1 RS Frosh. Whereas Meatchicken started only 1 Sophomore and no Frosh on D. By the way TR did have a good day but also some luck or he would have been bitched about on here too.

  17. TTG, I know I shouldn’t bother asking but what is the “vision and approach” that you like so much? We gave up 500+ yards of total offense to a team that scored that 7 points against Duke. We gave up 500+ passing yards to a QB who had less than 100 yards against Connecticut. We have a self-created QB battle involving a guy who is GUARANTEED to throw at least one catastrophic interception every game, yet many fans still think he’s the man because Tre “isn’t a passing QB.” If this was a Bill Lynch or Gerry DiNardo-coached team, would you still be touting the leadership? I’m not saying we should fire WIlson. We pay him too much, and nobody any good would want to take his place anyway. I just don’t get why so many people on here go out of their way to mock anyone who criticizes the coaching staff. We finally have a very talented dual-threat QB, but he isn’t allowed to start. We still have a garbage defense that not only isn’t improving but is actually getting way worse. In other words, not much besides the uniforms has changed since the Cam Cameron era. I don’t think the “sky is falling.” I’ve said Tre is the guy from Day 1 (as long as he is healthy, obviously). Southport65, I think you mean “START recruiting defense, Coach!” We couldn’t wait to get rid of the good Mallory who took us to 6 bowl games. Why are we afraid to can the bad Mallory who is going to set NCAA records in yards given up?

  18. More mindless drivel from TTG (#16). The decisions are Wilson’s to make? Wow, what insight. NO KIDDING the head coach calls the shots. Who has ever suggested he doesn’t? People questioning the defensive schemes/coaching are doing just that…nothing more, nothing less. And you talk about “Loyal IU fans…” (“Loyalty” of course being one of your pointless, never-ending themes.) Anyone who wastes his time not only watching IU fball but then posting about it is as loyal as it gets, so you really need to lose that talking point.

    I can only hope you someday soon lose your library card and the internet access that comes with it. You never say anything different, or new, or thought-provoking, and yet you feel the need to say nothing to the tune of hundreds (thousands?) of paragraphs per week on the Scoop. Just go away so I can visit this site more than once a month.

    I look forward to your long-winded, non-sensical, predictable reply.

  19. Gene P, great points. Too bad we can’t all be cool cucumbers like Clariton. If you question something, or God forbid criticize, you are a chicken little wrist slitter. But we’re gonna be good b/c we’re young!!! Other teams don’t have freshman and sophs. And our players will automatically be great as juniors and seniors. I for one can’t wait.

  20. TTG – it was fans like you that said we need continuity & loyalty as the reason to hire Lynch without looking at other candidates. It was fans like me who cancelled our season tix when that decision was made knowing it would be a disaster.

  21. I can’t remember ever thinking that Lynch was my choice. I do remember that, given the circumstances, I couldn’t really argue with the decision. Coach Hoeppner’s death was bad enough for all of us and we didn’t need to compound it at that time with a wholesale change of the staff given their living the tragedy. It was well handled.

    Now, once it was established that Coach Lynch would not get us or maintain us above a .500 level in the B1G, the decision to make a change was made and the AD picked well; a top and very well respected top assistant at a top program willing to make a commitment to a university that first has to deal with other issues (such as fans who don’t understand much about the process of competitive intercollegiate athletics, …such as you).

    As I pointed out to you before, you do not seem to exercise the judgment necessary for the analysis that a wanna-be-journalists must make. Take #11 above, your points 1 and 2 are good, point 3 starts out well but then spins out of control (since the decision has to remain with CKW), points 4 is premature (the defense is horrible. I’m not sure CKW has had the time to address defense, reach conclusions and act, given how much time he has spent converting our last 20 years to his concept of college football, installing his offense, designing and installing a recruiting program that recognizes and addresses the limitations of recruiting with a strictly Indiana/central Midwest focus. And, equally important, having to adapt to losing Eckelar, the individual he had originally entrusted the program’s ‘defense’ to.

    Aruss, I’m not surprised that, as you stated: “… It was fans like me who cancelled our season tix when that decision was made knowing it would be a disaster.’ Though, you were speaking of Lynch’s appointment, I am not surprised. Fans like you rarely appear when the challenge is hard, will power, patience and attitude called for and a measure of loyalty necessary.

    To the contrary Aruss, arrogance, ignorance and impatience are the characteristic of a losing program; and fans like you the cross it must bear. I believe that despite their momentary disappointment, enough Hoosier fans show their real inner core of strength to understand what is going on, show their loyalty, stand their place and ignore the moaning and screeching we hear from the weaker and convicted losers among us Hoosier fans.

  22. Southport, really good comment. Realistic and positive. I always thought of Missouri as very good football. And Navy?…I never bet against the academies, even when they play Notre Dame. Too much of who and what their men are when it comes to character and why the play reflects in the way they play football. That’s the men we trust to keep us enjoying our football weekends while they walk around (after their football life is over) in places like Helmand Province, the Arghendab River valley, Sadr City in Baghdad. To what extent are people aware that a great number of Navy’s football team graduate to be our Marine officer leaders? If for no other reason than we give our players a chance to see what these men are, (and our fans a chance to applaud them), I would want to keep Navy (or add Army or Air Force) in our schedule.
    Then for Gene P, Aruss and a handful of others (select yourselves into this list). Unlike stand-tough Hoosiers like Southport, Hoosier Clarion, the reality for those of you who have surrendered and have started (about three weeks ago) your defeatist wailing, mercy pleading (what else describes- ‘change our staff!’, ‘fire somebody!’…). We have four losses against very good teams, and three wins. With a long way to go,…but definitely on our way up…no rational argument can argue otherwise. If the challenge is too much on your sensitivities and your pessimism, perhaps best you just give up. Now! Just sink down on your knees, pull out and raise a white handkerchief and cry: ‘Please!!’. Being a Hoosier,… we’re just getting started.

    The only thing I fear is that CKW read your comments and think they represent who we are. That would be embarrassing.

  23. Gene P… you deserve an answer. The ‘vision and approach’ I like is his (CKW’s) clarity, his belief that we can have a successful program ‘on our terms’ (not OSU or Michigan’s), his sincerity and respect for our players, the fact that he demands accountability (which I think will answer several of the questions raised…at the right moment; and the strength of his belief in the positive philosophy he brings and the positive he demands from those around him.

    Now, I’ll ask you a question. Fair enough? What do you offer Gene?

  24. TTG, great response. Just as I expected, you offered a non-specific, pre-packaged laundry list of traits that I could easily contradict. I think he lacks sincerity and respect for the players, does not demand accountability, and has a very negative philosophy and approach. See what I did there? I just said the opposite of what you said. And i used ZERO facts or specific examples to back up my claim, just like you did. The problem with your very general and uninformative response is that it tells me even you see no tangible differences/improvements since the Lynch era or else you would’ve described something concrete. We still have great receivers, we still have a very bad defense, and we still can’t close out Michigan or any other similar high scoring, shootout games. Sounds like 2010. What do I offer? A pair of working eyes and the ability to appraise the lack of progress. My judgment isn’t clouded just because our head coach is a tough-talking, loud-mouth who came from one of college football’s traditional powers. If we win 3 conference games this year, I’ll be the first to comment on the obvious improvement and how pleasantly surprised I am that we only missed out on a bowl game by one win. Until that day however, I am unimpressed and uninspired. Also, Hoosier Clarion is still more unbearable than you. You respond to questions (even if I don’t like your answers). He just makes sarcastic comments about people being suicidal after losses (which is a really funny thing to joke about, by the way).

