1. Where are all the Sudfeld lovers now? Clariton, I’m talking to you. Remember, Tre “can’t throw the deep ball.” Looked pretty good to me today. Tre has IT. Sudfeld, LIKE I SAID LAST WEEK, will put up numbers vs. ISU. His slow starts against anyone with a pulse have killed this team. And spare me the “defense gave up a bazillion yards” posts. No kidding. The defense is beyond pathetic and cannot be fixed as long as we have horrible defenders and coaches. So it is not even worth talking about. IU needs to score every time it touches the ball, and Tre gives us the best shot at that.

  2. This is what bothers me about you guys. You dance around the issues and don’t ask for accountability. Why do we have to have the important questions and observations made by a columnist in Indy (Kravitz) instead of you two? You talk about defensive issues and schemes like you can’t mention the elephant in the room – Mallory. Andy again brings up how well Nate plays and how “lucky” Tre was. Tre is a leader and brings a dimension that gives us a better shot at winning B1G games but in Andy’s mind Nate looks better in 7 on 7 drills so he should start. Normally, I’m a big fan of Andy’s work but his folksy, kid gloves approach to IU football has me perplexed. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I miss Dustin’s perspective this weekend.

  3. Dunbar: great points. It’s glaringly obvious who should be behind center. IU loves self-created QB battles/controversies. I think it makes the coaches feel like they’re actually doing something if they pretend Tre isn’t leaps and bounds above Sudfeld. Aruss: great points, too. Especially the 7 on 7 drills. Last time I checked, playing well in games should actually count for something. A lot of QBs could tear apart a defense in practice that is dangerously close to giving up 1,000 yards of offense to any team not in the MAC or Missouri Valley Conference. Just one man’s thoughts.

  4. In Andy’s defense, Tre did get lucky. He threw a pick 6 that got dropped and turned into a first down by Wilson. He threw another pick that Kofi stole and took to the house. Tre played very well today, but he did have a few very fortunate plays that would have ended Indiana’s chances early.

    Also, not sure why Mallory’s name needs to be brought up. Mallory is in charge of the defense, we all know that by saying the defense was horrid, he includes Mallory. Andy is not a “fan”, his job is not to campaign to get a coach fired. Kravitz is a dope

  5. Mallory is indeed the elephant in the room, IMHO. Our defense sucks… Plain and simple. I find it hard to believe it is all about not having talent on the defensive side of the ball. IU finds all type of talent on the O side of the ball but cannot find talent on the D side. I see good things from our D players from time to time, just not enough of them on a consistent basis. That leads me to believe that the D is not being taught properly or set up properly. Most teams that score 47 pts win, not IU. After the Penn State win when the D was outstanding it was pointed out that concepts were simplified, that D communications were improved. Then IU disappears against Mich St and now Mich. Success breeds success. I refuse to believe Indiana kids cannot play defense. Is it always the case that defense is all about having the better athletes on that side of the ball? I know defense is more difficult to teach and to understand, especially when offense is built to show one thing and then trick the D doing something else. IU plays so soft. First we get burned long, then we give so much cushion it looks like we had only nine guys on the field. I am frustrated to say the least. Look at Purdue, (see how bad this is…. that i use Purdue as an example). Their defense is not the problem to their lack of success, it is their offense, they struggle to move the ball and score points. My point being that defense can be taught and executed. ( In fact, maybe our D should be taken out and executed). Someone help me understand this…..please!

  6. Very solid words from Honeybadger…(particularly the reference to Kravitz).

    But let’s not forget that Tre also got very unlucky. He was obviously adding another dimension and his pace was keeping Michigan on their heels. Unlucky to have the hand cramp up immediately after a key fumble recovery that was the potential momentum shift changing the final score. Unlucky to have Sudfeld steal that momentum away with the instant reversal of fortunes in a costly interception. Put Michigan right back in a first and goal situation and contributed to the Hoosiers going down by more than one score. Unlucky indeed for Tre to have the cramp at such a pivotal point late in the fourth quarter..a time when he could have been behind center, in control his own destiny, and leading the team 90 yards for the go-ahead score.

    Hard to tell if it would have been enough, but there certainly would have been far greater pressure on Michigan in need of a score with only three or four minutes from a momentous upset.

    If that scenario plays out, they’re be far less head-rolling tonight.

  7. Thanks guys for the great work on the scoop talk. I appreciate and always enjoy it. But how you can display optimism is truly beyond me. They can? We will see. I hope to be wrong, but I have my doubts. I am so SICK of the phrase “school records!”

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