1. IU Tradition: Except for a very few seasons.

    Both IU defense and offense looks like a MAC team when they run up against a good major conference team (Michigan State is a good team)…Explosive offense becomes dud, but had a couple good plays. Offense and defense are just not physical enough. 3 or 4 = 4 star recruits at respective positions needed each year to win 7 or 8 at this level of competition on a year to year basis. Could IU beat Ball State…not last 2 times they played….Could IU beat Northern Illinois? IU may win 4, 5, or 6 games this year and struggle to do it. During Randle El and Cam Cameron era they peaked at 5 or 6 wins…Does IU go up, down, or struggle to win 5 or 6 games next year? 4 star recruits needed. 4 stars are physically a little more talented, faster, quicker, bigger, etc. At this level half your team needs to be at 4 star level coming out of high school or borderline 3/4 star.

  2. You are right, t. We look like a MAC team because we have MAC recruits. I don’t care who the coach is. With 2 and 3 star recruits we are a MAC team. We might pull an upset on occasion but IU will never compete without getting the “Jimmy’s and Joes”. It’s sad fact! P.S. Duke crushed Navy…..

  3. Navy’s QB is out. So take from that whatever you want. We look like a MAC team because we are very young at a lot of the positions. Plus the line is beat up. This is pretty much what I expected. It’s going to take a couple more years to get to 7-8 wins consistently. No quick fixes in football.

  4. Wow, Navy’s injured quarterback must have been one extremely valuable player. Ever since he went down against WKU, Navy’s gotten crushed. It’s amazing how one player can determine the fate of a team (tongue in cheek).

    What we witnessed today is the difference between a solid football program and a football team. If you watched the game, the difference in physicality was obvious. Bigger, stronger, more mature players imposing their will on the weaker team. MSU did not need anything fancy, they did not need a sophisticated passing attack, or trick plays or anything that created significant risk. They just needed to play basic football and try to minimize turnovers. It was simple, straightforward, in your face physical domination. We’ve all seen this many times before. IU’s defense just got ran over.

    IU’s defensive backs need to play tighter coverage on wide receivers, especially when it’s third down. They just forfeit easy pass-and-catch plays for eight, nine or more yards, making it really easy for an average offense to convert first downs. I’d rather see them get burned deep a few times than to get ground into the turf and physically worn down. That’s how injuries occur, and I think some IU defenders got hurt today. IU’s DBs play way too soft in pass defense.

    I give the defense credit though, they never quit today. But once again, they were just outmanned and had to stay on the field for way too many plays. That’s the downside of Wilson’s speed offense, when it does not work well, your defenders are back on the field real soon, and against a bigger and stronger team, they get worn down pretty quickly. I believe IU’s defense was on the field for almost 80 plays today. That’s way too much. And I noticed Wilson saved two of his timeouts until their was less than two minutes left in the game. They might have been more valuable giving his defense some rest if used earlier in the second half.

    Sudfeld is a great talent, but he needs to learn to stand in, throw on target and take the hit once in a while. He bails out way too soon on far too many plays when he thinks he’s under pressure.

    I love Shane Wynn. He has great talent, heart and competitiveness, not to mention speed. He’ll be missed a lot next year. And I really think he has a chance in the NFL. He just ran past MSU’s DBs all day today. Too bad we could not get him the ball on a few of his deep fly patterns today.

    hey, we can still win five, maybe six games this year, and that is improvement. We just have to stay healthy during the next two games.

  5. I guess it’s simply my priceless originality they desire.

    Penn State certainly didn’t do the IU football team any favors. Not that it’s difficult enough for Podunker’s Pop Warner League IU defense to go up to Ann Arbor(a very intimidating task under normal circumstances for any Big 10 team to play on the Wolverines home turf), but now we face them circling in the waters and hungry for blood after the heartbreaking upset against the Nittany Lions.

    It doesn’t hurt to have the fortunes of better timing rather than to send our ‘Children of the Lesser Defense’ into a stranger’s house when they’re already pissed off.