  25. Not sure how Cam Cameron fits into the pantheon of offensive football coaching (unless “Give the ball to Antwaan” counts as inspired genius). IU averaged 23.3 pts./game in the CC years 1997-2001, and gave up 31.9/game. (Source- IU media guide, arithmetic mine). Didn’t bother to crunch the numbers for other coaches, but suspect that it’s not a lot different for the rest of IUFB history. I, for one, am still supportive of Wilson and think he’s the right guy, but am dumbfounded by the fact that Mallory still has a job. Can’t imagine that firing Mallory could make things worse- things can’t get worse as far as the IUD is concerned. One troubling thing about Wilson, however, is that the announcers for both the MSU and Mich. games quoted Wilson as having said is that “We can’t win a 27-23 game.” (My paraphrase.) I hope that this is Wilson’s recognition of the status quo and not his coaching philosophy. IF this is his coaching philosophy, then all I can say is that the defensive players deserve better; they ought not be written off as of no account. Juan is right- heads need to roll. Firing Mallory might be emotionally satisfying, but that should not figure into the equation. But the status quo re: the IUD is putrid- Wilson should show the defensive squad that he feels their pain and give them better leadership.

  26. Gene p you contradict nothing, you just bitch. It is the easy approach when there is not a W. You cannot analyze and dissect. You are not able to recognize the length of time needed to transition from D played 2 years ago, to today and what it will become 2 years from now. It is easier to come on here, pound your chest and bitch. Re-read post 18 about our youth playing(it is indisputable)(but I am also confident you will ignore it and discount its importance)and what Meatchicken offers. By the way to add more prospective, of the 2 deep that MSU used a week ago Saturday, 9 were 5th year defenders and 1 was a 6th year man. That is more Seniors than we have on the entire squad. Against that type of competition we play 5 players who have only played 5-6-7 FB games at college speed. What a disadvantage. I’ll bet against those odds every time. We are behind in the upperclassmen department because Wilson and staff had to run off over 22 scholarship pretenders the 1st 2 years. You cannot make that up in just 2 years even with the addition of JUCOS. We are already so far ahead of the Lynch years there cannot be a serious discussion to the contrary. But you bitch all you can, as it will not change 1 thing.

  27. Hey Hoosier Clarion! Good to hear from you again. I hope you didn’t leave TTG alone in the buffet line at Golden Corral too line when you typed your response to me. Great point about the youth. Here we are in year 3 of the Wilson regime, and we’re still talking about freshmen and sophomores. What about Mark Murphy, Flo Hardin, and Kenny Mullen? They’re all juniors. That makes them automatically good, right? “He ran off 22 scholarship pretenders the first 2 years.” If those were the pretenders, what do you call the guys we got left? My point is 3 years from now, you’re still going to be sitting around talking about how young we are. “We started five 8th graders against Northwestern last week! Who else is doing that?” Have fun with that. I’m glad to see that we are sooooooooooooooooo far ahead of where we were with Lynch. It’s good to know we don’t need silly stats like wins and losses getting in the way of the true measures of progress and success at IU, like how many radio interviews we can end early. I know my first thought after watching a defense give up 700+ yards is “Man, I can just smell that bowl game. Things feel so difference now! We have white helmets!”

  28. Gene P- some specifics (didn’t realize I was being tested)…
    1. I reallt like his concept of using time and space in a manner differently than in the past for offense (see next two points). 2. Space in the sense that his offense attacks and spreads the game sideline, creating a totally different concept for defenses (especially those that think of the game as ‘controlling the box’). Time- in the sense that he is using time (the time between plays/from 60-70 to 5-90 per game) to make it a much more dynamic game. 3. The two combined for a third and a fourth factor which I think are important- 1 and 2 have gradually shifted the game between a contests of immovable slabs of meat focusing on a 5yard X 5 yard piece of ground to one where athleticism and and mental agility and focus have a lot more to say in outcomes. 4- The previous points all inntertwine for a fourth- to my eyes, what CKW is bringing to offensive football requires a lot of discipline from the players and the training- thinking under physical and mental stress- is great training for any activity. 5- I would imagine that his practices must devote a lot of time to teaching players to think on the move in all positions to be as well choreographed as they seem to be (again, to my eyes). That is a good, even excellent thing. 6- (A bonus). It also seems to me that CKW requires players with both mental and physical skills and that his recruiting seems to reflect a need for kids with a lot of character. That is just something I ‘intuit’ but, if true, it would be another plus.

    Finally,(as a start) there is no doubt in my mind that CKW just thinks differently about the game and I find that terribly interesting, sort of like when Bob Knight arrived at Indiana with the idea that you could actually play what had been a game of run up and down the court in a pre-planned, disciplined, strategic way that focused on defense, passing and ball control and in wearing down the opponent by forcing him to do exactly those things he (the opponent) didn’t like to do (like chase a ball continually moving from one side of the floor to the other). And, this focus required good, intelligent kids

    I find a lot in common between these two gentlemen. (CKW and RMK).

    It should also be obvious to you that I haven’t even touched on defense. And I won’t, because I have absolutely no idea and see nothing that is clear for me at this point. However, I like thinkers, as I suspect CKW is from several quotes I’ve read over the last two years. I really don’t think the issue escapes him; nor, do I think that he wouldn’t realize how it will impact his goals and outcomes. I am reasonably sure CKW will address this as well. It may be a matter of a sequence in his model and of following a methodology that he has in mind. Truthfully, here- on defense- I don’t know to make any assertions, but I see so much vision and concept in what I have seen (in offense) so far that I will exercise the patience I preach.

    I do know the following, we were so deep in a hole that I would not have trusted anyone who didn’t go at the problem very deliberately, one face of the problem at a time. Even CKW’s career implies a careful evolution and his continual seeking of deep knowledge of his craft, something that I thought was basic to (not rebuilding) but building Indiana football from scratch.

    Now, for you…I return to my question Gene P., What do you bring?

  29. TTG, great post. It was incredibly long so I didn’t read it. But I’m sure you nailed it like usual.

  30. Gene P. …my surprise, while I was writing, actually taking you seriously and trying to have a good exchange, I did not get an opportunity to read your #29, addressed to HC. Had I seen it, it would have saved me some time, since I actually took you seriously and thought- ok…we’ll exchange, even if our ideas are North and South Pole.

    But then, I see there is nothing serious or deep about you or your approach to football. I believe HC raises very valid points, but you have no interest in discussion whatsoever, do you? That’s not the point at all…it’s the fish bone you have stuck in your throat over the dismissal of the 22; it’s not ‘winning…NOW!’ You are just p.o’d that it strips you of whatever essence you might have had and it leaves you naked because…(Ohh my God!)we lost.

    Yes, we lost…. Yes, we are 3-4. That’s an old tradition at IU, isn’t it. Where do you think you fit into it? It threatens you to know some actually believe it will end,…and sooner rather than later but it demands intelligence and patience and hard work and commitment. That’s why losing runs so deep in your veins it paralyzes you and leaves you screaming and with no other alternative, bitching and moaning…with none of those, nothing but a mirror.

