Reports: Blackmon sets decision date for Oct. 22

Per multiple reports, including this one from Alex McCarthy at, Marion guard and former Indiana commit James Blackmon Jr. will announce his college decision on Oct. 22. Indiana has continued to recruit Blackmon since his de-commitment over the summer and he has narrowed his options to Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Kansas. He has taken an official visit to Michigan and will visit Kentucky for Big Blue Madness on Oct. 18.


  1. No hard feelings from me if you want to come back to the Cream and Crimson, James… I’d love to root for you for the next few years. Do what you think is best for you my man (don’t do it for anyone else…).

  2. do what you think is best for me and take it to Kentucky like your old man. and take that Josie and the pussycats hair with you. hard feelings? you bet. an Indiana kid who doesn’t love iu? you can keep him. coincidentally, I attended marion high my last two years of high school. what a great place for hoops back then with 7000 strong at every game.

  3. JBJ…you would become a star at the 2-guard for IU. Don’t see how being a role player at UK would be a better situation for you (seriously). Oladipo was a 3-star recruit that became the 2nd pick in the NBA draft – I agree what Geoff says, do what you truly feel is BEST for you.

  4. JBJ…shock the world. Pick the University of Evansville and the Hilltop Inn will give you all the brain sandwiches you can eat!

  5. Really…I stopped eating them when they switched to pork brains due to mad cow disease. Just not as tasty. I haven’t had one in years.

  6. Yeah coachv, my parents graduated from Huntington North, and Marion was their rival. My parents have plenty of good stories, like the Marion team egging the Huntington North bus, etc. Btw, these were the same parents you bashed when we debated legalizing pot, etc. I can handle myself, but take mightily offense when my parents are harmed. Little did you know you had something in common with them. Might make you think twice next time.

    JBJ was young when he committed. Let it go already. He has a great game.
    CTC is recruiting him for a reason. Notice he didn’t with Lyles. He has his reasons.

  7. In a previous post some time ago I recalled the feelings decades ago when James Blackmon Sr decided to cross the river and play for Kentucky. He was a great basketball player and most of us would grit our teeth whenever we saw him in blue.

    That said, when it was over and when the time to have a life among good people. JB Sr came back to Indiana…knowing he was ours and we were his. He made his life among Hoosiers who opened their arms to him. He was received and given the means to raise a family by his Hoosier brothers and sisters. It was, for him,, an extended family the way kentuckians can never ever be. Let’s face it…they never called JB Sr. ‘Colonel’.

    Now, karma plays itself out. JB’s first born, JB Jr. has to make a choice. Born a Hoosier of Hoosier blood and raised on Hoosier air, given a Hoosier heart in the shape of a Hoosier basketball with red and white corpuscles running through Jr’s veins.

    Yet, while Sr. continues to raise his family to the sound of the crowds in a gym somewhere in Indiana…junior now considers the life of an expatriate among the strangers who have never smelled the wood in a Hoosier gym. And, in doing so turning his back on the safe and fertile earth that never wavered and always called the family ‘Ours’.

    Thin about that…stay amongst Us…or leave us…forever…Blackmons. Whatever you choose, don’t look back…you already know who we are. Whichever your choice, this time, it is forever.

  8. Guards…guards….guards….guards….guards. Where’s the next Zeller? Where’s the next Plumlee? Where’s the next Steve Downing? Alan Henderson? Landon Turner? Scott May? Kirk Haston? Where’s my pure shooters? Where’s my net shredders? Where’s my Wilmont? Where’s my Roth? Where’s my Alford? Where’s my Hornsby?

    Are centers and forwards part of the game anymore? Do we even call them centers and forwards or is everyone that’s not a guard simply a wing and a prayer? I prayed Cody would stay and he bailed. Now it’s guards…guards…guards…guards. Pipeline…pipeline…pipeline…pipeline. Projects….projects….projects….projects. Draft pick…draft pick…draft pick…draft pick.

    Fight against Calipari for a Indiana recruit but forget putting UK on the schedule to fill the stands in honor of a historic rivalry the fans love to root? Nope. These blowbag coaches don’t give a hoot. Walmart sure don’t sell banners. Mr. Crean… And Final Four and championship cloth does not come via Establishment ping pong with Seth Davis and Steve Smith or chasing Bobby through the streets of Brooklyn…And Cody’s post game you couldn’t sell your snake oil to keep more than two years around will never be found in Hanner’s pajamers.

    But I digress. Basketball is dead at Indiana…It’s on spin cycle until we reload with a new coach and get back to building from within the borders first. Everything now hinges on the Hoosier football team! Forget these needless diversions about guards…guards…guards…guards. Let Blackmon play his games…When Calipari and Crean are involved, it’s all business between friends. Neither one is good for the college game. They don’t know how to build sustainability. They build a few choice individuals into NBA stars. They care nothing of the pride found in the geography their respective state’s great high school basketball traditions/rivalries/heritages that flows into their college programs. They only care about the sales pitch and filling children’s heads with the money-hungry, pathway to fame, obsessive “me only matters” itch.

    Think football. Think of where team still means something. Think of the days you went out in the backyard and cut through the piles of fall leaves like Gayle Sayers cutting through a Packer D-line. Autumn is in the air. Sudfeld bombs bring us hope to replace ever-changing whims of basketball prima donnas providing nothing other than lip service Crean and Brylcreem in Calipari’s hair.

    It’s time fro Football! It’s time to cozy up with your honey under her hand-knit Hoosier wool blanket and watch the greatest show in town. The truth and real genesis in the candy stripes that have departed Assembly can be found in a Memorial celebration. The zombies have left the graveyard our pigskin history and now follow the noise and hollow drums of Crean this Halloween.

