1. Written in middle of 3rd quarter but not posted…..same old story.

    After game: old tradition broken this Saturday. Congratulations Indiana football!

  2. The bye week was clearly put to good use. On defense guys played with confidence and rallied to the ball, keeping Penn State under 100 rushing yards for the game. The offense looked sharper, returning to what we’ve seen previously. Bennett, Latimer and Hughes are freaks; and I mean that in the most complimentary manner possible. The fans also came to play. I counted two false start penalties against State directly resulting from crowd noise. The front 4 still need to generate more pressure, but the played with discipline today. My only gripe is the level of disrespect the team gets with questionable calls. First was the illegal man down field…he was 2 yards beyond scrimmage looking for a guy to block. By the way scrimmage was the 6 yard line. Then we had the pass interference on Mullen on 3rd down. That trail technique is taught everywhere, and typically when the receiver isn’t turned around by the hand on the waist it’s a no call. Nonetheless, great win. Keeping supporting and believing in this team and coaching staff. Great day to be a Hoosier fan. I am sticking with my preseason prediction of an October road win for this team. Go Hoosiers.

  3. Dustin! Somebody named bunny wrote
    “these negroes aren’t very well.” at the 2:57 mark of the chat. Do you really encourage racism on here?

  4. Wow- haven’t posted for a long while, but this win is cause to celebrate. Whenever the Hoosiers beat a conference opponent other than Illinois, it is reason to be cautiously optimistic. When they lift a major demon by beating the likes of Penn State, Wisconsin, Ohio State, or Michigan, it is downright party time.

  5. Crean giving up Joyce Meyer would be reason to be “cautiously optimistic”.

    This Hoosier football game is worth celebrating without reservations. If the score would have been reversed. there would have been no caution witnessed from the witch hunters looking for Mallory’s head …So why caution now?

    Wow…Great effort by the defense. And Latimer’s catches continue to mesmerize.

    Who likes the Seahawks over the Colts tomorrow? Hopefully Luck will run over Sherman and shut his big mouth.

  6. Richard Sherman is The Man!!!!

    Harvard, unbelievable that you’d root for the Colts, the team that embarrassed Rex and your Gummi Bears in the Super Bowl, all just to irritate Husky.

    GO HAWKS!!!!

  7. “Comment From Landon Turner Overdrive (verified)
    Please don’t cross the streams between the Chat culture and the Comments culture.
    Landon Turner Overdrive (verified)
    Those folks over there are an animal unto themselves.

    LTO- would like to know which ARE your bonafide (verified) comments NOT ENTERED by an impostor…to this point I was beginning to believe your whole purpose here was to mock and humiliate the Hoosier football team. I’m relieved to find out the comments identified as Landon Turner Overdrive may not actually be yours and your opinion of the football Hoosiers not that they are a comical mistake and that Coach Wilson is that he may, in fact, deserve to be employed.

    DD- “Dustin Dopirak: LTO makes a good point there. The chat is (normally) a land of light-hearted snark. The comments on the Scoop are, well, a different universe.

    So sorry we ‘Scoop readers’ are such an unworthy, troublesome mess from a different Universe. Always thought journalists appreciated readers as worthy, and their commentary as meriting some respect… Perhaps, the fact that we actually pay to follow written work labels us as undeserving kooks…and, perhaps it even explains (from the inside) the future reality faced by the print media. Why read the written thought when a ‘snarky’ audio comment suffices and pleases so much more?

  8. Tsap-

    LTO is one of their groupies at LiveChat.

    During hoops it’s a joker going by ‘Wilmont’s Kissy Face’…They’re probably the same character. Every time there is a game it’s their own personal self-absorbed comedy night

    And you’re right. Their main purpose is to use the place as their personal comedic stage of one-liners(prepared days in advance)for the sole purpose of ridiculing anything Indiana.

    They are the bottom of the barrel with no true allegiances to the team or university. I suspect they’re all just acquaintances/ex-journalists that likely worked at some point in time for the IDS, Scoop, or ITH. They use the place to hang low and crack each other up in secret childish games; a form of snickering behind the back and cute jabs as if they’re a superior breed of fan the alma maters they truly love(certainly not Indiana). LiveChat is the club where they have their Establishment fun while cynically mocking what they can never have the innocence and decency to invest. I almost feel a certain sadness for them. Their lives so petty as to need a place to privately smirk at dumb little Indiana sports.

    And in all honesty, I think some of the journalists actually enjoy the way it functions within that demeaning purpose.

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