    I was wrong…I actually thought there might be something serious about you. Now, after seeing your #29, I understand…you’ve got nothing to bring, do you? Sad.

  31. Davis- beyond whatever else you think or I think, your last line is absolutely brilliant:

    “…Wilson should show the defensive squad that he feels their pain and give them better leadership…”.


  32. Will you guys stop yelling at each other and explain what CKW ought to do with the defense? I mean, not just ‘fire the defensive coordinator.’ What is the defensive-side equivalent of the cool offense CKW has brought? Is there a brainy way to do defense, even when you are not a recruiting power? CKW is a thinker…what do you think might be cooking up on defense?

  33. Gene p, You FB knowledge is as most fans, you can read a scoreboard. You never let other facts mute your bitching. You cannot dispute we are young. You just bitch and do not want to know the underlying cause of the defensive issue.

  34. TTG, I’m really sorry to hear I’ve disappointed you so greatly. My secretary read your post (#30) on my behalf and informed me that you wasted 8,000 words on something that could’ve been said in two sentences: You like that CKW throws the ball a lot and tries to score fast. Also, you like that he acts like a hardass like Bob Knight. That’s great stuff. You keep asking me what I “bring.” With insight like that, what else could possibly be brought?

    You’re right about me though. I really do have this weird hangup on winning. Some fans are crazy like that. They like seeing their team win some games. It’s pretty sick when you think about it. I wish I had your patience, knowledge, commitment, and work ethic. The players and coaches really feed off the fact that you spend your every waking moment thinking about, talking about, and fantasizing about them. It really makes all the difference.

    “That’s why losing runs so deep in your veins it paralyzes you and leaves you screaming and with no other alternative, bitching and moaning…with none of those, nothing but a mirror.” Again, you have me pegged perfectly. I mean, some people would see those comments you made about a total stranger who infrequently posts on the same sports blog as you and think you’re an absolute lunatic who’s not even talking about football anymore. They would say “Hey TTG. We know you’re a big fan of space and time as shown in post #30, so maybe it’d be a good idea if you gave this website some space and took some time to work on your glaring psychological issues.” Don’t listen to them. They’re just jealous.

    And finally, back to winning. That “WIN NOW” idea you brought up sounds really familiar. I’ve never said that, but I feel like somebody really close to the IU program might’ve said something really similar to it. Maybe even made it a rallying cry or something. Oh, well. Maybe it’ll come to me after I watch this video:

  35. Hi Clarion! You’re right. We are young. I never disputed that fact. I simply stated that our upperclassmen do not develop the way you pretend this crew will. In other words, class is not a guarantee of skill or effectiveness, especially at IU. We have had and will always have plenty of juniors and seniors on the defensive side of the ball who are out of position, cannot tackle, and generally look lost out there. I’m sure you expected them to grow out of that when you saw them doing the same stuff as freshmen and sophomores. That, to me, is more of an indictment of coaching than talent. When you see the same mistakes being made game after game by not only repeat offenders but by new players as well, you really have to believe it’s faulty schemes and poor preparation. The coaching ain’t gonna get any better when these guys are upperclassmen. All it means is that they’re in their 4th or 5th year of being taught wrong. Sorry if that sounded too “bitchy” and “moany” for you.

  36. Gene P.

    Good clip at the end of last post. Not sure why being critical of the obvious ( see my post 12 ) isn’t accepted by all. It’s an obviously clear issue. Although I certainly do not want HCKW gone today. If he fails to address this teams needs on D. Then he is simply too stupid to be in charge. Loyalty to a fault is a fault.

    Is there anyone on here who talks about our youth and patience and size and so on…….that thinks coaching doesn’t make a difference?

    Let me put it this way. If Saban and his staff came to IU before this year started. Same exact players we have on roster. Is there really anybody out there that would think we would not be in a bowl game. I would guess we’d be sitting here 5-2. Why? Because great coaches and leadership in the staff make the biggest difference when the talent is under the norm. Doing more with less is the greatest compliment a coach can get IMO. If IU had studs at every position – THEN ANYBODY could be a winning coach. There is nothing wrong with wanting to win now. There’s enough talent to win now ( IMO – IU will get to bowl this year – IN SPITE – of the D coaching staff ). My issue is wasting all the offense efforts and making it a possible non-bowl year.

    The BIG10 has been uncharacteristically down the last few years. I don’t think a better time to be coaching at IU has existed in the last 20 years. No super powers – time to strike and shift the traditional powers off their perch.

  37. I believe my grandiloquence is now a contagion. I can’t even get through the first couple sentences of most of those posts..

    So much negativity…So much drama…So much bitterness…So much insulting…So much defeatism…So much bickering….So much gobbledygook…So much blabbering….So much syndrome…So much hostility…So much preaching…So much labeling….So much division…So much distaste for each other….So much hopelessness…So much vile spew…So much for coming together and acting like a family around Hoosier football. So much for believing that the season is far from over. So much for searching for the smallest sign of anything humble in a kind voice..So much for faith in new leadership…So much for thankfulness anyone thought Hoosiers on the gridiron were worth the effort. So much for being delighted to be healthy and sitting at a computer when so many in this world have nothing. So much for the belief in August that turned over on itself in October. So much for the qualities of an undaunted fan now worth the price of one head. So much for acknowledging none of you are different than what you so often condemn. So much for IU football. So much for the Sampson crucifixion party. So much for thugs and flunkies. So much for 3-way calls..So much for loving clean Hoosier living. So much for “everything hinges on Zeller.” So much for honor in good times and bad. So much for thinking these were the “Win Today” years..So much for the beat of the good times.

  38. Some people just don’t understand the point that if you tolerate losing, you will continue to lose. You can always make a million excuses for why a team continues to lose. It’s the easiest thing in the world to do. “They just need more time.” “They just need more money in the budget.” “They just need their players to get more experience and maturity.” They just need this, they just need that.

    In IU football’s case, we just need a defense.

  39. Our problem is little to do about coaching and more about lowly talented upperclassmen with some more talented underclassmen sprinkled in. That is why it will take more time than casual fans can fathom. We can cheer about how good our last recruiting class is but they play against competition that has 3 and 4 years experience. Get a grip.

  40. To believe the Saban theory you would also have to believe the talent on the roster in Tuscaloosa at the time Saban 1st arrived there was equal to the talent Wilson encountered when he got to IU. You need to send your resume and the Saban joke to Leno, your a shoe-in.

  41. HC, When I was a boy many years ago I played Football at a small school so I had to play wide receiver on offense and defensive back on defense. Since our pass defense is so bad and we have so many great receivers why can’t IU switch some of them to defense? I know this is not the key to making a better team long term because we need better players but why not play your best athletes on the team and forget about their ideal positions? We had a coach who believed this a few years back but God took him home. It’s time to change and do whatever we can do to get our best players on the field and if that means taking a freshman running back or receiver and switching them to defense let’s do it until Coach can recruit better players.

  42. Man I feel sorry for us casual fans. I wish we could fathom the complexities of IU football. It’d be way too obvious (and correct) to say our defense is bad as a result of poor coaching and inferior talent. Hoosier Clarion sees right through that. It’s the youth! I’ve never heard him say that before! Not bad coaching. Not a lack of fundamentals. It’s how old these guys are. Once again, that’s why our junior and senior guys on defense are so dominant. It’s that magical jump from underclassmen to upperclassmen that makes the difference. I finally get it now. I can’t wait till Mullen, Murphy, and Hardin are juniors. That secondary will be airtight.