  6. 108,000 fans at Penn State Saturday night. Probably more will show up to watch Michigan take on IU. And at Memorial Stadium, we’re excited about attendance when it exceeds 43,000 fans.

    I think IU will score points against Michigan this weekend. But now we’re into that part of the Big Ten Schedule when our younger, smaller players are getting beat up or outright injured (this happens every year), so I don’t see how we’re going to stop Michigan’s offense from running up and down the field. Their dual threat QB is going to have a record setting day against IU. I predict IU will score more than 24 points, but probably give up more than 50 before Hoke calls off the dogs.

  7. Well, they(Penn State) don’t have much of a basketball program to speak of admiringly…Have you seen how barren and dull the noise in that obnoxiously needlessly large hoops stadium the Nittany Lions have to play in?

    It’s just too damn bad our basketball program couldn’t reap half the profits for every game they go on the road. When Hoosier basketball goes on the road in the Big 10, it benefits the other schools enormously in attendance and dollars. Whether our basketball program is “decimated” by a a phone addict or hyped to be the best in the nation, there is nothing more exciting and rejuvenating to most the boring-a$$ towns around the league than when Hoosier basketball buses pull into campus. Can one imagine how our dynasty years kept this conference on the national stage and how many stadiums Bobby Knight filled and continues to fill(rooted in the never forgotten stigma/jealousy our banners/heritage/bad memories that continue to fuel their contempt for Hoosier hoops).

    We can piss on our football program’s struggles for another 40 years and slobber on how good everyone else has it in the autumn their short bragging rights. Would I trade the envy they still feel for the candy stripes and the fabulous memories that make most other programs Big 10 banners look like chopped liver? Not for all the tea in China(or Nike tennis shoes..or Apple assembly compound prison factories).

    We should never cease to be proud of Hoosier football for their is no basis of comparison in the Big 10 for how the level of success our basketball program shadowed football. Equality is so sexy, but never kid yourself just how much Michigan, MSU, OSU…etc, etc, etc. envy those five banners that are primary treasure chest of success for this supposed stellar conference.

  8. Tsoa-

    Hell of a great post. And my apologies…I would have left my rant off of here if I’d already seen your effort. I was typing while yours must have been submitted.

    I used to play the Podunker game. It’s so easy to defecate on Indiana football and damn it all to hell for all eternity. I feel a little credit is due my way for inspiring them on getting off their asses as much they have the last three years. But this is not the time to play copycat to the old Harvard that hooked Hoosier football up to electrical charges some shock treatment. Hoosier football is on the cusp of a real turnaround and belief. This is not the time for old tactics a fan base always looking for heads and clever lines to mock. I see the imitation now as more sabotage and jealousy than anything else.

    Rather than heal and offer healthy support and medicine this crittical juncture, Podunker simply wants to play nurse Rached, permanently shut up the signs of hope and life, and haul IU football to the upstairs ward for a lobotomy.

  9. Here’s ‘Tsao’ entering the day’s football blog discussion at Scoop Manor.

    (Just think of Harvard as the tall and quiet dude that rips sinks out of the floor).

  10. Podunker, I agree with everything you said above. I had no idea why nobody else can put 1+1=2. One day when I get time, I’m going to put up my rant as well.

    The defense is a joke. What is so hard to understand. Podunker is correct in saying it wore out. Is someone’s eye prescription off? Why get on his case? He has been a lifelong Hoosier Football fan. They have had years to fix this problem. The man is honest, and reports what he sees. I call it “brutal honesty”. Podunker, the drinks are in me this Friday… Damn good post.

  11. Welcome to The Scoop Harry. Great post. It’s beyond me why Tsao, HC, and Harvard can understand this. I’m in too. I’m buying drinks for you and Podunker.

    Once work calms down, I’ll be posting my rant too. Just remember Harry, logical thinking is a thing of the past these days. Anyone who has a decent set of eyes can see the defense is struggling. When someone bitches about the defense, we get “He’s not a fan, he’s negative”. BS! In return the excuses you guys give out is a couple more years, 1 more year, were young, etc. Tired of that garbage. I don’t drink the kool-aid anymore.