    The living get on board a Kevin Wilson dream. Football is no longer the betrayed lines an empty and scary horror show when the marching band plays the fight song. Jack Trudeau your Jack-o’-lantern in his Illini thong! The future that matters now is this Saturday at MSU. Bobby Knight has returned to IU. It didn’t arrive via a Tom Crean prayer to Joyce …The spirit of confidence and a truth found in the voice of sincere belief has moved through the years and the bitter tears. Now football is where hearts will fill with Hoosier life while basketball smolders upon its arrogance at the hand its fattened wife.

  9. Thanks, and come on Geoff… Harvard is as much a part of Indiana as as being a kid shooting hoops by a barn in 37 degree weather… give it a break…just like we did and it worked out fine. I like his stuff and he’s absolutely right…the writer who roamed the ‘the Indiana hoop hills’ has fallen in love and…we are a lovable bunch…what’s not to like of the Semi-state from the ‘bleeders’ at Hinle F’house?…or playing New Castle at New Castle in the old gym…it was like walking into traffic court (remember the floor was sunk down?)…or was that Richmond????

  10. Tsao… Some of his stuff is good, but then he loses his grip on reality and spends paragraphs spewing utter nonsense.

    The first 3.5 paragraphs of that last post of his are just plain stupid. It’s trying to progress his ridiculous agenda again regardless or reality or truth or fact. In fact, in direct opposition to reality, truth, and fact.

  11. I am going to go ahead and call it, even though I hate it, Lyles and Blackmon both to UK! Why not go where you can get paid and never have to go to class!

  12. When high-profile slippery tongue coaches continue to pitch the college game as merely an evil necessity, an outpost, a talent depot, a prom date, a centerfold money-lusting glimpse of the attention only a select few truly ever receive(there’s your harsh reality), a night in the Holiday Inn Express before the lifetime at the penthouse in the Hilton, before the “real” glories, the true riches, and personal emotional fulfillment(another horrible deception) can be found in the NBA.

    When coaches continue to feed egos and promises to the shooting star prima donnas possessing oodles of athleticism a young and enticing diet on such a diet of delusions and promises to gorge their every dribble and jump shot that the destination beyond the college uniform as the ultimate Utopian final destination of every reason they ever laced up a pair of Air Jordan’s, then sadly, I do believe we’ve seen the best of the college game in the rear view mirror.

    You may not like the opinion that it’s the first stakes in the heart a college game that is “dead” as a result of shallow coaches that bring such death sentences to all the deeper beauty found in a team game and achievements beyond your own name on the jersey now only serving as cloth to cover your skin, but it’s one that I hold.

    The measure shouldn’t be in whether or not the banner was achieved. The measure of hope and recognition of accomplishment in sustaining the college dream resides in sustaining the belief that the concept of team(the lost reality of where real riches can be found) can still supersede and quiet the lust of everything that awaits the ‘one.’

    Call me very old-fashioned;…Call me supremely delusional and out of touch, but I dream of a college game where kids don’t want to leave their teammates until they fully believe they’ve done the school, the fans, the memories in the scrapbook they may never fill pages, and the silly jersey with a name of an institution it represents, at least equal justice to all the other noise in their ears from the 8th grade forward.

    And I give no apology in a belief that the majority of coaches in the game(Tom Crean being part of that majority)just don’t get it. They live to feed them the superficial diet of sports. I dream of an Indiana University that can return basketball to what made a kid wearing the Indiana uniform so divinely unique. And that doesn’t mean he has to live within our state borders…It only means he is a rare individual that has the maturity to know some gambles our worth a love of something. Some gambles our worth the memories for the risk of what may be lost. And some highways sold to you on silver platters since the day you grabbed a round ball were built to keep the masses away from the true riches of the game that live eternally in your heart. Yes, that’s my delusional Indiana jersey I wear on my soul. And I am in waiting for my old Indiana to look in the mirror and find something of truth in team again.

    Should I apologize for the spewing of some exaggerations in my wholehearted dreams that such nonsensical goals can be found again for college sports? Or, should I just resign to that faith and take the game and its lust given to me in the same fashion Bob Knight explained it to Connie Chung?

  13. When coaches continue to feed egos and promises to the shooting star prima donnas possessing oodles of athleticism a young and enticing diet of [fast-track]delusions and promises to gorge their every dribble and jump shot….

  14. Sorry, more editing/corrections:

    It only means he is a rare individual that has the maturity to know some gambles [are] worth a love of something. Some gambles [are] worth the memories for the risk of what may be lost…

  15. I’m not calling you old-fashioned Harvard… I’m calling you hypocritical and uniformed.

    What coaches do what you say? The ones you don’t like? Crean? Does Crean pitch IU as a Holiday Inn? Does Crean just compliment his recruits all the way to the dotted line?

    If you think that’s the case, well that’s where the issue lies. You are letting your bias get in the way of facts… You aren’t making a commentary on the state of recruiting or college basketball… You’re making a commentary not he state of your mental health.

  16. Well I consider it a winning battle… But I know what you’re trying to say.

    Anyone else watching Pike @ Carmel on ESPNU?

  17. Ben…I’ve said it before, this has a long history. Geoff, for some unknown reason, seeks out Harvard as a target; and Harvard responds.

    You should stay out of it.

  18. If that doesn’t work, try one of Podunker’s all-time favorites….It’s called “Fire Mallory Now” by the Creepy as Hell Five.

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