  43. HC, we get it. It’s not complicated. Wilson arrived in Bloomington with less than ideal talent. It takes time to recruit the kind of talent IU needs to be competitive in a conference like the Big Ten. It takes time for the better athletes we’re now recruiting and signing to physically mature and learn how to play in the Big Ten. Got it!

    But you’re missing the point. This is Wilson’s third season as head coach. This is arguably is third recruiting class. O.K., I’ll concede that he inherited Lynch’s last recruiting class, so he’s really only responsible for two classes so far. But we should be seeing some improvement in the performance of the defense. And from my vantage point, we’re not. IU’s defense is still the worst defense in the Big Ten and one of the worst defenses in the country. We’re not seeing improvement. We’re not seeing better tackling. We’re not seeing better pass defense, we’re not seeing fewer yards per rush. In fact, one could make the argument that IU’s defense is about the same as it was three years ago or has gotten worse.

    Ironically, the success Wilson and his staff have had with IU’s offensive supports the argument of those of us fans that are very frustrated with IU’s defense. IU’s offense is good, very good. They may be the best offense in the Big Ten. And lots of stats suggest that they are one of the best in the country. They’re generally doing very well, game in and game out. They’re scoring a lot of points, racking up a lot of yards. there’s room for improvement, but most IU fans would agree that IU’s offense is generally performing very well. So what’s wrong with the defense? Why are we not seeing any significant progress from IU’s defense? Why has IU’s offense, in spite of a lot of underclassmen in starting positions, performing at a higher level (in relative terms) than IU’s defense? What’s the common denominator?

    If your argument is that it takes time for a coaching staff to recruit and build the talent necessary to be competitive, how come IU’s offense has been able to do it in two seasons and IU defense has yet to demonstrate any significant improvement?

    HC, I don’t think any of us frustrated Hoosier fans expected IU to have a dominant defense in Wilson’s third season. Obviously, we understood that IU football was not (and never will be) Alabama football. We don’t have the tradition or the passionate fan support to turn the program around like Saban did down south. That’s not the point. We just want to see improvement. We just want to see basic competency. And we’re not seeing either. We do not have confidence that IU’s defensive coaching staff is moving that part of the team in the right direction fast enough. And IU’s outstanding offense supports our claim.

  44. Thanks for posts 34 and 43! No name calling and football content! SP65’s suggestion to make DBs out of WRs might be good, but depends on the WR. I recall James Hardy as a very good receiver who was totally contact-averse. The inexperience of the defense players cannot be discounted as a factor in the poor IUD- but the D staff is not inexperienced, and the problems on that side of the ball are clearly systemic. PO has put it succinctly- if KW can do this much with the offense in three years, why not the D? ‘Cause he’s not a defensive minded coach. But he needs to be a head coach and find some defensive minds. Anyone know whom might be available?

  45. Gene P.; maybe you missed it, but it’s already happened. Last week TTG called me “a homegrown terrorist,” questioned my patriotism, and suggested I belonged “to Al Qaeda” in America. All because I have suggested, on this site, that unless IU’s defense starts to show significant improvement, Mallory should be replaced at the end of the year. Apparently, in the eyes of TTG, such comments warrant a vicious attack that includes accusing someone of being an “terrorist.” That post should tell you all you need to know about TTG’s character.

    You see, if you express your displeasure about IU football, or criticize an IU coach, at the very least TTG will accuse you of being “disloyal” and suggest that you are somehow an inferior or impure Hoosier fan. He actually accused me of trying to “undermine” Coach Wilson a few weeks ago after I posted a critical comment about Mallory and IU’s defense. As absurd and laughable as that is, he really posted that comment. You can look it up on this site.

    Make no mistake, when TTG is frustrated, or feels that he’s losing the debate (when he’s not able to shut you up), he will dive head first into the sewer and come slinging any sh!t he can get his hands on. His social filter evaporates and he shows his true character in trying to stifle your participation on this site. A year or so ago, he even resorted to accusing me of being a racist.

    I think TTG, and one or two other regular participants feel that if they turn up the volume against people with whom they disagree, or people they find disagreeable, and make enough nasty accusations about them, they can run them off this site. They fail to realize that when you must rely on slinging personal insults and making outrageous accusations against someone, you’ve already lost the debate.

  46. Podunker, I did not know about the laughable Al Qaeda comment, but sadly, I’m not surprised. His post (#32) and my response (#36) also illustrate how out of touch with reality he truly is. Great point about the “strategy” of TTG and a few other posters around here. They take something that is supposed to be fun/therapeutic and turn it into a proverbial war of attribution. He and others will just keep repeating exhausting nonsense until you get so tired of reading it that you have no choice but to give up and go do something more productive. Whoever yells the loudest must be correct, right? That’s the reason I can only stomach posting on here/reading any other posts after about 2 games per season.

  47. Why does it feel like a conversation between Podunker, IUGrad89 and Gene P is a conversation between one person?

  48. I thought the same thing. It’s in the tone and it’s more than obvious.

    And remember how he used the names of those new mysterious people that were commenting on the last LiveChat as references to support his arguments in sending Mallory to the guillotine? Gotta wonder if they were also conversations between the same person.

    They simply don’t enforce on blogger sticking with one name on Scoop..Nor will they make any effort to disclose when someone is playing games and hiding behind a screen name that’s not their usual handle.

    And if people are cowardly enough to use those deceitful tactics, it’s not a stretch that they’ll use deceitful methods(build a group of witch hunters when in reality its only one or two cries for heads)to undermine or sabotage a program.

  49. They simply don’t enforce [one] blogger sticking with one [screen] name on Scoop…

    I have no problem with someone changing a screen name..Just disclose the truth and stick with the new name. But the switching back and forth and using different names on the same thread and acting like its a contribution from someone different or a conversation between two different posters…or referencing something said on a LiveChat as being from a new contributor when it was merely an act of deception and you all along…? Warped.

  50. Ok, so if anyone is up for a substantive discussion about the defense on Sat, start here.

    I didn’t feel like the the game time adjustments about whether to cover Gallon in single or double coverage were the right ones to ask. The issue that we are having starts first and foremost at the defensive line. We are not getting any penetration on running plays, nor are we getting a pass rush on offense. If any of you have access to replay of the game, see the number of times that you could count to “7 Mississippi” with Gardner just standing in the pocket waiting for someone to get open. We could have double-covered Gallon and it wouldn’t have mattered with time to throw like that.

    On running plays, our line is getting regularly stood up with little penetration into the backfield. The need to get lower, driving with their feet between the gaps. Instead, big holes open up and our linebackers and secondary end up tackling guys 5 – 6 yards deep.

    On third down and long during the first half and beginning of the second half, we had a couple of plays where we tried to bring in another man or two to pressure Gardner. Each time it was a corner blitz. The corners were out of position and took way too long to get to the line of scrimmage, let alone the QB. I don’t think this is a lack of athletic ability as much as it has to do with timing and positioning. It was disastrous being that we had Gallon running with an open secondary.