    Had IU been smart, they would have hired of defensive coach like I wanted all along. More times then not through the past, we have scored. It’s lousy defense that has plaque this program for decades. I really hope Wilson turns it around. I really do. Next year the conferences get realigned. In case you forgot, we have many many big boys in our division next year. The defense MUST make a leap next season, or their will be epic blowouts.

    Podunker is right on with attendance. Nobody will support the program, unless it sustains success. Just the way it is. Been let down too many times. If nobody can figure that out, then you failed comprehension in grade school. Ok, I feel better.

  12. I’d like to believe that post #10 was written by an impostor, someone who copied Tsao’s screen name. But having gotten a glimpse into his character on previous occasions, I’m sorry to say that I believe it was written by the real Tsao TsuG.

    Tsao, that you are a sanctimonious man is no surprise, but you’ve become hysterical, and I don’t mean that in a good way. Your selective outrage notwithstanding, I was enjoying post #10 until you decided to dive head first into the gutter by questioning my patriotism and suggesting I was a homegrown terrorist. How pathetic that you felt the need to revert to such tactics in order to try to win a debate? That is the level you’ve sunken to in order to try to silence me or force me off this site? That was really low, even for you. It would be despicable if it was not so ridiculous. You have demeaned and humiliated yourself and exposed yourself as a person of low character. And the fact that Harvard wrote, “Hell of a great post” tells you everything you need to know about him. Harvard’s condition may not be contagious, but your post #10 makes anything of the deranged rants he’s written look rational in comparison.

    While your character has been revealed when someone frustrated you in the past, you have now demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt that you are not an honorable man. I’ll bet it is impossible to shame you. No matter what you wrote about IU sports on this site, no matter how much I disagreed with your point of view, it would never occur to me to attempt to link your comments about IU sports to your loyalty to this country, or question your patriotism or imply that you are a homegrown terrorist. But to write something like, “‘homegrown Al Qaeda’ types infiltrate our communities and organizations …that’s you isn’t it?” is the equivalent of a rabid dog that is foaming at the mouth.

    Tsao, you have now officially earned the status of scumbag. You have crossed the line, from which their is no return. You so object to what I write about IU football that you are compelled to keep throwing insults until their is nothing left but to question my patriotism and suggest that I affiliate with homegrown terrorist? You have shown yourself to be despicable, a coward, and a man of low character. Shame on you. I am embarrassed for your son.

  13. I thought it was low too Podunker. When I left my rant, I was floored and speechless to find him going to new lows. As for Harvard, no surprise. Probably supports communism privately, with a Russian Sickle in his bedroom.

  14. I am so glad Price has cleaned this site up of impostors so we can now read wholesome posts written by genuine Hoosier fans (such as those that can be witnessed above).

  15. The only commies are the cowards selling out their own football team that is currently 1-1 in the conference and more full of competitiveness than we’ll ever see from a Crean basketball team at a Sweet 16. Take you “logic” and your cheap unsophisticated eye to that sleazy bar. Hate to break it to you, but just 10 days ago that horrible Hoosier football team that used to clean the sediment off the bottom of the Big 10 Toilet Bowl games just embarrassed a football team that let a pedophile live in their shower room for 15 years of their dominance around the league. Did you watch all those shallow as hell 100,000 fans think they claimed the gates of heaven back by beating Michigan?

    We have a playground in one of our end zones for boys and girls to play football. If that alone can’t give you some pride and satisfaction in your “pounding” Hoosier heart, then you’re despicable if you ever want to be Penn State and their cheering fools. We may have been bottom feeders…but at least Hoosiers aren’t willing to do anything for fans in the stands. Take your great perspective and shove it. I’d throw any beer purchased by the name Podunker right back in his Pollyanna fraud face.