    Qualitatively, I’m bummed with the product that I see, but whether I support Mallory getting kicked to the curb or not doesn’t matter. Personnel-wise, I do think we have something to work with out there and that we shouldn’t be this bad. I don’t follow practice so I can only rely on what I see on game day, but I see a defensive unit that is in constant chaos with poor positioning and bad fundamentals.

  51. Hahahahaha I was waiting for the paranoid shut-ins known as TTG and Harvard for Hillbillies to suggest I have multiple usernames. It’s already a colossal waste of time/embarrassing enough to post on an IU football blog with just one “identity.” I wouldn’t go to the trouble of posting under two. Calling you guys out as out of touch clods as Gene P. only is plenty for me. Plus, it’s funny that you detectives-in-training said the same thing as each other and each posted within a half hour…then proceeded to say I was fishy. I’m sure the irony wasn’t lost on you perceptive hermits.

    But thanks for clearing up the rules: now everyone knows only you two lovebirds are allowed to agree with each other. I’m glad you finally uncovered the conspiracy. You’re worse/funnier/more delusional than I thought. “It’s in the tone and it’s more than obvious.” Yeah, it’s a tone called common sense. I understand how foreign that concept must be to you. This site is a truly hopeless place. Good luck to anyone with any sanity left here. It’ll be gone shortly. TTG and Hillbilly, the only thing more pitiful than following IU football is militantly posting about it online for 12 months a year. Well done.

  52. Harvard, TTG…add Dunbar to the list. I’m part of the multiple personalities/one poster nightmare. Just in time for Halloween! Your worst fears are coming to life! This could be Gene P typing, or Podunker, or or or…the possibilities are endless! Of course, this is especially laughable when you consider how TTG drools over Clariton on here. If anyone posts under two different names it’s those dopes. And it works perfectly. They both repeat the same things ad nauseum; one does it in 10,000 words, the other in a couple sentences. Brilliant. Well done, guys. You had us fooled for too long.

    So, to recap: a non-stop TTG/Clariton lovefest is allowed on here and they are given the benefit of the doubt as being two different people (YEAH RIGHT), but God forbid anyone else agree. Then it becomes a full-blown conspiracy. I blame Obama.

  53. LOL. I have no idea who is in charge of this blog – but consider this my ok to review myself and others as I assure you I am myself ( one and only ).

    To: TTG – H4H and Hoosier Calrion.

    I don’t know any of you but the 3 of you are very similar. I would assume each of you is 65 or older and a grandchild set you up on the internet. The common thread you all seem to share is – ridiculous tangents that have nothing to do with any topic at all. In all honesty I think you guys would be more comfortable on a park bench feeding imaginary pigeons with imaginary bread crumbs and seeing you can talk more and listen less.

    A sports blogs intent is to bring some fans together – vent – discuss the game – talk about what if’s – bad calls – etc.. NOT to wax poetically about things that have nothing to do with the game/season. And especially not to call actual fans “casual – unpatriotic – or the rest”.

    If there was ever a group that should be in their own private chat room – it’s you guys.

    One other common thread I guarantee you all share is this. You’re about 10% as bright in reality as you think you are and are oblivious to the eye rolls ( metaphorically speaking ) that you get when anyone reads your posts.

    Clarion: I made a point about “Saban” which seems to have eluded you. The valid point was simply this. A great coach could do more with this team – than is being done. Winners simply win. And big time winner know how to make it happen. Hypothetically – a great staff would have this years team 8-4 at a minimum. That has as much to do with the competition currently in the Big10 as it does IU’s talent level.

    I certify these comments as mine and mine alone. LOL. Dementia isn’t funny – but you guys are amusing – BORING AND CLUELESS – but amusing.

  54. IUGrad, that is gold. Perfection. Especially your (my?) third and fourth paragraphs (of course, I am you since I agree). Congrats also to Gene P and Podunker. How did you decide to let IUGrad have the glory for such a good post? All part of the game I guess.

  55. Po, Your words are hollow. You still do not get it. You asked why the O performs at a higher level than the D. You know the answer but you are not letting yourself think it through. Remember Wilson’s 1st year? Was the O good? Of course not. The reason why is the QB’s were not good. He had to come up with better talent. Last seasons O was good and this season even better, 11 points per game better than last year. The reason is certainly QB play. They can successfully execute plays at a higher level than Kiel or EWB could. We have a D roster full of Dustys and EWB’s with 7 Frosh having true FB talent. Here is where you are tripping up. On offense talented QB’s who are underclassmen can successfully play because the QB position does not involve them personally going 1 on 1, nose to nose, man to man against an opposing player. There is nothing you can scheme or adjust with the D to help the Dustys and EWB’s going nose to nose against talented upperclassmen. There is nothing you can scheme or adjust with the D to help talented underclassmen going nose to nose against talented upperclassmen. They either defeat there man or their man defeats them every play. That is not so true on offense. Unskilled positions on offense manned by underclassmen or less talented players can get help by double team blocking or chip blocking by RB’s or cross bucking or misdirection or screen passes or on and on. Offense is all about schemes, match ups, mismatches at every position. Not so on D, you might be able to get favorable match ups at 1 or 2 positions but that is about the extent of it. We have a bunch of talented underclassmen who have to grow up, mature and develop into upperclassmen who will bring us success. But in the meantime we presently have a whole bunch of much less talented upperclassmen(the Dustys and EWB’s or the Murphys, Hardins and Mullens)who bring us more failures than successes. Like giving up 63 last Saturday. A successful defense just takes longer to develop than a successful offense. I am confident this explains my position clearly and completely.

  56. Uh..4 more days.

    And, just to turn on the TV and sit back with a coffee, that was one of the most entertaining football games – ever.

    Tried the park-bench idea yesterday. Was cold and the birds were messy.

  57. Two quick points: 1) I will repeat it one more time. I have never and will never use another screen name on the Hoosier Scoop. If I ever have to resort to such juvenile tactics on this site, I will just stop participating. What can be more infantile that copying another person’s screen name or having multiple screen names? To suggest that Podunker and Gene P. are the same person is really weak, reveals a lack of attention to detail, and is an impotent admission of defeat. I know it’s hard for TTG and HfH to accept that more than one subscriber to the Hoosier Scoop disagrees with them and does not accept their omnipotence, but it is the truth. You guys have gotten spoiled because too many Scoop participants simply give up trying to debate you. It’s not that you win the debates, it’s that you appear to have nothing better to do and spend plenty of time writing enormous volumes of commentary. Most of the rest of us have jobs, families and lives, and its just not worth it trying to respond to so much BS. Gene P.’s comment (in #49), in which he wrote, “He and others will just keep repeating exhausting nonsense until you get so tired of reading it that you have no choice but to give up and go do something more productive. Whoever yells the loudest must be correct, right?” was exactly right. And when that tactic does not work, then you resort to increasingly scurrilous personal attacks.

    HC, I don’t want to attack you. You post some very good and insightful stuff. But I want you to consider that your stubbornness may exceed your intelligence. #58 was a waste of time, but I do sincerely appreciate that you are steadfast in your opinions.

  58. Yes Po, and I knew it was a waste of time as I wrote it because you do not have the capacity to know what is happening.