  16. Well, congratulations, Tsao. You wanted me to take more control of the blog. It’s happened. I’m deleting your post. Because for whatever complaints you’ve had about the lack of civility on the blog, I’m pretty sure no one’s ever made a nastier personal attack on here than you suggesting that Podunker is a member of Al-Qaida, joking or not. If you wonder what I meant when I said some of you guys are from a different universe. Well, that. That is what I meant.

  17. I never got to the Al-Qaida portion before I wrote “great post.”

    I don’t advocate that level of personal attack, but I’m sure Tsao didn’t mean what he wrote.

    I believe Tsao has been very frustrated by some of the games of deception on here and the hijacking of names.

    I’ll take a good part of the responsibility for his frustrations. He’s protective because we have connected on many of the same deeper beliefs the purpose of faith in something beyond the religious symbols. Tsao has supported me and defended me when it would be far easier to jump on the bandwagon those that have taken my opinions(framed them to their own twisted liking to call me names like an “exposed” bigot). This campaign has showed little decline and I think Tsao’s recent attack was over the top because he’s acting as a bit of a ‘big brother’ while indirectly defending a friend. And within the attacking built around those frustrations, he slipped into the traps those that have made it far more their modus operandi on Hoosier Scoop.

    How ugly an attack is very subjective and measurable only by the true viciousness its deliver.

    Everybody here knows Tsao didn’t mean those words. None of us know the personal issues and events each life that can erupt here in a fashion not representative the true and deep decency in a man. Don’t all battle demons and sometimes slip? Do we wholly judge a man by some bad choices of words in these boxes when we can’t see anything of the reality his daily life or daily struggles?

    I want to believe Tsao is a far different man than his rare moment of getting lost in this ugly internet world of almost anything goes and any name be slandered. I choose to believe I hear something deeper and truer. I tend to believe he would stand next to Podunker as the same brother his own blood on a different battlefield removed these fantasies and wars of words sometimes shocking to ourselves how dark our own darkest reserves.

  18. For you drinkers your bitching is tit for tat. If our HC had been of the D variety we would be averaging 11 points a game. That would make the subject different but the bitch the same. As for no improvement in our young team, 2 years ago(2011)(our throw-away year)in East Lansing the score was 55-3. 55-3, as you can see with decent sight(aided or unaided)IU has made positive strides in both dimensions. You do not have to enjoy Kool-Aid to get the facts stated correctly. Chuck Neinas of Neinas Sports Services was consulted by AD Glass before the coach search to insure IU was looking at quality fits for $ value invested. Neinas has unquestioned headhunter expertise in the CFB. I regard his opinions highly. IU got the right man.

  19. For the star watchers …

    Currently the entire Big10 has, 1 5 star and 30 4 star commits. That’s total for 12 teams, according to Rivals.

    According to Rivals, there are:

    10 4 star OTs
    12 3 star OTS
    7 2 star OTS

    1 5 star DT
    6 4 star DTs
    10 3 star DTs
    6 2 star DTs

    1 5 star ILB
    4 4 star ILBs
    9 3 star ILBs
    4 2 star ILBs

    9 4 star CBs
    24 3 star CBs
    7 2 star DBs

    These are current evaluations for the entire country. I did not take note of all numbers for all positions.

    I don’t think that anyone has the 100% correct answer. I would tone down the star gazing. IU is still a young team.
    IU is probably still a little short personnel wise.

    I agree completely with Hoosier Clarion, “IU got the right man.”

  20. Yes (there will be more than 30 4 star players sign for big ten teams when recruiting is done for this year)…….and IU needs to get 3 or 4 = 4 star players a year which in 4 or 5 years half your team on the field would be 4 star players coming out of high school if they are consistently have 7 or 8 win seasons.

    IU did get 4 star recruits last year….but need to continue getting some 4 stars to go with 3 stars or they will continue to struggle to win 6. Oh, they might have that one 7 or even 8 win season, maybe one or two years out of the next twenty…..

  21. I know it’s difficult not to get caught up in the star rankings of Rival, Scout and 247Sports, but stars alone will not guarantee a team success. Texas is annually one of the teams that is loaded with 4 and 5 star players, yet they have been struggling.