  59. Double Down- hope you read this far down (meaning that you ignored the intervening idiocy). The lack of pressure on the enemy QB is key. IU seemed to blitz more than usual v. PSU; reliance on the blitz is a dubious strategy, but something has to be done. The Dline’s lack of firing out low to wreak some havoc on run plays is a problem, too, but watching Dline play closely in the PSU game it seemed to me that IU did some of that. IU held PSU to 70 yds. rushing; Mich gave up more than twice that v. PSU. Is the D staff using too many or too complicated stunts that won’t allow the Dline to just tee off on people? I sure the heck don’t know.

  60. Podunker-

    The litany of personal attacks you’ve thrown my way has nothing to do with winning debates. You have often just entered into threads to simply do nothing but throw some juvenile insult into the center of a discussion between myself and another Scoop participant.

    In my opinion you have zero class(Yes, I know…”Coming from you, that’s the highest praise anyone could ever receive.”…blah..blah..blah..with your normal Pavlov’s dog respsonse). It’s evident in your jibes and constant desire to mock. Nobody cares if Tsao and Harvard’s posts are long and winded but a jealous fool. Don’t read them if you believe they hold no substantive value importance. It’s pretty simple. Exercise your choice. There’s nothing in it that hurts the blog. What hurts the blog is twerps with unfounded arrogance continually attempting to attack people for their lack of intelligence no match for your own. Get of your high horse. And until you get off your “my intellect is supreme” there is no reason to believe your attacking of Mallory has anything to do with football. It’s wanting to be finish the drumbeat you started. It’s wanting to stand at the podium and claim your intellect demands more. You’re drowning in the insecurities deeply hidden beneath comments like the one you just threw at Clarion. You can’t just turn a compliment without throwing a dig(e.g. “But I want you to consider that your stubbornness may exceed your intelligence”). Here’s something to consider…Nobody cares about personal IQ tests and personality assessments from an arrogant a-hole that measures everyone’s weaknesses but his own.

    And it’s zero class to to go after a coach at the beginning of the season to be fired at the end of the season(Yeah, it’s mid-season now, but this vendetta of yours started over a month ago). You have no credentials to make such judgments or measures of improvement deemed valuable from the head coach’s perspective. It’s Wilson eyes on the product that solely determine where the program is/was and the variables that effect rates of improvement currently. And I’m sure he has a much better handle on how much expectations and results line up with accountability before he rolls a head.

    It doesn’t take any amount of acute intellect or sound perspective to understand exactly what you’ll push for at the end of the season. Our head coach knows where the buck stops. He hired the man you’ve been building this personal tidal wave of post after post.

    Sudfeld doesn’t throw that immediate pick after our fumble recovery and Michigan likely gives up nearly 700 yards to Indiana on their “Big House” turf. Akron nearly beat them..(should have beat them) in their “Big House.”
    Are they attempting to get a perennial bottom-feeder team off the floor of the Big 10? I guess a lot of heads should roll in college football.


    Just get down to business, Podunker. It was the right/righteous thing to do during the end of Lynch’s stay and it’s the appropriate thing to do now.

    IU fans deserve more. IU fans deserve better. It is our duty as fans to send that man and his family back to the back of the lunch line. Can his a$$! Did I also mention that Obamacare sucks? Fire the a$$ of that woman that oversees the web designers…We deserve better!

    If only we all knew how Mr. Great Career Boy with his fabulous job with more to do than just sit his arrogant and glorious crafted perfect a$$ in a chair for five minutes of his uber-valuable day performed at his daily grind. He has so much more important things to do…Saving lives somewhere…I’m sure of it?

    Maybe he has no boss…? Maybe he’s a CEO….? Comforting, isn’t it. I know I’m comforted to know that Gandhi can take five minutes of his precious day to come on Scoop and demand an assistant football coach for a school never known to play anything resembling high level football for half a century should face the guillotine. Thank you, Gandhi…You have no idea the gratitude and honor we feel to be blessed by your mind and presence. Or are you God just hijacking the name Podunker? Come one God, fess up. We know it’s you. I bet Dustin knows that the IP address mysteriously attached to the name ‘Podunker’ glows in the dark…

  62. davis, thank you! Finally someone who wants to talk about the game.

    I do think the D-line play in the PSU was better. However, we still weren’t getting that much pressure and penetration, where vs UM and MSU, we got none. To me, the defense looks pretty straight-forward, so I don’t think it has to do with any complicated schemes where guys are missing their assignments and such.

    I think that MSU and UM had identical game plans. You beat Indiana by driving the ball on the ground or short passes to start the game. Not being able to get stops, not our fast-paced offense, is what tires out our defense. MSU got a slower start, but UM executed it to perfection. Their offensive line (with the help of some holds) just pushed us off the ball all day.

    It is asking a lot of a secondary to keep in coverage all day when the opposing QB has all day or a running back is getting his first hit 2 yds into your territory. By the third quarter, these guys have nothing. Then the big plays started opening up.

    These guys just have a lot of fundamentals that they need to work on. I’m not sure how much scheme can improve their performance AT THIS POINT. Once the fundamentals are there, we can get more creative.

  63. I said the vendetta started a month ago…I should really take five more minutes my precious day to explain that the vendetta actually started the day Indiana announced the hiring of Doug Mallory as evidenced by this complete hijacking of a thread by somebody overjoyed with pick.

    FIRE MALLORY NOW! started @ 7:23 PM on a gentle Sunday evening, December 19, 2010. And here we stand with today with the black cloth over our face poised for a head to roll.

    Sunday, December 19, 2010 – 7:23 PM UTC

    A lot of contradictory comments on this story.

    I don’t believe anything coming out from Cornhusker bloggers about Ekeler being told to find other employment; he was with Pelini for a lot of years. That’s just typical sour grapes BS.

    As for Mallory, if he’s such a good coach, why was he “thrown under the bus” by Les Miles? Why was he coaching the worst defense in the country at the arm pit of college football the last two years? He has bounced around a lot, and if he’s so good, at 46, you’d think he’d be a head coach by now. Mallory may be very talented, but if he is hired, it’s going to give opposing coaches ammunition in recruiting againt IU. Hiring Mallory will not inspire confidence in IU football. Pedigree does not win games and hiring Mallory could be a mistake.

    As for having co-defensive coordinators, “when two people are in charge, no one is in charge.” Never liked the concept. IU needs a strong “boss” for defense who can bring in the best position coaches available and who’s reputation inspires confidence and enthusiasm.

    Sunday, December 19, 2010 – 8:01 PM UTC

    For those of you who support the hiring of Mallory, ask yourself this; if he had a different last name, would you support IU hiring him given his record at New Mexico? If he was not the son of IU’s respected former head football coach, would you still support a guy that went from LSU to coaching the worst defense in college football?

    Will Mallory inspire confidence and enthusiasm in recruits? Will opposing coaches use his record at New Mexico against IU? There’s already enough doubt being expressed by readers of this board to question IU hiring Mallory.

    Hey, it may not be fair to blame Mallory for New Mexico’s record or performance, but I question why he would go to New Mexico in the first place, escpecially after his time at LSU. At the very least, his judegement should be called into question. Opposing coaches will pounce on this in the recruiting wars.

    Sunday, December 19, 2010 – 9:23 PM UTC

    Don’t intend to go overboard and I’m not saying he’s a bad guy, it’s just that the two years at New Mexico, especially coming from the LSU job, just does not make sense. You would think that no matter what happened with Les Miles, after being a part of a staff that won the National Championship, he’d have had his pick of college coaching jobs. Why then, does he go to New Mexico, which failed miserably? It raises questions and doubts.

    I hope I’m wrong. But IU needs to improve defense in a big way and immediately. It’s absolutely critical Wilson gets the defense right. I would think you’d want one coordinator who arrives without any question marks. Hopefully, Mallory will be a chip off the old block.

    Monday, December 20, 2010 – 2:08 AM UTC

    LTF; you’re right, I don’t, but at least I admit it. I just know that he’s been coaching the worst defense in the country for two years. And its not like NM was in a real strong conference, either. I’m raising questions, not providing answers. Don’t you think it is reasonable that this potential hire has some questions associated with it? Sorry, I’ve never enjoyed drinking cool aid.

    How does a co-defensive coordinator who has been on staff get pushed out (or depart) from the team he has just helped coach to the BCS championship? By the way, eight weeks before spring practice would be almost right after the championship game in January. Sounds really unfortunate for such a quality coach. Did he quit in anger or was he fired?

    I will admit, Mallory has to be an upgrade over the defensive coaches IU has had for the past few years. Who could be worse? Ekeler, coming from Pelini’s staff, has got to be pretty good. Pelini’s a great defensive coach.

    Monday, December 20, 2010 – 1:30 PM UTC

    I’d just like someone in the media to question Wilson about two things. First, why co-defensive coordinators? Secondly, is there reason for concern that one of his co-defensive coordinators coached the worst defense in the country the last two years?

    These are fair and reasonable questions. I like Wilson a lot. I was delighted with his hire. I like everything he has said so far. But the first blip on the radar screen was the “news” about co-coordinators. I just don’t believe it works and it’s not good management/leadership principle. The second was Mallory. It just seems strange that you’d go after a guy coming from the NM program. College football is a “what-have-you-done-for- me-lately business, and the last two years of Mallory’s career raise questions. He may be the best defensive coach in the world, but if so, why was his team such a disaster at NM?

    I will say this about the Mallory hire. If he’s got any professional pride and ambition, he will be super-motivated to prove that the record at NM was an anomoly. Unless he’s emotionally and mentally burned out, he should be real excited to have excaped that pergatory. Maybe that works in IU’s favor. Maybe!

    Monday, December 20, 2010 – 5:49 PM UTC

    HoosierWynn; yea I know. My best freind is an alum of NM. He went to a game last year and afterward told me it was embarrassing. He left after first quarter. That’s my point. How could Mallory have ended up there?

    But it’s a done deal now. So I wish them luck and hope they both arrive with a plan to fix IU’s defense in a hurry. I’ll settle for coaches that can teach fundementals, like tackling and fighting off blocks. And maybe they can pull in a couple solid JC players

    Chilling words, aren’t they….? “But it’s a done deal now.” A deal that I will do everything in the five minutes my busy little day to undo.

    And this guy just has friends crawling out of the cracks everywhere…Remember the one he cited recently that said something to the effect(paraphrasing here) “It’s IU football and I don’t expect anything different”…? Friends..friends…friends…friends. Who’s impressed? I know Doug Mallory must be.


  64. Double D, you are right about fundamentals. Such was a problem three years ago, and nothing has changed. Yes, HC, the talent is sub-par, but even a warm body that’s in position and ready to hit and wrap can do better than most of the IUD has been doing. If the D staff can’t get footwork and hitandwrapthearms drilled into the players during two-a-days, when will it? NOW would be the perfect time to FIRE MALLORY. We have a bye Sat.; there must be some unemployed D coordinator out there who would be psyched to come to a Big Ten school and give some electricity and intense fundamentals work to the IUD for the next five or six practices and bring a whole new attitude to the Minn. game coming up. The PLAYERS DESERVE it, and besides, what the heck do we possible have to lose? Only the “tradition” that IU fans don’t get sufficiently ticked off enough about losing football games to scream for someone’s job when it’s obvious that someone should be canned.

  65. Harvard- great research on the origin of P’unker’s Vendetta. Whether it is directed at Coach Wilson or reflects something very personal against Doug Mallory I don’t know.

    Whatever is going on with the Defense, both its performance and issues of quality in the coaching lie where they should, in the judgment and handling of Kevin Wilson, a fact that gives me comfort.

    And, what I’ve seen so far suggests that Wilson is handling it as any leader would and should, with character.

    A leader has one duty- to bring all his men/women home, win or lose. He brings them home! The defeat we suffered in Vietnam was not the result of weapons or tactics or numbers. It became a humbling loss because we lost against ourselves and worse, our own values. Our leadership (Gen. Westmoreland, etal) lost sight of the above truth.

    Planning and battle reports were about body counts and villages and size of areas burned or numbers of towns controlled or bombs dropped, while they ignored to anonymity the men and women they condemned to the body bags they couldn’t identify nor could care less about.

    It destroyed us as a Nation. In the 1980’s and early 1990’s the returning young officers with names like Powell and Petraeus swore to themselves that never again would they betray their duty to even the lowest and, possibly, even the most ineffective of the men under their command. It drained us of the reason we fought.

    ‘You take me home boss’, is the one thing each and every grunt expects from his/her commander at every rank…it is the one definable sacred duty. To some, it may seem irrelevant, but it isn’t. There’s a deep meaning to that phrase and it’s connected to each member, player or coach on the Hoosier team.

    Coach Wilson knows this. It explains both the fact that he will address it and his reluctance to be reactive while he sorts through the issues. That is the quality of the leadership I see in Coach Wilson as he weighs the dilemmas he faces and the choices he will make. It is exactly that which tells me he is the right man to teach young players and the rest of us asw he opens the issues that have been testing our fiber for decades. He will decide when and how he will deal with it; but he will refuse to turn it into a shaming public blood-lust of a circus as Podunker and others would like.

    We should keep in mind that there’s clearly been progress in huge facets of our Hooser’s performance. It’s clear now that we can and do compete at a B1G level. It’s just as clear that our recruiting reflects increased respect for our name. It’s undeniable that Coach Wilson has established an entire news set of standards with which to assess the team, its performance and determine our future direction.

    And, it is just as undeniable that there are significant attempts to undermine Coach Wilson and his vision by P’unker and others like him. It’s possible that CKW’s success is threatening to a sector of the so-called ‘supporter’s’ and their influence. But important to bear in mind that it is and has been an influence which, for two decades, has yielded nothing but impotence and shame.

    I really believe your contribution is an important one, Harvard, It does shine a light of Truth on this entire episode. It exposes yet another attempt by P’unker and his mob to usurp the hope of Hoosier football. And, because there are truths that can no longer be hidden and can not be forgotten, they ‘take all of us home’. Great job.

  66. For the record (again), I don’t support the firing nor the retention of Mallory. I’m agnostic as it is above my pay grade.

    To: H4H & TTG: Just as a data point with actual evidence, not some anecdote or long-winded metaphor that you fellas seems so fond of, Texas removed their defensive coordinator after 2 games. After that, they won three of the next four games. One of those coming against a previously undefeated Oklahoma team.

    My argument is not about wins and losses. It is your patently absurd thought that one lacks moral courage if they make a change mid-season. Mack Brown may have saved Texas’s season (and possibly his job) with that change.