    Michigan is another school that gets a recruiting bump with the stars issued to a recruit, yet that doesn’t automatically make them better players.

    Most of the MSU defense is made up of two and three star rated players that didn’t get the exposure that many of the higher rated recruits received. Two years ago MSU placed almost their entire starting defense on 1st, 2nd or honorable mention conference teams.

    Dantonio has a reputation of being very astute when it comes to judging talent, especially on the defensive side of the ball. It was refreshing when all those 2 and 3 star players were beating UM’s 4 and 5 star players after hearing their fans snicker at State’s recruiting classes. The thing is now, if Dantonio and his staff are on a little known entity, Hoke and Meyer will take a look at the kid as well. If the kid fits their needs they will offer and have a strong possibility of landing the kid because of the respective history of them being football powers. It sucks but that is life.

    Wilson is showing to be a more than capable recruiter, but he has a much harder sell than even MSU. IU is simply not considered a destination for aspiring football players. Wilson will need to find those kids that have been overlooked but have not reached their ceiling as a player. Good coaching along with a players desire can elevate a 2/3 star player into an NFL caliber player. I believe Wilson is that kind of a coach as are some of his assistants.

    It’s getting to the point with Dantonio and his recruiting that I truly have lost interest in the star rating. Darqueze Dennard, Denicos Allen, Trae Waynes, LeVeon Bell were all 2-star recruits when Dantonio offered. A couple received a recruitin bump on signing day, but for the most part they weren’t highly sought after recruits, especially by the major programs.

    One last thing. I heard Meyer speaking on Rival radio a few years when he was out of coaching. The Rival host asked him if their were any coaches that he respected for evaluating talent and would target those coaches recruits. He mentioned five coaches one of them being Dantonio. Richt and Saban were two others.

  22. Thanks for the last two posts. It actually made reading through the preceding crap worthwhile. Grow up, people!

  23. MSU has been getting espn 4 star recruits. Texas and Michigan history is championships, bowl game wins….7, 8, 9, 10 plus win seasons…. and MSU wins and wins bowl games. So yes recruiting higher level talent does make a difference. IU needs some 4 star recruit….this just proves my point….if IU does not mix some 4 stars with 3 stars IU will struggle to win 6 in this league on a consistent year to year basis as in the past 60 years with the exception of a good year or two over twenty to thirty…..IU may be headed in the right direction….we will see…..but still needs to get a few 4 star recruits each year as they did last year.

  24. Funny Harvard how one minute your bitter at Tsao, now you act like he is your long lost friend. It’s obvious you follow Geoff around like a lost puppy. Give it a rest. Grow a backbone. The only one bitching about hijacked names is you. I believe your guilty of changing IP address too. We al l know it. Only bitching about the hijacking non stop just fuels the troubled poster. As much as your dissed here, you should know better.

    What is the sudden soft heart you have for us bloggers suddenly? I’m not fooled. It’s an act, and I am not the only one who has said that. Suddenly you care so much about Chet, Reggie, Geoff, Mariner/Husky. Hogwash.

    Yeah, I bet you didn’t see the terrorist organization Tsao referred too. I bet you snickered and laughed behind your keyboard, beings it knocked Podunker. Nice way to save face. Good effort, but you lost it a long time ago, as far as The Scoop is concerned.

  25. Ben… why poke for a fight? Why devote one entire post exclusively to nothing other than attacking Harvard?

    More important, what does any of your comment have to do with IU athletics? It’s just an unprovoked aggression.

    Better if you spend your time on possessive pronouns and the verb ‘to be’. It’s embarrassing to goad people while making fourth grade errors in basic English grammar. Someone might think you are illiterate and ignorant.

    Your, you’re (2); …beings…

  26. I never knew The Scoop employed a spelling doctor. I’m taking a long vacation away from here, so people can think as they wish. If someone wants to nitpick me, despite the using of a terrorist organization as an example, so be it. I’ve had it with this place. Another blogger bits the dust. I’m tired of barking to quacks like Harvard. Goodbye!

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