    Seems like you guys like waging proxy wars via colorful metaphors and abstract concepts. Easy to do, as you can constantly bend evidence as it occurs in your favor. It isn’t so much about football as much as it is feeling a moral superiority towards those you disagree with. The self-importance with which you coat it all with is rich indeed. As if a bunch of people on a blog or chat can “usurp the hope of Hoosier Football.”

    Egads. Get over yourselves.

  67. Davis, Again as succinctly as I can. The warm bodies of sub par talent we both can agree on are so handicapped by that fact to seldom be in position to do what is required. Most of them are simply handicapped with the lack of college game speed, lateral quickness or the ability to react w/o thinking. The latter is the reason Allen was taking Murphy’s job more every game.

    The in season coaching change works in places like Texas because the talent is there coach. No coach in the land can make our LB Cooper into even being 2nd string All Big 10.

  68. Double Down-

    I have no evidence to bend. The evidence from 2010(the hire date of Mallory)clearly indicates Podunker had some very negative and strong backlash aimed at the Mallory hire. It is what it is. It was nearly two days(7:23 PM Sunday, 12/19/10 – 5:49 PM Monday, 12/20/10)of bitch-fest and attempts to call into judgment the hire and degrade Mallory’s reputation.

    I have no problem if Wilson chooses a new course of action in any part of his staff.

    But let’s not pretend here. When you read the December 2010 “evidence” of Podunker’s deeply rooted hostilities aimed at Doug Mallory, it’s relatively simple to decipher where “get over yourself” finds it’s bosom.

    There’s no amount of wind that could lift the heavy resentment Podunker felt about that Mallory hire. That ain’t no feather to blow off his keyboard. That’s about 1000 lbs of Bill Mallory is a loser. From my vantage point, he’s the source of Podunker’s current passion to follow Hoosier football. I think that’s rather a sad place for passion to begin(whether a fulfilling prophesy or failed prophesy).

    The “nothing to lose” is a great argument for FIRE MALLORY NOW. It’s the place Podunker started when his evidence erupted like a volcano onto the pages of Scoop that Mallory is a 46-year-old “nothing.” Hooray.

  69. (metaphorically speaking here)…..Didn’t we all love it when Kevin Wilson(shortly after being hired for the head coaching job) grabbed Jack Trudeau by his two sun-dried raisins and twirled him around like a rag doll on a radio interview. And didn’t Trudeau’s passion for IU football in that interview have the same starting point in Wilson’s ears? Wasn’t it just more of the same? Wasn’t it more about insults than vision? More defeatism..More labels..More looking for the “nothing” part of the equation rather than the “something” to begin to build the crudest hand-chiseled stones a foundation that begins with something of dignity and pride. Does dignity begin from a starting point of slander, cynicism, and ridicule? Does dignity as our first stones a legitimate football program begin with “Why did you hire this loser?” only weeks after “Glad you fired that loser”…?

    When are we going to stop believing that simply standing on that Hoosier sideline makes you a loser?

    I see a head coach that wanted to change where our thought processes have historically begun. Actually, let me amend that statement. We have a coach that simply does not have that beginning point in the DNA of his constitution. No villain chasing in his DNA..No blame for the fans…No making a coach into a publicity opportunity to emphasize the negative. Some people like to call that “silly.” Bob Knight was “silly” in much the same fashion. It’s called unwavering spirit, trust, and belief as a starting point.

  70. Well said Harvard.

    Coming back on the Scoop is like going to a 20-year high school reunion and seeing the same old jocks at the corner table, still boasting about the # of cans of Busch Lite they drank last night.

  71. Sorry, H4H, I recall that not all loved the Trudeau interview (“embarrassing,” “low class,” etc.) I did, though.

  72. Probably true. Some people get very attached to their radio shock-jocks. Radio is a great home to huge egos of ex-athletes that once witnessed their talent dead end at college. They come into every interview with that garbage and history. Some of them are entertaining, but they hold the cynical mocking tongue of arrogance rooted in their own personal failures in the subject matter they cover.

    Wilson came into a marriage with IU football. I doubt he was too pleased with Trudeau mocking his choice as if he just wanted the dowry chest of a cheap whore.

    I’m not even sure what I thought at the time. But his lack of having zero need for that cynical basis of popularity is growing on me. I believe it’s moving into the mindset of his team. If we could only share it as fans.

  73. You guys (TTG and HfH) are hilarious. I have not laughed this hard for a long time. “Chilling words?” That’s hilarious.

    Harvard, even after all that work you did going back and researching my posts from two years ago, you still get it wrong. I don’t think you’re capable of recognizing the truth. Goodness knows you’ve demonstrated signs of derangement in the past. Either that, or you’re just dishonest and feel compelled to distort the facts.

    I have not and do not advocate firing Mallory “now.” You continually ignore the fact that I have said, on numerous occasions, “unless we see significant improvement by the end of the season,…..” So once again, your premise is flawed and you’re either unable or unwilling to represent the proper context of my statements. I do not want Mallory fired “now.” In fact, if IU wins out, and the defense shows improvement, I would not want Mallory fired at all. There’s still time, so there is still hope. But if we continue to see this horrid performance from IU’s defense, than yes, I think a change should be made after the season is completed. If you’re going to all that trouble, at least try to get it right.

    Tsao, so you’re now resulting to the juvenile tactic of distorting screen names. The veneer you worked so hard to maintain has now been completely peeled away. But I guess that was obvious when you called me a “terrorist.”

    You refer to my “Vendetta” against Mallory. You suggest that it might be personal. You revisit the ridiculous theme that I am “undermining Wilson.” You refer to my “mob.” You try to conflate criticizing a football coach with some drivel about war, the military, etc. Totally wrong and ridiculous on all accounts. In fact, I’m amazed anyone could be so wrong. You’ve worked yourself into some kind of delusion, attributing motives to my words and power/influence that I do not possess or pursue. Coming from anyone else, I’d be flattered, but given that you’ve now fully revealed your character, it’s so squalid its funny.

    By the way, have you ever considered that your vile personal attacks on me have kept this topic alive on The Hoosier Scoop. I’ve actually tired of criticizing Mallory. Nothing more to say, really. His defense’s performance speaks for itself. It will either get better or it will not. But since you’ve taken up the crusade to defend him, as if, as The Blues Brothers would say, you were “on a mission from God,” and decided to make me the enemy, you have kept the topic front and center on The Hoosier Scoop. And remember, nothing I have ever written about Mallory (or anyone else) approaches the level of disdain and depravity you displayed when you questioned my patriotism and accused me of being “a member of Al Qaeda” and a “terrorist.” With that outburst of hysteria, you discredited yourself and revealed yourself to be a man of low character.

  74. We’ve been through this, Podunker. I don’t really care about your vendetta anymore. You’re losing credibility.

    And it took all of 30 seconds to “research” your rants from December 2010 when Mallory was hired. It’s all from one Scoop thread when IU announced the hire. But the evidence in that thread indicates you’ve done far more research and tracking in an attempt to discredit Mallory based on his past jobs and past coaching tree of experiences.

    I would suggest you look in the mirror for your most grandiose laugh. Keep looking for 30 seconds to find the equivalency of bringing truth to your credibility.

  75. And your claims of “still hope” and “still time” are hollow. Anyone can read your posts from the day Mallory was hired to know your starting point. And as I said, Wilson would have about as much use for your doubt and attempts to discredit his hire as he did for Jack Trudeau.


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